Blood Moon.

Blood Moon.

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Both Abel and Bou had Always known that one day it would stand between Abel and his father in terms of who would take over for the pack. Abel was a threat and now he was getting rid of it, but his father knew that Abel alone would be hard to kill, so instead he would lay low until there was something to break Abel with. And now that something would be Shauna, fuck! he had them both!


Both Abel and Bou had Always known that one day it would stand between Abel and his father in terms of who would take over for the pack.
Abel was a threat and now he was getting rid of it, but his father knew that Abel alone would be hard to kill, so instead he would lay low until there was something to break Abel with.
And now that something would be Shauna, fuck! he had them both!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Wolf territory

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Slowly he pushed in the second finger, instead of watching her this time he demanded her kiss, her lips opening and let out a sigh as he moved his fingers inside her. Slowly he started to move them in and out using his thumb on her clit, she moved her hips with him, pushing him further inside. Her kisses were desperate now, he could sense she was getting closer. Pride hit him as she moaned his name louder, he relished in the thought of being the one to satisfy her, being the first to ever be inside her like this. Her skin so soft and damp, her lips soft and swollen from his demanding kisses, her wet core so warm and tight. " Love, come for me..." He whispered in her ear, her neck was so delicate but strong, he felt the urge to bite her softly.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter no.1





She ran to the opening between the trees, the light of the moon was almost blinding. She didn`t realize before it was too late, the blinding light was the headlights of a big S.U.V. Standing straight ahead.

The cruel laughter ringing in her ear and surrounding her, quick pounding was crushing down on the forest floor around her.

Shauna fought every urge and instinct to scream, the burning sensation was ripping up inside her throat.

Her heart was pounding and the echoes left her confused and lost in pure fear.
 "Ha-ha, look at this beauty! This one is my boys!.. I hope she last`s longer that the other human female bitch I had.. "

The last sentence the man had vispered and Shauna was really feeling the ripping grip of fear taking a hold on her.

'The chills went up and down her spine, how the hell would she get out of this one!?.

 She kept running even though her body was loosing control, the light blinded her once again.

Their voices were hard to hear and sometimes the growling was so loud she could almost feel the stirring in the ground.

Slowly she backed down beside a tree and held her breath, a loud cracking sound came up behind her and before she could react a shooting pain went through her head.

This was it!
She was caught by some kind of serial killer who was going to partially cut her open while she was alive (that was the worst thing she could think of!).

A loud growl came up from behind her, the vibrations so intense that her head and neck was shaking.

A warm breath caressed her shoulder as something warm and fuzzy stroke against her back, whatever this was it was going to kill her and by the sound of their growls she was certain that this was not human.

Slowly she turned her head and a big black shadow was dragging her by her hair, a small glimpse of light showered the creature and Shauna screamed.

The thought of no one hearing her was just the last drop, the beast had moved his grip from her hair to her neck and slowly his grip got tighter and tighter and it all went black.

All warned out and sticky Shauna woke up against another tree, she took one hand to her head, trying to calm the throbbing pain shooting through her head.

Her hand felt wet and she now knew why she felt sticky, she was covered in blood!

Her lips tasted like iron and salt, It took some time, but suddenly she could hear what was happening around her.

Several screams came from different women and loud growls mashed together, creating a massive Screamfest and her head was cramping in pain waves, the queasiness built up in her stomach and she belched beside the tree that she was curled against.

"Great!" Shauna thought.

" To make matters worse, I have a concussion! That`s going to make it SOO much easier to escape!!"

A cold chill braced her chest, she looked down and her shirt was torn open, part of her upper breast was showing but the bar a kept the rest hidden.

Shauna tried to cover herself up, but it was useless, cold raindrops started to fall and out of nowhere the rain started to pour down.

The sound of growling and screams had faded and slowly she slipped in and out of consciousness, her head felt so heavy and soon it all just faded into a cold darkness.

Her last thought was distinguished by her uneventful life now ending in a most unexpected way.



Able looked at the woman lying there, the others had taken their women home and he had been a bit occupied with Mr Crass, he had selected this one first, but he knew damn well that Abel had the first choice, it surprised him that even whenhis father was pack leader, how many still would challenge his rightful place.

And there  was the fact that Mr. Crass had a bad reputation of being foul with his mates and Abel had the chance to save one for a grim future.

The strong smell of puke and blood was overpowering his ability to smell her, she was a woman that was for sure and her blood type was A-B positive which was the most important part.

He carefully cradled her in his arms as he started the walk back to his territory.

As he walked, he tried to see how she looked like, her hair was in the way, but he could see that she was strikingly  beautiful with her long blazing brown hair and dark red full lips.

Abel only hoped that she would take the stress she had been under, she had a bad injury in the back of her head and judging by her heart rate she was unconscious.

Maybe he could call the DR. Drake last thing he needed was a woman that was too wounded to use.

Once every 5 years or so the pack had to expand their pack members with new females, the strain the body went through when it was to accept the waggon was proven to be too hard on human that did have other blood types that A-B positive.

Those who did manage and survived could never last longer than in the first trimester before they miscarried the young.

Abel had been there when his best friend had found a female and had fallen in love with her, when they finally mated it didn`t take long before she was expecting, but she lost them and time after time she lost the young until she took her own life.

The wolf gene facilitates strongly in the female reproductive system, the female wolf is supposed to give her mate, children, but if she fails to do so she becomes mentally ill and after some time dies from it.

When a male had mated with a female he had marked her with his scent, he had made a promise to this female for the rest of his life.

