Dominic-A Varwick Novel

Dominic-A Varwick Novel Dominic-A Varwick Novel

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Six brothers, the same yet each different. They are Varwick’s. Born with a rare mixture of blood. Human yet so much more. The six Durandus men are unique in their own ways, who find a happy medium with being different. Step into the world of Dominic Durandus. The oldest of the six who will follow his Father as the King of Varwick’s. All kings must have a queen but Dominic was convinced that there would be no other woman as his mother who could handle such a position. Until Toni Kendrick. His first encounter with the mysterious woman had him wanting, no needing more of her. There had never been a woman who had pulled at his heart as Toni had. The evil that lurks in this world had them thrown together again and from that day Dominic vowed from he would find a way for her to accept his way of life and stand at his side as his Queen


Six brothers, the same yet each different. They are Varwick’s. Born with a rare mixture of blood. Human yet so much more. The six Durandus men are unique in their own ways, who find a happy medium with being different. Step into the world of Dominic Durandus. The oldest of the six who will follow his Father as the King of Varwick’s. All kings must have a queen but Dominic was convinced that there would be no other woman as his mother who could handle such a position. Until Toni Kendrick. His first encounter with the mysterious woman had him wanting, no needing more of her. There had never been a woman who had pulled at his heart as Toni had. The evil that lurks in this world had them thrown together again and from that day Dominic vowed from he would find a way for her to accept his way of life and stand at his side as his Queen

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Six brothers, the same yet each different. They are Varwick’s. Born with a rare mixture of blood. Human yet so much more. The six Durandus men are unique in their own ways, who find a happy medium with being different. Step into the world of Dominic Durandus. The oldest of the six who will follow his Father as the King of Varwick’s. All kings must have a queen but Dominic was convinced that there would be no other woman as his mother who could handle such a position. Until Toni Kendrick. His first encounter with the mysterious woman had him wanting, no needing more of her. There had never been a woman who had pulled at his heart as Toni had. The evil that lurks in this world had them thrown together again and from that day Dominic vowed from he would find a way for her to accept his way of life and stand at his side as his Queen

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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The Beginning of the Varwick’s

16th Century 


The moon was high and the breeze was crisp, a perfect ending to a day of tending to the responsibilities of the village. Dargon moved though the woods with ease knowing the trail well to the stream he’d been swimming in since a young lad. Smiling at the scene of the moon’s beam glittering on the water he patted the neck of his companion Prince.

Prince, the stallion standing over fifteen hands high only snorted as he followed his master to the stream. Dargon knelt with cupped hands filling them with water and brought them to his lips. “Ahh...has there not been a lovelier vision, my friend?”  Prince raised his head from the stream and hit Dargon in the arm with his nose knocking Dargon off balance and onto his backside. “Aye...there is no need to be pushy.” Prince only whinnied and shook his head up and down. “Well I may say every day is a lovely day but this is far better than knee deep in the snow.” Dargon stood brushing off his back side then went rigidly still as Prince’s head snapped up along with his ears. Lightly patting Prince on the neck he slowly moved his hand to the sword strapped to his hip. “Aye my friend I feel it also.” His eyes scanned the area but it was only the wooded forest along with the moving stream that he saw.

Prince began to prance and snort which only made Dargon pull his sword and ready himself. “Who goes there?” There was no answer but the wind rustling through the trees. Confused and relaxing only a little he looked to Prince. “Maybe you are getting old my friend there is no one here but us.” Prince only whinnied and shook his head vigorously. Dargon began looking around again as Prince shoved at his shoulder giving him the sign to get on his back. “Aye my friend I believe you are right. There is something lingering that does not sit well with me either.”

Dargon turned to mount Prince when he was suddenly embraced from behind by something with unbelievable strength. “Today is the day that you truly will begin to live.” The words were hissed into his ear before the pain shot through his neck. Dropping his sword he grabbed and shoved at the face that was now attached to his throat but the creature was too strong. Dargon could feel himself weakening, the razor sharp teeth deepening, the tongue greedily lapping and the lips sucking selfishly.

As his arms went limp and he was only being held up by the evil being Dargon looked up to the beautiful moonlit sky and prayed that he would live to see another day as he felt his life slipping from his grasp.



Dargon’s eyelids fluttered open to the voice demanding his attention. “Come now Dargon you must drink, wake up boy.” The graying bearded man’s face floated in front of his vision. “That’s it my boy, open your eyes and drink for me.”

