Their Homecoming

Their Homecoming Their Homecoming

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the story of Maya and Will--high school sweethearts that were separated when Maya moved out of the state. Almost twenty years later, they found each other on Facebook. This is the story of what happens when they meet again after all these years--as adults.


This is the story of Maya and Will--high school sweethearts that were separated when Maya moved out of the state. Almost twenty years later, they found each other on Facebook. This is the story of what happens when they meet again after all these years--as adults.


Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Stepping off the plane, she knew she could never go back. But she didn’t want to go back. She wanted to look this right in the face so that she could say the things she always wanted to say, and feel the things she was too young to understand. Ever since that first online conversation, her head was a swirling mess and her heart was even worse. Her heart beat as the young girl she once was, but with the fear and trepidation of a grown woman. What was going to happen and how would this all play out? Almost a year later, her mind still swirled, but she kept walking until she saw what she had come for.

What she was so afraid of, she could not pinpoint. But she knew that whatever doors were now open, those could not be closed again. She had dreamed of this day; she had fantasized about what it would be like many, many times. To have conversations so long overdue; to touch foreign skin that was once so familiar; to breathe in the essence of someone she once loved—she squashed the thoughts out of her mind as quickly as they tore in. Minutes before the plane landed, she squeezed herself into the tiny lavatory with her purse in tow.

--Too much make-up? Not enough? Lip gloss or no? What if he kisses me and the lip gloss tastes gross? What if he just hugs me? Do I go in for more? Do I smile all wide or just a smirk? Will he be acting coy or really happy to see me? What the hell have I gotten myself into? What the fuck am I doing! Breathe, Girl, breathe. I can’t do this. You want this; you’ve wanted this. Suck it up, look gorgeous, smell amazing and make him work for it. Make him know what he’s missed all these years. Then give in to him. Like you always did. Because you couldn’t ever stay away.—

Looking exactly as she did when she walked in, but with lip gloss on and scented with her most sexy perfume, she left the lavatory with a false confidence in her gait and the sick, queasy feeling she always felt on big occasions--stomach in knots, nervous energy, and slightly sweaty. She sat back down, buckled in, and smiled gently at the man sitting next to her. A complete stranger, but she told him the whole story. Maybe the guy was just being polite. Maybe he had the hots for her or was just bored. It could have been a combination of all of the above, but he listened. He listened to her whole story—details and emotional embellishments—for almost the entire plane ride. When she finished, he politely said, “Go for it.” And that’s what she intended to do. When she finished buckling herself in, she looked up to realize that this same stranger was watching her. He told her quietly that she smelled wonderful. He also told her that whoever this man was that she was meeting would have to be blind and dumb not to see what was in front of him. For an instant, she felt calm. As the plane began its descent, she took a few deep breaths, closed her eyes, and took herself back nineteen years.

A lot changes in nineteen years. People age—skin sags, new lumps and bumps appear, and firmness goes away. Some fight it and some don’t. But something more significant happens. Our minds change. Our minds forget the details, and only allow us to dwell on the feelings. For some reason, the feelings stay the same. And sometimes, our minds play with us and change the details and mix with the feelings and the memories become morphed. That’s what age does. Our perceptions change. Flashes of her sixteen year-old self rushed back to her--hiding him in the closet, getting caught by her mother’s boyfriend, endless sex, and late night phone calls, breaking up and making up, moving away, wondering if he really loved her or was just using her... It’s like it all happened yesterday. She looked down at her hands and recognized someone else. Someone wiser and stronger, but beginning to cling onto her youth. Will he see her maturity as beautiful, or does he just want one thing? As if in a dream, the man next to her gently touched her arm and said, “Knock him dead. We’ve landed.”

As if taken out of her body, she felt detached from herself as she grabbed her belongings and began walking toward the opening out of the plane. She didn’t entirely forget her manners and told the man how nice it was to meet him and thanked him for listening. He smiled and looked ahead. She kept her head down, as if an attempt to keep her mind from going somewhere else. And she kept in this zone until someone shouted her out of it. “Maya!” was all she heard, and in an instant, she was planted firmly back into reality.

There he was; staring at her. And she was staring at him. She couldn’t feel her feet below her, but she was moving closer toward him—that much she knew. What would happen when they joined was still a mystery. Her mind was a complete rapid fire mess of thoughts. But somewhere in there she thought about how good he looked, wondered if he felt the same about her, flashes of her at sixteen, and what it would feel like to touch him again.


While he was in the shower, all he could think about was the conversation they had on the phone last night. It was funny. They talked all the time, and for hours on end. But this call was shorter than usual. It was weird to him to have such a short conversation, especially on the night before they would be meeting again. But, whatever. He thought about what she told him she’d be wearing. He thought it was silly—it wasn’t like this was a blind date or he hadn’t seen recent photos of her. In fact, he’d seen so many photos of her—clothed and otherwise—that he could probably paint a picture of her in his mind. Dark blue jeans, a tight purple top, gray sweater cover-up, black high-heeled boots—the boots are what stood out in his mind the most. He loved seeing women in heels—the way they make their backs arch. She could show up in baggy jeans and a hoodie. He didn’t care. He had wanted this day to happen for a long time. He just wanted to hold her; smell her. He wanted to kiss her until she begged him for more.

He hopped out of the shower, dried off, and began to get dressed. He didn’t tell her what he’d be wearing, so he didn’t really think much about it. He remembered what she said last night about his tattoos. “Fuck ‘em,” he thought. He didn’t care what people have ever thought, so why would he now? But, to appease her, he put on long sleeves anyway. Then he put on his favorite shorts—just for good measure and to piss off the old folks. He really liked to piss off the old folks. And she told him that he had nice legs—tattoos and all. That’s what he loved about her. She thought that all of his “war wounds,” as she called them, were sexy. Some call it baggage, but she called them “war wounds.” Cute.

He thought that girls like her were hard to come by. Good job, educated, no kids, no ex drama, and she looked damn good--still. He was a little torn up when she left Florida, but moving out of the state was probably the best thing for her. Maybe it’s the humidity, he thought, or maybe it’s the stagnant heat, but his old childhood female friends no longer look good. Plain and simple--they’re beastly. Sure, not having a kid helped, but he could never imagine her not taking care of herself. It’s just what she did. From her head to her toes. And that’s exactly what they were talking about last night.

