Silken Dreamscapes

Silken Dreamscapes

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Sleeping beauty... Innocent and fragile... saved by her prince and ever the damsel and the perfect lady... This is beauty in a new light, or rather the absence of light. Beauty in the shadows. Innocence lost... Fangs and blood and some raunchy royal play... The old favorite with a twist. Warning: Erotic Scenes


Sleeping beauty... Innocent and fragile... saved by her prince and ever the damsel and the perfect lady... This is beauty in a new light, or rather the absence of light. Beauty in the shadows. Innocence lost... Fangs and blood and some raunchy royal play... The old favorite with a twist.
Warning: Erotic Scenes


Submitted: December 24, 2013

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Submitted: December 24, 2013



What do you see in the mirror?
What does a mirror see in its own reflection?
A never-ending corridor of glass and hidden within is a world of visual echoes where nothing is what it seems yet everything is true and bared.
Opened to the core, nothing hidden and nothing made simple or safe.
A world of horrors and the obscure that we fear to let the world see we covet;
Where blood and flesh weave together to show the seduction and passion beneath;
A place where Dark Desires come to life, without the rose-tinted glasses of innocence that are used to shield the world from the macabre beneath.

Silken Dreamscapes

Once upon a time…

“The prick of death she shall feel, the touch of darkness she shall find and with it, she shall find death and bring it to others!”

The queen held her daughter to her chest and glared at the woman that stood before her. “Leave now Dalora, your magic has no power here!” the king yelled, brandishing his sword wildly. Dalora laughed darkly, “believe as you wish oh mighty king, but know that on her eighteenth birthday your daughter will die, one way or another.”

The queen turned to her husband with a frown, she too had once been a witch and she was thinking fast. It took her seconds to summon her brethren and the four decided to change Dalora’s spell, to soften it. “Sleep, not death shall be the way and until love’s first kiss, so shall you stay.”

Dalora howled with laughter at their antics. She watched from her lair in the mountains and the hilarity of it all was too much for her. Her magic was darker and stronger than even the four witches to counter and with a smile she warped their spell.

“Thou shall sleep when the sun rises and wake when it sets. Those around you shall sleep the sleep of eternal death while life will come at a great cost as in the shadow’s grasp you shall remain, until your own demons you can tame!” she grinned broadly. “Enjoy the few years you have little princess for soon you shall be mine.”


The shadows of the castle fled from the light of thousands of candles and the large halls echoed with music and laughter for the princess was turning eighteen. No one feared an ancient prophecy and those that did smiled warmly on the prince in their midst. The young princess gave him furtive glances and shy smiles, while he could not take his eyes from her face. None feared, for if sleep should take her, then her true love was near to break the curse, so the party continued.

The prince swung the princess around in his arms; the music hid the hush of whispered voices as all the watchers spoke of how perfect their union would be. The whispers turned to gasps when the princess turned away from her prince.

Her eyes searched the hall and settled on the tall figure of the man who had entered it. His dark hair fell on broad shoulders and his sharp features combined to create a face that could steal the breath from any maiden. His blue eyes shone like sapphires though there was no torch near enough to light them. His gleaming eyes were fixed on the princess and his sculpted lips curled into a wicked smile.

The newcomer walked determinedly towards her and held out his hand. She placed her dainty white fingers in his palm and the forgotten prince turned away in anger.

The gentleman’s cape flared out behind him as he swept her into his arms. He twirled her around the floor, hearing music that none of the others present could hear. When he spoke, his voice caressed her like the softest velvet. “My dear, I have waited many years for you.” Her violet eyes fluttered, “but who are you sir?” he laughed and the music in her mind throbbed louder, she felt drunk with it, with him and she smiled. “So beautiful, my darling,” he whispered, his lips against her ear. “I am yours.” “Yes,” she whispered. “But who are you, your name sir?”

“My name?” he said with a chuckle. “Call me Valken and know that I was yours from the moment of my birth.” The princess swayed in his grasp, her head felt heavy and her eyes were closing. “Perhaps you are weary my lady?” “Yes, very.” “Should I escort you to your chambers?” “Please sir.”


No one spoke as the stranger led the princess to her chambers, it seemed they couldn’t. The forgotten prince was already headed away, still fuming. The gentleman knew all of this and he smiled as the princess followed him, meek as a lamb and just as innocent.