If a male was to lose his female or she would leave him, he would go insane, lose his mind and in worst cases be put down.

But they did have some options in hand, if the woman left, there was a big chance that the male would lose his mind so instead of putting him down, they put them in an induced coma state until the male could take care of himself.

But if the bond between two mates had been strong it could take months, even years for the male to be able to have intercourse with another woman, and to mate there had to be sex and biting involved both had to be done to secure a strong bond.

It had been 5 years since Bou had lost his mate, and still he could not bear to be around when it was mating season, the urge for his mate was still too strong.

They had long expected it to be something like this, but had never proven it before Dr. Drake had done some research on it,  what they long had been suspecting were proven to be true.

It was a big risk to take when a male mated with a human before knowing her blood type, the fatal tragedy had been repeated over and over in history only now they knew why and Abel was sure as hell not going to risk his own sanity by mating anyone.

Mating season was a necessary evil in his opinion, it was a time when every Male climbing off the walls to find a mate and or someone to spend the mating season with.

Usually the mating season kept on for 3 weeks give or take a couple of days those 3 weeks was a dangerous time for both female and male werewolf.

The fermones the women sent out was making the men  virile and aggressive, more times than their kind liked to admit, women was raped and many were killed in the process.

The ones who had mates often kept to themselves in the period of the whole mating season, and the ones who didn`t would roam around and maybe get lucky and get someone to mark.

If someone just marked the female she would be his for a period of time, maybe three weeks depending on how deep the mark is.

The whole thing was quite a confusing Able thought, something that you are supposed to love and trust can kill you or make you insane.

That is why Abel thought of it as an as a necessary evil he didn`t want to put his life in one womans hands or claws! He wanted to do his own thing be free.

His task at hand was to get this woman home and get the Doc to take a look at her, for a human to become werewolf their bodies had to be strong and healthy the fact that Crass had beaten her in the head was something Abel had to talk to his father.

Poor Crass had lost his mind years ago, but this was the last straw, he was risking the pack`s future by doing something like this.

Crassès sons were well known in the pack for being risk takers and not the sharpest knives if you catch my drift, one time he caught them having a gangbang with one female and God knows for how long that poor woman had been taking them and this was even not under mating season!

I mean things like that can happen in action once in a while, but never if the woman is not in on it as well.

Abel had to shake his head in disbelief, he never understood how a man would want to share his woman with anyone but oh`well not his woman not his problem.

Suddenly her heart rate went up and Abel could feel her strength getting back, he had to hurry back before she would wake up and see him.

The plan was to get her home and into his guest room.

The Doc had drawn some venom from his teeth (hurts like hell by the way!!) so he could inject her with when the time was right.

Usually the human that got bit by a werewolf would feel some sort of loyalty towards his/her maker, but they had figured out how to make werewolfs without making a bond, as long as the person never saw him/her while the venom worked it would be fine and the females and males would be free to choose their mates without being influenced by the bond made by turning.

Her breath, picked up and Abel started to run, he had been just around the corner when she opened her eyes and looked straight at him, her eyes was so different one eye was green and the other light blue.

Abel tried to run, but got so amazed by her lying there with no sound or screams she just looked at him.

There were still a couple of days before mating season, but still he had to admit that there was something there that would have made him go blind in pure mating frenzy if this was on the wrong day.

It was good that her scent was still very much tainted with puke and blood, the whole thought of smelling her was just not that interesting at the moment.

Within minutes her eyes had closed again and Abel could breath, he took the last step inside his territory and headed for the front door.  

He carried her to the guest bedroom and tried to undress her carefully, the showering part was quite disturbing actually.

The fact that he had to stand in the shower with her, and holding her up was quite difficult when considering skin to skin contact was the last thing he needed right now.

(Horse, shoe,table, banjoo, Boobs, Butt)," FUCK!"

"This is not working!"

Abel thought as he could feel his pysical reaction to this beautiful whoman he was holding, her back was against his chest and the thought of slipping on a boxer might have been an good option before doing this.

Not that things would be less visible but atleast there would be something between them.

He sat her down on the floor while leaning her against his leggs, he tried to shampoo all her brown hair but that was also something he was not to acquainted with, usually the women he was with could take care of them self!

Not that this was her fault..

"WHY !? do I always get myself in theese type of situations!?"

Able said as he figured that if he could just get the blood and puke smell away from her she would bee alright, he dried her up and carried her in to the guest bed and tucked her in.




Shauna woke up with a throbing head the pain shooting everytime some type of light got to her, suprised and quisy she turned her head while covering her eyes.

She smelled like lavender and forest the bed she was lying in was quite soft actually, she laid back in the bed and tried to realax when someone came in to the room,

" hello miss I`m Dr.Drake.. Its alright im not gonna hurt you, you are in safe hands.. do you remember anything that happened to you?"

Shauna tried to think of yesterday but all she could think of was the lavender and forest smell..

" No..Is there something wrong with me? my head hurts like crazy, it hurts to open my eyes but other than thyat im fine.."

Shauna could hear the Docter`s footsteps rounding the bed and the weight shifted in the bed.

" Is it okaay if I take a Look at you miss..?"

Shauna retrieved her hand as she felt his warm fingers covering her.

" Shauna Strile that is my name.."

She tried to open her eyes, but the pain was way too sharp for her to handle so she just covered her head with the blanket.

" Miss Strile I will not hurt you I`m just going to check your vitals and that nasty bump you got on your head last night."

Shauna was insecure, but gave him her hand and took a long breath.

