Their Homecoming: Part 2

Their Homecoming: Part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After 2 months separated, Maya returns to Will. This time she is back for good... and has some surprises for him.


After 2 months separated, Maya returns to Will. This time she is back for good... and has some surprises for him.


Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Will sat behind the counter of his little tackle shop.  It was just one of those days, he thought.  He woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and no matter what he tried, nothing was working to make this day any better.  He had some coffee and breakfast at his favorite diner, read the paper and chit-chatted with all the other regulars there.  He was pleasant enough, but not feeling like himself.  Now, it was nearly three o’clock and he still couldn’t shake the gloom.  Will stood up, walked over to the shop’s door and flipped over the open sign.  He was closing up for the day and was going to head out.  As he closed the door behind him, he wasn’t sure yet where he was going.  He just had to go somewhere—anywhere.

He got behind the wheel of his truck and started driving.  He lived in a small town and was literally five minutes away from everything.  He quickly found the exit to the highway and headed east.  Will didn’t pay attention to Florida’s beautiful scenery much anymore. He had been there his entire life.  The wooded area he drove through was beautiful—tall pine trees interspersed with shorter palmettos.  It was dense and thick, and a place he used to run and hide in as a child.  He loved his home, but his mind was not with him at the moment.  He exited the highway and found his way to this little hole in the wall motel.  It was appropriately called The Drifter.  It was about fifteen minutes outside of the airport. At first glance, it kind of looked like a place where Norman Bates would want to hang out.  But the motel had pretty good amenities and was a fun place to stay.  It was off the beaten path and didn’t look like much on the outside, so all the annoying tourists that vacation with their children usually didn’t stay there.  Will decided he needed a drink and this was the place to drink.  His buddy, Brad, was the bartender there and always hooked him up.  Will figured that a beer and good conversation with his friend might be what the doctor ordered. Will noticed the vacancy sign was lit—it was always lit.  And Brad’s beater of a car was parked in the parking lot.  Great for business, Will thought and chuckled to himself.  He put his truck in park and headed in.  Somehow, Will’s mood had already been lifted.

Will loved hanging out in The Drifter’s lounge.  It was dimly lit, had comfy 70’s furniture and décor, played modern music, and always allowed for great people-watching. Today was no exception.  There were a few people in the back smoking and playing pool.  Smoking was banned in just about every joint in Florida, but somehow The Drifter bypassed that mandate.  Will didn’t smoke, but didn’t mind when others did.  As Will entered the lounge, the interior lit up from the bright light outside.  Everyone paused for a moment to see who was entering, and then got back to what they were doing as the door closed and the light dimmed again.  Will could see Brad behind the bar, talking to a couple that clearly looked like tourists.  He pulled out a stool and sat down.  He took in a sigh of relief and looked at the beer tap.  He decided that today was going to be a Snakebite kind of day.  And maybe a few Jager shots thrown in for good measure.  He was going to get fucked up, and the best part is that he could get a room there if he was too wasted to get home. 

Will looked down at his hands.  When he looked up, Brad was standing in front of him, smiling widely.  Will smiled in return. 

“Hey, Buddy.  What brings you in here?  How have you been?  It’s been forever.”

“I know, man.  Sorry it’s been so long.  Work has been nuts and time got…”

Brad cut him off.  “Hey, I don’t need excuses.  I’m glad you’re here.  But what gives?  The only time you come here to drink is when something is amiss.  ¿Que pasó?” 

“Brad, I don’t want to talk about myself.  How have you been, man?”

Brad placed a Snakebite on the bar in front of Will and then busied himself washing out barware a few feet away.  Brad and Will caught up for a few minutes.  Brad had a real pretty wife that was apparently going back to school again for a third career change. This time she wanted to go to nursing school.  They had a three year old little girl that complicated the school situation, but Brad didn’t have much say in it all.  Will had always thought that Brad’s wife ran the show.  Will told Brad about the bait shop and the unsteady business within last few weeks.  Brad asked about Husky, Will’s German shepherd.  And that was pretty much it—nothing major to report for either one of them.  Brad walked away for a moment to check on the couple sitting at the other end of the bar.  He pulled two more beers, placed them on the bar, and then walked back over to Will.

