Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Skinny dipping in a lake sounds like a good way to get the adrenaline pumping...that is, until you feel a strange hand under the water start grasping at you...


Skinny dipping in a lake sounds like a good way to get the adrenaline pumping...that is, until you feel a strange hand under the water start grasping at you...

Chapter1 (v.1) - An Itch to Scratch

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"It was then he considered the local lake, an isolated body for his endeavor. Chills were sent down his spine, the thought of being naked in a still very public place excited and terrified him."

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 07, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 07, 2019



Nathaniel wasn’t the kind of guy to do anything too daring. While he would have the occasional itch to scratch, there wasn’t a need to live life on the edge. He was content, his life simple yet rewarding. He was content, his life simple yet honest: Chickens and working the land. Even his parents were proud, happy with their son’s lax approach to life. Unlike his sisters, he never felt the need to run off into the forest and find himself. He lacked adventure, but Nate was okay with that, pure and simple. He didn’t mind staying in one place, but always paid a price for it. The itch always came back stronger than before, pushing the boy for more and more to sate it.


Today happened to be a day the itch bit him hard. It was under his skin, pressing at him until it became unbearable. A rare occurrence, he needed to find an outlet, something that was wild. Not too crazy, but enough to take the edge off. Something new, something bold he’d never done before. It was then he considered the local lake, an isolated body for his endeavor. Chills were sent down his spine, the thought of being naked in a still very public place excited and terrified him.


So he found it rather funny when he looked out on the water a few hours later. His feet were getting cold, the smoldering summer air not helping him at all. Making the trip out was simple, the pit in his stomach not deterring him as much as he thought it would. Dipping a toe into the lake, Nate shivered. His indecision started to gnaw at him, more so than the itch. This was stupid, why was he out here? He could’ve gone anywhere else, done anything else, but skinny dipping seemed like the best option for some reason. In his mind he toyed with the idea of just going home and calling it a day. Maybe tend to his coops and sleep the itch off like a good boy.


But oh, he hated that. Going home at this point felt like such a defeat… honestly, what would a second in the water hurt? Hesitating, his boxers on his waist slipped down, his body being left nude to the elements. Taking action in a moment of indecision would be a sure-fire way to egg himself on. Now all he had to do was… get in the lake.


“C’mon Nate, you big wuss…”


Maybe yelling at himself wasn’t the best motivation, but anything was better than nothing. The fact that he felt the desire to motivate himself at all was a sign he wanted to push on! The water’s edge being so close was so tempting, just waiting to welcome him into its depths. As he dipped his toe in again, he let his foot sink in a little further. His leg being submerged sent a shiver up his form, the chilled lake water assaulting his senses. Still, he persevered and stepped further in, the waters warming up to his body quick.


The shivering entry to the lake turned comfortable, Nate wading free for a moment. It was a lovely swim, and despite the heat in the air, there was no humidity to make him uncomfortable. In fact, with his body submerged, he felt more confident with his actions the longer he stayed. The itch was scratched for now, Nate allowing himself to rest on the mossy edge of the lake.


It was a moment of complete relaxation, Nathaniel letting his eyes close contently. His body reclined, shoulders sinking down into the water. The scene was too good: the enclosure of the forest, the cradling of tree canopies, the distant chirp of frogs… Nate found himself in a moment of absolute tranquil. There was, however, a twinge of unrest in his body. Even as he sat completely relaxed, he felt the itch return, edging for something more. Something scandalous, a simple touch, a grazing of skin was what it wanted.


All Nate could do was blush as he felt a pang of arousal come over him. There was no explanation for it. The waves lapped and soothed him, stimulating in gentle strokes. His member grew hard between his legs, eager for a bit of attention. A light breeze played on his skin, sucked in to steady himself. He couldn’t do that here, it was too public!! Indecent! What if someone came by, what if they saw??


Admittedly, that was the wrong reasoning, as the thought of getting caught made his member twitch more. In fact, the tension from the moment felt as though he was being watched. A quick survey of the scene proved otherwise, but the built excitement from the thought didn’t pass. The lack of blood flowing to Nate’s head made it difficult to reason with himself, but his mind was made up. With a gentle hand, he grasped for his cock.




His sighs were audible, but kept to himself. Nate got to work, trying to make short work of himself before anyone could come around. The feeling of being watched was still on his mind, but the fear melted away as his hands worked quick. Letting his head fall back to the mossy bank, Nate’s sighs turned to moans. His hand had never felt so good, hips starting to thrust into his fist. The rush of water mixed with in was enough to get lost in. It all seemed too perfect to be real, the itch being scratched once again.


