Confessions of a Young Wife Ch4

Confessions of a Young Wife Ch4 Confessions of a Young Wife Ch4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Continuation of Short Story Confession of a Young Wife Ch1-3


Continuation of Short Story Confession of a Young Wife Ch1-3


Submitted: May 28, 2013

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Submitted: May 28, 2013



Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 4


“So what would you like to try today little sis?”

I recounted to Rod some of the items on my bucket list, including standing up and on the chair.He laughed at a joke Jack had told me. He had told how his elderly grandfather, a stout member of a strict Protestant religion, had a falling out with the Church. He came home one Sabbath very angry, throwing his hat on the couch and fumed  “Next thing they will forbid sex standing up in case it leads to dancing.”

We chatted while Rod was undressing me. He sat on the bed with me standing on the floor with my back towards him. He pulled up my T shirt and unbuttoned my sexy black bra, not without some fumbling. I turned around and he kissed my nipples and sucked my breasts while pulling down my floral bikini panties. The small round hole in the rear amused him. I enjoyed being undressed as for me this is an important stage of foreplay.

“Have you had sex with your wife since we started? “

“Yes we did one night. She consented!”

“How was it then?”

“Actually I enjoyed. I just shut my eyes and pretended it was you!”

I knew he was bit worried she might find out about our sessions.  She would check his cell phone nightly and had taken to reading his Facebook if she got the opportunity.

So he bought another cell phone with prepaid card so that we could be in contact.


Chatting ceased as Rod got down the serious business of licking and sucking my pussy. He was very good at this.  Alternating speeds, lighter and stronger tonguing’s, sometimes concentrating on my clitoris, and then going into the vagina licking the sensitive walls.

I am a curious person! I raised my head every now and then to watch what he was doing!

He continued for about ten minutes. I got excited and very wet but did not climax.

“Do you want me to use the vibrator for a bit?” he asked. He was holding the black one he had bought for his wife.

“OK” I replied “But let me wash it first”

He gradually increased the speed as he manipulated against my pussy walls. He was trying to find my G spot.

“A G spot orgasm is much much better. Have you ever had one?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think so.” I responded

It was very pleasant but I did not experience that elusive G Spot climax!


So far, I rated Rod as very proficient in sex!  He had hardness and endurance which I had never experienced before.  It was amazing to me that he could pump me for about 10 minutes without cumming.

He had a routine, learned through over 20 year’s experience.  He enjoyed sex very much irrespective of his partner’s age. He confessed that when he was 18 he had enjoyed a night with a 42 year old female doctor.

So we moved to the next step in his routine, doggie.

I crouched on the bed while Rod stood at the edge adjusting my hips for easy entry.  I liked to face the mirrors on the sliding doors of our closets so I could watch myself being fucked. I find this a real turn on, just as my husband likes to watch a video of me fucking.  After out last session he watched the action on his laptop.

I asked him what he liked about it.

“I am only interested in watching you dear...I love to see your lovely sexy body, the expressions on your face, your movements as you get excited but most of all…the sounds you make!

That night, we watched the secret video together.  It was a great aphrodisiac. Both of us got excited to make love.Interestingly, Jack never watches porn. He says he finds boring but he does not get tired of watching where I am the leading lady!

 It was warm doing doggie, even with the ceiling fan whirring away. Rod was sweating and very red in the face for his pumping.  I was sweating too as I synchronized my hips to the ins and outs of his penis.

We stopped for a drink of water from the glasses on the bed side table.


“Rod, have you experienced on the chair?”

“No, I have not!”  He looked very excited to try a new experience.

I positioned the hard backed chair facing the bed and had Rod sit on it. I climbed astraddle and slowly slid his erect penis deep into my pussy. After the doggie action, my pussy was very wet and open ready for more action.

My feet just reached the floor

I put my arms around Rod’s neck while he played with my boobs. Slowly I started grinding on top of him. At first straight up and down going faster as I pushed with my feet. Then I stretched back with my hands on the bed and moved more horizontally as I slid he penis in and out along my pussy.

Rod loved it and decided he should contribute. He laid further back in the chair and held my hips, pulling me back and fore along the shaft of his penis.

It was exquisite, for both of us.  But now, it was time to fulfill another item on my Fuckit list.

Rod leaned me back on the bed as he stood up.  Slowly he lifted me up with my arms holding tightly around his neck. He positioned my legs around his waist and with a little adjustment slipped his still erect penis inside my pussy!

My God!  What a feeling!

Now Rod used his hands to maneuver me up and down and away and closer. I moaned with pleasure, knowing that sadly this was not an activity I could expect from Jack.

But it did not last long as obviously it required a lot of exertion and Rod lay me down on my back.

He lifted my left leg and positioned himself to enter me at an angle. He knew how much I enjoyed feeling the head of his penis against the walls of my pussy.

Now he started pumping!  First long slow strokes, building up momentum, and then a burst of rapid pumping.

This was heaven!I felt myself cumming and let out a scream as the wave flowed through my body followed by a second and third tsunami.

Rod groaned and shuddered. He came.


He rolled off me, panting and sweating. I lay on my back equally breathless and hot!

Now I was no longer oblivious to the noises in the living room.  I could hear Hubbie playing with our little boy. He was shouting Mama, Mama as he looked for me.

I shouted to Jack “Just finishing honey!”

This had been a most enjoyable session






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