“Have you heard from Maya?” Brad asked.

“You had to ask, didn’t you?’’  Will smiled and knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away from this one.  It was no big secret, but he just didn’t like talking about her.

 “No, Buddy.  I haven’t heard shit.  She could be in China for all I know.”

The short version is that Maya and Will were together—almost twenty years ago.  Maya moved to Colorado, and Will stayed in Florida.  They reconnected on Facebook about a year ago—she found him.  They talked online and on the phone for months, and then a few months back, she finally found the courage to fly out to Florida to see him.  For Will, it seemed like an eternity had passed since that weekend.  Their long weekend together was hot, lustful, and romantic at the same time.  They had amazing sex together, but Will thought there was something more between them.  And Maya did too. 

Against her instincts, she went back to Colorado.  She had a home and a job there and wanted some time to think things through before she just up and left everything for Florida and Will.  She really wanted to be impulsive and irresponsible and leave it all behind, but her Virgo tendencies just wouldn’t let her.  Maya wasn’t rejecting Will, but he felt as if she was.  They had multiple phone conversations, where he tried to convince her to come back, but they all ended the same way.  She needed time to think if it was really love between them and if leaving her life behind was something she could do.  Will shook his head in confusion every time they talked.  How could they ever find out if they didn’t try?  How could she determine this with so many miles between them?  He loved her for her strength and control, but it also broke his heart. 

The last few conversations between them were short and strained and at this point, he hadn’t spoken with her in about two and a half weeks.  She had been ignoring his calls and his texts, which was not like her at all.  He still followed her on Facebook, however, and had noticed a few cryptic posts.  Things like, “tying up loose ends.”  Or, “just me, the sunset, and my thoughts.”  Did that mean she was going to take the plunge?  Sunset?  In Colorado?  She never offered any more clarity.  And there was a girl that was blowing up every one of these random posts; her name was Sage.  Maya had never mentioned this Sage girl to Will before, and it seemed like the two of them were best friends all of a sudden.  Will tried to do some digging on Sage’s page, but most of her info was private.  Other than that, she wasn’t posting nearly as much as she used to, nor was she talking to him.  So, basically Will was left in the dark as to her ideas on their “status” and what would become of them and their relationship.  As much as he didn’t want to care, the truth was that he did care and it hurt him like hell.

 “I don’t want to push this, Will.  But don’t give up.  If she’s really the one for you, man, she’ll be back.  Things don’t always work out the way they do in those stupid romantic comedies.  It’s not all snowflakes, wine and roses.  She loves you.  Give her time.  She’ll come around.  And if she doesn’t, then she’s not the one.”

Will took a chug of his beer and then laughed.  “Who are you?  Doctor Fucking Phil?”

“Fuck you!” Brad retorted.  He poured both of them Jager shots and they were both laughing as they slammed them back.

As they placed the shot glasses back on the bar, the lounge suddenly got bright inside.  Someone was either exiting or entering, but Will didn’t care to turn around to find out whichever was the case.  He took another chug of his beer and nearly emptied his glass.  The people in the back playing pool glanced in that direction, as did the tourist couple at the bar.  And Brad looked too.  He had to—knowing who was coming and going was part of the job.

“Well son of a bitch.  I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.  Here’s your fucking romantic comedy, buddy.”  With that, Brad walked to the other side of the bar.

Will lifted his head and spun on the stool so that his entire body faced the door.  “What the hell are you talking…”  His voice trailed off as he saw what Brad saw. It was Maya.  She was walking through the door of The Drifter.  What the fuck, thought Will.  Am I dreaming this shit?  What the hell is she doing here and how did she know I was here?

