Me and Mrs. B. And Jonathan.

Me and Mrs. B. And Jonathan. Me and Mrs. B. And Jonathan.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



This is part three of the four part Mrs. B saga. Her first threesome.



This is part three of the four part Mrs. B saga. Her first threesome.


Submitted: September 19, 2013

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Submitted: September 19, 2013



Me and Mrs. B. And Jonathan.

As they often do, the days rolled on by and it got hotter. Five weeks into the summer, I was still doing the same thing I had been doing since it began- fucking Mrs. B. We had gotten together on more than a dozen occasions, having sex in nearly every imaginable way in lots of different locations. Once we had nearly been caught by one of her employees having a quickie in the alley behind the hair and nail salon that she owned. Another time we had just finished screwing in her pool and were laying on the concrete beside it when we heard the sound of a car door slamming closed. I pulled my shorts on and got into the water while Mrs. B grabbed her clothing and took off running. It was funny, watching her tits bouncing around and her bare ass jiggling. She had just made it into her bedroom when the door leading into the garage opened and Robbie came in. He walked on into the kitchen and opened the patio door.

"What are you doing here?”

I looked over at him, acting a little irritated. "Where have you been? I told you I was coming over to go swimming at four. Or did you not remember?"

I had thought that we would be safe until at least 430 or so but I guess that Robbie had gotten off early today. He and I had been out together the night before at one of the bars. We had a couple of beers, nothing major, but I hoped that it was enough to make him question his memory.

"Oh. I'll be out in a minute."

He came out a couple of minutes later and jumped into the pool. It had been a close call, but our secret was safe.

One thing that Mrs. B refused to do was anal sex. She wouldn't consider it. Wouldn't even discuss it. No deal, end of story. Just about anything else, she was willing to try. Blowjob  or handjob in my pickup as I drove down the street? Check. Banging away in a public park, way in the back in the bushes where hopefully no one could see us? Did it. Slipping my hand beneath her dress and burying my fingers in her pussy, bringing her to a muffled orgasm in a restaurant? Yep. Driving around out in the countryside, stopping by a quiet stream for a quick dip and a quick something else? You could count that off the list.

A few times our encounters were brief, but usually they were long, drawn out, ball draining sex sessions lasting two or three hours or more. And that was fine with me.

Sex with her was by no means getting boring but I wanted to test her limits, to see just how far I could push her. So far, I had been more than a little surprised at how accommodating she was. She must really have not been having any sexual action for quite a while now and wanted to make up for lost time. Would it continue?

I decided to find out.

She was the owner of the hair and nail salon and wasn't required to spend much time there and since I worked for my father basically just whenever I wanted, we could meet up pretty much anytime. One afternoon we arranged to meet at a small motel in an out-of-the-way spot on the other side of town. When I knocked on the door, she let me in and then grabbed my hand and started pulling me over toward the bed.

“We need to get naked,” she said.


I laughed at her, and when she turned around and saw another guy walking into the room behind me she got quiet and stood there with a funny look on her face, looking at him, then at me, then back again. I laughed even louder.

“This is Jonathan.”

“Okay,” she said, glancing over at him. “Hello Jonathan.” Then she looked back at me with that same funny look on her face.

“Jonathan came to help you out,” I said.

“Help me out? What are you talking about?”

“Do you remember the other day when we were talking about the size of my Dick and I asked you if you wished that it was bigger? You said, and I quote “I don’t think there’s a woman in the world that doesn’t wish for a bigger cock to play with sometimes.” Well, Jonathan is a genie and is going to grant your wish. You get two cocks to play with, and his is bigger.”

She didn’t like that, not one little bit. She threw her hands on her hips, giving me a go to hell look. “I’m not a slut! If you think you’re just going to march in here with someone off the street and have a gang bang, you’d better think again.”

“It’s not a gang bang, it’s a three some.” I turned to Jonathan. “I’m not sure that she wants a three some.”

“I sure as hell don’t,” she said.