“Who…? Where…?” From what he could see of his surroundings he was lying on the ground surrounded by the forest and he could hear the flowing stream. His eyes searched to find Prince only a few feet away and relief swept over him.

The old man pulled Dargon to a sitting position. “Answers later you must drink now.” He placed a cup to his mouth and Dargon had no choice but to swallow the thick liquid. He tried pushing the cup from his mouth but the stranger held tight making him drink the entire mixture. “I know it is foul but it will be a taste that you will become quite accustomed to.” Once the cup was empty the old man laid him back on the ground.

Dargon rolled his eyes and clutched his stomach. “What poison have you given me old man?”

“I hope I have given you a chance to live…only time will tell now boy. You were attacked by the vampire, a creature of the night and a taker of blood and human life. He drained you then gave you his blood for you to become his slave. I have given you my blood, the blood of a wizard along with the powers. I can only hope that we can control the blood of the vampire and keep you human…to an extent.”

Dargon raised his head to look directly at the old man with his eyes wide with shock. “Has this ever been done before?” The old man only shook his head in a negative motion. Dargon laid back and curled into a ball as the pain racked his body. “I…feel sick…my insides…burn…like the pits of hell.”

“It will be the change son…I only hope that it will be the right one.”




Modern Day


Dominic sat alone in his study looking out the large bay window which revealed the gardens. His Mother’s love for roses and her desire to have them growing everywhere was a great addition to his home. He could hear the fuss throughout the house in preparation for his mother’s birthday celebration. In three months his home would be filled with politicians, family, and some he would not know. But the one thing he was sure of is that there would be humans along with non-humans.

His thoughts veered to his parents. A stronger couple he had never met. His father who was their leader and his mother who had stood by his side all of these centuries as his queen were definitely a special breed. Dominic smiled as he thought of how much trouble himself and his five brothers had given her while they were growing up. But she had always endured. Now that he was to follow his father’s footsteps and become King he wondered if he would ever find a woman who would be as strong as his mother to stand by his side.

Natasha came to mind at that moment for some reason and Dominic rubbed his temples to help the headache that was sneaking up on him. Their relationship had always been…more like a brother and sister…on his part anyway. Natasha apparently had stronger feelings for him but he knew he would never love her as she wanted.

Dominic smiled as he felt the rush of air and saw the apple falling before him. Grabbing it before it fell in his lap he turned to his brother who now stood in front on his desk.

“I see Helen is on top of everything.” Devon sank down in the plush chair as the long leather coat spread over the arms. Dominic watched as he took a bite of the apple and took in Devon’s attire. All black, leather duster and pants. Black biker boots, shit-kickers some called them, silver clasps on the sides. Black t shirt and shoulder length hair black as night that outlined his face.  It was amazing how different each of his brothers were. Where Devon looked like a stalker that ruled the night Dominic was more to the pressed shirt and slacks type with his hair pulled back in a business man way.  

Dominic smiled but his attention went to the folders on his desk. “Helen is always on top of things.”

Devon studied his brother for several heartbeats before he continued. “Something has you troubled.”

Dominic stood from his chair and sat on the edge of the desk facing Devon. Shaking his head he looked down at the apple in his hand. “Not really troubled…it’s…forget it…it’s nothing.”

Devon stood as he finished his apple. Throwing the core into the air it disappeared. “I think you need a woman Dominic. I have several that I can vouch for if you are interested.”

Dominic chuckled. “Thanks but no thanks.”

“Suit yourself.” Devon turned and headed for the door, then stopped. Smiling he looked down at the apple his brother still held in his hand. “Are you going to eat that?”

Dominic laughed and tossed him the apple that flew through the air as quick as lightning. Devon caught it smiling brightly. “Quit worrying, a good time will be had by all.”

The door opened and Devon had to step back from being hit in the face. Dominic smiled at the elderly lady who had stepped in. “My Lord I need your assistance with the catering.”

Dominic smiled as Devon peered around the door to surprise her. “Hello Helen.”

“Oh my, Lord Devon, I did not know you were here. Please forgive my intrusion.”

“It is no intrusion at all.” Devon bent and kissed the woman’s plump cheek. “It is always a pleasure to see you.”

“Thank you. How is the castle coming along?”

“Slowly but surely.”

“You know you will need someone to run the manor for you.”

“Unless you have a clone then I do not think it possible.” Devon said with a bright smile.

Helen blushed as she smiled. “You are the devil himself Devon. Now Dominic if you could assist me with this troublesome caterer I would greatly appreciate it.”

