A Family Affair

A Family Affair

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lara's boyfriend decides to settle his debt by letting his girlfriend get gangbanged in a barn by his family.


Lara's boyfriend decides to settle his debt by letting his girlfriend get gangbanged in a barn by his family.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Family Affair

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Lara's boyfriend decides to settle his debt by letting his girlfriend get gangbanged in a barn by his family.

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Submitted: January 04, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2015



A Family Affair

Copyright © 2013 by Virginia T. Watson

Author's Note: All characters depicted in this work are of the minimum age of 18 years old, thus complying with all local, state, and federal laws in the United States.

It was a clear and shiny, almost perfect day when Lara opened her eyes. Birds chirped the sweet song of summer at her window. Lara felt amazing after a deep sleep that followed a long hard fucking by her loving boyfriend. Lara stretched and smiled, thinking of the ferocity with which Dan had eaten her pussy and how hard he had ravaged her tight pussy afterward. No other man had ever fucked her the way he did.

All that day, Lara reminisced about the previous night's sexual escapade. She hoped that she would get a repeat performance the coming night.

As the day faded away, Lara felt a nervous anxiety that she might not be pleasured that way again so soon. She had no idea what Dan really had in store for her.

Lara sometimes fantasized about having a 3some with her boyfriend and another man. They'd tried it a few times, and it always made Lara feel like such a slut, a dirty yet completely satisfied, cum-filled slut. The mere thought always made her pussy quiver with delight and drench her thighs.

This day was no different. Lara's mind consistently flashed between the night before and the last time that she was used by 2 men at once. She sometimes thought of how much fun it might be to be with 3 men instead of just 2. When those thoughts arose, wherever she was, Lara punished her tight pink cunt. She even did it once in a restaurant bathroom, leaving Dan to wonder why she was gone so long.

As Lara was in the middle of cooking dinner, Dan strode in, walked casually to his lady, and squeezed her tight ass while whispering in his ear that she was the most amazing fuck any man could ever dream of. The compliment brought a huge smile to Lara's face, making it quite difficult to focus on her task.

As the couple sat eating dinner, Dan finally broke away from the normal, drab dinner conversation, starting by reminding Lara of the unbelievable sexual encounter they had had. The subject soon got around to the 3somes they had been a part of and how much Lara loved them and sometimes wished they could try it once more.

Dan, now seeing a perfect opening, knowing that Lara loved to be used like a fuck doll, attempted to broach the subject of Lara being with him and 3 other men. Lara, astonished, replied that she didn't think she could fuck that many men at once. Dan encouraged her telling her that she probably could, but then quickly added, "But then again, I highly doubt your pussy could hold so much cum."

Lara, taken aback, responded pertly with, "Yeah, well, I know it can, so there!"

"What does that mean," asked Dan. "Does that mean you wanna try it?"

"Maybe," came the reply.

"Well, the reason I brought it up is that I kind of thought maybe we could try it soon."

Lara, mouth open a little from shock, felt compelled to ask, "And when, pray tell, might that be?"

"Tonight," Dan iterated, through a quick gulp of his drink.

"Tonight," Lara demanded almost furiously. "You expect me to fuck you and 3 other men and to do that tonight? Seriously? What has gotten into you Dan Riley?"

"Nothing, Honey... but I was kinda hoping something would get into you."

"And just who am I supposed to be fucked by tonight?"

"Me, of course," Dan snapped. "But some other guys, too."


Dan hesitated a moment, afraid to say who he had in mind. He finally blurted, "Ok. Keep calm and hear me out. I know this is gonna sound weird, but my brothers and my cousin all made comments about how hot you are and how bad they wanna fuck you. And I knew you loved 3somes and even mentioned once that you wouldn't mind trying a small gangbang. Plus, I've seen the way you looked at my brother Scott.... and... don't be mad, but I owe John money. I brought this idea up, and he said if I let him fuck you, I could call us even."

"So now I'm a fucking whore," shouted Lara.

"No, Baby, no. You're not. It's just that I wanted to do this for you and to let them see what an amazing fuck you are plus I owe John so much money I could never pay him off. I brought the idea up to them before the money was ever mentioned. It doesn't make you a whore. I wanted to let you experience a gangbang at least once in your life. Why not have it with guys we trust?"