It was an odd conversation to have on the night before her arrival, but she was trying to get a rise out of him. She talked about how she shaved. She didn’t shave down there when they were teenagers, or at least when he knew her. She started shaving at seventeen on a dare, and never grew it back. She had boyfriends later on that wanted her to grow it out, but she wouldn’t. She said she would never be hairy down there for any man! He loved that about her—her tenacity. After he tried to clear out the visuals and wipe the conversation from his mind, he finished up in the bathroom and headed downstairs. On the kitchen table, next to his keys, was a little black box. He put the box there last night so that he couldn’t forget it. He snagged the box, smiled to himself, and then quickly put it in his pocket. He grabbed some soda from the fridge, his keys and was out the door. Surprisingly, he was too nervous to eat.

He loved driving his truck; there was just something about being up high and watching others from above. For once, he was actually looking forward to the drive to the airport. He could listen to his music and get lost in his thoughts. He plugged in his iPod and let it shuffle. The Zac Brown Band was playing. Not his favorite, but he listened anyway. It reminded him of her. But everything lately reminded him of her. All of these fantasies that he had started but not finished might finally come to fruition this weekend.

His mind flitted back to the shave conversation they had last night. She was constantly trying to get a rise out of him. Be it on the phone, text messages, online—she liked to turn him on. And at random times—in the wee hours of the morning, lunch time at work. It made him crazy. Even though he had been with her as a horny nineteen year old, he had a hard time imagining what it would be like with her now. They were both adults with real passion and feelings, and a true knowledge of how their bodies worked. It could be dangerous, he thought. She told him last night about how she imagined it… Hot, sweaty, and no holding back. Licking, and sucking and making her come. He loved the way she said it and couldn’t get her voice out of his head. I can’t wait for you to make me come. He smiled to himself as he continued to drive. Zac Brown came and went, as did about two dozen other songs. Almost as quickly as he got in the car and started driving, he arrived at Gainesville Regional.

He felt as if in a dream. His head was detached from his body, couldn’t make out others around him, and when he spoke it was as if he was in a pool. Before he knew it, he was as far into the airport as he was allowed. He was waiting for her. And he felt like an excited little schoolboy. Sure, he was thrilled to be able to see her and feel her, and have sex with her later. But it was more than that. He wanted to actually know her this time. And he felt as if he had something to prove to her. That he became something of himself. That he became a man that could provide for her, comfort her, and love her. He wanted her to know that she meant more to him than he could express nineteen years ago.

In his daze, he managed to hear the muddled loudspeaker announcement that a flight was taxiing in. He realized that he had forgotten the itinerary she emailed him earlier that week. She was so organized and good about that kind of stuff. He was not. It didn’t matter. Somehow he knew this was her flight. He could feel her and somehow he knew she was near.

He fiddled with his phone for a bit. Replied to friends’ texts, checked his email, caught up with Facebook statuses. Stupid Words with Friends occupied so much of his time. He tried to seem busy, but his mind would not stop. Don’t blow this, Will. She’s come all this way for you. She wants you. Do I kiss her hard or just hug her? I want to fuck her right here. We’re in public, stupid. Get a grip. She’s just a girl. And she’s not a stranger. Get it together, man up, and show her an amazing time. You can figure out the rest later. The next thing he knew, there was a throng of people coming through the hallway he was standing in. He strained to see her, but there were just so many people. He could tell they were from Colorado—lots of cowboy boots, scarves, and pale skin. It was February, but it was warm in Florida—didn’t these travelers know this, he thought.

He shut down his phone and put it in his pocket. He normally didn’t turn it off, but he didn’t want there to be any distractions today. His dad called him almost every day, and he just didn’t want to talk to him today. When he put his hand into his pocket to drop his phone there, he fingered the little black box that he put in there earlier. She’s going to love this, he thought. He thought about the day he went to pick it up for her. He hated the mall, but it was the only place that had it. And he didn’t want to get it online for fear it would be crappy quality or not just so. Maya always talked about how much she loved jewelry. In almost every picture of her, she had on at least two rings, something on her wrists, and earrings. He also knew that she collected things that were heart-shaped. Such a no brainer and such an easy woman to shop for if anyone actually paid attention. Inside the black box was a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant spun from white gold. The heart was filled with a deep red garnet gemstone—also her favorite. On the back, he had it engraved. Always, Will. He wasn’t planning on getting it engraved, but the salesperson talked him into it. He knew she’d love it, but strangely enough, he was nervous about giving it to her.

His mind took a detour for a minute and thought about the necklace that she gave to him when they were kids. It was their last night together. He didn’t see it coming—her moving away. Her decision to move was an impulse. She had to get away from her mom. Her mother tried to control every aspect of Maya’s life and she had too much independence and rebellion to handle it any longer. They were sitting in his parked car that night she told him she’d be leaving. He actually cried and told her that he was sorry for being so shitty, and that he didn’t realize what he had in her until he was losing her. She pulled out an anchor link gold chain and gave it to him. Something to remember me by, she said. As if he needed a necklace to remember her. She was his first—a fact that she didn’t know until later on. If for no other reason, he’d never forget her. And he hadn’t forgotten about their last night together on the beach. It was soft and emotional. Well, as soft and emotional as two teenagers could be.

He heard a loud screech, and was hoisted back into reality. He was looking through this throng of people. He was looking for Maya; his old girlfriend and his first sexual partner. Look for the long, thick hair, he thought. She’ll probably be the tallest woman in the group. He loved that she was tall and so looked forward to having her long legs wrapped around him later. No sooner did the thought enter and exit his mind, that he saw his Maya within the sea of faces. And she looked beautiful.

She looked overwhelmed and lost, but she looked how he imagined she would. He could tell that she hadn’t yet seen him. He wanted to watch her for a minute before he called out to her. Maybe she’d see him too and he wouldn’t need to call out. Just like she promised, she was wearing a tight fitting purple top, sweater over top, dark jeans, and the boots. Her top was just tight enough that he could see the pretty outline of her breasts. God, they’re perfect, he thought. They were bouncing slightly as she walked nearer. And her legs; long and slender and went on forever. She was tall, but not taller than him. Her long, brown hair was slightly covering her face. He wanted to reach for her, move her hair, and kiss her. Kiss her passionately. Even with all the confusion around them, it was like there was no one else in the terminal. He couldn’t take it anymore, and wanted her to see him. He wanted to feel her.