The innocent were always the best for him and the princess was as innocent as he had ever seen. He lifted her in his arms and laid her down on the massive bed. “What is your name princess?” he asked, though why he could not know. “Aurelia,” she said. He frowned, her name meant golden and the thought made him unsure for the first time. He kissed her forehead and smiled. “Good night sweet princess.” She grasped his shirt and pulled him towards her. “Don’t leave,” she whispered and her lips found his.

It was the first time a woman had ever kissed him like that, she was no longer under the influence of his powers, yet she still wanted him to stay. Valken eased himself onto the bed and his eyes widened when she pushed her body up against his.

“Don’t princess,” he said. “You don’t want this; I am an evil thing lady.” She shook her golden head, “you’re sad.” His eyes widened further still and he shook his head. “I am not sad lady.” “I know you are, but it doesn’t matter, I want this and I know you will give me what I want.”

He shook his head because she was right. Her slim fingers unlaced his shirt and breeches while he kicked off his boots. She stood with her back to him and he unlaced the ties of her dress. He stared in awe at the sight of her creamy skin while the satin pooled around her feet. He ran a finger down her spine and kissed the small of her back. She giggled and he felt himself harden at the sweetness of the sound. Every encounter he had had with women had been magically forced. For the first time it was real and he planned to make the most of it.

Valken turned her around and savoured the sight of her. Her body was voluptuous and her curves made him groan, while her breasts begged to be caressed. He ran his fingers across her skin and her eyes closed at his touch. The look of pleasure on her face filled him with lust. He pulled her towards him and kissed her belly, slowly moving up across her body and covering her with gentle kisses.

Aurelia laced her fingers into his hair and watched as his lips moved across her skin. She stroked the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders, feeling the heat building and the moisture dampening her thighs. “Aurelia, I cannot wait any longer,” he growled. “Nor I Valken.”

He lifted her into his arms again and placed her on the bed. Her nails raked his chest as he leaned over her. His mouth found her breasts and she groaned at the gentle nipping of his teeth. She could feel the stone cold hardness of him throbbing against her thighs and she opened them. His hips fit perfectly between them and he slid himself into her body. He met resistance for a moment and she cried out as her innocence was broken.

Valken realised what had happened and he was filled with tenderness for her. Aurelia sighed as the pain was swept away with his first thrust. His movement was gentle and calm and easy and her body rocked beneath his. He kissed her deeply and his tongue slipped into her mouth. She moaned as it entwined with her own while his body lay slick and covered in a thin film of sweat between her legs. Her body couldn’t contain the emotions flooding through her and she felt herself explode in a rush around him. He cried out her name and she felt him shudder within her.


Valken held her tightly to his chest. If she knew who he really was then she would hate him and he knew it. “What’s bothering you?” she whispered. He looked down into her violet eyes and smiled. “I have to leave soon.” “Stay with me,” she said in a plaintive tone. “I can’t.” “Why not?” “You would hate me if you knew.” “Try me.” “Do you know about the witch that cursed you?” “Yes, Dalora. What about her?” “She’s my mother.” Her eyes widened for a moment and she smiled. “You were supposed to carry out her curse weren’t you?” he nodded shamefaced. “It’s alright; I don’t blame you or hate you.” Valken stared at her in awe and kissed her lips. “I could never harm you.” “Is there anything else?” she asked.


“Yes, there is as a matter of fact,” the voice that spoke was not Valken’s and Aurelia sat up sharply. A man stood by the window and his eyes glowed red in the shadows. “Young Valken is a vampire, aren’t you brother?” Valken snarled, “Aric what are you doing here?” he growled. “I’m here to see you do as you were told,” he smiled coldly. “Or I am to do it for you…”

Valken came to his feet in one swift movement and propelled himself across the room. His hand wrapped around Aric’s throat and he snarled viciously. Aurelia glimpsed a set of sharp fangs in his mouth and she had a perfect view of Aric’s when he laughed. “You think you’re a match for me little brother?” he snarled. Aurelia screamed as Valken was thrown across the room.

He came to his feet as fast as he had fallen and growled at his brother. Aurelia felt the golden light of dawn coming through the window and she watched as Valken’s flesh began to sizzle. “Now what brother?” Aric asked. “I still have an entire thirty minutes before I must take shelter.” Valken threw himself into the last shadows in the room while Aric walked calmly towards her. His eyes glowed brightly and he bent over her.

