Confessions of a Young Wife Chapter 3

Confessions of a Young Wife  Chapter 3 Confessions of a Young Wife Chapter 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Exploring the relationships between 29 year old wife with 70 year old wife


Exploring the relationships between 29 year old wife with 70 year old wife


Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 3


Our little boy looked so angelic in his crib. This is very endearing to us as he is a very active inquisitive boy who needs constant supervision.

Jack and I went into our bedroom, leaving the door open.  We cuddled and kissed softly on the lips. Jack hugged me tightly and I felt so secure and warm. This was important to me as I had just been fucking Rod. I wanted Jack to make love to me. Of course I was still feeling very horny!

I felt Jack and his penis was not soft, not rock hard like Rod but maybe OK. He got on top of me and slipped inside me. He laughed.

“It’s very easy to penetrate you dear. You are wide and wet! I like it” 

I told Jack about trying to adjust his position so that the head of his penis rubbed against the side of my pussy.  Jack was a bit slower than normal as he pumped but he still came quite fast and shouted loudly as he did obviously enjoying himself. I worried he would wake the little guy but he was sound asleep.

I was so happy that Jack had managed and I really felt good.  It’s exciting to have 2 men in the same day!

As he got his breath back and had washed his penis we started to talk about things.  Jack always washes his penis before and after, I noticed Rod NEVER went to the bathroom.


“So how do you feel about sex with Rod dear? Is it OK with you?”

“Yes. It’s exciting!”

“Ok so I assume you want to continue? How often should Rod visit you? How often would you like to have sex?”

“Every day!” I laughed

 “Maybe every second day or 3 times a week?” Jack suggested.

“Yes, that would be great! But how do you feel? Are you OK with that?”

“As long as it makes you happy and it continues to improve OUR sex life, dear. Oh are you Ok I video it?  I will use laptop and put cam at head of bed. Sound will not be great though.”

I told him I thought that a good idea as he could watch later and I hoped it would excite him so our sex life improved.

 “Yes, we have already learned things. Rod has great techniques” said Jack

‘Honey, what other things would you like to try with Rod?  He is young and very fit and can do things just not possible for me. I am fine as long as you continue to enjoy. He told me that when he was given the death sentence 3 years ago he drew up a bucket list.”

 Rod had been given 6 months unless he had a successful bone marrow transfer. He had changed his whole out look to life wanting to live now! He had bought a large motor bike, gone sky diving, travelled through California and now he wanted to enjoy an incredible sex life.

“Maybe I should call mine a Fuck it List, then?”hehheheh

We discussed things to put on it and laughed lot. I was a bit shy at first but Jack encouraged me

I wanted to explore my sexuality. What things I would enjoy. What quantity would satisfy me?

So we started with discussing sex positions. We looked on Internet on our laptop and went to exciting illustrated sites. I was most attracted to the deep penetration positions.  But I also wanted to try standing up.

I added sex in the following situations:

In shower, in pool, on chair, outdoors by the sea, in car, three some.

We agreed to discuss these with Rod. He had suggested that his fantasy was to fuck on his motor bike with engine throbbing!

We wondered about his wife.  Were we doing her a disservice? Jack felt no.  She was aware he had had a potentially terminal illness.  Despite counseling she had made no attempt to overcome her difficulties with sex.

It appeared she was a control freak. If she initiated sex it was Ok, If he initiated sex, chances were she would say no.  She only wanted traditional positions and showed little enthusiasm or enjoyment.

Rod had asked her if she would accept he get a girlfriend for sex.  She had gone mental at that idea!

Rod said that every night she would go through his cell phone checking his messages and went though his Facebook account.

We thought no wonder he goes elsewhere but why on earth would he stay with this person?  Rod and she had 2 daughters, the younger being autistic. This was the glue in their marriage.

So, in a word, I felt no guilt about her. She was her own worst enemy. However, Rod appeared a bit soft. He had no wish to leave the marriage with nice large home, swimming pool, and their material possessions.



For the next three days, I had so many messages from Rod. He loved my pussy so much!  He said I was a wonderful little package.  He would bring me a dildo he had bought for his wife which was still in its box!  Also, he sent me articles about G spot orgasms and he had bought a little G spot vibrator he wanted to try.

He appeared a bit obsessed that I should experience a G spot orgasm, a full body one he said, not just a clitoris orgasm. This was news to me and also to Jack!

  Rod was keen to take me out for a ride on his bike up the mountains He wanted to try his fantasy of fucking on his bike and sent an illustration of how we could do this. He also talked about how he could come and do a BBQ at our place.

Jack and I allow each other access to our Emails. No secrets. Jack said he like Rod, he was nice friendly decent man. His concern?  That Rod and I would get too close! We might fall in love. I laughed!  While I really enjoyed him as a sex partner, I was NOT attracted to him.

But Jack still had doubts as he felt it was hard for women to separate sex from romance/love.


However he was Ok for Rod to come visit in three days time around lunch time.  Rod brought a bottle of red wine for Jack and a little toy car for our toddler. For me? Hahahh Special gifts, A dildo and a G spot vibrator.

So Jack went in bedroom to set up laptop and web cam, but Rod did not know about this.  I slipped into my nice fluffy white gown with only brief black panties underneath. Jack went back to the living room and told Rod he could join me and hoped he would enjoy!



















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