“Maya!” he shouted, almost too loudly. She snapped her head up from the daze that she was in, and saw Will standing there, staring at her intensely. Will, she mouthed and then smiled. There he is. Holy shit, after all this time. I’m here. She thought he looked wonderful—tall and muscular, and all grown up. They moved toward one another, both of them smiling like two young children being handed candy. In an instant, all of her worries, fears, and sick stomach went away. They both opened their arms to one another and fell into a secure embrace.

He could smell her hair and her perfume. Her signature scent that she’d been wearing for years—Gucci Rush. God, she smelled so sexy, he thought. Maya let Will wrap her up in his arms. He felt so good—warm and strong. She didn’t want to let go. She soaked him all in—his fresh, clean scent from soap or the dryer sheets he used in his laundry, maybe it was his deodorant. She moved her arms down and began reaching for his. When she finally found his hands, she grabbed them and looked down at them. Just as she remembered—rugged with long, thick fingers. Maya was really into forearms and hands. She liked a man to have enough strength in his hands that he could break hers. Kind of twisted, but she was turned on by a man with strength. Will’s hands looked like he could do some damage.

He looked down to where she was looking. He released his hands from her hold, and gently took her face in his hands. She looked up at him with those dark brown eyes that he remembered from long ago. Her eyes hadn’t changed. With a little more force, he pulled her face to his and kissed her. His kiss was deep and long and it took her breath away. He found her tongue with his and teased her with it for a moment. Her heart was racing and forgot for a second that they were in public. She felt hundreds of eyes on them, so she gently pulled away.

When she opened her eyes, she looked up to see him smiling down on her. “Hi,” he said. She smiled back. “Well, hi yourself.” He was still holding her face in his hands when she reached up for them. Again, she pulled at his hands until they were where she wanted them—around her waist. This time she put her hands around his shoulders, and pulled him in again. Fuck the hundreds of eyes, she thought. I traveled a long way. Maya put her lips on his and kissed him again. It wasn’t as deep as the first one, but it made Will’s heart flutter. Her tongue was in his mouth for a second and then gone. She pulled away from his lips and moved up to his ear. She gently kissed his earlobe and then whispered, “Let’s get out of here.”

On the way out of the airport, the couple talked about the usual stuff—how the flight was, the drive ahead, how each of them slept last night, how happy they were to see each other. It was late afternoon and still early enough to get back to his side of town, have drinks and dinner, and then take a walk on the beach and then “whatever”. Will told her his plan and she was all smiles and happily obliged. Will opened the door to his truck for her, and Maya climbed in. He leaned in and kissed her forehead before he shut the door. She smiled and looked down at her lap as he walked across the front of the truck. She felt confident that this would be a good weekend. She wondered why she was so nervous on the plane. He was warm and kind and exactly how she’d imagined. Will didn’t know this, but Maya had reserved a room in a nearby motel, just in case things didn’t go as planned. When she had a moment alone, she’d call and cancel that reservation.

Will climbed in and closed the door. He put the keys in the ignition, but before he turned them to start it up, he sighed, paused and looked at Maya. “You look good. I’m so happy that you’re here.” He meant it too. When they were together as kids, Will had struggled with expressing his feelings. He cared about her back then but had a hard time showing it. A lot of women he dated told him the same thing; some thought he was an ass hole. Even at sixteen, Maya knew he wasn’t an ass hole. There was something in his eyes that told her he was good. “You look great too,” she said. “I can’t believe I’m here. With you.” Will said quietly, “Welcome home, Maya.” She replied with a timid, “thanks.” “What do you want to listen to? We have a long ride ahead.” “Whatever,” she said. Will put the iPod back on shuffle, turned the keys, and slowed out of the parking lot.

When they both lived in Florida as teenagers, Will and Maya lived further south. Maya was not familiar with this part of the state. It was different. The trees were denser, the air felt thicker, and she couldn’t sense the water. Whenever she traveled out of Colorado and into places with water, she could sense it. She had this innate thing with water, and always knew its proximity to where she was. She couldn’t sense it here, probably because it wasn’t near. The highway numbers were familiar though, and as they moved further south she began to smell that smell. She had only been back to Florida a handful of times since moving to Colorado, and not always to the Gulf coast. When she was there the last time, she smelled that same familiar scent. She could never explain to anyone what exactly it smelled like. It wasn’t like anything else, but it smelled like home. It was Florida and in an instant a feeling of dread came over her. It felt hollow in her heart. She missed it here.

For a while, there was a comfortable silence in the truck as they drove down highway 41. Oddly, neither of them had anything to say, and it was all right. After about five or ten minutes of the silence, Maya got a grave look on her face. She looked over at Will and he felt her gaze instantly. He turned his head and looked directly back at her. He felt a pit in his stomach begin to rise. What is that face? What could be wrong, he thought. Am I not interesting enough, he wondered. I thought we were ok just watching the road and listening to music. “Please pull over, Will.”

He did exactly as he was instructed, fearing what would come next. He couldn’t figure out where he went wrong and why she was so upset. But she wasn’t upset; he was clearly misreading her. She was so resolute because she was about to do something illegal. Or at least illegal in public, she thought.

“I don’t understand. What’s…,” Will began. Maya stopped him. “Get in the backseat.” “Why?” he asked. Sometimes Will was a little slow to process, and Maya had the feeling that’s what was happening. She understood that he was nervous, so she dropped the serious vibe. With a smile, “Just do it.” Her smile eased his mind. Maya had this subtlety about her. She had a special smile that only came out when she was flirting or feeling amorous—which usually occurred simultaneously. Since they hadn’t spent any physical time together since they were teenagers, he had never seen this smile. But as an adult, grown man, he knew. She didn’t have to say a word to do exactly what she wanted him to.

