30th Birthday

30th Birthday 30th Birthday

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jayne isn't getting satisfied by her husband and so decided to take advice and look elsewhere.


Jayne isn't getting satisfied by her husband and so decided to take advice and look elsewhere.


Submitted: March 23, 2019

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Submitted: March 23, 2019




Jayne sat writing out her list of friends for her 30th 
birthday party that she had promised herself. She 
dropped the pen on the table and thought, that's if any 
of her friends would turn up, they were getting less 
and less, her fat over-bearing husband slowly chased 
them off with his constant lusting, be it at functions 
or parties.

At 21 she had married him, they had only been married six months when she caught him having sex with some woman in a car, but it didn’t stop there, for the next five years he was constantly bed hopping, she knew but turned a blind eye to. The final crunch came when he was arrested with a prostitute; she decided that was the last straw.

Five years on she had moved into the other bedroom and 
never slept with him again, he still thought he was gods gift to women.

Her disgust didn’t stop at him, she believed that most 
men were no different only interested in one thing to 
get between her leg’s, she even stopped going to the 
gym or pool as she felt that men were leering at her 
because of her looks, legs, figure and the one thing that didn’t help her situation, her 36 DD breasts.

Her closet friend Sarah called to see her. Over coffee Jayne told her of her fear about holding this party, her 
friend didn’t need to be told twice about the wandering 
hands as she had to fight him off several times. But 
they were friends and it was time to give Jayne some 
advice, she told her, “Jayne your an attractive 
woman, you should leave the dirty bastard and get 
yourself a decent bloke.”

Jayne laughed, “As far as I’m concerned all men are dirty 
bastards, anyway I’m set on my ways now and besides I 
enjoy making his life a misery as he, no doubt, enjoys 
his diseased ridden prostitutes.”

The 30th birthday party went great. Jayne enjoyed herself with the few friends that turned up. Michael and Jayne put on their little show of man and wife only her closet friend Sarah knew the full truth, they both laughed as she told Jayne, "I bet this party is killing him," Michael
looked over at them and smiled, Jayne didn’t like it when 
he smiled.

The smile never left his face as he came over to them 
and said, "Happy 30th birthday darling," he handed her 
an envelope, she looked puzzled as this was the first 
thing he had given her in five years.

Jayne opened it to find a ticket for a month's cruse all 
around the Algarve, she thanked him but as he 
turned away she turned to Sarah and said, "He’s up to 

Sarah was quick to answer, "He’s always up to something only this time you're making something out of it."

Jayne smiled, "You know your right, bugger him I’m 

Once all the friends had left she began cleaning up a 
little, Michael came out of the kitchen with two glasses 
of wine, he said happy birthday again and Jayne looked at him.

He said, "It is time for a better start and I hope that by giving you a little present to start with that we could be a little more, shall we say, friendly, I hope I can make up for the years of misery."

She had the drink with him, then she abruptly said, 
"Don’t for one minute think this lets you back into my 

He held his hands up, "God forbid, no I’m quite happy 
with my women." 

The usual Jayne kicked in, "Good, there’s no way I’d let 
a disgusting man like you near me," she took 
a deep breath and felt good about that outburst, 
took another drink and carried on tidying up, as she 
filled the dish washer she began to feel drunk or 
tired, her legs wouldn’t hold her and she sank down to 
her knees, her head was all giddy she looked up to see 
her husband smiling at her.

Jayne tried to answer back but no audible words came from her mouth, as her lifeless body lay slumped in the 
corner of her kitchen. She now realized why the offer 
of a drink, she had been drugged and all she could do 
was look on in horror as her fat husband began to undress.