" What did happen to my doctor? I can't seem to remember anything from yesterday..?"

The Doctor gave her a grunt, " you fell and beat your head pretty well into the pavement Miss Strile.."

Shauna could feel the embarrassment rush over her.

" That does sound like me.. " She said and the Doctor gave her a low chuckle.

"So Miss Strile it appears as to direct result of the hard concrete hitting your head you do now have a small concession, It will take a couple of days for you to recover, but it should heal up pretty nicely, I will however give you an IV- trip just to make sure your body is well hydrated it will just take a second, you will feel a little pinch...."

Shauna jumped from the pain and yelled out.

" AOUCH!! That hurt!"

The Doctor chuckled again and it sounded like he spoke through smiling lips now.

" Have a Good day Miss Strile, and if there is anything, don`t hesitate to call and I will be here as quick as possible.."

Shauna tried to comprehend what just happened, she didn't know where she was and or who had been so kind enough to take her inn, but why wasn't she in a hospital or at home?

She felt too tired to think of anything like this right now, her head was better as long as she didn`t move.

  "Fell and hit my head on the pavement.. Great! I was waiting for that one to happen, good thing that I can't remember anything then.."

Slowly the tiredness dragged her in and after a while she gave up, drifting away.

Able looked down at the Doc and tried to keep a casual tone,

" So how is she?.."

The doc sat down and took a sip of the coffee Abel had sat down in front of him.

"Well, there is a concussion and in our favor she doesn`t seem to remember anything from yesterday.. Or many days back, it`s hard to tell how bad it is since we don`t know what she did two days ago... It will hurt her to open her eyes for a couple of days and the cuisines will hover for a while depending on how mobile she is.

But one thing is clear she is not ready for the venom yet.. She needs a couple of days and since she is already hooked up to an IV that won't be a problem.. I could get her something to cover her eyes so she won't strain herself to match, and then there is a good chance you don't have to tie her up since she already quite helpless to begin with keep her calm and happy, just don't upset her.."

Abel was surprised to be hearing this.." What no no no! I`m not taking care of her! I thought you would take her with you to the Medic Center!?" the doc looked at him with small eyes.

" Abel I Can`t move her.. it is too risky, I`m surprised she even woke up today judging by the trauma she suffered.."

Abel was still in a bit of shock.

." No see in three days it is mating season.. I can`t.. Do you know." he tried to find the words to express his desperation.

"PLEAS don`t do this to me!! I can`t have a girl in my house who is vulnerable and fragile while I`m in heat.. That is just not smart Doc!"

Dr. Drake took his bag and got up from his chair, Abel watched him intensely.

" Sorry Abel this is what you have to sacrifice for our pack... But you are right, I will send over someone to take over for you a couple of hours a day, but not more than that! She needs continuity and familiar surroundings and this is your house so.."

" But isn`t there a chance of bonding thing?!" Abel blurred out,

The doc turned again in the door.

" Yes, well, no.. She is partially blind for a while so the chance of her seeing you is small and if we do this right, she will be ready for our pack men in one week."

The door slammed closed and Abel sat there and feeling the anger building up in his chest, a low growl came out and he knew the wolf in him was less than okay with this plan... One week, God this was going to kill him.

The fact that he found the female interesting and beautiful made things a hell of a lot harder, a couple of hours a day would not keep him calm the rest of the time.

Self control was not something a male werewolf was known for, at this time of year we are downright scary.

Aggressive and blunt, there is one thing on our mind and the lengths we will go to get it are just insane..

Slowly Abel walked into the guest room, the woman was lying in a tight ball under the covers,

"Miss Strile.. My name is Abel, you are in my house and.. Well.. We are kind of stuck like this for a week.. Just call my name if you need help with something."

Shauna tried to focus so she could hear, the dark husky voice talking at her, she thought of reacting, but couldn`t bare the thought of the pain retrieving.

Slowly she dragged the covers of her head and almost vispered

" You have to come on this side of the bed and kneel down so I can see you.."

Abel thought for a second and when he saw the dark haired woman, his breath almost got stuck in his throat.

Her pale skin and rosy cheeks complemented her unusual eye colors. He figured that it would be smart to hold his breath so he didn`t inhale her scent. There would be no threat for her to see him as long as there was no venom in her system... Yet.

Shauna could hear his footsteps and she tried to open her eyes with the cover partially covering over her, her sight being a bit groggy but still she could identify everything she saw.

Suddenly there was a man kneeling in front of her bed and  his face was inches from hers.

His shoulder length brown hair was neatly pulled back and his chocolate brown eyes stared straight into hers, her heart skipped a beat and a faint smell of musky man and forest made her focus her sight even more.. (Just my luck, this hunk of a guy is supposed to babysit her until she is well enough to take care of herself... Her chances of ever scoring kind of vanished the moment he heard how she hurt herself..)

"I..Im fine a bruised ego and a mean headache.. That's all "

His eyes squinted a bit and his mouth curved at the corner..

" Eh, yeah, well I don't recall asking, but good! Howl out if you need something".

Shauna tried to smile back, but the sense of her cheeks flushing scarlet made her head hurt even more and as hard as she tried to forget her random rant about words it just made everything worse.

" I... Sorry, no you, didn`t I think I'm game going to go back to bed now thanks for checking on me too.
Too (Oh God kill me now!!)

Shauna lay back in the bed and tucked the covers over her head again, hoping she would be swallowed by a big black hole and so on because never in her life had she been this embarrassed.

