Neighbor Carla

Neighbor Carla Neighbor Carla

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


my sexy neighbor


my sexy neighbor


Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012




Ignoring the yell, I continued on, an 80 pound box of steel and ceramic precariously balanced on my shoulder.  No way was I going to stop now and put it down.  Whoever it was would have to wait.

"Hey Matt," the female voice called, louder this time.

"Be right back ma'am," I yelled over my shoulder as I continued down the sidewalk.  I carried it out to the back end of my car and intended to set it down.  The box was halfway to the ground when I felt it slipping and it sort of fell the rest of the way to the pavement.  No big deal, I thought.  It was only brake components.  They would probably be all right.  Fishing the keys out of my pocket, I popped open the trunk and manhandled the box into the back of my 69 Mach 1 and slammed the lid. 

There.  Almost ready.  Now all I had to do was to find out who was yelling at me and then I could be on my way to my parents' house.  If no complications presented themselves by the end of the day I would be covered in grease and grime with a new four wheel disc brake system on my Mustang to show for my efforts. 

I jogged back down the sidewalk and ducked through the complex until I neared the spot where I'd been paged.  It was a late spring day, pleasantly warm and there was no one around except for a lady in the pool on the other side of the wrought iron fence.  As I approached she came out of the water and started toward me, drying her hair on a towel as she came.  I waited, watching in approval.

She was wearing a white bikini and stood 5 1/2 feet tall or so.  From here it appeared that she had a nice body, medium or slightly larger boobs and slender and toned legs  It was only when she got closer and her hair got a little drier that I recognized her.

Carla.  The neighbor lady that lived eight doors down.

I met her shortly after I moved into this apartment complex, two months ago.  On the second or third day she knocked on my door and presented me with a plate of brownies, introduced herself and said welcome to the neighborhood. I had spoken to her several times since, never for more than 15 minutes at a time.  She was a nurse and I was used to seeing her in scrubs.  This was a definite change, seeing her in a bathing suit.  I had considered her attractive before, but now?  Now she had kicked it up a notch and was downright hot.

She walked over to the fence and stood in front of me.  The fabric of her bikini top  stretched tautly over her boobs and her nipples stood at attention, their outline plainly visible through the thin white material.  It was  a fantastic sight but I was beginning to get the first hints of a problem.  An intriguing problem, but a problem nonetheless.

"Is that how you think of me?  As a ma'am," she asked.

I smiled at her.  "Sorry about that.  I couldn't see who it was and I couldn't stop.  That box was heavy.  But then again you know, I was taught to respect my elders."

"Elders?  How old are you?"

"27," I replied.  "How about you?"

"That's none of your business," she said.  "So now I'm a ma'am and an elder?"

I laughed.  "Well I'm not entirely sure yet.  Turn around and then I'll let you know."

She smiled and turned, just a little too quickly for a close inspection.  "Do it again, slower."

She complied, doing a slow 360, giving me a good look at a fine behind.  She had a 12 year old girl named Lisa and a nine year old son named Mark but I never would have guessed it.  Not a trace of cellulite or extra poundage to be seen.  The view was nice, very nice but now my imagination was running rampant wondering what she looked like naked and even worse thoughts of depravity and indecency.  My blood pressure was inching upward and my problem was increasing.  I was going to have to be careful.

"Well, I guess not," I teased.  "Not really.  You've still got a few good years before I would consider you an elder."

She finished drying her hair then flicked her towel at me.  "Maybe I am your elder," she said.  "But not by much."

"By how much," I asked.

"I'm not telling," she said. "Do you want to know why I yelled at you?"

"Sure, lay it on me," I said, waiting for her to explain.  Carla was a redhead with shoulder length hair tinged with lots of brown or maybe she was a brunette tinged with lots of red.  Either way, even though it wasn't quite summer yet her skin had taken on a light brown color and it looked great.  But her eyes were her most striking feature.  Colored a sparkling jade green they really stood out in contrast against the background of her hair.

I stood there fidgeting, doing my best to to ignore everything below her chin and look her in the eye.  My good intentions and efforts at doing so were not in the least successful.

"I just wanted to say thank you," she said.

For what, I wondered as my mind scrolled backward through the events of the last few days.  What had I done to merit this?  I hadn't helped her carry in groceries or a sofa or anything.  I hadn't installed anything in her apartment or put together a toy or table for her.  What was she talking about?  My mind was drawing a blank.

"For what," I finally asked.

"For fixing Mark's skateboard," she said.

Oh, that.  The previous afternoon while Carla was still at work I had been coming through the corridor when I saw Mark tossing his skateboard around and yelling at it.  One of the trucks on it had loosened so much that the two front wheels fell off and after we searched around for a few minutes and found the washer that had come off, I had fixed it for him.

"Let me tell you something," I said. "That skateboard was no big deal.  Not at all.  All that happened was that a bolt had loosened up so much that it finally fell off and took his wheels with it.  All I did was to put a little loctite on the threads, put the washer back on and snug that sucker down.  It won't be coming off again.  It was a 2 minute fix."