Devon smiled with his eyes as he took a bite of the apple and watched Dominic follow Helen from the office while speaking to him mentally. A King’s work is never done.

Go away Devon. Dominic groaned.

Devon followed. I think I will stick around just in case you need my help.

Turning his attention back to the problem at hand he questioned Helen as they made there way through the estate to the kitchen. “What exactly is the problem Helen?”

“Your Mother gave me specific orders as to what she wanted for this party and this man is trying to go way beyond that due to your financial standing and I will not stand for it.”

Dominic smiled and turned to Devon who was also smiling. “Well we can’t have that, can we?” As they stepped into the kitchen Dominic heard the conversation that was being whispered between the man and his assistant sitting at the table.

“This is a piece of cake. We can make more on this job then we have in a month.”

“It’s not right...”

The woman’s sentence came to a halt as Dominic and Devon entered the room.  Dominic held out his hand to the man who stood from the table. “Dominic Durandus.”

“Mr. Durandus it is a pleasure to meet you. John Simpson.”  He motioned to the woman at his side. “My sister and partner Sara.”

Dominic smiled at the woman giving her a friendly nod  then turned his attention back to the brother. “I understand that we have a problem?”

The man smiled. “No sir, I was just explaining to your maid that there are necessities that are required to handle such a gala as the one you have planned.”

Dominic heard the huff that came from Helen at being called a maid. Devon stepped forward and his face became grim as he glared at the man. “Maid?”

Dominic turned to face his brother and heard the woman’s voice as she whispered to her brother. “You are going to ruin this whole thing if you do not stop it now.”

Devon stepped forward. I will handle this.

Dominic smiled at Helen who was now smiling widely. Taking a step back and waving his brother forward he spoke silently.  Would your help have anything to do with the woman?

Maybe. Devon offered his hand to the woman who stared at him widely. “Devon Durandus.” Completely ignoring the brother he sat across from the woman. “Please tell me your ideas Miss…”

“Please call me Sara. I think…”

“Well Mr. Durandus as I was telling the maid...”

Devon raised a hand giving the brother a grimacing look. “John is it?” The man nodded. “Helen is not a maid, she is family and I expect you to treat her as such and I believe I asked the lady a question.”

“Forgive me I apologize.”

Devon turned back to Sara. “Now, Sara, tell me how you would plan this event that my Mother has left instructions for.”

“Well, first since it is not a customary sit down dinner and your Mother’s preferences veer towards an Italian taste, I would stick with serving types of finger foods.”

“Such as?”

“Arancini di Riso, are balls of rice, stuffed with a filling, rolled in breadcrumbs, and fried until golden. Calzoni Ripieni

d’Isernia, A true calzone is a pizza folded over so the topping becomes a filling, and is usually baked. These are smaller, fried,

and will work nicely as antipasti or a party food. Frittelle di Lenticchie…”

Devon raised a hand and turned to Helen. “Is this similar to what Mother requested?”

Helen smiled. “It is exactly what your Mother was looking for.”

“Will you be able to provide the wait staff for this event?” Devon asked the brother.

“Of course but the expense will rise do to…”

Dominic intervened. “Mr. Simpson, I am sure you know that the expense is of no importance. I selected your business due to a recommendation from a friend. In no way would I try to cheat you of what is due for your services but I expect the same from you.”

Dominic and Devon both felt the man’s anger rise. Devon stood. “Helen would you show Miss Simpson the layout of the house and where you would like everything set up while I work out the rest of the matter with Mr. Simpson.”

“Of course.” Sara rose uneasily as her brother cast a deadly look and followed Helen.

Devon looked to John who was still sitting. “Are you aware of the business that you could receive from this event provided that you pull it off?”

“Well no but I do not see…”

Devon placed his hands on the table and leaned down close to his face staring deeply into his eyes. As he began to speak his voice was low and suggestive. “I suggest that you follow the example of your sister who apparently has the smarter head for business. We will pay you well for your services but you will not pick at our pockets more than needs to be. Do I make myself clear Mr. Simpson?” He only nodded. “Good.”

Devon smiled as he noticed both women returning to the room. “I trust you have all you need?”

Sara smiled. “Yes sir and thank you for the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.”

Devon took her hand and lifted it to his lips. “I doubt that I will be.” Once Helen returned the woman to her brother Devon along with Dominic left the kitchen area. Once in the large foyer Devon faced his brother. “Well now that I have done my part I will see you later.”  Devon disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Dominic shook his head and headed back to his office still contemplating the feeling that nagged at him like a pesky fly.