As Abel walked out he tried to calm down, his heart was pounding so hard it made it difficult to think straight.

Her awkward smile and blush had made his body rush all over, he could feel the urge to go back and kiss her being all too much for him. The wolf in him was taking more and more place and he knew it was started.

Mating season was on and Abel dreaded the next week.

His fear of her bonding with him was now making no sense, it was himself he should worry about.

For some reason the wolf in him very intrested in her, and the more he thought of her sleeping two doors down from him just made the whole staying for a week a living hell! He needed to get out tonight, there was only one cure and that was finding a female to ease up the tension.

The dark shadows stretching made the cold winter night look so dramatic and the cold crisp air stroke him against his skin feeling like razor blades.

But no matter how cold it was, this was just what he needed, dark and dramatic was just his scene.

He could sense his pack not far away and he played with the idea of turning back, but figured he wanted a beer instead and kept walking towards the cabin/bar that lay in the middle of the forest.

Most likely it would be filled with young pupils fishing for a female to spend their first mating season with

. Abel on the other hand already had one on his mind, Mist was her name she had been his go to the girl if times got a bit dry if you catch my drift.

 Mist was a cool girl never any bitching about Abel never calls or staying over after their playtime.

Abel knew she was not looking for anything stable, she had her dreams and worked hard to get there.

She was one of those girls that used all their time on denying the wolf in her.

She wanted a normal life a normal man and normal kids and all the things that was against the packs religion.

To make matters worse, she was the Xo`s daughter living another life that was not intended for her was on so many levels impossible.

Abel knew this only because at some point they became more friends than benefits.

It had been a while, but something told Abel, she had been waiting for him to show up, behind the bar, he could hear a sharp, steady voice telling some pup to get the hell of the bar, Mist had a nasty mouth and a mean left hook and she wasn`t afraid to use it if needed.

Abel stood in the crowd of youngsters the stench of desperate male mixed with beer was a bit overwhelming.

Abel felt bad for the youngsters more often than not he recalled how sensitive and awkward it was being in that state, where nothing else was more important than to impress the leaders, food and of course sex and lots of it!

A familiar scent caught Abel and before he could turn a big hand grabbed his shoulder and turned, Bou stood there with a goofy grin "good to see you bro long time no see.."

Abel was surprised to see Bou and gestured with his hands and he asked " So mating season.. It`s been a while sure you are ready..?"

Bou`s grin faded and doubt crossed his face,

"Look buddy, I may be mourning, but after being without a mate for five years you kinda need some sort of.."

Abel could see that his friend had a hard time saying the words.

" Hey!.. You will never find me judging you, to be honest, I`m thrilled that you finally feel ready."

Boy swallowed hard and tried to look confident, but failed. Abel tapped his friend back. " I've got your back bro there is a day tomorrow, don't put all your bets on tonight.."

Boo laughed " Oh, so what you are really saying is that you think I`ve lost my edge.."

Abel winked his eye to Mist and she smiled back he raised his hand signing two beers, still laughing by Bou`s disbelief in his best friend,

" Quite the opposite friend I think you have a secret upon a head shot if you get my drift, not a dry pantie in the house I tell yah!"

Boo laughed hard wile Abel had missed Bou`s laugh and felt his heart tug a bit finally! Mist served Abel his beers and she gave him That look.

Shit! Without knowing it Bou was quick blocking him and no matter how wanting Mist was he couldn`t bare the thought of leaving Bou to himself right now, he needed a friend close just for the mental support.

Abel moved closer to Mist and tried to whisper "Later?" while pointing discreetly at Bou.

Mist Pouted her mouth and gave him a sad face so cute it was hard to resist, pressing his hand to his heart he mouthed "Sorry!" Mist nodded and blew him a kiss and a wink.

Benefits are not Mist was also one of his best friends and he knew that this was purely an arrangement it would never be anything more and that made things a hell of a lot easier.

"Thanks bro, so how was the harvest any good females?" Bou said with a smile. " Ha! Eager are we now, well, I didn`t get to check out the females the other ones got but I hope the one I got will make it.  Mr. crass got to her before me and gave her a kick ass whopping, she was lucky I got to her when I did or else it would be hard explaining that one to my father!"

The boy looked at him with a strict gaze

" He never seemed right to me, fucking imbecile is she alright?"

Abel nodded, trying to lock in the undenying emotion forcing through, and sure as hell his best friend caught it, looked at him with a tell me or I`ll force you look.

" She is drop dead gorge and got a concussion so she can`t remember a thing and she smells like.. Fucks I`m way more into her than I should  be, and what`s worse is that this feeling started before mating heat.. My head is fucked up dude... All I can think of is her body and smell and to doors down.. I need a diffusion and that`s why I'm here.. Pretty fucked up ha?"

The boy smiled and tapped his back

" Look bro, maybe you should consider.."

Abel eyes shoot up " No! No..No I can't do that I`m not ready.. I do not want a mate and No!.. This is just mating heat started a little earlier this year that's all..!"

The boy looked up at Abel with a smirk.

" Okay.. Okay, well all I can say that I can only remember one time I felt exactly the things you are describing, fubared from the start I wouldn`t trade it for anything she was my everything."

Abel tried to listen, but refused to settle for his words,

" Yeah, well you were in love I'm just horny, and I Know she meant everything to you but I`m not there yet..

Don`t think I`ll ever be.."

Bou looked at him with another familiar face, anger..

" You say that like we have a choice, whether you like it or not, dude when she is there you fall and you fall hard! There is no way back.!"