Nate’s hard work brought him to the brink of a climax, his panting and moaning hanging in the air. He was so close, prepared to cum, until a clawed hand grazed his thigh.




His eyes couldn’t shoot open fast enough, the hand on his thigh pulling away as he jerked back. Hoisting himself up onto the bank of the lake in one swift move, he ended whatever attempt was being made. The figure under the water followed him up, head and fins rising from the depths. Clear blue eyes met Nate’s green, a connection of emotion. Slowly, the Merman inched himself close, clawed hand resting on Nate’s thigh once again. His voice was soft, not used to its own volume, as if it had not been used before this moment.


“I’m sorry. I did not mean to interrupt…”


There was a rumbling in his vocals that tipped Nate off, a sudden slurry of information flooding his mind. Connecting the dots, the little knowledge he had on Merfolk pieced itself together. Going after humans was common for the species, but his fangs weren’t bared. No intention to hunt, yet he was becoming very… physical. Flared gills, fluttering fins, harsh blush, hungry eyes… the telltale signs of a heat in progress. And Nate picked up on it quick, becoming flustered by the realization.


The man said nothing more, a wonder that he could even speak at all. Merfolk liked their signing, but with only one arm, this one must’ve found value in the vocal languages. Its voice must truly be new, as he peeps out one more plea to Nate.


“Please…I’ve been alone…”


Nate’s blush was maddening, the scorching reaction felt on his face. The implications… the idea of fucking a stranger was so far out of his zone… but he felt compelled to. Just the look he was given, still being given… it made his chest flutter and his cock throb. Even the begging slowly edged him back into the water.


Please, just let me have a little taste of you~…”


If Nathaniel could blush any harder at the request, he would. All he could do was nod in reply, the Mer letting out a content chirp.


“Ah~ Thank you~”


As his body sunk back down into the water, Nate uneasily let himself settle back in his spot. This was happening. With a stranger. He could hardly-


“I am Xavier by the way. That is my name,” Said the Merman having popped his head up again.


“O-oh… I’m Nate…”


Xavier laughs, a sweet sound that hung on Nate’s ears. At least the stranger aspect of the situation was gone.


“I promise to be gentle, Nate~ I know humans aren’t very durable…”


Without missing a beat, Xavier dove back under, leaving Nate alone with his thoughts. The water wasn’t exactly clear, but he could just barely make out Xavier below the surface. His cock was poked and prodded, gentle hand snatched him up quick and got to work stroking. And oh, did it feel good.


A few gasps and a moan, Nate’s cock was on its way back to leaking and throbbing. Xavier’s hand could hardly fit the girth in its grasp, but he still worked with diligent enthusiasm. He let his head poke back above the water, vocals chirping and voice whispering to Nate as the human moaned under his touch.


“You are… quite big… at least, bigger than I would expect… I am sorry if my teeth scrape you…”


“Ngh~! J-just be careful…”


Another delighted chirp, and Xavier dove back under. His lips wrap around the head of Nate’s cock, forked tongue licking and teasing the tip. The foreign taste of precum flowed into his mouth, greedily gulped down as more of the length was taken in. Careful of his teeth, Xavier sucked, taking particular interest in the flavor of this human. Salty, sweet… fearful… no good. He let his hand rest reassuringly on Nate’s thigh as he sucked, trying to draw his hips forward for a gentle thrust.


And it worked perfectly, Nate taking the bait and jerking his hips forward. His lungs sucked in the hot summer air and let out a string of quiet moans. His body steadied itself automatically, a hand gripping the bank behind him and the other gripping Xavier’s hair. The wet tongue, the gentle sucking… it drove him crazy. It was enough to push his already close climax onto him.


“A-AH~!! F-fuck~!!”


A thick load of cum shot from his cock, catching Xavier off guard. The Merman rose from the depths, choking as the spunk dripped from his gills. His eyes watered, trying to clear his throat, gulping down most of the cum. The flush on his face was more apparent now, his arousal kicking into gear as he thought of what he wanted next. He was curious about what else this human could do for him.


“Get out of the water, I want to try something else~”


It took a few moments to consider, but Nathaniel complied. With a few quick movements, the boys found themselves on the edge of the lake. Xavier took to straddling Nate as soon as he could, giving him a good view of his junk. A tentacle, curled in on itself out of sheer arousal and a pussy that was dripping wet, displayed nice and clean for Nate to see. Xavier’s sex leaked and made a mess, but he was undoubtedly ready to go.