With a wild look in his eye, he obeyed her and climbed from the driver’s seat to the backseat of the truck. Maya had scouted it out earlier. It was a four-door truck with a nice, full backseat. And she intended to use it before the afternoon was over. While Will was moving into the back, she quickly flipped through his iPod, selected something, and then got out of the truck via the door. As she was moving to the back from the outside, Will could hear the music change. White Zombie. Wow, he thought. I didn’t know she liked this stuff. He grinned to himself, and Maya saw it. “Rob Zombie turns me on”, she uttered, “and so do you.” With that, the truck door closed behind her and she was inside the backseat with Will.

He was facing her and the center of the vehicle. Perfect, she thought. She grabbed his legs and pulled him so that he was partially lying down. Will thought he knew what was going to happen. She’s going to fuck me right here. Sweet Jesus, this is going to be awesome. He reached for her, but she gently pushed him away. Ok, he thought quizzically. He could feel himself rising already and she hadn’t even touched him. Not really anyway. She unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts slowly, all while looking up into his eyes. She loved the look he was giving her. She yanked his shorts and boxers off and crawled up onto his lap. She still had her clothes on. With one hand he attempted to unbutton her jeans, but she pushed his hand away again. All right, whatever, he thought. I’m just going to follow her lead. He remembered how she told him once that she liked being in control. I’m down with control, he mused to himself.

Maya grabbed Will’s dick in her right hand and used the other hand to steady herself over him. She began kissing him hard and deeply. At the same time she was rubbing his cock slowly. She loved the way he felt in her hand; smooth, firm, and getting harder. He kissed her back with intensity. They could both hear White Zombie’s “Spookshow Baby” in the background and it was adding to their excitement. It was like being in a club—loud and booming and it had the perfect tempo for sex. Will managed to get his arm out and grabbed for Maya’s head. He reached under her long hair for the nape of her neck. He grabbed her hair and forcibly tugged. She moaned. Having her hair pulled in that spot turned her on, especially while he was kissing her the way he was. She could feel herself becoming wet.

She let her mouth linger on his for a moment and then backed off. She took his free arm and moved it back to his side. She began to slide down, and watched his face as she moved. He loved the look in her eyes. His breathing began to accelerate as he thought about what Maya was about to do to him. He stared down at her as she put her mouth around his cock. Warm and wet—her mouth felt so good. Will delighted in how she looked up at him with his dick in her mouth.

Maya really enjoyed sucking men off. She got off on the control she had over men, which was something she didn’t always have. Men had always pushed her around. When she finally perfected her art, she used it whenever she could. She thought it might be wrong to get off on control, but she figured it was a win-win for everyone. And she was really good at it. “Holy shit,” Will muttered. “Your mouth feels amazing.” She turned her head down and began sucking him. Maya used her tongue and her hand at the same time. Her tongue circled his head and then she’d move to the tip where he was really sensitive. She’d use the tip of her tongue to flick and flitter around the top, then she’d go back to circling the head with her entire tongue. At the same time, she moved her left hand up and down his shaft with her mouth following closely above her hand. Every now and then, she’d stop and take his dick out of her mouth, lick just the head and watch Will’s face for a reaction.

Will was panting and moaning and was getting warmer each and every second that passed. Maya felt alive, and sexy, and like she was going to explode from within. She also moaned and he relished in hearing her moan while his dick was in her mouth. He had never been with a girl that loved sucking dick as much as Maya seemed to. And he couldn’t even remember the last time he got a blow job. The sad thing is that he had a girlfriend when he and Maya reconnected online. He was in a dying and loveless relationship, so a blow job was pretty much out of the question then.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter and she really wanted to fuck him. But she wanted this to be all about him. Her clit was rubbing against the seam of her jeans and she started rocking back and forth as she was sucking on him. She was situated on his leg perfectly. They were both panting and breathless. Maya looked up at Will and said in a low voice, “Your cock tastes good in my mouth.” She panted again. “Does it look good in my mouth? I want to taste your come.” She moaned and rocked her hips again. She was getting so close to orgasm that it was almost burning. “Are you gonna come for me, Will?” Holy shit—who is this girl, he thought. “You’re so fucking hot, Maya. You’re going to make me come.” “Yeah, I’m going to come too,” she said through her panting.

Maya could feel his cock getting harder in her mouth. She moved up and down his shaft faster with her mouth and hand. She started flicking the tip of his dick and circling his head with greater intensity. She loved the way Will was moving his hips along with her rhythm. They were in perfect sync. She was still rocking her hips back and forth, rubbing her swollen clit against his leg. She could time her orgasm with his, but it was getting difficult. She was so turned on by him and his dick in her mouth. His breathing sped up and she knew what was coming. Maya decided that she’d let herself come now. She wanted him to hear what she sounded like when she came. She wanted to create frenzy within him. And then she wanted to taste his come in her mouth. “Blur the Technicolor” was playing now and it worked for her. She started rocking faster and faster as she continued sucking him. She was moaning, Will, I’m going to come. I’m going to come. Her mind took her away; she closed her eyes, and rode it out. It was intense and glorious. She could feel her clit throbbing and her vagina contracting. At the same moment, Will began thrusting and pumping hard in her mouth. He was so hard that it almost hurt Maya’s delicate lips. But she took it like a woman. She wanted him to come. He let out a guttural sound, and she knew it was time. She took his dick out of her mouth, but kept her hand around his shaft with a slightly firm grip. He felt so good and was ready to come. He had a pulsating feeling deep down in his balls, and he was almost trembling from within. His mind went blank and he felt the ecstasy. With a final thrust, he came. It shot out of him and onto Maya’s face. She tried to catch it with her mouth, but some of it landed on her chin and lips. She kept her eyes on him for almost the entire time. When he could see out of his delirium, Will was watching her. She was smiling as she wiped his come into her mouth.

She laid her head down on his waist and the two of them just sat like that for a few minutes. Will was rubbing Maya’s head and letting his fingers get tangled in her hair. Neither of them said anything, but they were both lit up on the inside and dreamily smiling. Maya sat up and said, “We should probably get going. I’m sure there’s a cop with nothing better to do that will drive by any minute.” Will sighed. “Yep, you’re probably right.” Will pulled on his boxers and shorts, buttoned them and sat up. “That was amazing,” he said. Maya sheepishly replied, “It was my way of saying thanks for picking me up at the airport.” With that, she opened the door and was outside and moving her way back to the front seat. Will sat there for a second, grinned, and then also made his way back to the driver’s seat.

