Rise of the Maut'ii

Rise of the Maut'ii Rise of the Maut'ii

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


This is a story about a race of beings in search of human sperm in order to find the ancient seed that they had planted in humans thousands of years ago. This race of beings - the maut'ii - plan on finding the ancient seed in order to create a race of super beings.


This is a story about a race of beings in search of human sperm in order to find the ancient seed that they had planted in humans thousands of years ago. This race of beings - the maut'ii - plan on finding the ancient seed in order to create a race of super beings.


Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012





Rise of the Maut’ii

By Victor Sullivan


It was a dark night. The stars were barely visible, as the sunlight reflected from the full moon was bright. A light breeze was blowing over the desertous region, causing the sand to dance in the air, low to the ground. As far as the eye could see, the Earth was covered with blue-lit sand; no sign of civilization.

Out of the dark sky appeared a great ship: a large vessel, dark in appearance and with many strange markings that seemed illegible. The ship touched down on the soft sand, crushing under it the wolf that had been howling at the full moon, the only creature breaking the silence of the dark night. Now, the ship rested and the night was quiet again, the silence screaming its dominance.

The door, large enough to fit a big city bus through, opened and a being appeared; metallic in appearance he was, one could hear the material of his makeup clashing with itself. He stood just outside the door for a few minutes, looking over the vast emptiness of the desert. Silence echoed throughout the land, as if he had landed on a planet with no life. The metallic being, his eyes glowing red, spoke with a voice as deep as anyone had ever known, and in a language that was not understood. And the existence fell silent again.

The silence was broken once again, as the signal from this ship was picked up by a communications satellite in space and the metallic being’s words were repeated again through the satellite, this time translated into English: “The Maut’ii shall rule again.”






The classroom, a little over half filled with students, echoed the silence of students but the silence was broken as the professor gave out his lecture for the day—an everyday agenda that he had gotten so used to that it was second nature for him to talk the way he taught.

“Technology!” yelled Dr. Don Greensburg as he looked enthusiastically at his mostly young and somewhat lost students. “Technology is what brings change and technology is what makes history!” The old professor was enthusiastic and very energetic about the subjects he taught—quite possibly the most enthusiastic and, in some students’ opinion, the most entertaining of all instructors because of his highly sarcastic and straight-forward styles of teaching. But the students, on the other hand, were quite different, or rather, more attune to the norms of the society in which they lived; just getting by with the minimal efforts, without trying to discover the things that required a little more effort on their part and were more rewarding. Quite ironic to today’s lecture, the students of the class were half attentive, as they had their eyes buried in their tech savvy cell phones and iPods. This is what the social structure of the community had come to; the 21st century brought with it a society that communicated through a virtual world—through the internet.

“Technology makes our life mundane,” emphasized Dr. Greensburg, “it makes you a sad being, rendering you incapable of enjoying anything else.”

The students looked up, nodding their heads in agreement, but that was only to show the professor that they were paying attention. Then they went back to their phones. Hypocrites.

But not all of them were that way. Devlin sat in the back and disagreed with what Dr. Greensburg had said. He usually disagrees with most philosophies. His professors say that he always questions authority.

“But one should also enjoy sadness, Doc,” he spoke with confidence, “for there is a certain joy that is only brought by sadness, a joy that happiness can never give. One should experience sadness in all its totality, enjoying every moment of it.”

The students and the professor looked at him in amazement, as a normal person would not say such a thing.

“Happiness has its own qualities,” he continued, “and sadness has its own. One cannot gain these different kinds of joy from just happiness. And until one enjoys both, without any regrets, one’s life is not complete. Then we realize that when we can enjoy sadness too, the sadness starts to disappear.”

“You have strange thoughts, Devlin,” interrupted the professor, “but sadness should be feared, not enjoyed.”

