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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Jason: How ironic the hunter being hunted.

Cathrine: You are like a disease, taking my emotions then my body and in the end you take my mind.

The Huntress

Cathrine Jones had been running for three whole years, he was always in the shadows watching. It was only a matter of time before he caught up with her but this time she had a plan, this time she would be the one in control.


Jason: How ironic the hunter being hunted.

Cathrine: You are like a disease, taking my emotions then my body and in the end you take my mind.

The Huntress

Cathrine Jones had been running for three whole years, he was always in the shadows watching. It was only a matter of time before he caught up with her but this time she had a plan, this time she would be the one in control.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Bloodcall

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 25, 2017




Cathrine sat in the bathroom her hands where shaking and suddenly feeling like she was in an Eminem song.

Not moms spagetti but three whisky on the rock´s and an umbrella drink that she did not pay for by the way.

Using the bathroom at Burgerking after chowing down a Brooklyn burger and getting the afterkicks of it all, every cell in her body was acing and she knew it had nothing to do with the poor choice of drinks or the burger.

Each day she was getting weaker and the pull was getting stronger.

The last of it was making itself known and she had her face down the toilett again.

She was actually unsure if this was her being nervous or if her body was starting to reject the human food she was eating.

This was it, she would have to woman up and just get it over and done with.

She knew what her body needed and it was not a starbucks, No what her body was craving was a little more particular, rich in iorn and red.

But not only was it blood she needed, she had to get it from one man.

Cathrine did not even think it was okay to call him a man, an animal, a beast certainly not a human in any way shape or form.

Jason Maveric former pack leader of the Brooklyn nine, and her one true source of life.

She knew the day would come and she had been dreading it since Berlin six weeks ago, the pain from the bond they shared was making itself known every second of everyday now.

After Berlin she had been fine, the withdrawals was getting increasingly worse by the three week point.

He was always in the backdrop watching her, never close but never far away, every city, every country.

He found her at the verge of heart failure in Berlin, she had been running for three days, hiding all her paper tracks and making sure it would look like she had dropped from the face of the earth.

But like a Dog with a bone he found her, not even giving her the decency to die.

But this time he would not find her and she would get the end she wanted, she had control this time and nothing would stop her, she had been planning this for a while.

She was granting herself the death she deserved and she planned on taking the trash out with her.

All she had to do was hold on for one more day and it would all be over.

 Tomorrow she would crash the party of the century at the Mezzanine NY, packed with uv-light bombs, silver bullets and the Souldagger , shit was going down.

Once every hundred years or so the vial creatures of the best kept secret in the world would crawl out of their dungeons,graves and old victorian time castles, I´m talking vampires, demons, wherewolfs and so on.

Meeting up for what you might call a heart to heart, talking numbers and casualties plotting for new ways to recruit new members, and of course honour the men and women that have been in charge of it`s pack, covenant, hoard you get it.

Right under everyones noses, But this time Cathrine knew not only both date and place but also their round up of women and men from all over the world that had been kidnapped and held for one purpose, only to auction off to the highest bidder.

These people would not be asked or let in on what they where going to face, the women would probably become concubines or worse birthing machines for the wolfes and Demons.

The men would become human bloodbags, kept alive just for one reason only, to fill up their royal rotten vampire bellies.

Granted this was not the overall picture of everything supernatural, these where the people behind the people, these where the ones who sit in the dark corners and twist the faith of the world and every nation making sure it went in their favour.

Well this time fuckers the odds would not be in their favour, Cathrine would make sure of it. But first she had to find away to get rid of this bloodcall, it was getting harder to fokus and her body was shutting down fast.

The streets where starting to fill up for the night, knowing she had thought of everything she was ready to take the next step of her plan in action.

The Hotel was right around the corner, the room was booked and the night would be used taking stock making sure she was ready for the party of her life.

The shower was burning hot, she could feel her blood pool down in her feet and everything just felt slower, the water was running slow and her hertbeat was beating loud and irratic in her head.

She knew it was not a good sign, everything would be okay.

«Just get through tonight and you will be fine»

She murmured to herself as she watched her reflection in the mirror, her dark brown hair was longer now, dark circles under her chocolate coloured eyes.

Drying of with a towel she came across the two old puncture wounds on her upper left breast.

Thouching them now felt like knives in her chest, so small and insignificant as they would seem.

But they changed her whole life, it was the first nail in the coffin, the start of a life out of her control.

She was born friday the thirdteenth, on a cold October night and for as long as she could remember she knew that something was different, she was not like everyone else.

The first memory of hearing the whispers of the souldagger was at the age of seven, small wispers would come to her at night, in her dreams but also when she woke up from the dream, the voice would linger giving her small clues on where to find it.

The night of her tenth birthday the voice became as clear as her own and she would remember walking out in the backyard under the weeping willow, as she got closer the voice would start shouting, making it self known to her.

The cold would creep up her legs and she had to use her fingers to start digging in the cold earth.

feeling like her nails would fall off and just as she was about to give up something nicked her, the blood started running down her finger.

There was something so spiritual about it, as if the only way the dagger could be hers was if it had marked her, and that night it did.

She was a Hunter, and the term Hunter she would learn was not a very strong terminology for what she really was, she did not kill all supernatural beings.

Only the ones being a threat to the human kind in any way, but as she would get older her knowledge would grow stronger, finding it hard to judge any supernatural being harder than any human, more often than not it was the human in the situation making a stupid decisions or knowingly put themselves in the bad situations they where in.

Surprisingly she had a harder time connecting with people than she ever had with supernatural beings.

Cathrine had no one close to her, in her line of work relations to loved ones just made thing comlicated.

Lights where often something that was underestimated looking at New York at night was taking her breath away, it could have something to do with her body just giving up.

That would have been something though, dying in front of the magnificent lights starved and tapped in to her inner crazy.

She could feel it now the pain being constant and everywhere stabbing,pounding,acing every word for pain in the dictionary she felt it now.

She cursed the day she felt his eyes on her, she cursed the moment their eyes met and her heart made a break for it in her chest.

Flashbacks of his hands searching for hers, she knew he was forbidden, she knew that he would be her doom.

The Hunter and the wolf, how could she be this stupid, someone had to get hurt maybe she counted on her powers to break free when it needed to, maybe she just didn`t want to live a life in solitude.

But something pulled her to him, the wanting so demanding every touch every scent made her body convulse just by thinking of it.

Slowly losing strength she was supporting her body against the panorama windows making her feel like she was flying or falling she couln`t tell anymore. 

Emotions boiling up in her that screamed desperation a need to be held by him, fed by him.

“ Get your shit together!”

She screamed with her teeth gritted,

“ stop it! Or he will find you again!”

talking to herself seemed to be the only way to make her concious of the situation.

Her thoughts and feelings where running like wild dogs, growling, snarling, ripping against her innsides.

A long wale ripped out of her as her body caved in and she fell against the glass, she could see the reflection of her room in the glass, one single bed one nightstand, the computerdesk filled with her arsenal and props.

This was the hardest part at night, when her thoughts came trough and all her body, heart wanted needed, was Him.

Feeling betrayed by her own body and by her own heart, as sure as she was that she was going to die tomorrow.

She was sure of one thing, he would never let her be, not as long as her heart was beating.

The strong surge of emotions came rushing once again and this time the flashbacks followed.

Their bodies melting in to one, his rough moans, his hands, Jason.

“ Leave me alone! I don`t need you!”


The ecco of her own desperate voice lingered, and then someone said.

" I can´t."


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