Dominic turned to face his Mother standing in the entryway of his office.  “Hello Mother.” Standing he met her half way and bent to embrace the short, petite woman and kissed her cheek. “I see you are here to tend the garden?” Dominic smiled at his mother’s attire, an old t shirt, much worn jeans and a pair of gloves in her hand.  

“Mariana touched his cheek as she looked up into his eyes. “What has your mind so far away son?”

“It is nothing.” Bending he kissed the top of her head. “You worry too much mother, is Father with you?”

“Yes he and Jeffery are speaking on things I had no interest in so I thought I would visit with you for a moment before I checked on my roses.”

Dominic motioned towards the large window. “As you can see they are thriving well.”

Mariana smiled. “Yes they are.”

“Are you ready for your party?”

“I do not know why your Father insists on doing this every year; it only makes me feel old.”

“I only wish to show off my lovely wife to the world.” Antonio entered smiling at his wife’s words; bent and kissed her cheek. Due to the way his father was dressed, jeans and t shirt, he was also going to be in the garden today.

“Hello Father.” Dominic gave his father a manly hug while watching his mothers’ lovely eyes glow at his fathers’ words. “The arrangements have been made and of course Helen has everything under control.”

“As I knew she would.” Mariana smiled as she studied her son. “Are you sure you are all right Dominic? I sense sadness within you.”

“I am fine.”

“Do you have a special lady that you will be bringing to the party?” Mariana asked hopefully.

Dominic’s brows knitted as his attention went to the papers on his desk. “No Mother the upcoming show has taken a lot of my time.”

“Ah yes the charity event.”

“Damion is working diligently to get some last pieces finished, as if he did not have enough as it is.” 

“Well then I will give you and your father some privacy while I tend to my roses.”

Antonio took the chair that Devon had vacated. “The council is meeting and…” Antonio closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

“What is it Father?”

“Mathew Laroque has placed his name in the hat.”

Dominic took his seat behind his desk and looked to his father with amusement.  “For some reason the little snot has never liked me.”

Antonio chuckled. “Do you think your rejection of Natasha has anything to do with it?”

Dominic shrugged. “I have no idea. You know yourself that I have never given Natasha any reason to believe that there was, is or will be anything between us.”

“Yes son I know but I can also see her throwing a tantrum which her brother would definitely notice and feel he has to defend his sister’s honor some how.”

“Yes I suppose so. Are you really worried that the council will side with Mathew?”

Antonio shook his head. “No I can not see the ones I have spent centuries with choosing Mathew over you. His father is even irritated that Mathew would do this.”

“I believe he is as equally spoiled as his sister.”

Antonio laughed as he stood. “I agree. I should help your mother so we can get out of your hair.”

Dominic stood and walked his father out the door that led to the back area where his mother was tending the roses. He watched as they laughed, talked, and looked at each other with a love that he was certain that did not exist for any other. They had a connection so strong that they always knew what the other was thinking and going to say. Shaking his head at the thought he closed his eyes and wished himself to the jewelry shop.

Damion was bent over his workspace concentrating on one of the jewelry pieces for the showing. “How is it going?” Dominic looked over his shoulder at the piece he was creating. A square gem in a color of green shined back at him that Damion was placing in the middle of the holder surrounded by smaller diamonds. A matching pair of earrings set to the side completing the set. “A lovely color.”

Durandus Specialty Jewelry owned by Damion and Dominic had prospered in the last seven years which Dominic gave all the credit to his brother who had the imagination and a special gift to creating all the extraordinary pieces.

“Yes and I don’t know one woman who would enhance the color, which is really a shame.” Damion commented as he lifted the now completed necklace in his hands.

“I am sure they will do well on their own.”

“You are probably right but the right person would double their worth.”

“You do not think Lesley or Mother could pull it off?”

“Lesley no, Mother possibly and I have other pieces in mind for them.”

“Well you are wiser when it comes to that so I will leave it to you.”

Damion looked up from the piece he was working on and could see that something was troubling his brother. “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Dominic hesitated as he sat at the desk opposite from his brother’s workstation. “I…just have this nagging feeling something is about to happen.”

Damion leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. “Have you sensed any presence of evil?”

Dominic began arranging the papers on his desk. “No all seems quiet in that area and hopefully it will stay that way.” After several minutes Dominic stopped and looked to his brother. “Do you ever long for what Mother and Father have together?”

Damion gave him a half smile. “Who doesn’t? Are you ready for a lifetime companion?”