“Fear is also in a similar boat with sadness,” answered Devlin. “Everyone has fears, just like everyone has two hands. Fear is a natural instinct. Fear is always there: one should accept it. Then suddenly it disappears. If a child is afraid to go in the dark, he or she is told to be brave.” He started with an example, “as a natural instinct, the fear wants to come out. But the child is forced to be brave. The child endures through the darkness but his or her whole being is ready to tremble, yet the child suppresses it. If the child was not forced to be tense and not forced to be brave, he or she would have gone through the darkness, afraid—and perhaps crying. But at the end of the experience, the child would have learned that there was nothing to worry about. The child would have learned that he or she does not need to be afraid of the dark—the experience showed the child that. But suppressed, the child never gets to experience the fear of darkness in its totality; sure, the child learns to hide his or her fear but never gets anything out of it. Wisdom comes through suffering and wisdom comes through acceptance.”

As the professor was about to reply, he realized that it was time to dismiss the class. So he gave Devlin a smile and told the class to have a good day.

Kayla caught up to him while walking down the hall as he got out of the classroom.

“Hey, you wanna grab some late night dinner tonight?” she asked him with glittering eyes, full of hope. She knew of his unique ideas but she liked his company.

“Sure. I’ll pick you up after class.”







They were just taking a walk around the campus at approximately 1:30 in the morning. They were not supposed to be on campus. But he never cared for the restrictions put on him. His whole philosophy was to be as free as possible: to do what he wanted to do.

Just walking on the grass during early hours of the lovely morning, they saw an orange light in the sky. It must have been about 200 to 300 feet in the air; the surface was orange, pulsating, beautiful, and flowing like water. They observed the object for about a minute and a half before it completely vanished from their view.

It was chilly outside and the light from the full moon was shining bright—it gave everything a certain bluish glow. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye in the area of the art building. At first he did not make anything of it. But he was drawn towards the art building, her with him.

And then, a bright flash. In less than a second, everything was covered in a bright white glow and they too faded within the glow. The glow disappeared, and they with it.

All they remembered was being sucked up by the blue light into the alien spaceship. And finally, they both had the memories; the biologically encoded memories of a great race, and ancient race that came to the planet earth and created human beings for their own purposes. This body of knowledge that filled their brain now overshadowed all ethical, political, or religious beliefs. He had always tried his best to keep these out of his life because of his own philosophies, which seemed in many respects similar to those of the aliens. But a human being can never stray too far from its own kind—humans are biologically programmed not to.

Here they got their first look at the Maut’ii. There were five of them, standing there, looking at Devlin and Kayla—without any movement. And the two of them stood there too, without moving, staring at the strange beings. The leader of the five Maut’ii was introduced as Sirius. Devlin and Kayla were in a hypnotic state, their minds running wild with memories brought on by the Maut’ii—memories of the ancient race. They seemed so familiar to the stories they had heard and read on Earth—memories of the creation of the human race, memories of the attempts to wipe out the entire human race. It was all there, all the same—the only thing missing was God. Instead, it was these beings, these… Maut’ii. As they came back from these detailed mental images, they noticed that Sirius was no longer there; he was gone along with the other four.

They both stood there, thinking about what they had just experienced, thinking if it was real, thinking if that’s how it actually had been. If it were true, everything would change. History would have to rewritten, beliefs, laws, religions, social norms of the world would have to thrown away… it would be a brand new world, a world starting from scratch.

And then they got their first look at her; at Saba. Massive breasts, three in total—two where they would be on a normal human female and another in the middle, just below the two. Platinum blond hair; but they were no ordinary hair. These were tentacle like creatures that moved on their own, with free will. And they were moving wildly, making her hair appear like the waves of the ocean.

Both Devlin and Kayla stood there, amazed at what they were looking at. He had a certain glow in his eyes, as if he had found what he had been looking for. But Kayla… she stood there, looking at the feminine shape, not know what to make of it. She was already shaken by the memories of the ancient race. Saba was absolutely beautiful to her. But her mind had stopped completely, involuntarily, at the sight of Saba’s alien body. His mind had shut down too, something he never thought would happen.