Tears weld up in her eye’s as he stood in front of her, 
naked, his cock protruding from below his stomach, he began fondling his cock as he came towards her, he grabbed her by the hair as he squatted down in front 
of her and held her face as he rubbed it back and forth 
over his chubby cock, he reached down behind her 
and unzipped her dress then he threw her back, she hit 
her head painfully on a door handle as he screamed, 
"You don’t know how much I hate you bitch," then in a 
mad frenzy he clawed at the dress and bra until they 
were round her waist exposing her large tit’s, "God 
I’ve always thought of your tit’s as being magnificent 
and they’ve not lost their bounce, just as fantastic as 
ever," he buried his face in them squeezing, sucking 
and biting them so hard that tears ran down her face in 

He suddenly pulled her by the hair along the tiled 
floor until she was flat on her back so he could take 
hold of the bottom of her patterned dress and pull it 
right off from under her, leaving her laying there in 
just her white cotton pants, he growled, "So this is 
what I’ve missed at least my whore’s dress in sexy 

He reached down and ripped her pants clean off, "Bloody 
hell your bush is hairier than I remember," a full bush, he pulled her legs wide open, " I see you have stopped shaving your cunt," he licked his lips, “Still looks tasty though, I must have a face full of that," he bent her legs up fully exposing her and rubbed his face in to it, "Oh what a lovely asshole all neat and pink, I have to shag some of that."

Jayne braced herself for the pain of having something in 
her ass for the first time as he parted her cheeks and 
put his cock up her, thanks to the drug, she could hardly feel anything, he was in her for about two minutes before he shot in to her and pulled out, he stood over her flicking the left over cum back and forth onto her face.

Michael called one of the prostitutes he regularly used, and got them to take Jayne away and have some perverted fun of their own with her.

Soon she found the slit she was looking for and began 
to work her fingers up inside Jayne’s cunt, pushing hard 
with her bony fingers until she was buried up her, 
fucking her dry cunt hard trying to get a second finger 
in, she stopped kissing and said, "Like this man hater? 
Let’s see if we can get your cunt wet and willing," 
then her face followed her hands and soon her tongue 
was talking the place of her finger, licking all round 
her cunt then pushing up.

Wendy, who had seen what was going on via the rear 
view mirror said, "Tanya if your going to do her, let’s 
make some money out of her cunt and Willy need not 
know, we got time, let’s take her up to that old teacher, 
he’ll pay to watch us make her fuck us."

While Tanya kept abusing Jayne, Wendy used her mobile to make the arrangements and soon they were in a nice area full of large houses. The two women pulled and pushed their weak victim in to the teacher’s house.

He was a small man around sixty years of age, he stood 
in his lounge in just a T shirt and shorts as Jayne was 
held up between them, using their free hands they 
lifted the front of the dress, "How about that for a 
nice thick bush?" 

He licked his lips, "She’s a piece of ass."

The women pulled the dress completely off, "Look at 
these tits, nice pair."

As they held her with her arms stretched out, crucified 
in front of him, he moved forward and squeezed both 
breast’s hard before pulling hard on the nipples 
twisting them until Jayne moaned in pain, "Ohhh do your 
titties hurt, lets have a play under that bush, bet you 
got a tasty cunt."

His bony fingers explored her cunt as he bent forward 
and sucked at one nipple then the other, clamping hard 
down on them with his teeth; he loved the way Jayne 
gurgled in pain.

He looked in to her eyes; "I bet you fuck up nicely, I 
fancy my cock in your hole, do you?" 

Wendy quickly said, "You’ve only paid to watch her 
suck our cunts, fucking her cunt will cost you more."

With his fingers still playing between Jayne's legs he 
said, "You're on, how much for me to fuck her while you 
sit on her face?"

They dragged Jayne over to the sofa and let her fall, 
pulling her until she was in position so that Tara 
could bend her legs over Jayne’s mouth, when her cunt was over Jayne’s mouth she nodded to Wendy who started to twist and pull at Jayne’s nipple’s while her other hand tore at the bush covering Jayne’s abused cunt, her 
screams were muffled by Tanya’s cunt lips, "Stick your 
tongue up it and we will stop hurting you, you might as 
well do it as we will only hurt you more, you don’t 
want me to light a fag and use you as an ashtray or is 
pain that gets you off?”

A pathetic "Noooo," had Jayne sticking her tongue in to 
the revolting hole stuck over her mouth. Winnie moved 
for the man to push Jayne’s legs apart and push in to 

Some of the feeling had come back to Jayne’s body, this 
time she could feel him in her, he was bigger than 
Michael, the ugly old man was fucking her hard, very 
hard, Wendy started spanking the teacher's ass as he 
fucked in to the beautiful drugged woman.