“Maybe. I think so. Hell I don’t know. I just feel there is something missing.”

“There is someone for everyone Dominic and you will find her or she will find you when you least expect it.”

Dominic with a forced smile only nodded his head. A light knock at the door and the entrance of a professionally dressed woman drew their attention. “Excuse me sir but there is someone asking on a specialty piece, would you have a moment?”

Damion stood and pulled on his suit jacket. “Thank you, Mrs. Perkins; I will be there in a moment.” Once his jacket was in place he looked to his brother. “There are many things to consider in finding that missing piece to your life now that you are to be king.”

“I have considered that and all I can think of is how Mother has handled it all these years.”

“True but how many are out there that are as special as our mother?”

“Hopefully one.” Dominic said with a chuckle.

Damion smiled. “I wish you luck.” Then he was through the door on to the next customer.

Dominic still had that nagging feeling that he could not explain and decided to do some looking around and see if anything interesting turned up. After he tended to a few details concerning the show he headed out into the night.

He stuck to the rooftops because with his power it was easier to maneuver between the alleys and would be less noticed. Having the blood of not only vamps but also wizards, well being a Varwick had its advantages. He waited and watched searching for anything out of the normal. A woman in black caught his attention and something stirred inside him as he watched her stroll the sidewalk of busy comers and goers so late at night. She never stopped at any of the clubs; she didn’t meet anyone nor spoke to anyone.

Dominic watched from across the street as she passed the couple and how her body language suddenly changed from a normal gate into a sexy alluring slither increasing his curiosity to another level.  Her hair, as black as a raven, was braided down her back nearly touching her firm bottom, was pulled through the opening of the ball cap she wore. Dominic noticed as the man lead the woman into the alley and then watched as the woman in black stopped, turned as she slipped into her jacket that she had been carrying and while looking at her watch slowly walked back towards the same alley. “What are you up to little one?” Dominic whispered as he followed unseen.


Toni walked the sides of the streets and watched as the late night clubbers began heading home. It had only been a month since she had moved here and hoped this would be her final move. She was tired. Tired of moving, tired of looking over her shoulder and damn tired of being alone. Toni smiled as a couple passed her noting the man’s eyes roam her body as he led the intoxicated woman down the sidewalk. Once they passed Toni shook her head. “It never fails.” With a deep sigh she waited a few seconds before she followed them.

“Hey I think we made a wrong turn.” The drunken woman laughed as they came to the end of the alley. Turning she tried to go back but was suddenly pushed against the wall. “Hey easy.”

“Time to pay up.” He opened the jacket she wore and grabbed her breasts roughly.

“Wait! Stop!”

He slapped her across the face making her head jerk to the side. “You’ve wanted it all night long. Now you’re going to get it.”

“No! Please!”

Dominic watched as the woman in black stopped a few feet from them and whistled. The man turned and gave her a sinister smile. “You want some of this?”

Giving him a sexy smile with her hands in the jacket pockets she spread it open. “I think I am more than enough for you. Let her go. I don’t like to share.”

Smiling like he had just won the lottery. He grabbed the woman and shoved her towards the front of the alley. “Get the fuck out of here.”

Dominic listened as the woman in black helped the other to her feet. “Are you alert? Don’t say a word just nod.” The woman did. “Go home, call the cops, give them this address and don’t ever be this stupid again.” The woman only nodded as she ran from the alley.

“Let’s have a look at what lucky Mike has stumbled onto tonight.”

“Mike is it?” She’d said as she turned back to face him, now only inches away. He nodded as he placed a hand on her breast. Raising an eyebrow she looked down to his hand. “So you consider yourself lucky do you?”

Dominic was close and hidden in the shadows wanting to see how she would play this out. She had saved the woman from a serious attack or death and placed herself in the path of danger. Moving closer undetected he waited.

The woman quickly placed her hand over his; placing her hand around his thumb and with a sudden twist he heard the bone snap and the man’s howl. “What in the fuck are you doing bitch?!”

His hand came up quickly to punch her but she blocked the blow with one arm and drove her free elbow into his face making him drop to his knees. “Still consider yourself lucky Mike?” Grabbing his hair she slammed his face into her knee which made his head bounce back and he fell back onto the ground unconscious.

Dominic watched in amazement as she turned the man over and cuffed his hands behind his back then his ankles. But that wasn’t enough, she grabbed the cuffs at his ankles and pulled them to meet the ones at his wrists then using a tie wrap connected them. As she headed from the alley she stopped and turned to where he was watching. He knew she could not see him due to the spell he had used but his heart stopped at her angelic face and those eyes. The most brilliant color of green he had ever seen.