I stepped toward her. She was still kind of mad, and it made her even sexier. “All right then. Jonathan can just sit and watch.”

Before she could protest, I grabbed her and kissed her, a long slow kiss, at the same time running my hands down all over her ass and started squeezing her tits. At last I lifted up her dress and shoved one of my hands down the back of her underwear while the other continued its assault on her tits. I started working over her pussy and a few seconds later, one of her legs lifted, like she was going to wrap it around my waist. I don’t think she wanted to, it was just kind of an involuntary reaction. I fingered her a few seconds more, then lifted her hips and both her legs found their way around my waist. I carried her to the bed and fell down onto it on top of her, pushed her dress up even further and began pulling her panties down.

“I’m not doing this,” she told me, looking over at Jonathan.

By that time I had her panties down and I ignored her, diving into her redheaded snatch and tasting her, licking her up and down before thrusting my tongue inside. She let out a slight whimper, so I continued my antics. Licking, slurping, twisting, turning and probing, I began working her over and a few seconds later her hands were on my head, running her fingers through my hair.

Her hands went beneath my chin, lifting my head and I looked into her eyes. “I can’t……………..” Still looking directly at her, I lowered my head just enough to drive my tongue deeply within her and she whimpered again.” I can’t…………... Oh shit!”

My fingers moved into the picture, first I inserted one and began sliding it back and forth, pausing every little bit to use my tongue. Then I added a second one, working them both in and out. In spite of herself, she was really getting into it now, squirming around and making even more happy noises. I licked and probed her a couple more minutes then I got up to take her dress off. She protested, in a half ass sort of way, but I persisted and the dress came off, joined quickly by her bra and panties. She lay on the bed with one hand over her breasts, and the other covering her pussy, every few seconds looking over at the couch where Jonathan was sitting, watching us. My shirt and shorts came off and I crawled up between her legs, where I could reach her tits and give them some oral attention. After I’d been sucking on them for a minute or so she grabbed my head again.

“Not with him…………….”

I was already in position at her entrance, and as she was speaking, I plunged my hips forward, driving my cock deeply into her pussy.

“Oh……….Oh my!”

I pushed forward, invading her personal space even further, producing a whimper from her mouth. Holding myself there for a few seconds, I retreated, coming forward more slowly this time. Repeating the process, after a dozen strokes in an out she was breathing heavily. A few more times and her modesty was forgotten; she was no longer trying to cover her breasts. A few more strokes and she had her legs locked around my waist, lifting her hips to meet me each time I thrust, actively participating. I increased the tempo for a few seconds, then slowed back down and smiled at her.

“You thought that you couldn’t do this,” I teased. “I knew that you could. Or I guess we could stop now if you still want to.”

She looked over at Jonathan, then back up at me. “I didn’t want………….. well shit. There’s not much point in stopping now. He’s already seen my tits, my pussy, and everything else. You know something ………… You’re really a jerk. Oh my gosh, look at me. Totally naked and fucking right in front of some stranger. ”

I laughed at her and slammed myself forward, laughing even more as she gasped. Continuing my piston like back and forth motions, a couple minutes later I noticed that she was staring in Jonathan’s direction. When I glanced over I saw him still sitting on the couch, but now he was rubbing his dick through his shorts. “See there? I’ve been telling him about these beautiful tits of yours, and here you were trying to keep him from seeing them. He thinks you’re sexy. Look at him now. Look at what you’ve done to him. I think you’re turning him on.”

She glanced over at him again and smiled. “Why don’t you play with your tits for him?” I said. She had to think it over for a few seconds, but then she smiled again, raised her hands to her breasts and began squeezing and rubbing them, pinching her own nipples and rolling them back and forth in her fingers as she looked at him. “Something seems to be growing in his shorts. I think he likes that. ,” I whispered to her. She smiled even bigger.