Maya didn’t see Will right away.  It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dimness inside the lounge.  When her eyes finally focused, she saw him as clear as day.  He was staring at her like a deer in headlights.  And she was just as surprised to see him as he was.  It was the middle of the day—why wasn’t he at work, she wondered.  She knew she was close to his home, but she didn’t think she’d find him here.  Yeah, she thought, definitely not part of the plan.  She wasn’t sure if she should smile or keep a straight face.  She was happy to see him, and he looked so amazing sitting there with the sun in his face.  But she knew he was probably mad, so she didn’t want to ignore the fact that she had been ignoring him for almost three weeks.  She kept an inexpressive face, and walked behind his stool and sidled up in the stool to his left.

“Hi, Will.”  She mustered.  Her entire body was tingling.  She was nervous and excited and didn’t know what to say.  She felt like she was going to be sick.  She wanted to kiss him, but knew that would be a stupid idea.

“What are you doing here?”  He asked.  “I thought you were in Colorado.”  Will’s body was filled with emotion—rage, confusion, anger, elation.  He didn’t want to say anything and risk saying the wrong thing.

Brad quietly walked over to make sure that everyone was all right.  He poured Will another Snakebite and placed it in front of him.  Brad grabbed a glass and poured some Pinot Noir into it for Maya.  He remembered that from the first time he met her.

Maya smiled. It was all she knew to ease the tension that was between them.  “Hi Brad.  Yeah, I was.  But I’ve been in Florida for about three weeks now.  I figured you’d be at work, so I came in for a drink.  I was going to call you later on this evening, but needed to find my courage first.”

Will looked up at Brad and gave him a nod.  Everything was ok and Brad found something behind the bar to busy himself with.  “So you came here?”

“Yeah.  I’ve been staying here for the past two days.  I’ve been trying to figure out what I was going to do and how to deal with this mess I’ve created for us.  I’ve missed you.”

“Wait. You’ve been here for three weeks and this is the first I’ve seen of you?  What is going on, Maya?  Why have you been AWOL?  What the fuck?  I thought I meant more to you than the way you’ve been treating me.”

“I have been in Florida for three weeks, not here for three weeks.” She replied, as if that was better somehow.

“OK.  So what does that mean?  I’m not sure what I’m really supposed to think here, Maya.  I’ve pretty much resolved to letting you go, and then all of a sudden you show up.  What am I supposed to say?”  Will was clearly hurt and was holding his tongue.  He really wanted to tell her to fuck off, but he loved her.  How could he say that to her?

Maya looked into Will’s eyes deeply and she could see scant tears welling up.  Her eyes welled up too, and then quickly became full and tears streamed down her face.  “I’m sorry,” she whispered.  “I was so confused.”

Will couldn’t do it—he couldn’t be angry at her.  He gently wiped away her tears and then took her face in his hands.  She could feel the warmth of him on her cheeks.  She looked longingly at him as he pulled her face into his.  He softly kissed her at first.  Then he pulled her in harder and kissed her deeply with his tongue.  She let out a breath and kissed him back.  Someone at the pool table whistled.

“Hey you two,” Brad shouted from across the bar.  “This is a classy place!  Let’s keep it PG-rated, huh?”

Maya and Will retreated from their kiss and smiled at one another and then they looked at Brad.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  Doctor Fucking Phil, Will mused.

“You know, I’m still pissed at you, Maya.  That sexy kiss and your gorgeous face don’t make it all go away.  We clearly need to talk.”

“I know, Will.  I don’t expect you to be happy just because I’m here.”

 “So, you’ve been in Florida.  For three weeks?  Did you quit your job?  What have you been doing?  I imagine this is going to be a long story.”

“It’s complicated, but I’ll keep it brief,” Maya smiled.  She was glad that Will hadn’t completely written her off.  She could understand why he was angry, but he was softening up.  She felt like this would turn out all right.  This wasn’t quite the reunion she had played out a million times in her head, but it would have to do.

Maya and Will sat at the bar for a long time talking about her whereabouts during the last few weeks.  They smiled and flirted, touched each other, and kissed throughout her story.  They were both so thrilled to see each other and in the back of both their minds they thought about heading to her room and fucking each other silly.  Maya had a room at The Drifter and it was paid for until tomorrow. 