She heard Valken scream in fury and agony while Aric’s fangs pierced her throat. Aric was ripped away from her and she watched in horror as Valken grappled with him while his skin burnt in the sunlight. Her scream echoed through the castle as Aric flung Valken away from him and out of the window – into the sunlight.

Aric roared in agony as he reached to grab him but missed. His bellow filled the castle and Aurelia was shocked to find her tears mirrored in his eyes. “Damn my mother,” he shrieked. “Her meddling and revenge has cost my brother his life and made me a killer!” Aurelia climbed to her feet, her heart and throat aching. She walked slowly towards him and touched his shoulder. The massive man span around in fury but she showed no fear. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him hard.

Aric stood still in shock while the girl held him and wept against his shoulder. He held her until she had exhausted herself before putting her into her bed. He walked through the silent castle and shivered at the sight of everyone asleep. His bite had set his mother’s curse in motion and the entire castle slept. He vowed to teach the girl how to live her new life; he wouldn’t leave her to become a monster. Damn his mother and her curse. She had cursed him and Valken both in order to fulfil her plans and now Aurelia was cursed too. He would help her survive as a vampire if it was the last thing that he did.


The funny thing about legends is the fact that no one really believes them. It was the same for Prince Blake when he heard the legends about the sleeping castle. Now that he stood before its gates, he wasn’t so sure. Determination pushed him past the overgrown thorn bushes and rusted gates and to his amazement he found the castle’s inhabitants sleeping. They seemed dead, but they were too well preserved to be lifeless.

He shivered as a cold breeze caught him. The castle had many legends. He was afraid to think they may all be true. It was said that a witch had imprisoned a vampire in the castle and that if anyone ventured inside they could hear his cries. It was also said that only a mortal could free him and that the princess of the castle slept with the rest, waiting for someone to waken her. He hoped that legend was true.

He found the princess asleep in her chamber and the light of the setting sun lit her face. His breath caught in his throat. Over a hundred years she had slept and waited and now he would waken her. He drew back her coverlet and felt himself harden instantly for she was naked beneath the satin cloth.


Aurelia struggled to throw off the vampiric sleep, she smelt fresh blood and she could feel the pawing hands of a human groping at her breasts. To her horror she felt him touching her sex and she could hear the sound of his breeches dropping to the floor.

Fifty years since the last human had entered the castle, seventy since the fateful night where Dalora had come to the castle. In a rage she had sealed Aric in a tomb in the dungeons and created the magical thorns that kept vampires from leaving. Seventy years she had been trapped and starving because she couldn’t bear to drink from the sleeping humans and when someone had finally come that could free her and Aric her vampiric thirst had gotten the better of her. She vowed not to allow that mistake to repeat itself.

She wanted to scream as she felt the human slide himself into her body, the horror of it was enough to make her kill him on sight, how could he force himself on her while she slept? She forced herself to remain in control of her temper as she felt herself waking.

The prince was barely a boy and he smiled at her when she opened her eyes. He didn’t take heed of the supernatural glow in their violet depths, instead his grin widened. “I’ve wakened you my lady,” he said with a flourish. Another child with romantic notions, she thought. “I thank you sir,” she whispered sweetly, playing her part. “But will you free me?” “Of course,” he said. “What must I do?”


Blake stood with his hand on the door, “are you sure this is necessary?” he asked. Aurelia dropped her eyes to the floor, “if I am to come with you and be your wife, then I must be freed from this castle, the means to do so is behind that door and I cannot open it.” Blake nodded and turned the handle. The door swung open on rusted hinges and Aurelia smiled because in the shadows beyond she could see a set of glowing red eyes.


Aurelia wiped the blood from her lips and smiled as Aric did the same. “I’m proud of you Aurelia,” he said. “You realise that when you wake tomorrow you will be human and this castle will soon return to normal?” “Why?” “You fought your nature and broke the curse.” Aurelia frowned and shook her head, “I don’t want to be human Aric.” “You’re a strange one Aurelia, I’ll give you that.”


Morning came with the warmth of old blood and Aurelia felt her heart fall, she did not want to be human. She walked the corridors filled with sleeping people, according to Aric they would wake the following day. She felt lost and eventually found herself outside, she always came back to the spot where Valken had fallen that first day. She wasn’t sure if his remains had fallen in the lake or against its banks, but she felt him there and she sat down to mourn his loss yet again. She loved Aric as a brother and friend but, she would never love another, Valken was the only one. She cried herself to sleep at the edge of the lake.