After a few more minutes I was ready to change positions, so I had her get up on her hands and knees. I think she had forgotten about Jonathan for the moment and as I mounted her from behind, he was still observing the action, still rubbing himself. Mrs. B was turned where she couldn’t see him and as I continued fucking her doggy style, I motioned for him to come over next to the bed. He came over and stood there, with his bulging cock straining against his shorts, just inches from her face. She looked up at him, then back at me, saying nothing. “He’s got a big dick,” I whispered. Again, she said nothing, just continued pushing back against me.

I motioned for Jonathan to pull his shorts down and when he did so, his cock caught on the elastic, bending it downward. When at last his cock cleared the fabric, it sprang free, jerking upward, bouncing up and down a few times until it settled into place, sticking straight out before him. Mrs. B hurriedly looked away, acting as if she didn’t want to see it.

It was an angry looking cock he had in his possession. Just barely longer than my 7 inches, his cock was much thicker, spider webbed all over with purple veins, ending in a massive, bulbous red head.

“Look at it,” I told her. She shook her head no. “It’s big,” I teased. She shook her head again.

I really started fucking her then and was rewarded with the sound of our flesh slapping together. She began moaning softly and after a minute or so I slowed back down.

I was watching her and it seemed to me like she turned her head just slightly, so that she could get a glimpse of Jonathan’s dick.” Just go ahead and look at it. You don’t need to be embarrassed for looking at it.”

At last She turned her head, looking straight at Jonathan’s Dick for a few seconds before she turned away, looking straight ahead again as I continued sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. “There. Are you happy now?” She asked.

“Yes I am,” I said. And I was. I was smiling, and I smiled even more when I saw her turning her head once again, checking out his Dick again. Every minute or so she would look at it, then turn her attention back to our fucking. One time she looked up at Jonathan, then at his Dick, then back up at him and she started laughing. “I don’t know where you got that thing,” she said.

Jonathan smiled. “I’m blessed.” Mrs. B started laughing and nodded her head.

“You can touch it If you want. I don’t think Jonathan will mind. ” I said. She twisted around, looking at me. “No!”

I laughed and continued slowly thrusting into her warm and willing love tunnel. A couple of minutes later I motioned for Jonathan to come closer and when he stepped forward the tip of his cock brushed against the side of her face. She jerked her face away, like she had just touched a red-hot piece of iron and she was careful to keep her head away from his cock as we continued screwing. By that time I was getting close to coming, and I was ready to. I reached forward, grabbing her arms, yanking her back toward me each time I thrust forward. In the process I pulled her over to the side a little, just enough so that her face made contact with his Dick. She pulled her head away again, but a few strokes later it made contact again. She was acting like she didn’t want it to, but I think that really she was liking having another Dick touching her. As we continued, a few strokes later it seemed like his cock was rubbing against the side of her cheek each time I made contact with her hips, pushing her forward. At last it was time and I pulled on her hands, holding her back tightly against me as my cock erupted, spitting and spewing semen deep into her womb. She was there on her knees, being still as my cock twitched and spasmed within, emptying itself. Her face had come to a stop right next to Jonathan and the tip of Jonathan’s cock was touching her cheek.

She looked directly at his cock for a few seconds, then up at Jonathan. “I…………..”

And she opened her mouth to speak, Jonathan shoved his Dick forward into it, grabbing onto the back of her head so that she could not pull away. I still had ahold of her hands and I held them a few seconds longer as she made choking and gagging noises. She couldn’t do much about the situation but aAt last I released her hands and she was able to push Jonathan away.

“You ass hole!” She told him. He smiled down at her as I collapsed on the bed next to Mrs. B.

“You didn’t like that?” I asked her. She shook her head no.” Does he taste bad?” “No,” she said. “It’s just that……….”

“It’s just that what?”

She turned and looked right at me.”I’m not a slut.”

“Does touching a cock make you a slut?” She shook her head no again. “Well, just a few minutes ago it seemed like you enjoyed looking at it. If you want to touch it, then touch it.”

I was lying on the bed next to her and Jonathan was still standing next to the bed. She looked at me, then up at him. He got on the bed on his knees, right next to her. “It’s okay,” he told her.

