Her First Women

Her First Women

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She's always wanted a girl/girl experience, and now, she got two for one. Can she keep her secret from her boyfriend that she had a lesbian 3some? Mmmmm You will explode!


She's always wanted a girl/girl experience, and now, she got two for one. Can she keep her secret from her boyfriend that she had a lesbian 3some? Mmmmm You will explode!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Her First Women

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She's always wanted a girl/girl experience, and now, she got two for one. Can she keep her secret from her boyfriend that she had a lesbian 3some? Mmmmm You will explode!

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Submitted: January 23, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 23, 2015



Copyright © 2013 by Virginia T. Watson

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Author's Note: All characters depicted herein are of the minimum age of 18 years old, thus complying with all local, state, and federal laws in the United States.

My boyfriend and I talked quite a bit about me trying my first girl/girl experience. I've fantasized about it for years but never done anything until recently. In high school, I thought about asking a lesbian I knew from my gym class if she could help me, but I was too scared.

It's been 5 years since high school. I wanted to try an experience with another woman so bad. My boyfriend told me I should try, just to see if I'm only curious or actually bisexual. 

I was supposed to wait until we found a woman I was comfortable with and let my boyfriend be there so that he could be comfortable with it all, too. I know it all turns him on, but he swore that a big part of it was him trying to help me realize how I actually felt about it all and both of us getting used to whatever I figured out.

We met a few online that I liked, but I was still too afraid to actually do anything. That all changed a few nights ago. 

I had been talking to one girl in particular quite a bit. It started out online and then went to lots of texting and eventually, meeting up to hang out. Like me, she was only supposed to do something if her boyfriend was there.

We met up another time to go have some drinks. I met her at the bar, and we talked a while, laughing at different things, having a really good time. There was the occasional touch on the leg or brush of the arm and sexy looks at each other but nothing more. 

With drink after drink in my system, I started to feel really turned on. This girl was gorgeous, so much that I wondered why she'd be interested in me. I wasn't really attracted to women but just to the idea of having sex with one. Even when my boyfriend would fuck me, I'd be thinking about how much I wanted to be with a woman, whether that was us alone or my boyfriend having sex with me while I had sex with the other woman. 

Touching and glances soon turned to touching more and in more private places. I started to get pretty wet and imagined the other girl having to at least clean me up with her mouth.

After a while, we left the bar and headed back to the other girl's apartment. When we got there, her roommate was sitting on the couch, watching a movie. We sat down and started talking to her, and I started to fantasize about having them both. That might sound weird considering I'd never even done anything yet with just one woman. Now, I wanted 2 of them at once.

I knew that my friend's roommate knew she liked women, so it wouldn't be so big of a deal if she saw us head to a bedroom. The roommate soon passed out on the couch, however, and my friend grabbed my hand, pulling me to her room. 

We got into the bedroom and began to kiss, harder and harder, beginning to use our tongues, slowly stripping each other. I felt like something was wrong, like maybe I was betraying my boyfriend. I also couldn't believe that my fantasy was finally becoming a reality. 

She laid me down on the bed and started to pull my panties off. I lifted my ass into the air to help her, suddenly feeling very exposed but very excited. She kissed slowly from my calf to my neck and started to suck and lick her way up to my earlobe. She worked her way back down to my mouth and kissed me softly, with tongue, while cupping, rubbing, and gently squeezing one of my breasts. 

Once she got to my pussy, I was already as wet as an ocean, drenched in my own juices. The feel of a tongue on my pussy was amazing. My boyfriend is incredible at eating pussy, but this was a totally new experience. I tried to decide if this girl was better at it than my boyfriend. It was very close and hard to judge. I realized that my boyfriend had more skill, but the excitement from it being done to me by another woman made it better than anything that my boyfriend had ever done. 

This girl could do some magic. She licked and sucked my pussy with confidence. It obviously wasn't her first time pleasuring a woman. Eventually, she started to gently lick and suck on my clit while slipping one finger and then a second into my hole. She fingered harder and harder while giving my clit so many sensations that I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. I grabbed the back of her head and began to grind against her face, bucking my hips and rubbing my pussy on her mouth. In no time at all, I screamed that I was going to cum and rubbed her face into me even harder.

I came a torrent, so much that I soaked the bed. My friend quickly put her mouth to my hold and sucked out all of my cum. I felt so good, so relaxed, that I kind of wanted to go to sleep.

After a minute of "cleaning me up," she looked up at me and said, "Ok, now it's your turn to learn how."