Saba looked at them both as they stood there, staring at Saba in amazement. Before they realized it, they had somehow appeared in a room, naked—both of them. Saba still had on the metal studs and piercings and very small amount of metallic clothing around her breasts and her hip, enough to cover her privates.

And in the center, stood he—Devlin. He was a wise man, of some above average height, skinny but with a hint of lean muscle. Clean shaven, his black hair resembled a spiky crew-cut, and there was a fierce gleam of cock-sure certainty in his smoldering eyes. And his rod… his man meat stood poised, half-erect as if ready at any moment to surge into steely rigidity. His sausage-like cock throbbed, seeming to beckon Saba forward.

As she walked towards the two humans, her metal studs and piercings started to fade away. Only her smooth skin was visible now, along with the little metallic clothing. Saba stood close to him, so close that his nose almost touched her face. His hands moved, without his will, around Saba’s body, reaching her back to take off the top. It disappeared into thin air as it set the alien body free. His hands moved down Saba’s back, feeling every inch of her smooth, thin waist, and reached her ass, removing the final piece of clothing she had left.

He was still in that hypnotic state, as Saba walked him to a chair next to the bed, facing it. He sat down on the chair, and Saba tied his wrists to the arm-rests of the chair. He did not resist—he couldn’t even if he wanted to. And Saba released him of the hypnotic Maut’ii spell that had controlled his mind, bringing his mind back to normal—thinking on its own again. It was running wild again, thinking about so many different things at once. And the first thing he noticed was Saba and Kayla standing in front of him in each other’s arms. He tried to get up but realized that he was tied down to the chair. So he sat there, without any resistance.

Seba leaned down to kiss Kayla, and Kayla melted into that kiss without resistance. Saba’s hands reached up to take purchase in Kayla’s long black silky hair. The tall alien woman then moved down to Kayla’s neck, nipping it gently and eliciting moans from her.

“yesss… please.” Jolts of electricity coursed through her body. Her entire body felt wonderful with Saba’s touch, and she didn’t want any of it to end.

Devlin sat on the chair, watching the two gorgeous bodies touch and kiss each other just a couple feet in front of him. Saba’s scent slammed into him all at once; the aroma of wine and peaches of her sex-musk seemed to enhance his arousal into an intoxication of libido. His shaft throbbed, erect and rigid, begging for a chance to be slammed into a warm pussy. But he was helpless.

Saba had tied him to the chair and cleared his mind of the Maut’ii spell. She wanted make him crave her while he was in a clear thinking state. And she saw that he was aching to grab the blond creatures on her head and make her his bitch. But she also saw that he was trying to control himself. But for how long?

Kayla’s ocean blue eyes locked onto Saba’s sea green. Though Kayla was still in a hypnotic state, nervousness began to creep in over her. But then her lips were seized, and as tongues danced she relaxed once again. Saba pulled her lips away from Kayla’s for a moment to spin Kayla around to take a good look at her creamy flesh. She brought her lips closer to Kayla’s ear and whispered, “You are divine.”

They kissed again, sweetly like they had not a care in the world. Saba worked her way down Kayla’s long neck, kissing and nibbling every inch of flesh.

Devlin sat there, as he was being subjected to a rare form of sexual torture. His higher motivations, his attempts to keep control were being torn away by what was right in front of him—and his mind could only descend deeper into a depraved web of cock-hardening madness.

Kayla was caught unawares when fingers began to roll and squeeze her erect nipples causing a wave of electric pleasure to hit her core and making her back arch. Kayla’s nipples, harder and aching, Saba flicked it with her tongue eliciting further moans from the young black haired human beauty.

All of Kayla’s senses, all of her pleasure was focused on her nipples alone, and she could not think of anything else. Saba’s mouth on her beautiful breasts with pink aureoles and those long alien fingers stroking the flesh were driving Kayla insane with need. Kayla wanted to understand what her body was doing but it was hard to concentrate.