"Well whatever you did, thank you," she said. "Anytime you do something to help me or my kids out I'm grateful.  And I never would have known how to fix it."

"That's because you're a girl," I said.

"It's a good thing you noticed.  And you better remember that," she said with a wink. 

What? Had a mosquito suddenly flown into her eye?  Was the sun too bright?  Or did she wink at me?  Oh boy.  How could I be sure?  Was I supposed to ask her if it was a wink or not?  Was I supposed to assume that it was?  Was the conversation concluded and now it was time for me to depart for a greasier and grimier environment?  I was at a little bit of a loss as to what to do but my imagination was working overtime and my problem continued to assume larger proportions.

What I had considered to be lovely scenery and a pleasant conversation had taken a sudden turn.  This was becoming an uncomfortable situation.

I leaned forward, resting my forearms on the rail of the fence, pushing my hips backward at the same time, doing my best to keep my problem out of sight.  Where was my box when I needed it?  Or maybe a towel.  Something, anything to keep my predicament a secret.

"Are you OK," she asked.

"Yeah," I said. "Just a little nervous I guess."  I shifted my weight from 1 foot to the other and wondered how I could leave without seeming rude.

"Nervous?  From talking to me?  Why would that make you nervous?"

"Because it's the first time I've seen you like this," I said.

"In a bathing suit?" she asked. 

"Nope.  Well, yeah.  That's part of it."

"Well what's the other part then," she asked.

"You're kind of right," I said.  "I've never seen you in a bathing suit before.  And I've also never seen you with your headlights on before."

I didn't know what sort of reaction to expect from her.  Was she going to be mad or embarrassed or ashamed or happy or what.  As it turned out, she did the best thing that I could have hoped for in the situation.

She laughed it off.  She laughed loudly.  And when she did, she jiggled.

Oh man.  She shouldn't have done that.  That helped the situation out none at all and only added to my level of discomfort.  I shifted my weight on to my left foot and leaned over to the side a little.

"You do know that tends to happen when a girl gets in the water, don't you," she asked.  "Or do you think that maybe I'm just excited to see you?"

"Am I supposed to guess which?" I asked.

"You do just whatever your little heart desires," she said as she as she glanced down at my shorts then looked back up at me.  "But from the looks of things you might be a little more excited than I am right now."

Uh oh.  Busted.  She knew.  Damn it, she knew.  I could feel my face getting red.  This was embarrassing.  What was I supposed to do now?

I decided to do what she had done.  I laughed.  "You do know that tends to happen when there's a sexy woman standing in front of a guy and she has practically nothing on don't you," I asked. 

She laughed again.  And she jiggled again.  And with her movement my problem was compounded.

Carla got quiet and looked off to her right, like she was thinking or trying to figure out the answer to a problem.  After a few seconds she turned her head back and fixed those green eyes on me. " Tell me something, Matt.  What are you doing today?  What did you have planned"

" I'm not exactly sure just yet," I said.  "I was going to work on my car but those plans might have fallen through.  It all depends on your answer to my next question."

Her eyebrows arched, questioning. "And just how is that?" she asked.

"I've been here for two months," I said.  "I've met you and your kids but I've never seen you with a man and you haven't mentioned a husband.  What's the deal with him?"

There was no hesitation on her part. "There's not a husband in the picture," she said matter of factly.

"Honest?" I asked.

"Honest.  Cross my heart and hope to die and all of that other stuff."

" In that case, my plans have just been modified," I said.  It was now my turn for an obvious glance down at her body and then back up to her eyes.  "Instead of playing grease monkey on my car, I think I'm going to be in the company of this exquisite young woman in front of me and enjoy an afternoon of fun and  frolic.  After all, it is her fault for getting me into this quandary."

With a blink of her eyes Carla flipped her towel over her shoulder, spun on her heel and walked away without another word. 

Oh no.  I had just blown it.  Crap!  Too direct, I suppose.  I guess all I could do now was to hope that she would forget about this little incident and that we could still be friends. 

She stopped at a lounge chair beside the pool long enough to collect a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of sun block before strutting over to the gate.  As it clanged shut behind her she looked back at me and flashed a coy smile.  Then she lifted her hand and her finger curled forward, beckoning me to follow.

I smiled and did just that, admiring the view in front of me as I walked along, albeit somewhat stiffly.

I followed her to her apartment where she dropped off her sunglasses and sun block.  Her children were watching TV and I heard her tell them that she would be at my place if they needed her for any emergencies.  Then we continued on in silence until we reached my doorway.  I reached around her to unlock it and let us both in then turned to close the door behind us.  When I turned back around to face her I was just in time to behold the sight of the string bikini come untied and trickle from her breasts to join the white bottoms already on the carpet.

"Now does this look like a ma'am or an elder?" she asked.

Not in my book, I decided as I stepped toward her.  No way, no how.  

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