Susan’s lovely tush

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Susan wakes up to John’s warm wet tongue on her tush...


Susan’s Tush...Oh, My!


Susan was dead to the world until a warm, slathering tongue started where here buttocks gave way to the crack of her ass. She awoke on her tummy, legs slightly spread, enjoying the warm, wet caresses my tongue was making on her gorgeous tush. Susan started a soft mewling as I licked both of her asscheeks, gradually getting nearer to her inviting nether regions. ‘Spread ‘em, Susan, I have more places to explore,’ I whispered. ‘OMG! John! How did you end up lapping my butt?’ ‘I thought I heard you say ‘I’d like you to lick my tush.’ ‘Ahhhhhh, keeriste, that feels so nice. And where else do you intend to go, John?’ ‘Like I said, Susan, spread ‘em...’


She didn’t take much persuading as she spread her gorgeous, sinewy legs fully open. I didn’t waste any time. My slippery tongue sought out and landed on her hairless rosebud that caused her to buck a bit. I licked her up and down and finally ended up probing her goopy cunt. Lordy, she tasted good! My hardened penis was close to spewing a load of cum onto the sheets which Susan must have somehow detected. ‘My turn, stud muffin...roll over so I can lap up some precum. Did I say how much I enjoy waking up this way?!’ 


I rolled over, my rock-hard dick sproinging straight up. And there were a few drops of precum on my shaft. Susan grasped my hard on and took my glans into her soft mouth, beginning to tongue my frenulum. ‘I can stand another lick or two before I spew my jizz , so beware!’ ‘I have a better idea, John. Like yesterday afternoon, just lie there and let me do you.’ 


Susan straddled me and very quickly engulfed my hardness inside the silky folds of her terribly wet pussy. She took all 5 1/2” of me and undulated her pubis back and forth. I just closed my eyes and reveled in her squeezing my cock. ‘Must have been working on you Kegels, you lovely, horny woman. Let me help you get off before I do.’ I fingered her swollen clit, unsheathing it from her hood. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!! Do me faster, John.’ I did, sensing the beginnings of a monstrous orgasm building within her entire body. ‘Oh! Great fuck, John! I’m gonna cum!’ The tidal wave built and swept over Susan’s whole body and soon, her clenching cunt and tummy muscles brought me to the edge. My hot sperm flooded her pussy as she kept rocking on top of me. My last ooze found its way inside her wet warmth, and a breathless Susan collapsed on top of me.


‘Oh, my, John! That’s the best fucking we’ve ever, ever enjoyed! Almost as good as when I took you on the beach that summer when we were just 19! Remember that?!’ How could I forget? Her hand up the trunks of my bathing suit, finding my hardened cock for the very first time with her strong fingers. ‘We oughta try that again, for old times sake. How about this afternoon when the sun warms things up on the beach? It’s only a quarter mile from here.’ ‘Hold that thought while I clean you up.’ Lordy, I knew what that entailed! I felt her hair ticking my thighs as she licked up our juices. 


After a bit, I softened up, eyes closed in absolute rapture. To be continued...

Submitted: April 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Very wet. All rights reserved.

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DAMN. The perfect way to start the dy. A simltaniou orgasm can't be beat y anythin A hard cock spewing Inside of a hot wet pussy. Better than an alarm clock
Lucky guy and gal.

Fri, April 2nd, 2021 3:59am


They both are salivating thinking a about their time on the secluded beach....thank you for your libidinous commment!

Fri, April 2nd, 2021 4:13am

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