“Spread your legs for me.” Saba made a request.

Kayla did as requested and Saba worked her way down her sexy torso, licking the length of it with her long pink tongue. Saba looked directly into Kayla’s blue eyes as she made her way down to her slit. Kayla felt that wet muscle work its way between her lips and directly to her hole. Going on instinct and pleasure alone, Kayla bent her knees up and spread her legs further apart.

Saba was floored by the amount of juices seeping out of this earthly woman. Saba took joy in knowing that she was the reason for this, and with that she could feel her own wetness.

Their nude bodies exploring each other, as Devlin watched Saba’s pussy engorge before him, lips ripe and ready to receive his phallic intrusion. But he could only watch as his cock enflamed, his mind clouded with rage and lust, and his blood boiled. He tried his best to be stronger, knowing that he would find a way through and ravish the alien tease as no cock had done before! He sat there, as Saba continued with her deliberate sexual torture.

The pressure in Kayla’s lower regions was threatening to explode. She never imagined anything feeling quite so wonderful. She thought she would die from the ecstasy alone. “ohhh… ohh Saba… don’t… don’t stop… please!”

The blond creatures on Saba’s head moved wildly, grabbing and rubbing against Kayla’s thighs. One of them approached the juicy wet pussy that Saba had been enjoying, and as Saba pulled her long tongue out, the tentacle-like creature started to rub against the clitoris.

Saba said in an almost whispering and extremely chilling voice, “cum for me.”

Kayla nodded and gripped the white sheets of the bed in her creamy white fists as Saba’s tongue returned to what it was originally doing. Kayla’s body tensing up and she knew she was holding her breath. She let out a screaming moan as her hips flew off the bed.

Devlin, his cock could never grow any harder; his steely meat rose so high and strong that it seemed suitable for the hook of a coat-rack, surely no wood could be harder than his dick at that moment, caused by what he had just witnessed. But it was not over yet.

After Kayla had enough time to catch her breath, Saba kissed her. Kayla noticed immediately the difference in the taste of that kiss. She pulled away looking at the wetness around Saba’s mouth and chin. She wiped some of it off with her thumb and tasted it herself.

“Do you taste the same?” she asked Saba.

Saba said nothing. Instead, she got off the bed and stood right in front of Devlin, facing him. She bent over, putting her hands on the armrests of the chair that he was sitting on. Kayla, still on the bed, saw the gorgeous green body bent over and she could see her pink pussy lips inviting her to play.

Saba’s face was so close to his, he could have kissed her. But he tried to control himself. Kayla came up behind Saba and slid two firm fingers inside Saba’s pussy and began pumping in and out.

Saba’s back arched with each moan, bending her body even further; as she looked up at Devlin, she could see that rock hard cock craving for attention… even the smallest of attention… perhaps a small touch. That’s all it needed to explode but he tried his best to hold on. He was a man of control and tried his best not to give in to the rare form of sexual torture inflicted by Saba.

Moans and groans, as Kayla pumped her fingers in and out of Saba’s cunt. Saba’s mouth so close to his shaft, he was having a hard time holding it in. Seeing Kayla work her alien cunt and seeing that alien next to his cock, he wanted to beg her to put her lips around his pole.

As Kayla fucked Saba’s soaking wet pussy with her fingers, Saba let out a piercing cry as she fell into an abyss of pleasure. Her body shuddered, and jolts of electricity coursed through her. Panting and trying to catch her breath, she let out a moan directly towards his steel hard member.

And that’s all he needed. As much as he tried to hold it all in, he couldn’t take it any longer. And seeing Saba cum, her warm breath on his cock, he sprayed his load directly to her face. It was too much for him, the scent of her sex-musk.

His human cum still on her face, Saba rose up with a smirk on her face, know she was successful in her attempts.