She had been in Florida, as she said, for almost three weeks.  She ventured to her home town of Venice and stayed there for almost a week.  She visited old friends and looked at how the place had changed.  She walked the beaches she loved as a kid—Caspersen’s, Siesta Key, and even the once dumpy Venice Beach.  They were all so commercial and different now.  She also revisited the memories of being a teenager and walking those same beaches with Will.  Maya drove past her old house.  It, too, was different.  The neighborhood seemed smaller than she remembered, but it was still beautiful with the palm trees and exotic plants that Colorado lacked.  She drove past the park that was her respite when things got rough at home.  It was also the park that Will parked his car at when he snuck into her house at night. 

After Maya left Venice, she headed to the Atlantic coast of Florida.  She loved it there too, but it had a different energy than the Gulf Coast did.  She spent time at Key West and then slowly made her way north to Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  Maya was driving a rental car, so she took her time going from place to place, staying wherever caught her eye.  She walked the beaches, hung out in the local bars, and did a lot of nothing.  She had never felt so free in her life.

She quit her teaching job in Colorado and put her house up for sale.  This completely shocked Will.  That meant that she was relocating her life--to be with him.  No one had ever done that for him before.  It thrilled him and terrified him.  Maya had inherited a nice sum of money when her grandfather died, so she was afforded a little time in finding a job again.  And she was able to take this trip and not stress about paying her bills. 

About halfway through her trip—when she was in Miami—a travel companion joined her.  Her name was Sage.  Will remembered the name from Facebook, but didn’t let on to Maya that he had an idea of who she was.  Sage flew to Miami and was with her up to this point.  Sage would be flying home the next day.  It made sense now to Will why Maya would be at The Drifter.  It was close to the airport, and him.  Maya was a great planner and no detail was ever overlooked.  At this point in the story, Maya had consumed four glasses of wine and was feeling a little tipsy.  She called alcohol her “truth serum.”  Her vault opened and the truth came pouring out—every time she drank.  Will took a sip of his beer.

“Sage is a lesbian,” she blurted.  Will was mid-sip and looked over his glass at her.  He put it down with a smile.

“Um, OK. So you have been traveling around Florida with a lesbian?  I’m not sure what I’m missing here.”  Will had a feeling he knew what was coming next, but he was curious to see how her story would play out.  Were Maya and this girl just friends, or did something more happen?  Either way, he was peculiarly turned on. 

“Well…”  Maya hesitated.  “Years ago—after my divorce—she and I kind of hooked up.”  Maya looked deeply at will and waited for a response.

“What do you mean kind of hooked up?  How do you kind of hook up with someone?”  Will was intrigued.  He had many fantasies about watching Maya fuck another girl, but they had never really talked about it.  He never knew this side of Maya and he really wanted to hear more.

Before Maya had been officially divorced, she worked with a girl named Raina.  They quickly became friends because Raina was also going through a nasty break up with her girlfriend.  The two would do lunch and happy hours and quickly they started to go out at night to clubs and bars.  Raina introduced Maya to all of her lesbian friends, and they would all go out together once or twice a week.  Raina lived in Denver with two roommates; one of them was Sage.  Maya would go over to their house almost every night during the week to have dinner, play Wii, watch TV shows—whatever.  One night, Raina and Maya were sitting on the couch and Sage walked out of her bedroom in nothing but lacy, boy short panties.  She was showing off for Maya.  Maya was not gay, but thought that Sage was definitely sexy.  That was the beginning of their sort-of relationship.

After about a month of these new friendships, Maya would spend the night with Sage once or twice a week.  They would sleep together in Sage’s room—but it was all mostly innocent.  Maya and Sage snuggled and spooned in bed—caressing and holding one another until they fell asleep.  It turned out, however, that Raina had a pretty big crush on Maya and was jealous of this relationship happening under her nose.  It affected the friendship between all of them.  Raina had actually stolen a few kisses from Maya—once in an elevator and once in the front seat of her car.  But nothing ever came of it—Raina was just curious about Maya and wanted to feel her lips on hers.