Abel looked up at his best friend and shrugged.

" Hey, calm down.. You and Melissa is one thing you had true love I`m convinced!

But not all of us is that lucky or fucked I'm not sure which one to choose.. The state you were in dude! I was there all the way.. And to watch your own best friend being drug down to the point of heartattackis not the kind you forget easily, I don't want to end up like that bro.. I just can`t.."

Bou chugged down the rest of his beer and signed to Mist again 2 beers,

" Well, I got fucked over yes, but look at me, I`m still here and now I`m going to get me some tale.."

Abel nodded and got a bit mindlessly staring at the floor, no way in hell that this was more that mating heat, how could it be? He had barely looked at her, well he had done more than that, but still this would still not be enough to imprint on her.. Would it?.

A buzzing want to flush through him and he tried to close his eyes, denying the feeling advancing, a hand stroke his cheek and Mist`s husky I want sex NOW! Voice vispered in his ear, Abel smiled when Mist took his hand and guided him to the back room.




Shauna woke up still dizzy from the headache, but the worst pain seemed to fade, She figured since she was feeling better she could maybe take a shower and maybe she would feel even better. She let the water run down over her head and back, looking down on the floor, a strange feeling pushed her over the edge and the overwhelming urge to cry drove her.

The tears just kept running down her chin and she was happy that she was in the shower so no one could see how stupid she was acting. Why was she crying?

And why couldn`t she shake the strong feeling of fear? She was safe and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Carefully, she washed her hair with the lavender soap that resting on the shelf beside her. The scent calmed her down to the point where the tears stoped streaming.

God, she would kill for a toothbrush right now.. Feeling like she was snooping she quickly looked in the small cabinets in the bathroom, ah bingo a toothbrush it was still wrapped in so she was certain it was new, and toothpaste!

This was her lucky day! The menthol taste felt so clean and she brushed for so long that she had to refresh the toothpaste a couple of times before she felt her teeth was clean enough.

She unwrapped the towel and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, her long  brown hair ran down to the small of her back, small but perky breast`s and a small waist.

She didn`t have big hips, but what she lacked of in that department, she made more that enough up for in the back area.

Yes! She did have a big butt and wasn`t ashamed to admit it, to be honest, she kinda loved her Brazilian butt.

Done with the inspection, she tried to find some clothes and look at that there was a set of clothes laid out for her on the chair beside the bed, hmm had they been there when she went in the shower?

Weird.. Am well she grabbed the clothes and tiptoed back into the bathroom, hoping no one was keeping an eye on her.

A pair of sweatpants that were many to three sizes too big and a gray hoodie and a pair of boxer shorts...

Normally a girl would have been disappointed in the choice of attire but Shauna loved to wear shabby clothes she had at least 5 sweatpants in 2 sizes to big at home and hoodies was her face.

Comfy and clean she Tiptoed back to the bedroom and looked around, she didn`t realize it earlier, the walls were covered with wood panels and two large windows at the side of the bed looked straight at the abundance of green trees that probably second the house or cabin.. She wasn`t sure.

Curious, she discreetly opened the door out to a hallway that led into a small but cozy living room/ kitchen, it had to be a cabin it was small and humble and everything Shauna ever wished a cabin would be.

One thing the Cabin did not lack was windows they were everywhere and the green forest was covering the cabin on every side, Shauna slowly walked into the living room the delicious smell of coffee and toast enticed her and she turned the corner..

" Hello miss Strile see you are feeling better? I`m Mrs Thorne Ì`m a just a neighbor of Abel is there something you need? I see you have taken a shower that nice.."

Shauna got caught off guard and jumped a bit when Mrs Thorne started talking, her voice was so cheerful and light and it almost made her want to cover her mouth and say


But she didn`t.

"Hi Mrs Thorne yes, I feel much better, thank you, where is Abel?" Busy doing something with the stove, Shauna sat down by the small breakfast table standing in the small kitchen by oh what a surprise! Another window!

" Look love here is some food you must be famished! Abel? Well, I`m not quite sure Hun, he said he would be back soon too." Shauna watched as the curvy woman stood by the stove and turned like a ballet dancer so light on her feet, a typical grandmother in every way.

Short, nicely cut hair and a big bust with an apron with flower decor in strong colors, and a smile that would make very boo boo vanish with a set of wise gray-blue eyes shining towards her.

A big plate with toast topped off with beans and bacon was sat in front of her and she could feel the tears pushing behind her eyes, it had been a long time since she had been taken care of like this and she felt so silly but honestly she was so grateful that she couldn`t even speak the words.

" Oh Hun what's the matter? Is there something wrong?"

She said with a concerned look over her eyes.

" No! No, I'm just so.. Grateful thanks you.. And hungry this smells fantastic!"

Shauna said while trying her at most hardest to keep the tears from falling.

Mrs Thorn's gray-blue eyes looked at her once again,

" You are welcome Hun! This is nothing I'm just happy to be in use, seems no one needs an old lady anymore, so I'm just happy to help."

Ah and there it was that smile again..

Shauna could feel her body stealing and she gave Mrs Thorne a smile and dug into the most unhealthy breakfast she had had in a long time! And it was worth the wait!

After eating way to much Shauna felt tired again, disappointed and stuffed she walked quietly back to her room.

The bed was way too comfy and before she knew it, she was sleeping soundly.

Abel felt Mist`s hand roaming all over his upper body and it made his instinct flash in all directions and before he knew it his mouth was locked with hers.