“You know,” he said, “I don’t really remember you giving me head back in the day.” “Yeah,” Maya replied, “I had some bad experiences with it and never really knew what I was doing. I was only sixteen for God sakes!” “Sixteen year olds do some pretty sick shit nowadays,” Will retorted. “Yes they do,” Maya replied. Maya knew first hand exactly what sixteen year-olds were doing these days. She was a high school teacher and heard all about it, day in and day out. She was one of those teachers that students liked; they liked coming to Maya with their problems. Pregnancy, vaginal bumps, penis questions, issues with boyfriends—the list went on. She lent a non-judging ear to them almost daily. Maya also directed the school’s sex education program, so her role in the school lent itself to these kinds of conversations with kids. “I’m really hungry all of a sudden. Was dinner part of your master plan, Will?” “Yeah it was, and I have the perfect place in mind. We’re only about twenty minutes out,” he said. “Is it on the water,” Maya asked. “Of course” Will obliged. With that, he put the car back in drive and hit the gas.

The White Zombie playlist was over, so Maya just turned the iPod off. Will found her a country station and they listened along. The couple talked about the usual things. Maya asked Will how his job was going and asked him about his dad. Will was always really close to his dad—Will considered his father his hero. His dad was always supportive of Will, even when he wasn’t making the finest decisions in his life. He never graduated from high school, but managed to make something of himself, and his dad supported him through the entire process. It’s a known fact that people who graduate from high school and get a higher education make more money than those who don’t. Not for Will, however. Maya had her Master’s degree and could barely get by. But being a teacher she did what she loved, and there was something admirable about that. Will made a good living for himself and was quite successful in his line of work. People in town knew him and respected him. He owned a little shop on the water that rented out small motor boats, air boats, and jet skis and also sold bait and tackle—you name it. His little town was pretty touristy and he figured out a way to make money and be happy at the same time. He worked only a few hours a day doing paperwork, and the rest was fun to him. He could be outside and on the water—the two things he enjoyed most in life. Most of the people he came across were nice. They were tourists on vacation, so they were pleasant and easy to get along with.

Will finally turned off the highway and onto a gravel country road. Maya noticed how dark it was. Off the highway, and without lights, the night was thick and dark. It wasn’t that late, but being February, the nights were still arriving sooner. Maya rolled her window down to get a whiff of the Florida air. It was much warmer here to her. Will thought she was crazy and laughed at her as she stuck her head out of the window. She realized how foolish she must have looked, laughed, and then rolled the window back up. The truck was approaching what looked like a restaurant. A sign out front said “Ted’s.” Maya wasn’t picky, and the place was on the river. It was perfect. The two got out of the car, locked hands, and started to make their way in.

Will’s plan was to give her the garnet heart necklace sometime at dinner. He hadn’t quite figured out a clever way to do it, but he thought that would just happen naturally. Or, it wouldn’t be clever. It would be awkward and clumsy, but Maya would love it just the same. “I love this place,” Will said. “They always have the best live bands, and the food is good Florida comfort food. I hope you like it.” “Do they serve Grouper and beer,” Maya asked. “Of course,” Will laughed. “Then it sounds perfect to me,” Maya said with a smile. They headed in and grabbed two seats at the bar. There was a cover band playing and they had quite a following of people on the dance floor. They both thought that this would be a fun place to hang out and a wonderful prelude for later on that night.

“Let’s do a shot!” Maya blurted. Will was hesitant, but he went along anyway. Girls and shots were not always a good combination. Maya asked the bartender for two Jager Bombs. “Wow! You aren’t messing around, Maya” “No,” she said. “I am serious about my shots!” The couple clanged their shot glasses and drank them back quickly. “I think you might be the only girl I’ve ever known to like Jager.” To that Maya replied, “Well, my dear… I think I might me the only girl you’ve ever known to do a lot of things.” “True that,” he said with a grin. This is going to be a hell of a night, Will thought.

One shot turned into two and then the couple ordered dinner. And they both drank beer with dinner. When Maya drank, she always got very warm and friendly. People that she didn’t know could become her best friends during a night of drinking. And with a man she was extremely attracted to, it was even worse. She was so flirtatious anyway, and alcohol kicked it up a notch. She called alcohol her “truth serum.” Things that may have been locked away in her subconscious vault could easily be coerced from her with enough alcohol in her system. Will was pretty much the same person sober as when he drank, but became freer with his feelings. Somehow they got on the subject of exes, which are never great conversations to have while inebriated. Luckily, neither one of them were jealous types. They realized that each of them had lived separate lives before they came back together, so there was no real reason to be jealous of exes.

Maya had been married once for a short time. The marriage officially lasted for eighteen months, but they legally separated after twelve. Her ex-husband was eighteen years her senior and a free loader. She worked full time, while he was unemployed and fucking another woman. Maya was with another man too when they split, but his infidelity really hurt her. And it wasn’t infidelity in the true sense of the word—they had an open marriage. It was a colossal mess. Will could not imagine sharing Maya with anyone else. He couldn’t understand what would possess this man to let her sleep with other people, know about it, and be ok with it. And Will’s ex-girlfriend situation was equally messy. They were together for ten years and lived together for eight of those years. She was horribly insecure and projected those feelings onto Will. She created issues that weren’t there and accused him of cheating with one of his tourist customers. He couldn’t get a phone call or a text without getting the third degree from her. She had body image issues and their sex life was awful. It, too, was a colossal mess and she ending up driving him away. Luckily, neither Maya nor Will had children with either of their exes. Then the conversation shifted back to them, and they reminisced about the pregnancy scare they had when they were kids. They both tried to imagine what their lives would have been like if Maya was pregnant at sixteen. They probably would not be sitting at Ted’s listening to this band and on their way to getting drunk. They’d probably hate each other, and struggle to raise a child being apart. Funny how fate worked that way.