He sat next to a window in the laboratory, overlooking the beautiful Earth. The lab seemed like a technical room with a multitude of hovering screens. While his mind had been thinking all day about what he had experience with Saba the previous night, the computer nerd in him kept wondering about the amazing technology that was in this room.

“It’s a beginning.” Art’ii said as she stood behind him, looking out the window.

She had long brown tentacle like creatures on her head, just like Saba. But hers were more calm, given in to gravity, yet still moving like the waves of the ocean. She was dressed in a similar manner like Saba, same body structure.

“What are these memories that I keep having in my brain?” Devlin asked her, confused if he should ask such a question. But he had to have the answers. He was desperate to know.

“Thousands of years ago,” Art’ii began the story of the ancient race, “the Maut’ii were struggling with the dwindling atmosphere on Aarhus. Our planet was so far away from our sun that the only way to sustain heat for life to exist was to capture heat produced by the core of Aarhus. But when the atmosphere started to slowly die away, it became harder to capture the heat. Climate started to shift wildly, creatures started to die, the food chain started to drop out of order. The Maut’ii knew that they had to do something fast. Arroyo came up with the idea that the fine particles of Au be mixed with the atmosphere to better trap the heat within it.”

“Gold!” realized Devlin.

“Yes,” she continued, “that was the reason the Maut’ii made your Earth their new work place. So many of us worked hard under your sun, sweating and bleeding to keep like going on our dying planet. Arroyo’s idea was successful, it saved Aarhus, true, but it was hard for those who worked in the mines to dig for gold to be transported back to our planet. The Maut’ii rebelled that the working conditions were hard and that they could no longer work under such harsh environments. Arroyo was consulted once again, now on his death bed. And the wise man suggested that a primitive worker be created. It was years before the Maut’ii were successful in making what Arroyo had envisioned: a creature that was the result of pre human animals and the Maut’ii DNA—a human. Your people were created as a slave race to work for the Maut’ii.”

She waited for him to respond to her story of the ancient race but he sat there looking out the window, without saying anything in return. But his mind went in so many different directions asking so many questions.






Just strolling through the ship, Kayla walked into the armory room where Sirius was. He was in charge of all the Maut’ii weapons. Other Maut’ii men and women walked about the room, some noting things on electronic devices, others carrying boxes from one place to another.

“What’re you doing here?” Sirius noticed Kayla as soon as she walked in.

She looked around, amazed at the weapons that were at display in the large room. “I was just…”

“If it wasn’t for your precious Devlin,” he interfered before she could finish, “everything would have been perfect. The way it was supposed to be.”

“I am not sure what you mean.”

He looked at her curiously for a while without saying anything. “What is so great about you?” he asked as he walked around Kayla, looking at her up and down. “I am the best, the strongest of the Maut’ii. Any Maut’ii girl would kill to be with me. But she chose him—that mere human, a slave!”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Devlin! Saba was mine. That was a given. But soon as she learned of him, his way of life, she’s been out of her mind.” Sirius got very close Kayla’s face as he finished his words.

He backed off as Saba walked into the room. Kayla walks over to the newest guest in the room, still fearing her but more afraid of Sirius.

“What do you want of us?” Kayla gathered up enough courage to ask Saba this much.

“Sephiroth put me in charge of your case,” Saba began as she slowly walked towards Sirius. “I am the most desired of all my people. I can mate with any Maut’ii I choose.” She said as she turned around and pushed her three breasted chest forward, showing her beauty. “But I chose Devlin to fill me with his humanly seed.

“We Maut’ii have come to your planet in search of the ancient seed. Our women will breed with your men in hopes that the seed implanted within you humans by the ancient race might show up in the offspring produced so that we may create a race of super soldiers to take anything we need and want in order to feed our once again dying world. Wise Arroyo’s genetic code, if found, can grant us the strength that our race once possessed.

“Yes, free sex for you humans, anytime you want, all that you want… and more… more than you can handle. But once a human releases his sperm into a Maut’ii woman, he belongs to the Maut’ii. He wants more of it. He becomes our property in totality: body, soul, power, and loyalty.