Her sweet taste and smell was enticing and luring him into a black hole of desire.

Abel closed his eyes hard and moaned when Mist licked his throat and nicked his skin just enough to make the electric rays shoot down his spine and pleasure wolted between his legs.

Suddenly flashes of different images forced its way into his head, her rapid breath and raven black hair covering her nipple. Her head bolting back in a pleasure wave, his name repeated over and over in a desperate matter..


Abel stopped kissing Mist and just tried to catch his breath, the very vivid image of Shauna taking him inch by inch mead his chest hurt.

" Abel what's wrong!? Abel?.."

Abel tried to focus on Mist but the room was spinning and no matter how hard he tried To focus on Mist but the room was spinning and no matter how hard he tried the images kept on torturing him.,

" I can't..  I have to..... Sorry love I don't know what is happening.. Just give, me a Sec okay?"

Mist pulled his face upwards trying to get a better look at him, she had seen something like this before, but was unsure if it had anything in common.

The Male she was with had bonded with another female but she had rejected him, the wolf in him was dead set on this female but there was not much to do about it since she was not interested.

The bonding is quite special in fact it was one of the cool things about being a werewolf, if a male had bonded it meant that his wolf had excepted the female as possible mate.

And therefore the wolf would instantly deny the male to mate or bond with someone else, rapid breathing and loss of motor skills was lost and the sense of anxiety was one of many side effects but Mist wasn`t sure this was what she was seeing.

Abel didn`t have anyone, surely he would have told her..?

Abel tried to recover from the whacked out episode he was going through, what the fuck was happening to him!?

" Mist I think we need to do this some other time, I just can't do this now.. Sorry!" He said while almost running out of the back room.

Bou was hovering over the bar counter signing for a new bottle of beer, Abel gave him a quick look as he went past him and headed to the exit door.

Bou cought the glimpse and followed him, not sure if what was wrong, he tried to call his name as they got outside, Abel`s clothes got thrown in the bushes and steam was reading of his skin,

" God, Bro what the fuck!?.. Abel!?.."

Abel just kept on walking and soon enough he was up in a steady sprint between the trees.

Bou didn`t know what to except just keep on following him, the scent of anger and pure rage filled him..what had happened?.

Abel tried to focus, but his head was a mess he couldn`t think straight and his chest felt like it was to explode, the only thing he wanted to do was escape out of this fucking state!

The only way he knew how to do that was to turn, when turning the human state disappears and the wolf takes over, feelings and thought did not behave in the same manner, in many ways it was much easier to be just a wolf following pure instincts instead of feelings.

The pain of his canines pushing through his flesh was surprisingly painful!

It had been years since turning had effected him and he was panicking now bones breaking and he could feel his spine twisting in odd angles.

A raw scream came from the top of the hill and Bou pushed himself harder trying to catch up with Abel..

Something was wrong, he tried to estimate which way he was going and weird as it was his scent was pointing directly at his own territory..

Small whimpers came from the large black wolf lying on the forest floor, Bou had turned just before catching up with him.

Trying hard to open a connection between them Bou growled at Abel, slowly Abel rose up panting hard, a long hard growl came from his friend, his pain levels were off the charts!

"What the fuck happened Abel!?"

A snarl came through and a row of sharp white teeth was flashed at Bou.

Abel`s head was almost on the ground and his body ready to attack, the bust on his back bristled in every direction , Bou couldn`t believe what was happening his own best friend that he had since well forever was challenging him.

" What the fuck Bro!! Tell me what the hell is going on!?"

Abel snarled back and his ears laid back on his head.

" MINE!!."

This was not good he was in a very wild state, slowly Bou bowed the front of his body, ears back and teeth tucked under his lip, he needed to know that Bou was not here to take his place.

Curving his body to the side, he tried to look Abel in the eyes, but there was no use, pure rage and possessiveness was shooting at him.

The connection up and running, but all Bou could hear was.


What ever Abel tried to convince him of or himself, Bou was sure this was a hell of a lot more that just mating heat coming a bit early.. Was his best friend going insane?

Abel couldn`t restrain himself like he was put on the side bar while the wolf in him just took over, the pain in his chest seemed to fade the more he moved closer to his home.

Small flashes of Bou in front of him, but he couldn`t connect with him, hot flashes drove through him and the pain in his back was still pulsating so hard.

Slowly he tried to pick pieces of restrain back, forcing the wolf in him to back off!

" Abel Get the hell away from me! I'm not going to fight back! Abel!"

Backing of hard Abel realized he was over Bou and forcing his hand, making it hard for him to not protect himself.

Shaking his head, he could finally find some sort of control and as soon as he did he opened the connection

" Bou! What the fuck is happening to me!? What did I do?"

Bou got up and shook his fur pissed off and almost ready to attack him.

" You fuckig twat! You are losing it bro.. And don`t think for a moment that I won't break your sorry ass because I will if you do that again! You know better that to go all in wild state!" Abel Turned slowly shifting back to human form, and Bou followed.

Sitting on the forest floor, Abel cupped his head in his hands, he felt shaken and scared talk about fubared!

Shaking like a leaf and pearls of sweat running down his back.

Bou let his gaze run over Abel and the man looked like he was going to burst into flames same thing again the steam flowing over him.

"This can`t be normal what the fuck happened man?"

Abel kept his head in his hands while talking.

" I don`t know Mist and me well you now! Getting at it and suddenly these flashes of images kept playing in my head and my body just went haywire..The pain fuck! I can't remember the last time it hurt like that when turning, it was like the first time all over!"

