The blacksmith`s son Chapter 2

The blacksmith`s son Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



He had felt her breasts in his hands, caressed her,lost himself in her. Done everything that never should have happened. this would be the death of him, if he did not stop this now he could risk being killed. how can the young couple stay away from eachother? how can they deny the obvios atraction? get the exciting and thrilling sequel here>!



He had felt her breasts in his hands, caressed her,lost himself in her.
Done everything that never should have happened.

this would be the death of him, if he did not stop this now he could risk being killed.

how can the young couple stay away from eachother? how can they deny the obvios atraction? get the exciting and thrilling sequel here>!

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He had felt her breasts in his hands, caressed her,lost himself in her. Done everything that never should have happened. this would be the death of him, if he did not stop this now he could risk being killed. how can the young couple stay away from eachother? how can they deny the obvios atraction? get the exciting and thrilling sequel here>!

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every time he gently stroke his fingers down her waist she would giggle, she had a sweat spot just in the end of her shoulders and the beginning of her neck, he kissed her gently and slowly worked himself down to her breasts and ended up in her true sweet spot.

She would lender herself to him, yield before even trying.

if he knew how his voice made her tremble, how his hands felt on her skin. if he could be inside her head and feel whatever she was experiencing, she wanted to share everything with him words, feelings,body, mind.

Under the banjan tree the world stood still, they where invincible. when the sun went down and all the colors played over the sky, The reality set in.

when he came home the heavy thoughts where printed on his face, his father where sitting on the wooden bench holding his favorite cup filled with beer. Every evening his father would relax and drink after a long hard day of work, usually that was the time they would make jokes and talk about anything together.

But this night his son seemed pensive, " there is the man of the hour! where have you been!? missed you when the Clearwater`s where here! 3 wagons, one wagon with 4 horses, guess how much work that gave me! and if you would have been here when all the dung had to be cleaned up i would have given you a beer to but i guess you where just to busy being gone you didn't have time to help out your good ol`dad!"

suddenly remembering his promise to his dad, with both of his hand on his face he pleaded " I AM SOO SORRY!" still talking with both of his hands in front of his face " I totally forgot, i will make it up to you! I will take all the jobs in the shop tomorrow so you can relax!

His father was calm, he had this lurk on his face like he was just playing with him. " calm down son! no harm done, sure I`m an old man but these baby`s still work" flexing his arms while He smiles.

His father got up and started fumbling around in the kitchen, after a few seconds he came back with a cup of beer and sat it in front of him," is there something bothering you? you seem kind of off" his father said while he leaned back and chugged down the rest of the beer.

" Now go get your father a cup of beer!" he couldn't no anything other than laugh, he loved his father he meant everything to him.

he thought about what his father asked him and tried to find the right words, " I don't know, i should be happy but instead i feel..he stopped for a sec and tried to find the words.

His father could see that this was not some boy/Man related problem, still smiling he said. " this Problem couldn't have anything to do with a specific girl could it?"

a bit surprised he smiled back and tried not to look his father in the eyes. " well there is this girl.." his father laughed and interrupted him. " son pleas! i have been watching you to sending winks and looks at each other for the past to weeks! as a father and a fellow Man i know when there is something up with my own son!

Feeling a bit caught on guard he looks down on the floor, he wondered if his father had busted them that easy if there where anyone else ho had seen it.

Maybe it would be okay, maybe they could be together?

Even though he had a few laughs with his father he couldn't shake this feeling trundling deep in his stomach.

They had a great time and he loved spending time with her, but he could not risk everything his father and he had built together just for one girl. His father could not manage all this by his own, there was no way he would risk this for her. arguing with himself he realized he was in love, this was not the way he wanted things to work out.

Her steps echoed in the large stone hall leading in to the main living area in the castle, she knew her father would be sitting at the table drunk beyond belief, and her mother sitting in her sewing chair waiting for her to come in so she could load all the crap about her father on to her. She was so sick of them both, they where pathetic in her eyes! And every day that went by she could take the just al little less.

her mother looked at her with content " where have you been young lady!? me and your father." she looked at him almost sleeping with his hand still holding the glass of whine. her mother stuttered and said " well I have been worried about you! your father is to much of a drunken fool to even keep him self awake!" there she was in the first sentence she manages to start the complaining, she took a long breath and said " MOTHER! stop it i do not want to sit here and listen to your whimpering again!" leaving the room before her mother even got to say anything more " I`m going to bed, GOD NIGHT!".

when she got up to her room her friend and chamber maid was sitting in her sewing chair, "hello Miss this is a little late for a young woman to be out and about isn`t?" looking at here with a smile hid in the corner of her eyes.

She knew that she was just concerned, in many ways she was more of a mother to her than anyone." that`s none of your concern is it?, your just a chamber maid to me nothing else" she said withe the laughter not far away.

the chamber maid looked at her and laughed wholeheartedly, threw her sewing kit away and slowly went over to the bed she was sitting, she sat down beside her and held both her arms around her," now tell me child how was you day?; did you see some nice flowers at the square?"

she smiled at the old lady and said " well i did more then just watch, we met! i talked with him and we.."

the chamber maid looked at her with big eyes" you did what now you said!"