“W-whoa…” Nate mumbled. His hand reached out for the tentacle which curled into his touch. It was a sloppy contact, only lasting a few seconds, but enough to draw more chirps out of Xavier.


Without hesitation, Xavier dropped his hips, trapping Nate’s cock in the crease of his pussy. The grinding was slow, sensual, only increasing as Nate started to moan for the Mer on top of him. His head spun as his cock was stimulated more, precum starting to drip again. The pleasure was cut short as Xavier adjusted himself.


“Hm~ Filthy human~… so willing~…”


He brought the opening of his pussy to the tip of Nate’s cock, letting himself rub up on it for a moment. The push in was a silent one, Xavier letting out only a single strangled gasp as the girthy member penetrated him. Mouth hanging agape, a chorus of moans came from Xavier, little sounds of encouragement that kicked Nate into high gear. His hips thrusted up to meet half way, finding enjoyment in the way that Xavier moaned with each slam. Nate just let his head press back into the grass below, a steady hand kept on Xavier’s hip as the boy rode.


It was a few seconds of intimacy between the two before Xavier seized up, his tight opening clamping around Nate’s cock as he came. His curled in tentacle leaked everywhere, a dull gray cum making a mess. Nate noted the lack of eggs being pumped out, assuming that the Mer might’ve laid them somewhere else. It was a natural part of their cycle to lay eggs, his curious mind brought forth for him to ponder. But then he noticed the subtle bulging in Xavier’s tummy. With a gentle hand, he caressed the belly, earning him more gasps and a few nervous glances.


“D-don’t touch the eggs,” Xavier pleaded.




Nate nodded in quiet understanding and got right back to work thrusting into him. His orgasm lingered on the brink again, ready to wrack through him at a moment’s notice. It was cut short by Xavier interrupting, however, the Mer brushing off Nate’s hands and climbing off his cock. He only made it a few inches before collapsing face-down in the grass, his tail fins and ass propped high in the air. A little shake was all Nate needed to come up behind him, thrusting his cock back inside the boy with no warning.


“D-don’t tease me~…”


Xavier’s tail fin rapped against his body, sending little shivers through him. The hot air got more heated the longer they fucked, even feeling like it got more humid as well. Their moans rang out through the forest, trees and their canopies sending the sound right back to them. Nate’s fingers dug in but slipped on wet flesh, feeling himself edge closer yet again. He wasn’t about to let this slip away from him.


His mind focused on the eggs, the little flecks of life that were deep inside Xavier. He wondered what would happen to them if he came, if they would fertilize were they not already. Merfolk already had a low birthrate as it was, so maybe it would do nothing? The idea of fathering a Merchild didn’t sit too well with him, but the thought drove from his mind as he came. His eyes rolled back as his climax shot through him, practically collapsing on Xavier as he finally felt release.


An unconscious hand reached for Xavier’s hair, pulling him upright as Nate buried his seed deep inside. Their bodies intertwined for a moment, sweat mixing and muscles tensing; Nate’s tongue teased Xavier’s gills, earning himself some savory moans as his orgasm finished up. They knelt there for a moment, their bodies tensing and relaxing as the heat died down between them. Nate planted one more kiss on Xavier before pulling his cock out, cum dripping out onto the grass.


The moment following was soft, intimate, even more so than the act they had just committed. Nate knew nothing better to do than carry Xavier back into the lake, settling back into his spot claimed previously. His hands roamed the boy cradled in his arms, letting his fingers wander down to toy with his clit. With an approving nod from Xavier, Nate’s fingers rubbed and teased, earning him more moans and gasps. He was too tired himself to thrust back into him, his cock sitting flaccid, but he felt more than compelled to keep going. His hands worked quick, using Xavier’s sensitivity against him. It was a fit of ecstasy he was thrown into, Xavier's body thrashing and shaking as he came repeatedly.


They lasted a half hour more with each other, Xavier’s body being drained of its sexual energy like a battery. His gasps and moans were shallow and infrequent as Nate finished up, legs trembling as his mate set him down. With a final kiss, Nate excused himself, promising to return later. Whether or not he returned, Xavier could care less, having gotten what he needed. Yet, there was a part of him that wanted to chase after the boy, have him stay a bit longer, but he knew he couldn’t tie a human down to water. Despite their frequent need for it, making him stay would be impossible. So he just let it go, offering a weak wave to Nate as he stumbled off pulling his clothes back on.


Maybe he’d see him again. He hoped.

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