Aurelia felt Aric’s gaze and came awake in shock. It took her a moment to finally realise the trap. She was alone and human with a starving vampire. Aric wasn’t seeing her now; he was hearing the blood pumping through her veins. She screamed and ran. He followed her with supernatural speed and she knew she was lost.

The floor beneath her feet began to shudder and she stumbled. Aric was almost on her when the earth exploded. Something shot from the depths and held the vampire back. She ran towards the castle and into the dungeons. She grabbed the closest key and locked herself in one of the cells.

She waited over an hour before Aric found her. The bloodlust was gone from his eyes and he looked shameful. “Please forgive me,” he whispered. “There is nothing to forgive,” she said. “But what happened Aric, what stopped you?” he smiled broadly. “You won’t believe me if I told you.”

Aurelia shrieked and hurried to unlock the cell door, for on the other side of the bars stood Valken. “How?” she stammered after kissing him. “I fell in the lake, but it took me a long time to heal, your scream woke me.” She smiled broadly. And Aric laughed. “Good night,” he said and hurried away.

Aurelia pulled Valken by the hand and led him to her chambers. He didn’t seem to mind when she stripped the remains of his clothing from him and proceeded to kiss every inch of his body that she could find. “I see the castle is in stasis,” he said. “I don’t understand?” “You’re human and unless you’re bitten again things will return to normal.” “What if I am bitten again?” “You’ll turn immediately and everyone in the castle will stay asleep.” “I want you to bite me.”


Valken ran his fingers down her naked body and his lips found her breast. Aurelia felt the memories flood through her and she shivered at his touch. She didn’t want to wait any longer and she pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips. He entered her body and she cried out his name. Valken’s face filled with an animalistic need and he bit deep into her breast. Aurelia groaned as her fangs lengthened instantly, she bit into his shoulder and the ecstasy threw her over the edge. She groaned as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her. Valken followed shortly after, but such was the pleasure of the bite and their coupling that he continued to thrust against her. She rode his hips easily pushing faster and faster. Their vampiric lust had them off the bed in minutes and Valken held her up against the wall while he thrust deeply into her.

Her nails dug into his shoulder until they drew blood. He growled as her tongue lathered his flesh. His teeth tore into her chest and he licked the blood away while she moaned, completely enraptured in the entire experience. Her nails dug deeply into his flesh and Valken felt her contract around the length of him, waves of hot moisture surrounding him and he groaned as he released himself for the second time.


The castle did not wake the following morning and Aurelia had Aric and Valken move her parents to a locked room. She had no more qualms about feeding from the castle’s inhabitants.

It took little over three days for Dalora to realise that no one was suffering any longer and she appeared in a blaze of magical flame. Her eyes glowed and she shrieked in fury at the sight of Aric lounging beside the fire. “How do you walk in daylight?” she bellowed. “A little magic of my own mother,” he said nonchalantly.

He grinned at the look of shock on her face and the grin widened at the sight of the spreading crimson stain across her breast. Valken stepped out from behind her and dropped the dagger to the floor. “You’re alive…” she muttered. “Yes,” he said, wiping his hands. “Sorry to disappoint you mother.” “How, how have you done all this…” Aric smiled at his brother, “come on, let’s tell her, it’s her last wish brother.”

Aurelia walked calmly into the room and lifted Dalora to her feet. She bit deeply into her neck and drank. She stopped shortly after and Dalora gasped for breath. Her voice was low and her lips almost against the witch’s ear. “When you had your sons kill me, you forgot one very important fact Dalora. My mother was a witch,” Aurelia said. “And now I’m a vampire,” she whispered. “But I still have my powers and with them I am stronger than you, stronger than the curse of the sun and stronger than any witch living.”  She smiled. “I want you to think about one thing while you die Dalora,” she said. “Know that it was you that unleashed me on the world.” 

Twisted vines disappear, light fills the stone towers and voices sound. Enter the castle and see nothing but empty halls. The spirits of the dead wonder here, ruled over by the mistress and her guards. Enter the walls and join them for none may leave its bloody halls, there you will find,
A Happily Ever After…

The End


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