Three beers later, Will had finally decided that enough time was spent dwelling on the past, and he felt ready to give Maya the necklace. It wasn’t like he was proposing, and he felt silly that he was so nervous! Nothing clever came to mind, so he just dug it out of his pocket. Maya didn’t miss much, and saw the little box immediately. She always talked too much, but this time she didn’t blurt anything out and let Will do his thing. “Maya,” he said, “this is something to remember me by.” She smiled as he opened the box and presented her with the necklace. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. Only it wasn’t a whisper. There was a band playing off to the side and Will had to actually almost shout to her. And Maya’s whisper was more like a really loud outside voice. Anyone watching would have thought the scene laughable, but the two of them were in a reality all of their own. She choked tears back as Will fastened the necklace around her neck. Will was right; Maya loved it. She sidled up close to him and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. Once again, she didn’t care who was watching.

Will could feel himself getting hard again and Maya was squirming a little in her seat. The shots, three beers and Will were starting to get to her. She suddenly pulled away and said, “You know, I’ve had a really long day of traveling. What do you think about leaving here, and getting comfy at your place? Maybe we could hit the LQ on the way there.” “Yeah, you read my mind,” Will said. “Let’s get the check and hit the road.” Will graciously paid the bill, said good bye to his buddy the bartender, and walked Maya out. They got back into the truck and were heading down the dirt road they came in on.

Maya was ready to make love to Will. She really wanted to feel his dick inside her. It had been forever since the last time they were together, and neither one of them could truly remember it with much clarity. It was on the beach in Venice or Sarasota and it was Maya’s last night in Florida before she went to live with her father in Maryland. It felt like ages ago, but the memories still stung both of them. Then Maya began thinking about the conversation she had with Will a few months back. He told her that she was his first. Maya had already known that, but not from Will. When Maya had been in Maryland for a couple of months, she got a strange phone call from Will’s new girlfriend. Among some other nasty things, she was the one who had told Maya that she was his first. Back then, it just hurt Maya, but now she had other ideas. Like, why didn’t he ever tell her that before—when they were together? And she wondered if that was why he stayed with her in spite of all of the fighting and disagreements. It didn’t really matter at this point. She still wanted to know, but would never ask. Maya was kind of funny that way. She was an hour away from fucking his brains out, but she couldn’t ask him about events that took place nineteen years ago. But would it even matter, she wondered. His perspective now on how he felt back then wouldn’t really be authentic, and there’d be no sense in opening up past wounds. She dropped it all from her mind and focused on where she’d be going next: his bed.

Somehow during the drive, the both of them forgot to make the liquor store pit stop and they were approaching Will’s home. Will pressed the button on his garage genie and pulled into the driveway. From what Maya could tell, he lived in a pretty nice place. Nice stucco exterior with typical Florida landscaping. The garage was full of his “man stuff” on one side, but still enough room to park his truck on the other side. Will was really proud of the life he lived, but he hoped that Maya didn’t really want a tour right now. He had been waiting long enough and only wanted to tear her clothes off. He exited the truck quickly and ran around to her side to let her out. He grabbed her suitcase from the back and showed her in.

There were a few lights on as Will walked her through his house to the bedroom. From what she could tell, he had a big gourmet kitchen that she could get lost in. Maya loved to cook and saw cooking as therapy sometimes. There was a large sliding glass door in the kitchen that overlooked a nice sized backyard and pool. She saw a rustic decorated living room off the other side of the kitchen, but that was all she could see before they reached Will’s bedroom. He quickly whisked her in and then closed the door behind him. He thought it a dumb thing to do since they were out in the boonies and he lived alone, but closing the door seemed like something that was necessary just in case anyone was looking.

It was Will’s turn to be in charge. She tried to take a look around and get her bearings when he pushed her into the wall. He pinned her there and kissed her hard. His tongue moved in and out of her mouth, and almost immediately Maya began to moan. He pressed his entire body into hers, and the two of them were almost one with the wall. She could feel his hard dick against her, and it began to excite her more. She kissed him back and moved her hands up his back. The muscles in his back were firm and she got the inclination to take his shirt off him. She reached down, found his shirt tails and pulled his shirt off in a single swoop. She stopped to look at his body. His thin teenaged physique had morphed into muscle and strength. She traced his chest with her hands for a moment until Will grabbed them, bringing them down to his crotch. He ripped at her jeans until he found the button and zipper and undid both of them. He pushed her pants down enough to get his hands in them. She didn’t have any panties on that he had to wrestle with. He pushed two fingers deep inside of her and she let out a gasp and moaned. He pushed his fingers up to her cervix and hit her G-spot just right. She could come in an instant like that if she let him. He pressed his body into hers again and she felt the hard wall behind her as he fingered her.

He was so hard and wanted to put his dick deep inside of her. But Maya had a little something up her sleeve and needed to buy some time. “Will, would you mind running to the liquor store? I’d love to do some body shots.” “What!” he shouted. “I really want to fuck you. Like right now.” He was almost whining. “I feel like I need a quick shower to rinse away the airplane funk. I promise I’ll be worth the wait.” She gave him a pleading look. How could Will say no to those eyes. “Yeah, I guess I can go, but it’s going to be fast. So you’d better get the funk off fast.” He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. With that, he was pulling on his shirt and was out the door. Truthfully, Will had no interest in body shots, and he didn’t think Maya did either. She was shooing him away for some other reason. She had already given him head and sent the message that she was very interested, so he didn’t get any sense that she was freaking out. Hmm, he thought, this had better be good.

Maya found her way to the shower—that part was true. She felt a little grimy from the long plane ride. She pulled her hair into a loose pony tail. Then she grabbed her shower gel and razor from her toiletry bag and jumped in. The warm water felt so good against her dirty skin. As she soaped up, she thought about her next move. She had to get done fast so that she’d be all set up when Will got back. She knew he was ready to explode, and was not too thrilled to have been sent out. She had to make it worth his while. She quickly shaved her bikini line, and up the front of her labia, being careful around her clit and leaving a small landing strip. Her clit was still throbbing from a few minutes before. She loved feeling nice and smooth there, and Will would certainly appreciate the effort later. She was hoping that he’d eat her out—she had been hoping for that all day. She turned off the water and found a towel on the shelf nearby. She dried off and walked back into his bedroom.

