Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 2

Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 2 Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Continuation from Confessions of a Young WifeChapter1


Continuation from Confessions of a Young WifeChapter1


Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




On Monday morning, Rod arrived in his truck  sharp 630am.  He explained he could manage a session before starting his day’s work.Yesterday he had worn bike gear, leather jacket, jeans and his helmet Today he was in his work shorts and yellow safety shirt.

Jack went to meet him at the communal parking lot and brought him up to our Unit.

I was not so nervous today either and was dressed in my sexy jean shorts and tight red T shirt. Underneath I wore my sexy black bra and brief panties. I seemed tiny standing next to him as I am 15 inches shorter.

He chatted for a little while with Jack who said he would stay in the living room today and play with our little boy. Right then our son was engrossed in his favourite TV program, Toybox.

Rod still seemed nervous about the next move!  I went to change into my nice fluffy white gown in the bedroom while Jack gave him a glass of water and suggested he take the water into the bedroom and asked him to take a glass also for me.  Jake closed the bedroom door and left us alone. I wondered how he felt at that moment, knowing his wife was about to be fucked by another man, some 30 years younger than him. Rod wore no protection. Jack had agreed to this as Rod explained he had had vasectomy a few years before and his cancer treatment would have ensured he was sterile. He swore had only had sex with his wife in the last  10 years apart from fucking his wife’s girl friend after a party about 5 years before.

We sat on the bed.

Rod “How are U feeling today? What would you like to try?”

“I am fine today and I will let you be in charge but I think we should do doggie and me on top as I think we both enjoy that”

Rod opened my gown and rested me back on the sheet. I had removed the cover.

He started by kissing my neck for a short time then kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples.

“Goodness” I thought “my Hubbie is better at foreplay than him!”

But soon I had to change my opinion. 

Rod removed my sexy black panties and caressed my pussy.  He went down a bit and ran the tip of his tongue slowly around my pussy lips. I shuddered with excitement and wanted him to put his tongue on my clitoris. He did this and soon he had me very excited and wet.  He had excellent techniques. He ran his tongue slowly along my clitoris for a while then started to run the tip of his tongue along the walls of my pussy. It felt so good as his tongue ran around my inner lips. Then he went back to the clitoris and licked it slowly followed by sucking on it in his mouth for a short period. My clitoris was swelling and my vagina opening up and getting very wet.

Oh my he was so good at this!


I looked down as he removed his underpants.  His penis was bigger and harder than day before.

Then he turned around so his penis was near my head and his face against my pussy to start 69.

This was a bit difficult for him to adjust his body owing to the height differences. We lay side by side but he was sort of bent in the middle!

I put my head to one side and took his penis in my mouth and started sucking the head and running my tongue along the shaft.  Rod gave out moaning sounds and took his tongue out of my pussy.

I did this for maybe 5 minutes. His penis grew rock hard and as he said later about 6.5 inches.

Looking at his penis made me extra excited and Rod was more than ready too. He got between my legs with me on my back and slowly slowly inserted his member into me. It was a great feeling. He started pumping slowly and kept going for much longer than I was used to.

He grabbed me by the ankles and pulled my legs up high. Now he started pumping hard and fast. I gave out a moan as it was an incredible feeling being penetrated so deeply. Then he moved my legs to a new position quite wide apart and knelt in front of me. Again the pumping started and time just flew past!

His technique was great and he had such control! He would go very fast then nearly stop then start up again.

But the piece de resistance was to come next.

He pulled one of my legs across him and seemed to place himself at an angle to me while on his knees on the bed. He inserted his penis slowly and to feel the head rubbing against the wall of my pussy was awesome.

 I was in seventh heaven!

 After pumping quite fast, causing me to moan loudly, he stopped and gave me a small kiss on cheek. I had told him my Hubbie wanted no lip kissing as this might indicate romance.

He lay beside me for a few short minutes.  I looked. He still had a massive erection.

“Are U enjoying this?” He asked.

“Yes it’s great, Can we try doggie next?”

“What should I call you?” asked Rod.

“Well Jack calls me honey, What do u think brother?”

“”Oh I think brother is great! Adds a bit more naughtiness!  I will call you little sis? “

We laughed as I got in position for doggie. Rod stood at the site of the bed adjusting my hips to the right height for him to enter me easily.

I had to rethink too because Rod is so much taller than Jack by I think about 8 inches. I find the feeling as the penis enters my pussy so nice and exciting.  Rod followed his technique of pumping slowly, then fast, then slowing down to a near stop.

“Oh my God It was so good a feeling! I started to pump the bed with my fist and shouted YES! YES! YES!

I could feel the waves rolling over me. Rod slowed down again I shout ed “fuck me! Fuck me!”

He did and I came.  So did he.

He rolled off and lay beside me. His penis looked flabby so I took it in my mouth and started sucking It did not take long for me to feel it engorge and grow. I love that feeling of power. How I can excite a man and make his penis grow so much.

I could hear my little boy calling Mummy in the living room. So I knew we needed to stop soon.  But I had one more position up my sleeve!


I told Rod to get on his back and he looked excited as he knew what was coming.

I got astraddle him and slipped his penis up my pussy. It hardened as it went in and went all the way to the end. Slowly slowly I rocked back and fro. Rod groaned. Then I lent forward and went up and down quite fast. Then back to rocking back and forward but oh so fast… I could feel that spread of warmth through me, a sexual high.  Rod moaned loudly. He bent his knees and I had my legs positioned around his waist.  Now we went at it fast!It was incredible We both came, I screamed then broke into a fit of giggles .It was the first time I had heard Rod swear!

The session was over!

Rod dressed and went out to talk to my Hubbie.

“So? How was it today?” Jack asked

“It was great! Woodie behaved and we both came!”

Then I joined them I was red and flushed

“Wow! U look happy and satisfied. It went well?” Jack asked me

“Very! “was all I could reply, I was glowing both externally and internally

After lunch, our son has a nap and often Jack and I do also. You know I craved to have sex with my Hubbie right then!

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