"you better watch what you are saying now young lady or you may give an old woman a heart attack!"

she avoided the chamber maid`s harsh look and tried to find the right way to tell her " well..we kind of ehh, OH! pleas don't make me tell you this!" the chamber maid jumped out of bed, making some weird harsh noises or words in a foreign language.

the chamber maid did this every time she had done something that was not acceptable or wrong. " you better be talking about kissing young lady!" she said while poking her finger straight at her.

she wanted to shrink to the size of a mouse and run out of the room, but at the same time she got mad and got this great urge to defend herself. "NO! Now you listen to me you old woman i am not a child! i do as I pleas, and you are not my mother, i have a mother that is supposed to take care of me but that is not the case so i have to take care of my self! You do not need to make this harder than it is, I`m in love with this young man and i don't think i can see him again. He is a blacksmith, he is way under my social standard!" her voice starting to crack up and she went back and forth looking at her hands "his hands, his hands on me are imprinted on my skin i can still feel him caressing me, holding me!" to broken apart to even stand on her feet she fell down on the floor, holding her head with both of her hands subbing quietly.

The chamber maid gently picked her up from the floor and guided her to the bed, she laid beside her and stroke her hair away from her face.

"My lady, My lady look at me. you need to look at this a different way, when the the winter is over and we are again at summer the king to be is to be marry you, at least you got to experience true love before giving you hand in marriage."

she was sobbing even more now, her whole body just curled up with her knees under her chin.

the sun barely rising behind the mountains he could feel the varm rays stroking his face, he had been restless all night barely getting any sleep, and the times he did sleep he would only dream of her and their encounter. flash back hit him hard! Quick breathing and her muffled moans in his ears, kissing her breasts the sweet sensation of his member inside her!

he tried to think of something else, washed his face with cold water and went on down to the kitchen, his father was already up and walking.

"God morning son had a god night sleep?" he was subbing his feet and just looking down at the floor, went over to the chair and let himself fall down on it " no what tipped you off?" his father looked at him with that smile again " well usually you are not that vocal when you sleep, or restless for that matter". he chuckled a bit while eating his bread.

Embarrassed he looked down again and tried to ignore his fathers facial expressions:

He knew he had to talk to her at some point, he was scoping for her at the square, but she was late .

she was never late, maby she had taken to her senses and had decided to call everything of and never see him again.

it was for the best, he knew that he could not see her anymore but still his eyes glanced over at the flower cart, hoping she would show up.

she could see him working from afar.

she was unsure and afraid of his reaction, would he say the same thing she had been thinking. instead of going to the flower cart she went behind the blacksmith shop and tried to get his attention.

he felt this small stones hitting him in the back, thinking it was his father he quickly turned around and said " You old foo..." there she was looking at him with those big brown eyes, her hair flowing nicely in the cool morning breeze.

she pointed with her fingers and said in a low voice " i need to talk to you!" he knew he had to blow her off at some point but that did not mean that he could not be polite.

he discreetly slipped behind the wall, he took her hand and guided her to the backside of the shop.

her hand fit so perfectly in his, he tried to contain himself but no matter how hard he tried her neck and hand an chest was really making it impossible. He could smell her hair, and all he wanted to do was to pull her close and smell her, taste her.

she started of trying to give him a hub but it all became very uncomfortable, heads bumping in to each other and well it just didn't work out.

he watched her while she got all pink in her cheeks, his mind was telling him how he needed to just end it all while his heart just wouldn't listen, the flashbacks started up again and before he could think twice he was holding her tightly, closer and closer it was never close enough he wanted more, his member growing for each kiss he wanted her and he wanted her now!

she was to caught up in him to even catch her breath, she could feel the tension building up the tingling in her lower abdomen was making her dizzy, she wanted him too fill her up. eliminate the void in her that just kept growing for every kiss and touch.

He stopped for one second and just started running, still holding her hand she quickly followed.

running down the alley they tried to find the shortest route out of town, every time there was a alley with people they would walk a bit from each other and in every corner they would catch a quick kiss. they could see the Banjan tree.

like the last time he guided her in under the tree, but this time there where no fumbling, she slowly took his shirt of, kissing him and biting him while she massaged him slowly,feeling his cock growing in her hand.

trying to catch a breath he whispered to her in desperation " This is so wrong!" she smiled in a teasing matter and licks him on the neck, moving up to his ear.

Moaning her name, he was pleading for her, she undressed herself slowly and took his hands guiding them over her body, she wanted him inside her to fill her with his now hard and pulsating member, she took his cock in her mouth sucking and swirling her tongue under and over the tip of the head.

his body straining and flexing for everything she did, she loved watching him in a cloud of pleasure he moved with her.

all of a sudden he could not stand it anymore, he needed her he wanted to push her to the edge, wanted to make her surrenders to him and hear her moan his name over and over.

he trumped her under him making sure his cock was firmly stroking her inner thigh, gently pushing the tip of his stake on her sweet spot, pushing it back and forth he could feel her body bending and twisting.

She felt the void getting bigger and bigger, she just wanted to feel him inside her, he gently pushed the tip of his cock inside making her yelp almost crying she muttered " don stop! pleas don't! she desperately clinged herself to him pushing him inside her again, in total submission she begged him " Make me yours! harder! faster!" he uses all of his strength pulling and pushing.

Then he pulls himself out and whispers in her ear " how much do you want me?" she curls her body she is moving in waves just to feel his hard pulsating member.

"no, no pleas don't do this to me! i want you so bad, I`m in pain that is how much i want you!" he takes a hard grab on his cock and swipes it firmly over her hips down right next to her outer lips, she can feel him teasing her, she is almost in tears she moans frequently moving her hips close to him trying to feel him.

he penetrates her with a shock movement and she calls out his name, he quickly takes a hand over her mouth and whispers in her ear " i love the way you use my name, but you have to keep you voice down". she responds with her eyes closed and a raspy voice " i know i know, but i just cant, you have to help me if you are gonna keep this up" biting him in his fingertips while rocking with him.

she takes her arms and clings them around his neck, pulls him close to her and starts moving her hips so that he gets pushed further in, she can feel him insider her filling every inch of her. he pulls her harder and closer, her movements are are hypnotizing he has one goal and he is in the homestretch.

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