Will raced through the liquor store. Body shots, he thought. What kind of liquor do I need for body shots? Tequila? No, disgusting. Jagermeister? No, too sticky. What the fuck am I supposed to get? Guinness? That might be good—kind of sweet. I don’t fucking know, or care. That’s what I’m getting and she can deal with it. He grabbed a four-pack, paid for it, and was out the door. The liquor store was only about seven minutes away, and he was not going to take any more time out of this night than was necessary. He had been waiting for this all day, hell, for almost a year. They had phone sex a few times a month, but it just wasn’t the same. He wanted to fuck her and this was seriously taking away from his sex time.

Will opened up the garage door again and parked. He grabbed the Guinness and rushed back into the house. When he came in, he noticed that the lights were turned down. In fact, they were off, but there were a few candles lit in the dining room. That got his attention and he slowed down a little bit. He walked past the living room and into the bedroom. He didn’t see Maya in there as he expected to. Confused, he walked back out. He heard music, David Gray or someone like him, and wondered how he hadn’t heard that before. Then he saw her. On the far end of the dining room table was Maya, sitting on a chair. The lights were dim, but he could clearly see her. She was wearing black glasses and had her hair pulled up in a loose bun. And was there a stack of books next to her? He wasn’t entirely sure, but it looked like she had a hot teacher thing going on here. He moved his eyes down further and saw that she was naked in that chair, except for black lacy bikini panties. The necklace that Will gave her only an hour ago was hanging delicately around her neck. It sparkled in the dim candle light. With a bent knee, her left leg was up on a chair that sat parallel to her and on her feet were shiny black stiletto heels. The bag of beer that was in his hands slowly moved to the table next to him. “I got Guinness,” he said. “Hmm. Sounds good,” she replied. She moved her bent leg so that she was splayed out and he could see her pussy peeking out of the crotch of her panties.

Will was at a loss for words, and was rendered immobile for a split second. He stared at her for a moment, and took it all in. Maya looked at him from over her black glasses. She thought the stack of books might be a bit much for this teacher fantasy, but she was having fun. She knew that this naughty teacher thing had been a fantasy of his for as long as he was a student and got his first boner over his 2nd grade teacher. She just sat and smiled while he stood there. Will took a good look at her breasts before he rushed over to her. He thought they were the perfect size. Nice, full C cups with silver dollar-sized nipples that were a pretty color—just like her lips. They looked like two ripe oranges that were ready to be picked; firm and juicy. He remembered from phone conversations that she loved to have her tits sucked and her nipples bitten on, and that’s what he intended to do.

Less than a second later, Will was peeling off his clothes and walking toward her. She watched as he took off his long-sleeved t-shirt. His skin had a nice tan from being outside at work. His tattoos were colorful and well-crafted. They told his story, and Maya enjoyed interpreting them all. His shoulders were broad with thick muscles that held up his equally strong back. He stood facing her and they just looked at each other for a moment—taking each other in. Maya reached up to Will’s waist and unbuttoned his shorts for the second time today.

He was already hard and she could see it as she pushed his shorts and boxers to the floor. She looked up at him and Will met her gaze. He bent his knees and in an instant he was kneeling on the ground directly in front of her. “You look hot,” was all he could manage. She smiled, but he kissed her with such force that her smile was obliterated from her face. He tasted like beer, which was a huge turn on for Maya. He smelled so good and his kiss was intoxicating. Maya was wet and ready to continue what they had started before she sent him for beer. They kissed for a few seconds longer, and then Will pulled away.

He reached down and moved her panties over, so that her labia were sticking out and exposed. At the same time, he put his thrust two fingers deep inside her. She moaned. He pulled them out slightly and then pushed them in deeper. With his other hand, he found her abdomen area and the skin that sat right above her uterus. He applied gentle pressure there while he was roughly fingering her. She let out a gasp and a moan, and thrust her hips forward. “God, that feels good,” she panted. “How did you know…?” Maya loved having this little maneuver done to her, and not many men knew about it. She usually had to tell them. Will just smiled and kept at it. Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out of her and moved his face down to where his hands were. He started licking her clit gently; flicking it with his tongue. She told him how good it felt, and started to moan again.

He thought she tasted good—sweet and salty, and he loved how she smelled. Maya could feel Will’s outgrown chin whiskers on her skin as he was eating her. It was rough like sandpaper, and she enjoyed the sensation. His warm tongue with the roughness of his whiskers made her wetter. Will put his fingers inside her as he was licking her shaved pussy. It was like this game—he was teasing her with his tongue and fingers and when she was on the verge of orgasm, he’d pull them out. She felt like she was going to explode and was almost whimpering for him to stop. Her pleasure was so intense, but at the same time she didn’t want him to stop. “You’re going to make me come,” she plead. Her breathing was getting faster, and she moaned louder at each breath. “Come all over my face. I want to taste your come,” Will panted back. Maya seized up and her head fell back. She lost feeling in her knees and her toes were tingling. She felt like she was outside of her own body. She thrust her hips forward and shoved her pussy hard into Will’s face. He put his fingers inside of her and felt for her G-spot. She let out a yelp and told him she was coming. Will kept his fingers inside of her but looked up so that he could watch her face as she came. When it was obvious she was done, Will tilted his head back down and lapped up her come. “You taste so good,” he whispered. She met his gaze, and for a second there was a moment of clarity before he picked her up off the chair and whisked her away into the bedroom.

“That was amazing,” Maya said as Will carried her away and into his bedroom. He looked at her and smiled. His eyes were intense. They were a piercing yellow-brown color. Depending on his mood, the color changed. Right now, they were darker than usual and she felt beautiful as he looked at her. She still had on the stilettos, and was trying intently to not let her dangling legs pierce his skin with the heels. “Love the shoes, by the way,” Will mused. Maya thanked him as he was letting her down.

Will had a request. “Stand there a second. I just want to look at you.” Maya wanted him to look at her, but she suddenly felt shy and self-conscious. But she stood there and made the best sexy face she could—partially serious and partially being silly. Will just smiled and took her all in. Her long, thick brown hair had fallen out of the bun, and was draping her breasts perfectly. Maya wasn’t skinny, but wasn’t fat either. In fact, even at sixteen he remembered her having curves. She had a small waistline and full, round hips. She had loathed her curves most of her life, but the men she was with found them irresistible and Will was no exception. Her legs looked long and lean, especially with those stripper stilettos on.