“I’m not a slut,” she repeated to me. Then she looked up at Jonathan. “I’m not.”

“Okay,” I said. “But are you going to tell me that you don’t want to touch his cock? That you’re not even a little bit curious about it?” She looked over at me and smiled. “See,” I said. “You know you want to.”

Both of us laughed and when Jonathan started laughing also, his cock began bouncing around right in front of her face. Mrs. B slowly reached out and touched the tip of it. She circled the head of it with her finger, then slowly grasped him. With her hand holding his shaft, her fingers did not even come close to touching each other. She looked up at him. “Whoa! This is…………. This is really something.”

We laughed at her. She had not had an orgasm yet and I wanted to speed things along, so I scooted down the bed far enough that I could reach her pussy easily and I began rubbing it, sliding my fingers in and out and rubbing on her clitoris. I guess she had finally gotten used to the idea and before long she was really stroking Jonathan. When I looked up a couple of minutes later, she was sucking him deeply into her mouth. “Look at you,” I said.” I thought you didn’t even want to touch it?”

She stopped long enough to smile, then continued stroking and sucking his fat cock. Jonathan laid back on the bed and clasped his hands behind his head, relaxing and enjoying himself. Mrs. B got up on her hands and knees between his legs and continued sucking Jonathan while I stayed behind her, still fingering her. She must’ve started liking the idea of having two cocks to play with because a few minutes later she had a squirming, squealing, shuddering orgasm and it was all she could do to continue her blow job. But she did so. I laid there beside them, watching her pretty lips slide back and forth over the deep veins of his shaft, pausing every so often to circle his helmet with her tongue, or to attempt to Deep Throat him for a few seconds. This was amazing to watch, and I can only guess how much Jonathan was enjoying himself, but it was making me horny. My cock started coming to life again and as she continued sucking Jonathan I began to maneuver into position behind her. She turned around to look. “What are you doing?” She asked.

I pointed at my hardening cock. “Putting it to good use.”

“I’m kind of busy at the moment,” she said.

“That’s all right, Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Don’t mind me.”

“I’m giving a blow job, she said.”And you want to screw me at the same time? That’s the way they do it in pornos. I told you I’m not a slut.”

Jonathan grabbed her face and turned her back toward him.” You’re not a slut,” he said. She smiled and plopped her mouth back onto his cock as I slipped my Dick back into her wet pussy.

We continued this way for a few minutes, then Jonathan got up on his knees in front of her. He began pushing himself into her mouth, face fucking her while I was behind her fucking the hell out of her pussy. She was getting in from both ends and I think she was liking it. As a matter of fact, I know she was liking it because a few minutes later she had another orgasm and after it, she collapsed on the bed. I laid on my side behind her with my cock still embedded within and continued fucking her from behind and Jonathan laid beside her so that she could continue sucking him off. A couple of minutes later he was back on his knees, really stroking his cock and at last he blasted a massive load of cum into her mouth, across her cheek, into her hair, her ear and all over her neck. A minute or so after that I let loose into her pussy again, driving my cock deep and squirting, squirting, squirting.

I was pretty much done at that point. As a matter of fact, we all needed to do some recuperating, so we lay there on the bed beside each other. Mrs. B was quite a sight, cum all over her face and matted in her snatch. She looked just like one of those porno stars. But she wasn’t a slut. Jonathan and I laid on each side of her, idly playing with her tits. They really were nice tits. As we were doing this, she was playing with our cocks. At first she was playing with both of them at once, but soon she lost all interest in mine and began concentrating on Jonathan’s. She was lifting it up, moving it all around, pinching it, squeezing it, rubbing his balls. Pretty soon it responded, bringing itself to life once more. Like a giant awakening from a nap, it roused itself, coming to full attention in her hands.

“You’re really sexy. I’ve got to fuck you,” he said to Mrs. B. She looked at him, then down at his cock, like she was trying to figure something out.

“I’ll try,” she said. “But no promises. And I’m staying on top.”