As Tanya pushed her self back down covering Jayne’s mouth again Michael screamed down the phone, "Enjoy it you fucked up bitch," he joined in the rape by taunting her and screaming obscenities at her but when he heard the old man yelling, "I’m coming, I’m coming."

Tanya moved back and squeezed Jayne’s cheeks in hard so her lip’s parted, Wendy took the mans cock in her hand and wanked him into Jayne’s mouth, the man held on to the women's shoulder’s as she held his cock centimetres inside the quivering lip’s, suddenly he let out a cry.

Both women grinned as they watched the old man cum 
into Jayne’s mouth, Wendy shouted down the phone, "Your bitch’s mouth is full of cum."

Michael shouted back, "Swallow it all you bitch, make her 
swallow it,” the old man rammed his cock hard into her 
mouth again and again.

Jayne twisted her head from side to side trying not to 
choke, the old man finished himself off by slapping her 
face with his limp cock, as they got off her she 
slipped off the sofa and vomited his filth out.

Day Two:

Jayne laid on the floor with a towel under her as the man 
shaved her, making sure no hair was left anywhere.

The woman moved back on to Jayne’s tit’s then up kissing her full on the mouth, Jayne, trying to avoid pain, 
thought she should respond and kissed her back, the 
woman screamed, "Get hold of this lesbian bitch and 
take her to the games room," the man grabbed her pony-
tail, dragged her up and pushed her towards a wooden 

They both pushed in behind her, and dragged her to the 
floor, she sat on her back while he tied straps to her 
leg’s, then they took the cuffs off, tied each wrist, 
she got off as a whirring sound filled the room, Jayne’s 
limbs moved upwards pulling her off the floor, she 
screamed in pain.

Jayne dangled three feet off the floor, face down with 
her arms and legs spread-eagled, the woman slid under 
her and clamped weight’s to both nipples, Jayne was still 
screaming as two more weights were attached to her 
clit, she started to black out as the man pushed her, 
she swung back and forth.

Jayne thought her arms would pull out of their socket’s 
as he pushed her with a finger up her cunt, as she 
swung he put another and then another until he was 
finger fucking her with three finger’s, Jayne kept taking 
deep breath’s trying to keep her wit’s alive.

The woman left and voices could be heard, lots of 
voices, suddenly the door opened and in rushed 
laughing, grinning naked men, Jayne screamed as the men surrounded her groping and spanking her defenceless body.

The woman was amongst them, she took Jayne’s hair pulled up and rubbed her wrinkled small tit’s all over the 
hanging woman's tear stained face until she bent and 
tongued Jayne’s mouth to the cheers of the onlooker’s.

They all took it in turns to pose for pictures with the 
helpless woman doing anything they liked to her, Jayne 
counted fourteen men and three women, mostly old, one 
of the oldest held his cock towards the old woman, 
"Come on be a hostess and suck this." 

Her husband pushed her saying, "Go on show us how it’s 

She scrambled down in front and started to suck, 
everybody was drinking and cheering, poking her as Jayne hung there listening to the slurping noise’s she was making, then he pulled out, "O K, you got me going, let me at the cow," he went behind Jayne, the other’s began chanting, "Rape her--Rape her--Rape her, the man thrust his cock into Jayne’s dry cunt, gripped on to her ass cheeks hard and swung her onto him then furiously raped her.

Jayne screamed and pleaded with them to stop but they 
kept cheering him on, Jayne gritted her teeth which 
helped muffle the cries, she heard him shout, "I’m 
coming, I’m coming but he pulled out only to have 
another one rush in and take his place.

For over an hour fourteen different sized cocks 
ravished Jayne’s cunt but for some unknown reason no one came in her. Her nipples were in agony with the weights jerking around during the rapes; it kept her from 
passing out. She was lowered from the ropes she lay on 
the floor begging them to stop, but no, the woman 
dragged her to her knees and men bound her wrists to 
her ankles.