His voice deeply unsettled and the pain throbbed in his back..

Abel could still feel the strong urge to return home to his cabin, for some reason his wolf was acing no demanding the surroundings of its territory.

Shauna could feel the forest ground hugging her feet, the strong scent of musk and the forest surrounding her completely.

She felt the cold chill of the wind caressing her up under her white dress, the outlines of the place being blurred.

A low frequented sound kept buzzing around her, the sound became more and more clear and suddenly her heart jumped down on her stomach, she had heard that sound before, a low growl kept closing in on her.

Something very warm caressed her back and standing completely still she could feel two hands closing in on her in an embrace.

A sweet breath stroke her in the corner of her throat.

The feeling rushing through her and want shouting insider her, pure bliss as the man behind her, kissed her neck slowly taking her breath away. She turned and there stood... Abel?

His eyes were dark and almost glowing in a dark brown color, the low growls came back and Shauna grabbed Abel around his waist searching for cover comfort.

But as she laid her head against his chest the growling just became louder.

The her heart sank once more, but this time she was paralyzed, she couldn`t move the growling came from him and she tipped her head up to catch his face with those weird eyes, his smile!

Those teeth!

Long curved fangs flashed towards her and she wanted to scream, but there was no use.

She woke up in a cold sweat panting and crying what the fuck was that! That was the most vivid and ridiculous dream she had ever had!

Mrs Thorne`s food had to have unsetteled her in some way, because that was just so fucking real she could actually feel him against her still and his scent lingering against her.

Sweat running down her back and she had to just breath. What the fuck was going on!?

Warm and cold flashes hit her and her body felt like twisting, the ace in her back was pounding so hard suddenly the throbbing pain shot up her legs and her pain projected out like a fearful scream!

Desperately trying to catch something to hold on to the pain just kept rising and falling in waves, making her stomach turn and twist, not able to hold on to her stomach content it Mrs Thorns breakfast came right back up.

(OUTSIDE of Shauna`s bedroom)

Mrs Thorne heard Shauna scream and her reflex to open the door and run inside was right there, but she couldn`t, she had to wait tears welling up in her throat, it was hard to listen to, she had done this, Dr Drake had given her the venom and she had to make sure Shauna took it all.

This was by far the most terrible thing about being a werewolf, turning the first time was the most horrific thing she had ever experienced.

The guilt and horror in this was too much for her to handle and she hoped to God that Able would be back soon.

The screams so heartbreaking it made the old woman glide down beside the door and sob.

Cold hard stabbing pain was digging in her bone, like the bone was expanding and at some point she could almost feel the all too welcoming blackness touching her soul, making her disappear for a second and the pain with it, little did she know that it was her body almost caving in, losing, dying.
Abel heard a scream come from the cabin and he knew the moment was there, the sweet and naive Shauna was starting to change, and the pain she would endure was something he didn`t bare to think of.

He felt like the biggest asshole on the face of the earth, the Harvest was something that had to happen or  their kind would go extinct.

No matter how he twisted and turned the truth would be just that, they were monsters doing this and the sad thing was that Shauna was not the only female going through this tonight.

He looked back at Bou who probably was thinking the exact same thing, and he nodded as to say.


Moving his body was painful and his back was still killing him, but at least the hot and cold flashes were gone and the shaking too.

Using the last of his strength to walk home Abel tried to move fast, he knew Mrs Thorne could not stand to be around when the change had started.

Mrs Thorne was plucked and ready to leave when Abel opened the door to the cabin, the purse in her hand and her eyes swollen and red he didn`t bother talking to her he just left the door open as she passed him and closed it.

Her screams were more like moans now, but still intense in the way that she was in immense pain, Abel felt this nagging guilt and need to be with her, for a minute or two he stood on the e outside of the door.

He couldn`t risk her seeing him, then they would bond, so he opened the door slightly, her moans becoming louder.

" What is happening to me!? Someone make it stop please!! Abel!? Mrs Thorne anybody!"

Abel closed his eyes the bile in the back of his throat threatening to rise.

" Shauna, it is Abel.. I need you to cover your eyes.."

Shauna cried out his name again her sobs so heartbreaking he actually thought of just walking inside with her and sit down beside her in the bed, cradle her against him and rock her like a child.

But that was just not an option he had to make sure she didn`t see him, then maybe he could comfort her like his body and wolf was craving.

"SHAUNA! You need to cover your eyes! I can`t help you before you do.. Honey, listen to me!"

Shauna grabbed the blanket and covered her body still twisting and it was impossible, but she was sure she could hear the bones slowly breaking.

Abel ran down the hall and into his bedroom in the closet, he tried to find something that would work as a blindfold, not much to choose from but in the back of his closet he knew he had an old tie.. maybe that could work?

Out of options he grabbed the tie and ran down the hall to her door, two doors down fuck!

Get out of your fucking head and help the girl already!

"Shauna have you covered your eyes? When I come in I will sit down beside you and blindfold you, I know that sounds crazy, but it is for your own good."

A small sob escaped her mouth in a sound that was almost like a yes, Abel took her cue and slowly opened the door.

Carefully, he walked over to Shauna and she was twisting and turning under the covers crying as quiet as she could he was sure.

Strong girl....

She had to be because at this stage, even Abel was frantic when he changed many years ago.

Abel made a "Shhhh" sound trying to calm her,

" I`M here Hun just turn against the wall and lift your head and I will take the blindfold on.."