She climbed on top of him, straddling his waist and lowering herself down toward the throbbing monster below. As they made contact she smiled, then winced a bit as she continued downward. She shook her head no, raised herself a little, then tried again, going downward. Once again she eased off, retreating, only to come down again on to the giant head of his cock. Slowly increasing the pressure, gradually her pussy was stretching, opening up, granting access to the intruder. With the tip of his cock disappearing from view within her, she eased off again, backing off and then coming down, slowly, slowly, slowly. You could tell it was hurting her, but she seemed determined and she persevered. At last she had swallowed the head and continued making her way down his shaft. At the halfway point, she retreated once again, raising herself only to continue her downward path. It was mesmerizing to watch, like a Python swallowing a deer and slowly, ever so slowly she was swallowing his cock whole. As she grew accustomed to its size, she gradually began to increase her tempo, bit by bit and soon she had worked her way three fourths of the way down his swollen manhood. She wasn’t wincing as much anymore, and at last she had fully engulfed him. As her ass came to a rest against his balls she looked up at both of us, smiling, like she was proud of herself. She should be, she had really accomplished something. That was a big Dick she was taking, and I was secretly hoping that she wouldn’t be ruined by it, permanently stretched out to the point where there would be no satisfaction or friction anytime my cock was buried within her. She began working her way up and down it and a couple of minutes later she was really smiling. She was enjoying herself now. She increased the tempo and pretty soon she increased it again. It was really something, watching her bounce up and down on that big cock with her tits going along for the ride also. The next thing I knew, she was climbing off of him. What was she doing?

“I want you behind me,” she told Jonathan.

Jonathan was happy to oblige, and this gave him more control of the action. He got behind her, doggy style, worked his cock back into her and before long they had a nice rhythm going. He was taking it a little easy, I guess, not wanting to hurt her, but she was having none of that.

“Fuck me harder,” she said. Jonathan shrugged his shoulders, and began doing as she asked, speeding up a little. “Harder,” she said.

He increased his speed again, but she told him harder. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

She looked back at him. “Just fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!” She grunted.

He began doing so, ramming himself forward with gusto. She must’ve liked it because before long she was whimpering, then it turned into a squealing, shaking orgasm. During the process, I noticed that Jonathan was tensing up and he began pumping his sperm into her already well lubricated pussy. It seemed like he came forever but at last he grew still and when he pulled out, gobs of cum followed his cock out of her hole. Mrs. B collapsed on the bed again and it was several minutes before she could move. Jonathan sat there on the edge of the bed for a moment, then turned around and slapped her on the ass. “Boy. That was really something.”

Mrs. B turned over onto her back and looked up at both of us, smiling. I smiled back at her.”What did you think of your first three some?”


“Like he said, boy, that was really something.” Then she laughed. “Whew! That……. That was kinda fun.

“Yes it was,” I said.

The three of us lay on the bed together for a few minutes, resting a little. Mrs. B’s little redheaded snatch was really a mess, matted and dripping with cum and it was time to start thinking about her getting cleaned up so that she could get back home before anyone was the wiser. She kept looking at Jonathan’s cock, every once in a while poking it or squeezing it, laughing. At last he got up and got dressed to leave as she lay there watching. “It was nice to meet you,” she said.

Jonathan smiled at her. “The pleasure was all mine.”

She laughed. “Oh no, it wasn’t.” As he was walking out the door she called out to him. “Jonathan!” He turned to look. “I hope you don’t think I’m a slut.”

Jonathan grinned and closed the door behind him.

Two weeks later I brought Jonathan with me to another rendezvous with Mrs. B. This time it didn’t take much coaxing to get her out of her clothing and where she needed to be, with her mouth or her pussy wrapped around our cocks. She really seemed to enjoy having her mouth and pussy filled at the same time. A month after that Jonathan wasn’t available, but I brought a guy named Raymond along with me. It took some doing, but when she at last gave in, the three of us had a really good time. At this point the summer was winding down, and I resolved to make the most of the rest of it. I was really going to miss her when school started again.


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