He watched her for the rest of the night until the streets were empty then followed her home. “Could you be what is missing little one?” Smiling he went home and began thinking on how he would approach her. It would take time, he mused, time that he would definitely make to know this woman who had somehow captured his heart in a single night.


Once showered and dressed Toni headed out to find something for that pain in her ass roommate, Sandra. Her birthday was soon and Toni had yet to purchase a gift for her. As she walked down the long sidewalk of shops she noticed the impressive jewelry shop. Durandus Specialty Jewelry. Looking into the window she noticed the many display cases and the older woman helping a customer.

As she entered the shop, the sale woman smiled and acknowledged her.

“Good afternoon,” the woman said. “Please look around. I will be with you in a moment.”

As Toni walked around she noticed the richness of the store and began looking at the displayed pieces and was amazed at the beauty and elegance of each piece. Leaning over the display case she studied the beauty of each piece. “Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?”

Toni slowly looked up to the voice that had spoken with such a mesmerizing tone that electrical pulses traveled through her body. Once her eyes met his, her breath caught in her throat. There should be a law preventing any man to be as sexy as this man that stood before her. His blue-black hair was long and pulled back. A face that was firm and flawless. Eyes the strangest blue she had ever seen and lips full and inviting. Toni felt it suddenly hard to talk. “Uhm. Birthday. Friend. Special.”

Dominic’s smiled widened at his good fortune. “So a birthday gift for a special friend?”

Toni smiled with embarrassment. “Yes.”

“And does this special friend have a certain passion for something in particular?”

Toni tried not to look at him. Whatever energy he was putting out seemed to run over, through and around her whole body. Intensely. “Angels.”

“Would this friend be male or female?”  Dominic held his breath hoping that if it was for a man it was a brother.

“Female, my roommate Sandra.” Toni smiled as she thought of how to explain. “She is like a guardian angel in my life.”  

“So I guess the next question would be which way to go as far as the gift. A necklace, bracelet or earrings” Dominic gave her a smile as he waited for her answer.

“What do you suggest?”  Her heart leaping from his smile.

“Well Miss…” Dominic held out his hand.

“Kendrick. Toni Kendrick.” Toni slowly placed her hand into his and a warm tingling sensation ran slowly up her arm.

“Miss Kendrick, I am Dominic Durandus and I am sure that we will have something to your liking. If you will excuse me for a moment?” Toni nodded as he walked through a door at the back of the store then returned with a velvet covered flat box. Placing it on the counter he slowly opened the case. “Would any of these please your friend?”

Toni gasped at the display before her. They all sparkled as if covered with diamond dust, their features angelic and peaceful; wings shimmering and eyes glittering. They were exquisite and looked as if they were alive. “They are beautiful.”

“My brother prides himself in every piece that he creates.”

“Your brother creates all of this?” Toni motioned her hand at the rest of the displays.

“It is his love for beauty that inspires him. I am sure that if he were to see your angelic beauty his inspiration would soar.”

Toni had to laugh as she studied the pieces. “I believe the earrings would be perfect. How much?”

“Dinner with me?”

Toni met his gaze. “Uhh I don’t think that’s a good…”

“There is a special man in your life?” Dominic inquired.

“No. It’s just that…”

“Please forgive me for my forwardness. I have made you uneasy and that was not my intention. It is rare that I run into such a beautiful woman that has me acting so forward.”

“Thank you, but it’s not you…” Toni smiled at his sincerity. She thought of how Sandra was always on her to at least try because there was a man out there for her. And why anyone would pass up a few hours with this man would be crazy. “I would really like to pay for the items and…”

“And?” Dominic raised an eyebrow.

“Dinner would be…nice.” What in the hell am I doing? Toni though after the words were spoken.

“Lovely. I will have this wrapped for you and bring it to you when I pick you up.” Even though he knew where she lived Dominic handed her a sheet of paper and Toni gave him her address. As he placed the paper in his pocket he smiled. “We will discuss the price at dinner.”

“Please let me pay for them.”

Dominic winked. “Seven-thirty, little one.” Taking her hand he gently kissed her knuckles. “Until then.”

Toni’s breath caught in her throat again. Turning slowly she walked to the door and left. As she walked past the window she glanced once again to look at him and saw he was watching her. He slightly bowed and smiled. Toni shook her head and headed home thinking about what the hell had just happened.

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