While Will was taking her in, Maya was doing the same. Will had a cute smile. When he smiled, the corners of his lips curved downward. When they were together as teenagers, Will had dirty blond hair that was almost wiry. He had a long swoop of bangs in the front and it was faded on the sides and back. It had kind of a surfer look, as that was his style back then. Now, however, Will shaved it completely. Some thought he looked mean like that, especially with all the tattoos on his chest and neck, but Maya didn’t feel that way. He still had a boyish face and charm, and she could never call him mean. She loved looking at the curvature of his shoulders that sloped down to his muscular chest. He had a semi-six pack and a flat abdomen. She could make out his hip bones, which made for an incredibly sexy long and lean physique. She looked at his hard dick and longed for it to be inside of her. She wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, but she was growing wet again with anticipation.

He eased her over to his bed. For a single man, Maya thought his taste in bed linens was impeccable. He had a beautiful duvet and thick Egyptian sheets in neutral colors that he quickly pushed off to one side of the bed. She kicked off her shoes finally and draped herself on her back onto the bed. Will mounted her, but didn’t stick his dick inside her like she expected he would. He placed himself right on her pussy and was dry humping her, even in the absence of their clothes. He was teasing her with his dick and it was making her insane. He kissed her hard—forcing his tongue into her mouth. Maya was moaning as she was rubbing his hard dick and getting him worked into a frenzy. “I want to fuck you so bad. Please, don’t make me beg, Will.” But she was begging. She was pleading with him to fuck her. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Will thrust his hips and pushed his cock deep inside of her. He pushed into her hard and took her breath away. When he was fully inside of her he pushed a second time even harder. She moaned and mouthed some inaudible words. Her eyes rolled back and he started pumping her slowly and deeply. Maya grabbed Will’s ass and guided his hips as he fucked her. Her pussy was so soft and smooth and fit him like a glove. He was throbbing and the pleasure was coming from deep inside him. He didn’t think he could last, but was going to hold out for as long as she needed him to. He started pumping her faster and faster. She wrapped her legs around his hips and squeezed him closer. Maya started rubbing her clit and moaned as Will fucked her. He loved watching her face when he was fucking her. She looked like she was in ecstasy, and he was doing that to her.

Maya suddenly straightened out her right leg and pushed out Will’s opposing leg so that it was locked with hers. With surety and strength, Maya flipped Will onto his back so that she was sitting on top of him, his dick still inside her. Will was impressed! She lay above him and started kissing him. Her tits fell down near Will’s face and he grabbed them. He played with her nipples—biting and twisting them. He moved his hands down to her ass and squeezed it hard. He took one hand, raised it and then slapped Maya’s ass cheek. She yelped. She was stunned, stinging, and it brought her great pleasure all at the same time. He did it again, and she moaned. Then he took a fistful of her hair in his hands and tugged. She got off on being controlled like this and she started to fuck him even harder. Maya was riding Will, pushing him deep inside her. With each movement, her moaning got louder and her breathing got harder. She was riding his shaft and rubbing her clit against his hard dick. She knew that once she got worked up enough, she’d come all over him. This turned Will on immensely and could no longer hold back either. Maya could feel him getting harder and he started to moan and grunt. She slid up and down his dick, shoving it deep inside of her. She knew what she wanted and he was so turned on by that. She’d shove her pussy so hard into his dick and then grind on him, working her way to orgasm. She could hear him get closer every second she got closer. She looked down and into his eyes and they watched each other lustfully. She kissed him again as she slid up and down. He thrust his hips and she knew it was time. He was going to come and she was going to let herself take part in the pleasure too. Maya’s moan turned into almost a shout and Will let out a low growl. “I’m coming,” Will hummed. The sound of her orgasm and watching her made Will’s even more intense. They both writhed in pleasure and rode it out as each of them came, together. The laid there for a moment, holding each other. When they finally recollected themselves and came back to this planet, they put their heads down for sleep.


Maya and Will lay in bed and their minds raced. Neither one of them had really gotten much sleep that night, nor in the nights preceding this weekend. They lay above the sheets and Maya was gently stroking Will’s shoulders, arms and fingers. Their eyes were locked on one another and they found comfort in this gaze. But that same comfort led to feelings of wonder and doubt. They were both thinking the same things, but didn’t share their thoughts aloud with one another. They replayed in their minds the events of the last sixteen hours. They both reveled in the sheer sexiness of their story—two teenagers torn apart and reunited after almost twenty years via Facebook. With near perfect timing, both of them in the right place at the right time with no drama or baggage. But they both were left with the lingering question: could this really work? And did they even want it to? They were certain that they loved each other, but how well did they really know each other? Did they love one another for which they are now, or the fantasy of the story having a fairy tale ending? Or was it just an obsession for both of them? They were opposites, as they always were, but do opposites really attract and work?

They imagined the first scenario: making this something and evolving into a relationship. Maya would quit her job, sell her house, and move to Florida. She’d leave her friends and family behind for Will. Maybe she’d teach or maybe she’d help him run his business. They wouldn’t live together right away, and they’d actually go on dates and do all the things they were too young to do the first time around. They’d go grocery shopping together, go on double dates, see movies and sporting events—all the things couples do. But, just like all couples, the fire starts to fade and then burn out. Would that happen to them? Would they bitch about traffic or the ass-hole employees at Starbucks that put the wrong milk in her coffee? Would they take out the day’s problems on each other?

Then the second scenario: a hot, steamy weekend that goes no farther. Will and Maya would hump like two horny teenagers all weekend and then go back to their lives—separately. At first, this scenario seems totally selfish and immature. However, the weekend would go down in history as one of the sexiest weekends in their lives, and the memory lives like that forever. There would be no fighting, no getting tired or bored with one another, and no mundane day-to-day shit. They’d tell their friends about the lurid weekend affair, and maybe even their future unborn children when they were old enough. And maybe Will would fly to Colorado and they’d see each other once or twice a year until one of them decided to settle down with someone else. Whatever the situation would be, it would live in their minds as fun and glorious and they’d never have a bad memory of one another again ever in their lives. More people needed relationships like those—ones that don’t break your heart or scar you for the rest of your days. Maybe that’s where Maya and Will sh

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