They dragged her to the settee and her head was pulled 
back, trapped between the woman's thighs. A strap gag 
was fitted to Jayne’s mouth there was a hole in it and a 
funnel was pushed down until it was lodged in her 

Her eyes grew wider as she watched two women go amongst the men picking them and making them line up, the first one came over to Jayne, lent on the back of the settee with his cock on the edge of the funnel, the first 
woman wanked him into the funnel. He smiled down at Jayne as he shot his cum into the top, this went one until 
both women had wanked ever man into the funnel; each 
one grunting till he had watched his cream slide down 
knowing Jayne could do nothing but allow their filth in 
to her stomach.

Jayne, now nothing more than a rag doll for them to play 
with, was untied and dragged to her feet, they strapped 
a rubber dildo on to her, pulled her over to a big 
table were ropes hung from the ceiling, Jayne wrists were tied, dragged up and secured, the woman from the settee laid on the table in front of her, wrapped her legs 
around Jayne and screamed," Fuck me bitch, fuck me."

As Jayne had big tit’s her nipples stood proud, the pain 
off the weight’s bouncing around was excruciating, she 
wanted to scream in agony as she pushed in and out of 
the woman, she tried to keep the ones on her cunt 
between her leg’s, the woman screamed, "Faster, 
faster," Jayne could hardly stand as she pushed into her, 
thankfully to the cheers of the on-lookers she came.

Before Jayne could relax another woman took her place, at first she laid back but as soon as the rubber cock was 
in she sat up, playing between Jayne’s leg’s pulling at 
the weights then began kissing, licking and shoving her 
tongue in Jayne’s mouth.

She pulled away and mumbled, "Come on baby, fuck my 
hole or I’ll rip your cunt off," she gripped on to 
Jayne’s ass and pulled her on to her while pulling her 
ass cheeks wide calling on any man to join them.

Jayne voice almost gone with screaming pleaded, "Noooo," to late a man was already shoving his cock in her asshole, Jayne began to pass out but it didn’t matter to them, as he fucked her ass the rubber cock went into 
the woman, Jayne was now hanging there lifeless, 
sandwiched between them but it didn’t stop the pack of 
perverts from using her.

The first man came in Jayne’s ass but the woman hadn’t 
had an orgasm, she screamed, "For fuck sake some-one 
else fuck the bitch’s ass, keep her going, I’m ready to 
cum.” Another man soon began raping Jayne’s rectum, he too came before the woman was satisfied, so another man had to take over fucking Jayne’s ass, as the woman 
finally came, She laughed as she told the other women 
this is the only way to come.

Nine men and three women later Jayne was unconscious but  it didn’t stop them, the strap on was removed and her  legs put on the table and secured, her ass was hanging off so they could take it in turns to sit on a chair 
under her and lower her ropes until they could impale 
ether of her holes on their cocks then pull her up and 
down as they sat there enjoying themselves.

After these men enjoyed her everybody said it was time 
to abuse her in a different way, she was taken down 
then her hands and ankles were tied behind her a pole 
put through them and then she heard that whirring motor 
again and she was lifted like a sack, spinning round 
and round people pulling on her nipples, jerking the 
weights to make her moan and the men could have free 
access to her cunt using dildo’s and vegetables to fill 
both of them.

The fun went on for another half hour until some 
started to drift away leaving a few with Jayne, there 
were about seven men left in the room, they took the 
weights off, her cunt and ass were leaking juice so 
they decided it would be fun rape her mouth again.

Jayne was in a bad state now and they started to 
panic, they called Wilson, he sent people to pick her up and take her home to her husband, Michael was warned 
not to say anything to any one.

He looked at her lifeless body, as he removed the red dress and the stockings, then he bathed her, he laid her on the bed and lay beside her.

About two hours later she came round staring at the 
ceiling, Michael couldn’t take his eye’s off her bald 
cunt he bent down and kissed it he couldn’t help it his 
tongue flicked out, he licked it, Jayne looked at him and 
smiled, he was being so gently and she was at home so 
she let him.

To her surprise her cunt was still aroused she cried 
out his name and orgasmed for the first time with her 

He crawled up beside her, Jayne just  wrapped her arms around him and fell into a deep sleep.

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