Dark Decent

Dark Decent Dark Decent

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Get it together Alayna. Your to smart. Your to headstrong. Your going to figure it out before he gets what he needs.


Get it together Alayna. Your to smart. Your to headstrong. Your going to figure it out before he gets what he needs.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dark Decent

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Get it together Alayna. Your to smart. Your to headstrong. Your going to figure it out before he gets what he needs.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 27, 2014





"Another shot!" Jessie screamed over the music. I shook my head no in protest, feeling the warmth of swimming alchohol clouding my mind. "No..more.." I studdered. I felt hands coming from behind me, wrapping lovinginly around my waist.

"It's your 22nd birthday, baby. One more shot." Brad kissed my hair. I melted into his chest as I reached for the shot of Tequila that Jessie, my best friend, had poured. "To another year older, another year wiser, and our last year at the University." We clanked shot glasses and had the poison downed in a nanosecond.

"You didn't have to throw me a party." I did my best to gesture at our class mates who were snuggled tight in someone's condo livingroom dancing wildly to a blaring beat. "Yes I did, Alayna. Your my besstt..." She started laughing so hard she couldnt finish, which in turn had me laughing. She hugged me tightly, before stumbling off to join the crowd of moving students.

I turned to Brad, nuzzling my face into his chest. "Happy birthday, Alayna." He kissed me softly. His dirty blonde hair matched his tanned skin and hazel eyes. He was my perfect tall, dark, and handsome. It was still shocking to me that he could find such beauty in my fucked up life. His fingers ran down the pale of my arm, stopping at my hands. His other hand tucked a strand of stray hair behind my ear. His fingers traced all the way down my long and slightly curled brown hair and continued their decent until finally my waist was their stopping point.

Brad pulled me close and we began to sway to the music. He kept me steady, and I kept him close. Everything about this night would forever be burnt into my mind, I hoped. One year left of college, and I'd start my career field in childhood eductaion. I hand't mentioned anything to Brad, but I desperatly wanted him to move in with me. I didn't care where we went, as long as he was with me. The thought of leaving him was crushing, so much so I felt a wave of nasea hitting. I shook my head to submurge the thought, but the alchohol washed over my brain like a tital wave. I was about to be sick.

"Brad, bathroom." I yelled. I pushed back from his hold, and stumbled my way to the bathroom. It was locked. I had to get outside, get air, get away from this clasterphobia. I lunged out of the Condo and used to wall to guide me to an elevator. It took just a few seconds to "ding" and I staggard my way in. I kept telling myself to breathe to keep the puke at bay. It wasn't even a full minuet before I leaped from the elevator, dashing in a druken stupor through the marble lobby. I sucked in the frigid march air, burning my lungs until tears threatened.

The sidewalk out in Manhattan stretched endlessly to the left and right. It would have been pitch black if not for the hotel's light casting an avid glow into the street. A few passer by's eyed me suspicously as I sat uneasily on the ledge of a cement wall inboxing a flower bed. The nasea began to subside, the spinning was stilling, and my thoughts were almost clear. Almost. I heard someone curse, and I looked up catching the eyes of a dark and looming stranger.

He was dressed in all black, but it was flattering on him. He was starring down at his phone looking to his left, the back to his right, and then to the left again. He looked sexy with the way his black dress slacks unfurrled over his black... boots? Were those still toed heavy duty boots? His black button down was mostly hidden behind a black vest. The blue from his phone light up a clean cut face and neatly cut hair. From what i could see his face was chisled perfectly. But it was hard to really see him, considering he was on the other side of the road.

He looked so lost, I almost felt bad for the guy. I heard him curse again before trying to flag down a lady on the street. She looked down at his phone and looked to have shrugged apologetically. The man ran his hand over his head before looking around again, this time catching my eye. He held my gaze almost skillfuly and I felt myself unwillingly being pulled to him.

My legs shakily stood, supporting the wieght of my drunken body, and began their decent towards this dark stranger. He leaned against the back of some blacked out suburban, the phone still lighting up his even more gorgeous face. I stood infront of him and looked around. I would have been nervous if I weren't so drunk.

"Excuse me, I am seriously, seriously lost." He said. His voice was thick with desirable edge. "Wh-where are... I'm sorry, I've had alot to drink." I laughed. He laughed to, showing off straight white teeth, glowing blue from his phone.

"It's alright. My navagation isn't pulling up correctly. My GPS is in the truck, if you could just help me out." His eye's deepened their hold onto me.

"Yeah, sure." I stammered.

Suddenly I heard laughing coming from behind me. It was Brad. My heart automatically skipped when his voice called out my name.

"Alayna!" He called teasingly. I was just about to turn when it happened.

It was so fast. I couldn't even figure out what was happening until half a minuet later.

Dark stranger had me pinned on the opposite side of the Suburban, one arm braced against my chest, the other hand covering my mouth.

"Not a sound. Not a fucking sound." Stranger hissed. I was sober instantly as I watched him eye Brad from the corner of the Suburban as he called my name again, this time more worried. I struggled against his hand, blood pounding in my ear.

"I'm telling you, if you make a fucking sound.." Stranger was closer this time. His arm left my chest briefly and that's when I went for it. I shoved against him harshly, giving me a nanosecond to scream.

"BRA-" My head was shoved back into the window and something else happened just as quickly. I saw the glint of metal coming down on me, but my reflexes were to slow to stop it. The needle crashed into my arm instantly.


It was black within seconds.

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