One night Sage and Maya were snuggling in bed.  Sage rolled over to face Maya, who was lying on her back.  Almost out of nowhere, Sage began fingering Maya.  There was no kissing or foreplay—just straight to the point.  Maya was really turned on by Sage and had tried to reciprocate, but Sage wouldn’t let her.  Maya was almost pinned down by this girl; fingering her until she came over and over again.  Maya was pretty sure that Sage had gotten off.  She heard her breathing accelerate and then, like a man, she was done and rolled over.  This was the first and last time Sage and Maya had played together.

The rift with Raina ended up causing a big issue with all three women, and they slowly began to drift apart.  The overnight visits stopped and the Friday night bar-hopping fizzled out.  Maya also began to date men, which angered both of them.  Maya and Sage had remained friends, but only on Facebook or occasional texts.  They hadn’t seen each other for years, until a few months ago.  They decided to catch up over dinner and cocktails one night.  Maya told Sage of her plan to head out of Colorado for a while and Sage asked if she could join.  It wasn’t really Maya’s plan, but she was all right with having another girl to talk to on her journey. 

Will interrupted Maya.  “So, have you and Sage hooked up again recently?  Like on your little ‘journey?’” 

“Sort of,” Maya replied.  Will puzzled, but wildly intrigued. 

“What’s sort of?”  He asked.

“Well, a few nights ago we were hanging out in the hot tub.  We both had a few drinks and got to talking about that one night years ago.  Then we just started making out.”  Maya looked at Will.  She wasn’t sure how he would react.  Some men were turned on by this stuff, and others found it repulsive.

“Really,” Will said.  He said it more like a drawn out statement, rather than a question.  “How very interesting.  Anything else you want to tell me, or is that it?  You two just made out.”

“Well, we did a little more, but not sex.”

“What do you consider sex with a lesbian?  It’s not like either one of you has a dick!”  Now Will was pretty amused and laughing.

Maya smiled back and was turning beet red in the face.  “You have to have some sort of vaginal penetration to be sex—lesbian or not!”

“Whatever, Miss know-it-all, what did you and Sage do?”  He wasn’t asking because he was jealous or because he was upset.  Will was really turned on.  He had never known this side of Maya before.  He had fantasized about threesomes with her.  If they ended up settling down together, this would not be cool—it would be cheating.  But since Maya was making her way back to him, he was all right with it.

Maya finished her story.  “So we were making out in the hot tub and it got pretty heated up.  She was rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples.I was sitting on her lap, facing her and pretty much fucking her how I fuck you.  I was sucking on her tits as I was sitting and grinding on her.  I came really hard and she never laid a finger inside me.” 

When Maya finished her story, she looked back at Will with a child-like face.  She felt kind of embarrassed.  She was turned on again by telling the story.  And for some reason she felt shy about what she had just said.  He took her face in his hands and started kissing her—hard.  He was incredibly turned on by her and wanted to take her on the bar stool.

Will pulled out of their kiss, stood up and grabbed Maya’s hands.  “I want you so bad,” he whispered.  “I want to be inside you.”  He kissed her again, but it was more of a tease. His tongue flicked inside of her mouth and she felt weak in the knees.  Maya stood up off her stool and took his lead. 

She walked behind him, still holding on to one of his hands.  They were making their way to the back corner of the lounge—where the pool tables and juke box were situated.  The restrooms were also back there.  When Maya figured out that was where Will was taking her, she sped up her step and giggled.  They make a quick duck into the men’s bathroom and slammed shut the door behind them.  Brad watched the couple head in there and smiled to himself as he washed the barware.