Shauna was not comfortable with the blindfold, but the pain she was enduring was so strong she would do anything at this point so the pain would go away!

She did as Abel commanded of her and tried not to scream as she turned, her spine was cracking in every move she made. His hands caressing her hair moving it so he could knit the blindfold, it felt soft like silk and smelled like old clothes did.

"I`m right here Hun now just if you can, try to sit up and I will hold you, I know this may not seem like the thing you need right now but trust me it is better that nothing.

 Fuck yeah!! She wanted a doctor pain killer something just make it go away!

" What is happening to me, am I dying!?"

Abel felt his heart tug hard when her scared voice begged for some answers, he felt her body shake and twist and if he listens closely he could hear her rapid heart pounding like a jackrabbit.

" No.. Hun you are transforming, I'm sorry, but the pain you are feeling there is nothing for it, you just have to remember to breath and it all will be over in a while.."

(In a while)... He was such an jackass he knew that she would feel this pain at least for 24 hours, the good news was that it would succumb after a while but she still had the worst part ahead of her.

Fuck, why did he have to do this..? He knew it was an obligation for every meal at some point to turn a female, but fuck this was pure torture literally, at least for her.

"Relax Hun, it won`t hurt as much if you just breath and try to relax."

Shauna whimpered and shook so hard her teeth was shattered against each other.

" Transffffforming? wa what ddoes that mean?"

Barely able to talk.

" Ah yeah a werewolf, it is hard to explain, do you want to come closer? I can warm you up."

Fucking twat off course she doesn`t want to come closer you are the fucking reason she is in this state, but the urge to have her close was just to endearing and before she could answer he pulled up against his chest, cradling her in his arms.
that was all, a warm current pulsated against her side and a sweet forest scent caressed her,the pain still present and throbbing but her body was moving in to survival mode and more like if a shark bit of you foot you wouldn`t feel it, the brain cutting of the nerve endings.

Abel looked at the amazing female laying in his arms, her mouth so red and full, and her body against him felt amazing.

Her breathing was still rapid and her heart was working overload, thankfully her body was protecting her of the worst pain.

Shaking like a leaf, her body started to twist again and the breaking sound just getting louder, suddenly her body jolted forwards and hands frantically clawing around her trying to find something to hold on to!.

Abel grabbed her arms and pulled her closer, holding her firmly against him.

" Relax! Hun the worst part is soon over just focus on my voice."

His mouth against her ear, his lips slightly caressing her ear.

"I`m right here.. Hun, just relax.."

A loud crack pierced through the room and Abel knew he had to do something to distract her, not thinking he just pushed his lips against her neck slowly showering her with light kisses.

Shauna was in a state of mind that she could only refer to as a living hell, the loud crack was her spine, she was 100% sure her spine just broke and grew a couple of inches and the pain!

She could never find words, for it but still she couldn`t talk or scream, like she was imprisoned in her own body.

Suddenly a feather light touch on the side of her neck caressed her her whole left side responding to the touch, Shauna couldn`t recall the feeling but it was so familiar. Kisses? So small but oh so effective, the pain still there, but the feather like touch made the pain more bearable.

'Abel had to have gone insane! What the hell was he doing!?

A million! That was how many times he had cursed himself while he just kept on kissing her and stroking her back.

"I`m sorry honey, I am just trying to get you through this."

Shauna wishes she could see him, the blackness feeling all too consuming and she wanted to look at her killer/guardian, she didn`t want to decide right now but she it was one of those or maybe both?

Trying so hard to use her words she finally was able to form some words.

"Why do I have to have a blindfold? I want to see you."

Abel could feel her weak hands caressing his neck, and the pleasure rays streaming down his body made him hard and wanting, again NOT the best time having a poor female in his house when Mating heat was coming on to him with full force.

" The blindfold is there for your and my protection, it's there so you won`t in print on me, if you do then we are both a bit fucked."

Not really thinking when he chose his words just talking to himself really, he could hear her heart starting to calm down her breath was more even now and all in all maybe she was out of the woods?

"Imprint?" Shauna said,

With a voice so weak it made Abel want to cradle her even closer, God! What the fuck is wrong with you! Pull yourself together!!
Shauna wanted to scream and shout and kill the fucking bastard, or the one responsible for doing this to her, but her strength was fading fast, her heart still pounding so hard it was painful.

She managed to make a disaproved sound but

" Imprint.. Hmm, well it is kind of like the swan does or the eagles, they have one mate for the rest of their life, that is the one they  imprint on, and since I'm the one taking care of you right now.. It`s kinda easy for you to imprint on me... Makes it hard for both you and me to choose the mate we want, and not just because I took care of you..does that make any sense?"

Abel looked down at her mouth again, God! She was so beautiful.

Shauna felt the darkness swallow her again, and right before she fell down in the black whole she managed to speak once more. " Hmm.. Well, I don`t understand.. But I guess it makes sense.."

Abel laughed and smiled at her, sad that he couldn`t see her eyes.

He wanted to pull away the blindfolds and watch her sleep, both her breath and heart was telling him that she was far away and finally he could relax to.

The worst was over he hoped, the venom (His Venom!) had done it`s job, now it was just the matter of if her body would accept the change or if the body rejected it and died.

Fuck what had he done..

Abel woke up with Shauna still cradled in his arms, he slowly tried to coax his arm under her away, she stirred a little and made a small groan before she went back to sleep.

Abel stared at her for a moment, his hands had fit so perfectly around her, her body molded against him.

The feeling so rare and scary for him he just stared at her and watched as her chest rose and fell.

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