“As for your Devlin… his views are different from other humans. I like it. I can see high sexual productivity in him.”

“So why not have him when you had the chance last night?” Kayla interrupted her, “he was there for the taking… helpless.”

Saba laughed. “I wanted his beefy cock more than any man could want pussy. But I controlled myself. And he was trying to control himself. I knew he craved me as much as I craved him. But I wanted to break his control—and I did.”

Kayla listened in amazement, making a note of every word Saba had uttered. She had gotten the answers to all her questions… all but one: why had the Maut’ii captured her? Surely she couldn’t produce sperm that they could use. So she asked, “what about me?”

Saba scanned her body from top to bottom with her eyes and answered, “you should thank Devlin that you haven’t been killed by now. After all, I don’t want to piss off my favorite human. And besides… you did great last night. Made my job easier.”

Saba exited the door and Kayla followed. Sirius stared at them as they left and then at the door for a long time after they had left. Saba would never give him a chance and he would realize to deal with it.







They were both present in the same room again. Saba was also there.

Saba walked slowly towards them, saying, “So much better… after a man suffers a severe withdrawal reaction… when he craves me more than his own life… his own sanity. I knew you would try to resist your normal male urges. But all the more better for me, as you now feel the pangs of addiction that men of all species suffer when they flee the Maut’ii.”

They were both naked, as they were the previous night when they were there. Saba ran the back of her long alien fingers down his cheek and he got chills in his entire body. Her metallic clothing began to disappear.

“This is what I crave,” Saba continued, “a man so desperate for my body, so maddened with lust to unleash his shaft in my cunt that he has abandoned himself to the dark side.”

All three of them were now naked. Devlin knew she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. He mounted the sultry alien like a crazed, male grizzly bear at the height of the mating season. With a single thrust, he had rammed himself in the hottest reaches of Saba’s cunt.

Saba pulled Kayla to the bed, as she was bent over it by Devlin. With her legs spread, Kayla lost herself in the pleasure as Saba inserted her long tongue in her tight pussy.

They began to move against each other, a cacophony of moans, snarls and grunts coming from their throats. His hinds moved slowly up her slim figure and around to her melons; engorging nipples digging into my palm like cut diamonds.

Saba’s tongue penetrated the deepest reaches of Kayla’s tight pussy. Her hips moving wildly up and down and against Saba’s face, asking her to give her more. One of the blonde creatures on her head approached her white creamy hot slit and replaced Saba’s tongue while another started to rub Kayla’s clit in circles and yet a third penetrated between her ass cheeks. As the three blonde creatures worked themselves in and out of her tight holes, Kayla grabbed the bed sheets in her white fists.

Devlin pumped his cock in and out of Saba’s cunt, and her pussy grabbing and sucking his cock. Now it was Saba who had lost all control.

Time and space vanished as their mating accelerated. He felt a strong pleasant scent as Saba reached her orgasm. Kayla had already let out her juices; the blonde creatures still playing with her clit as she spasmed against them.

His arousal erupted like a bucking bronco, and all reason was consumed by a white, creamy firestorm that blazed uncontrollably from his cock past the moist and warm flesh of Saba’s pussy. There was no way to know how much time had passed; he only knew that his cock had been licked clean.







He gave in to the Maut’ii traps. He fell victim to Saba’s lustrous attacks. But he was not alone… the entire planet Earth had been seduced. The entire planet was now populated by men wanting more and more Maut’ii women to impregnate. And there were plenty.

No other human females were to be seen, as they all were abandoned by men and killed by the Maut’ii… no human female except for Kayla. They spared her, because of Devlin. They both ran the operations with Saba, giving the Maut’ii as much human sperm as they possibly could in hopes that they will find the ancient seed and leave planet Earth. It was clear that the Maut’ii will rise again…

© Copyright 2019 Victor Sullivan. All rights reserved.

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