"Fine," came Lara's reply. "When are they supposed to be here?"

"That's the thing," Dan replied. "I have to take you somewhere, blindfolded."

"Ok, but I'm gonna go get changed first."

"That's fine, babe. Put on a thong and a tight bra and nothing else. That'll drive them over the edge. You can put a coat on over it if you want, or a light jacket anyway. It is a little warm out."

"Ok, but I'm not sure I'm gonna let you fuck me," Lara said. "I think you should suffer a little and just watch. Maybe if I feel generous, I'll let you join at some point."

At that, Lara stamped off to get changed and soon came back dressed as she was told to be, wearing a light blue thong that was so tight on her that it wedged ever so nicely into her ass crack, barely peeking out over the top of her perfectly tight, round cheeks. Lara had the ass of a model, so firm that words could not adequately describe it. Lara liked the idea of what she was about to do but wasn't so sure about who it was with. She figured that since Dan liked the idea, however, she'd give it a try. Maybe it could lead to her getting to do it a lot more.

Dan blindfolded Lara and led her to his truck, lifting her gently into it by pushing on her beautiful ass. They drove away, speeding a little down a winding country road. They arrived at their destination, and Dan helped Lara to her feet, placing her softly on the ground. Lara could hear crickets and an owl, thinking she knew where she was. Dan led the still blindfolded blonde bombshell into a dark barn about 20 feet from the truck.

Lara could hear whispering and figured that she had only a few seconds until she was ravished by hands and lips and soon after, several rock hard cocks.

She felt confused that her blindfold was still on. Shouldn't she be allowed to see everyone and see what they were doing to her, she thought.

"Are you gonna take this off me," she asked.

"Nope," came a reply from somewhere. It sounded like John. The anticipation was killing Lara. She felt very nervous but also very excited, eager to see how getting gangbanged all night long would feel.

Lara realized that she kind of liked all the excitement of not knowing who was talking, who would be touching her where, whose dick would be in her mouth, whose would be in her pussy or ass, etc.

Suddenly, she felt 2 pairs of hands touching all over her and heard lots of "aahhs" and things like, "Fuck, those are great tits" or "I can't believe how fucking hot you are."

She leaned her head back a little as she felt a hand slide under her bra, groping one of her tits, pinching the nipple. Another hand rubbed gently up her side while still another probed into her thong, pushing it aside a little, and then running quickly over the entirety of her swollen and already dripping pussy.

Before she knew it, there was a mouth on her neck and another mouth on her earlobe while a tongue began to prod the inner recesses of her pussy. She thought, "This is amazing! 3 men, all paying attention to me at the same time. Wow!"

The tongue inside her flicked gently and rolled from side to side and then up and down and all over. She felt it slide up and down every inch of her womanhood, causing torrents of juice to run out. It paraded itself into the hole and back out and slowly to the clit where it flicked furiously. All of the attention was getting Lara so hot that thought she might cum at any moment. She didn't know if it was the physical attention or just the excitement or both.

At any rate, she didn't care. She was about to be the object of an entire group, having every hole used by hungry tongues and/or cocks. She began to feel weak, as if she might fall backwards, unable to balance herself while writhing in so much ecstasy. She didn't even realize that she was grinding her pussy into the face of whoever it was eating her out while she also grabbed the back of head and pulled him into her. The heat alone from his mouth was about to send her over the edge. Before she could even let out a sound, a wave of pleasure washed over her, causing her to let loose an explosion of her cum all over the man's face. She let out a scream so loud that it caused a dog in the distance to bark.

She grabbed the man's head and pulled it even closer, grinding his face so hard that he could hardly breathe. She rode out the intense climax as the mouths on her neck and ear and hands on her nipples continued, making the orgasm prolong and increase. All she could think was how good these guys were and how lucky she was to be allowed to be a part of it all.

After climbing back down from a mountaintop orgasm, Lara, still blindfolded, peeled off her bra and panties, finally exposing her full grandeur to her new lovers. Exclamations of approval escaped them all, followed by several statements pertaining to how badly they wanted to feel her tight holes around their raging hard cocks.

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