The door no sooner closed behind them when Will snatched Maya up, pressing her hard against his body.  He was kissing her deeply and rubbing his hands up and down her back.  He pushed his entire body up to hers.  As he kissed her, he pushed her back into the wall of the bathroom.  He pushed himself so hard into her that her legs parted.  He felt so good to her—his warm body wrapping itself around hers.  She wanted to feel him deep inside of her. She fumbled with the button on his shorts, but only for a second.  His shorts fell to his feet and onto the tile floor beneath them.  As if in a frenzy, Maya started rubbing on his cock—making it harder than it already was.  He let out a quiet moan and kissed her harder.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.  “I want you to fuck me so bad.”  Will didn’t say anything.  He lifted up her dress and pushed her panties aside.  He persisted kissing her neck, and slightly biting her as he explored her with his face. At the same time, he grabbed his dick and pushed it deep into her.  Maya’s back was pushed further into the wall, and she gasped with pleasure.  Will moved his feet closer so that they were in between hers, pushed her legs wider apart and pumped her hard.  Will was fucking her really hard—probably harder than he had before.  The idea of Maya fucking another woman really turned him on and he kept that vision in his head for a long time. 

Suddenly, he slowed down his momentum.  He stared intensely into her eyes with each thrust, and she stared back.  There was an undeniable chemistry between the two of them.  He was almost torturing her—she was getting close and Will would pull out of her almost completely and then slam into her again.  Maya was completely in the moment and groaned each time he entered into her.  She turned her head down and watched as he fucked her.  She watched his dick pull out of her and glisten under the fluorescent bathroom lights.  It was glistening with her essence.  She watched as he pushed it into her—feeling every inch of him fill her up.  She was wet and ready to come.  Will could always tell when Maya was ready to come.  He took one hand from her hips and grabbed the side of her face.  He pushed her face into his and kissed her deeply and hard.  She moaned into his mouth.  “Come for me,” he whispered with his intense eyes on her.  She looked to him and could no longer contain it.  She grabbed onto Will’s hips and pushed him back into her; deep inside of her.  She rolled her head back and came all around him—hard and loud and intense.  Will loved watching Maya come and it made it almost impossible for him to hold out any longer.  He pumped in and out of her a few more times.  He was so hard that it almost hurt.  Will reached up and wrapped one arm around Maya’s hip and the other hand found his way into her hair.  Again, he pushed her face into his and kissed her.  Her stomach somersaulted as his tongue found his way around hers.  She was going to come again—totally unexpected and simultaneously with Will.  He pushed himself deep inside her one last time and unloaded into her.  As he came, he found his way to her ear and said, “Don’t ever leave me again.”  It was such a turn on to hear him say that.  She groaned and let everything go once again.  He was still inside of her and they could both feel her muscles tighten up around him.  When she was finished, Maya’s head collapsed into Will’s chest.  Will shuddered and pulled out of her. 

They gazed at each other for a moment; both of them thinking the same thing.  They were together and nothing would separate them again. As Maya cleaned herself up and splashed water on her face to cool down, she wondered if she would always be enough for him.  Would the fantasy wear off after they settled into a normal, domestic life?  It always seems to happen that way, but Maya shook the idea off.  She loved the idea of growing old with this man and that’s what she intended to do.  Will’s thoughts were not quite as deep as he put himself back together.  He had another idea.  He wasn’t sure if Maya would go for it, but it was worth a shot.  He zipped up his shorts and smiled at her.  “Let’s get out of here, gorgeous.”

Will opened the bathroom door slowly.  He wasn’t sure if the people in the corner had heard them and wanted to make a quiet escape just in case.  He poked his head out and he could hear the music still playing loudly and a new group of people playing pool.  They didn’t seem to notice Will’s head popped out of the door, so he grabbed her hand behind him and they quickly walked out—hand in hand.  They sidled back up to the bar where Brad was patiently waiting for them.  He looked up from pulling a beer and smiled widely at both of them.  Maya blushed and Will put his head down and laughed. 

“Two more?”

“Yes,” Will nodded.

The couple started in on their new drinks—both basking in their afterglow.  Maya had a nice flush to her cheeks and Will thought she looked beautiful that way.  Maya admired Will’s boyish grin—the same grin he always carried after sex.  They just sat and drank and smiled at each other for a good five minutes, realizing how amazing sex is at taking the edge off.  Their walls were down and nothing could end this party.  But Will was quietly musing to himself about what could make this party hotter.

To be continued...



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