Forever Lost

Forever Lost

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica

No Houses


short story about to who meet and share an amazing moment together


short story about to who meet and share an amazing moment together


Submitted: January 11, 2014

A A A | A A A


Submitted: January 11, 2014


A A A it real?

How do you know that what you have experienced is true?

How can you say with every cell of you being that your love is the real thing.

Does it have to be something you feel for over a longer period of time to be real, or just a small secound?

And is love at first sight something that relly happens.

I dont know, what is right or wrong, can you tell me beouse I sure can`t..


But I do belive I have been in a loving embrace, loved the gentle touch and kisses.

A strong memory comes in mind everytime I pounder over this question, and you my dear friend can tell me if it was true love or not.... Deal?

your smile hitts me straight in the gut, and dazed I just look at you standing right in front of me on the dance floor.

With out any words or gestures you just grabb my hand and guide me on the outside of the bar.

people talking loud and pump cigaretts so the grey smoke covers the entry of the bar.

You are still holding my hand, and for some reason I keep on holding on to yours.

Now let me be clear I am not a slut! I do not make a habit out of following any guy out of the bar just like that!

But there was something that ignited in me the secound you took my hand, shivers went through my body and your smile made me want to call the doctor! Becouse someone just fell from the sky!

Your voice vas raspy and low as you smiled and leaned over against me to wisper in my ear.

" Hi..I`m sorry I just draged you out of there, I just had to..well I`dont know.."

Unsertain you gaze up on me and smile again, Oh..I..there is just no way to, how do I ....Mental shutdown..

After swallowing a couple of times trying to get some sort of words to form in my mouth I finally spoke.

"Hi..I`ts fine you don`t look like a ax murderer so I guess it`s fine.."

Your laugh ringing and my breath get cought up in my throat, and for some rason my urge to kiss you overthrows me.

You are leaning against a wooden fence and I`m standing straight in front of you, we stop talking becouse of some weird reason there was no need for words.

Your arms is around my waist now, and still we say nothing.

Your eyes are watching mine and we lean in together, no cues or tells needed.

 The kiss so tender and so good it makes my core ace and pleasure twirls in the lower part of my abdomen.

slowly you keep on kissing me and bring me closer to you, and that was the Night we first met.


That Night we talked on the phone for hours and you wouldn`t let me go back to sleep.

after a long night and the perfect number of 2 hours of sleep, but it didn`t hurt at all becouse I knew I would see you today.

The weird thing is that it felt so normal, right and I had only knew who you where for barley 24 hours.

The buss drive was an hour,  that whole hour my stomach was in knots, scared to make the biggest mistake of my life.

But the secound I saw you waiting for me at the buss stop my heart calmed, as if I knew that with you I was safe.

Your hand once again took a hold in mine as you guided me through open green fields and  the Ocean shore.

The whole time we just watched eachother, and twirled our fingers.

 The Barn had been in our direction for a while and when we finally was getting close the wind just kept on growing stronger.

We decided to go inside, of course no one said a word but I knew.

And so did you.. slowly you brushed my hair away from my face and cupped my cheek in your palm, my urge to kiss you haunted me and had been haunting me all the way here.

your tung gently caressed mine as I dared to open my mouth to yours, a muffeled moan escaped you and it made my stomach twirl again.

My kisses getting more and more urgent and demanding, you followed and we fell down on the soft hay lying on the barn floor.

Your hands searching for mine and I guide you, slipping your hand under my shirt.

Your fingers, twirling my nipple so sweetly and entizing between you fingertips.

For some reason I was not scared, just soo ready, ready for you and your touch.

You looked at me again as you layed down on the floor hinting for me to go on top, and so I did.

Never in my life had I felt or been touched in this way, virgin in every sence of the word.

But I didn`t care, your cock was tightly inprisoned by your jeans, and a swift thought ran throug me.

I want to feel him, hold his cock in my hand.

I thought as I gently pullled up your shirt and opened you belt with unsteady hands.

A gentle caress of your fingertips made me stop and seek your gaze, your eyes was telling me that we could stop and you would be just satisfied with kissing me, but something in me drived me so hard that I just kept on going.

pulling both boxer and jeans down at the same time, my eyes shoot up and my breath hitched.

 You gave me a low chuckle and just guided my hand carefully on to your fully erect penis.

And I know what you are thinking! This does sound like he was just doing this to get me in to bed..the....Barn, if you think about it, it had to be the most genious pickup- methods ever invented.

Losing all sence of time and place I indulged in the powerfull feeling of holding your member in my hand, moving my hand as you guided me.

 Your breathing got more and more intense, and a shalow moan escaped you making my insides scream for more.

Slowly you undressed me, just the upper part of my summer dress. As my breasts unveild infront of you,

you kissed them so gently and  so HOT!

My nippels hardend under you mouth and you cought one in you mouth and sucked carfully.

The lightning rush crashing down to my lower abdomen and made me feel so empty.

You guided my body forth making me straddle your hipps, the eletric current shooting out in my body as the tip of you cock stroke against my slick and now so dripping wet heat.

The urge to push down on you, feel moore of your cock strained against me was to much to bare and so I did.

 For a long time we just layed there en felt how our bodies reacted to one another, until you gently tugged at my panties,

You curled the lingerie around you finger, and I stood up dizzy and overwhelmed with want, pulling my panties down and they got droppedthere on the Barn floor.

This time you guided me down on the floor with you and kissed my forhead, pulling the lower part of my dress up,

you lay ontop of me.

Your weight on top of me was more then welcome, the weight giving me the perfect advantage so I could push your cock against my sex one more time.

The pleasure volts inside made me shiver, and you positioned yourself over me looking at me with those eyes.

Still no need for words, you just took my hand and guided it down to my sex, and gently slipped you cock in my hand.

You wanted me to take the lead, so I pushed the tip of you cock at the acing sweet spot just below my clit.

Slowly I let go of your cock as my hands searched for you perfectly formed arse.

Holding still you where watching me, I gazed back and pushed slow but firm down on your arse, making you glide inside me.

The pressure hurt, the sensation of you body coming closer and closer to me as you glided carfully inside me was greater.

Rewarding me with a loud moan you slowly went in and out of me, streaching me, making sure I could take you inch by inch with shear pleasure.

 Your cock filled me, and so sweetly you kissed me over and over as I was in my own pleasure cloud.

Your face became darker and darker, for some reason it made me yearn for your release.

 I bucked my hipps, meeting you halfway and as we slowly figured out how to work together, it was clear to me that you where about to cume, and so for one last buck I could feel you cock starting to pump inside me.

Your harsh moan and breathing

 sent me to heaven, thursting inside me one last time before you fell ontop of me.

And before I knew it was over, we layed there for hours, just caressing eachoter and sweet kisses was shared.



The story end as all romatic stories does, with a broken heart.... But never again did I feel something like this for anyone.

I met him many years later, his words lost once again, but this time there where tears insted of smiles.

And the evergoing heartace of to people wanting eachother.

Love...I`dont know.. do you?











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