With that said, she climbed up to me, gave me a long, passionate kiss, letting me taste myself (and I tasted pretty damn good, I'll admit) and then straddled my face. I couldn't believe it... I had a woman's pussy right on my mouth, something I'd always wanted. Now that it was happening, I wasn't sure. I was so nervous and afraid I might not like it, might like it way too much, or just be plain bad at it and not get a good reaction.

I began to rub the clit with my fingers and then slowly lick up and down. I started to think of all the things my boyfriend had done when he ate me out and what he told me he did. I remembered that he said he often licked slowly from bottom to top and back down, licked side to side, sucked on the labia, sucked the clit while flicking it with his tongue, used the tip of his tongue to write the alphabet or spell words and so on, but not in any particular order. I tried all of those things, varying it up as I could, but once I noticed that the other girl was starting to get close to orgasming, I focused on the clit while slipping in some fingers. 

I worked the clit and hole simultaneously until my friend was gushing onto my face. Her juices were hitting my chin. As she came harder and harder, I moved my mouth to her hole while rubbing her clit, making her go off like a rocket. I kept her planted on my face, grabbing her legs to hold her down, making her ride out her intense orgasm. She eventually said that she couldn't take any more and climbed off, leaning over me to give me another kiss.

Taking her lips away from mine, she asked me, "Are you sure this was really your first time?"

I nodded in agreement, bringing her to add, "Really? You eat pussy like a pro! How?"

Still a little nervous, I told her that I just did all of the things my boyfriend said that he did to me. 

With an awkward glance, she responded that she would have to meet my boyfriend some time. I knew what she meant, thinking that my boyfriend must be really amazing at eating pussy and that she would like to find out. I didn't like that thought, of sharing him. It was out of the question, but I just kept my mouth shut (for the first time that night.)

Before any more could be said or done, in walked my friend's roommate. She saw that my friend and I were naked and gave us a look that told us she wanted to join in. 

My friend suggested that they teach me what a real girl/girl, or should I say girl/girl/girl experience was like. They each got out a strap-on dildo and put them on. They guided me into a doggystyle position on top of my friend. She inserted her dildo into my pussy while her roommate crept up behind me and slowly slid hers into my ass. I occasionally liked ass play or even stuck a vibrator inside my ass while masturbating, but this was all new and unexpected.

They pumped me gently, working out a rhythm, finally pumping in unison. It took very little time before I was having the biggest orgasm ever. I came in huge waves, so hard that I didn't know how I could hold myself up much longer.

They finally let me off of the bed to collect myself. After I calmed down, I told them I wanted more but instead of getting fucked, I wanted to now please my friend's roommate. She let me have her strap-on. I got it on, a little awkwardly, but still on. I told my friend that we could try a double fuck in a different way. After explaining what I meant, we all laid down sideways on the bed. I slid my dildo into my friend's roommate while my friend slid hers into me. I thought this would be really hot, which it already was. My friend would pump me, and then I would pump her roommate. 

It didn't really allow anyone to cum, but it felt great. After a while, we stopped, and I just fucked the roommate, bringing her to an orgasm that seemed almost as intense as my two previous ones. 

Then I just sat back while my friend's roommate fucked my friend. I masturbated furiously. I knew I didn't need to cum again, but the scene was way too hot to stop. 

A lot more happened, each of us taking turns eating someone else out, once trying a 3way pussy eating circle (soooo much fun!) but not as effective as I thought it would be. It all ended up with me 69ing with my friend, her with her roommmate, soon, me with her roommate, etc. We all came again a couple of times, always so relaxed and amazing afterwards. The bed, by the way, was so wet that it seemed like the sheets had just come out of the washer. The smell in the room was fantastic! There was so much heat and female fluid. I wanted to stay in that room for a long time, though I knew that my boyfriend was probably wondering where I was.

The girls agreed to let me go home, as it was already a little after 1 in the morning. They each gave me a long kiss, both of them tasting so good that I wanted to rip their clothes back off and bury my face in their pussies all over again. 

When I got home, my boyfriend was already asleep, so I just slipped into bed like nothing was wrong. When we woke up, he asked me about the night before, to which I told him that we'd stayed late at the bar and then just went back to my friend's place and watched a movie. He seemed to buy it all. I kind of feel guilty, but I think that if I tell him the truth, he might get mad. It wasn't like I had sex with another man, though, so is it really that bad? I might just keep this all a secret for a very long time and let him still think that I've never been with a woman yet. He wants to see my first time, so I guess I'll have to pretend that I've had no experience.

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