Gold and Sable

Gold and Sable

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Long hair and a tower... just about sums up Rapunzel doesnt it? in this version she is but one side of a coin one light the other dark... blood... betrayal... secrets... growl Warning: erotic scenes


Long hair and a tower... just about sums up Rapunzel doesnt it? in this version she is but one side of a coin one light the other dark... blood... betrayal... secrets... growl

Warning: erotic scenes


Submitted: December 30, 2013

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Submitted: December 30, 2013



What do you see in the mirror?
What does a mirror see in its own reflection?
A never-ending corridor of glass and hidden within is a world of visual echoes where nothing is what it seems yet everything is true and bared.
Opened to the core, nothing hidden and nothing made simple or safe.
A world of horrors and the obscure that we fear to let the world see we covet;
Where blood and flesh weave together to show the seduction and passion beneath;
A place where Dark Desires come to life, without the rose-tinted glasses of innocence that are used to shield the world from the macabre beneath.

Gold and Sable

Once upon a time…

The mid-wife seemed fearful as she hurried about the room. “not good to give birth on the full moon,” she muttered. The father-to-be gave her a lethal stare and she lowered her voice. “Babies born on this night is cursed my lord,” she said. “That is my child of whom you speak; I suggest you hold your tongue.” “Forgive me sire.”

The queen delivered a beautiful baby girl amidst sighs of relief and the king held the child in his beefy hands, a warm smile on his face. The midwife frowned, “sire, there is another child,” she said hurriedly. The king held his wife’s hands and smiled at her. “Twins my dear, you do me proud.” Her smile was strained for the second child was on its way. The mid-wife gasped and hurriedly handed the child to her assistant.

“Too beautiful girls my darling,” the king said. “What shall we call them?” the queen looked at her children and spoke in a feeble voice. “The one with the golden hair shall be Dawn for she will be sweet and gentle as the morning,” she said. “The other with her dark hair will be the strong one, she will be immovable as the willow tree and that shall be her name, Willow.”

The king smiled and squeezed her hand, he didn’t question that she knew what the girls would be like even at such a young age for she knew things that others didn’t. He felt her fingers drop from his and bellowed for the mid-wife. The woman rushed to attend the queen.

When she finally came from the room her face was pale and her eyes ringed with dark smudges. “My lord,” she said. “Forgive me for being the one to bring bad such terrible tidings on this day, but the queen could not be saved. Her body could not withstand the pressure of child birth.”

The mid-wife left the king to weep for his loss and went to see to the two princesses. The golden haired Dawn seemed as beautiful as her mother, but the other, Willow was pale and dark haired. She unnerved the mid-wife and she could not place her finger on why. The child’s eyes opened for the first time and she knew. Willow’s eyes were the strangest thing she had ever seen. They were silver with only the smallest hint of blue to colour them.

“By the gods,” she whispered. “She is cursed.” The king grabbed her around the throat, his eyes red with pain and his fury making his face swell. “What did you say?” he growled. “Willow,” she choked. “She is cursed.” “I don’t believe you.” “Look at her eyes and see for yourself!”

The king let her fall to the ground and bent over his daughter. The silver eyes turned his blood cold. “I will not have her put to death,” he said. “I have lost enough this day.” The mid-wife nodded. “There is another way my lord.” “I’m listening.” “let her stay here, raise her and love her as you do her sister but do not tell the kingdom there are two heirs, tell them only of Dawn,” she said. “When the curse takes her, lock her away somewhere safe where no one can do her any harm.” The king nodded. “Will you help me?” the mid-wife frowned. “What does his lordship wish of me?” “Stay as their nurse and help me.” The king was pleading and the woman could no sooner deny him then bring the queen back from the dead.


The princesses grew into healthy young girls and the two were so close that their father joked and said they were two halves of the same person. They both had incredibly long, thick hair and they would amuse themselves by plaiting one another’s tresses. One day they cut a thick strand from one another and plaited it into a bracelet. Willow wore the one of gold and Dawn the one of ebony. They swore never to remove them and they kept their promise.

The mid-wife watched Willow closely, dreading the day when the curse would take her, for though she had tried not to, she had fallen in love with both children and she treated them as her own. She would rather die than see either of them in pain; unfortunately she could not help Willow.


The girls turned sixteen amidst the cheers and cries of the servants and their father. He had forgone the festivities that usually came with a princess’s sixteenth birthday for he wouldn’t allow Willow to be pushed into the shadows. The kingdom still had no idea that there were two princesses and the servants had been sworn to secrecy. It was a secret they would die for, because they all loved the both princesses and would not see either of them harmed.

The girls were headed to bed when tragedy struck. Dawn screamed for her father and he came running to find Willow on the floor, her eyes blazing, their pupils mere slits and her body wracked with tremors. “Fetch Miandra,” he ordered and Dawn scarpered away. He lifted Willow into his arms and carried her into the dungeons. He placed her on one of the cots and sat beside her. Miandra arrived minutes later. “Is Dawn in her room?” the king asked. “No I’m right here.” “Go to your bedchamber, now.” “What is wrong with her father?” “Dawn do as I say!” she stubbornly shook her head, refusing to leave her sister.

Miandra took one look at Willow and ushered them out of the cell, locking the door behind her. “We have no time to stand here arguing, it is too late,” she said sadly. “The curse has her.” Dawn sobbed as she watched her sister writhe in pain for she could do nothing to aid her in her suffering.

Willow’s skin seemed to move of its own accord and she began to tear at it, ripping it off in chunks. Blood coated the floor and Dawn heard the sound of breaking bone. As she watched, Willow’s ribs shattered and shifted, while her spine lengthened and burst free from her skin. Dawn felt her gore rise, but she did not turn away. Even when Willow’s face began to lengthen into a long snout she held her ground, her eyes fixed on the massive fangs that filled her mouth. Finally it was over and Willow shook herself.

Her body was covered in silver-white fur, streaked through with sable and dark grey. She looked like a large wolf at first glance but when one looked closer her fingers were elongated and tipped with viscously sharp claws and her hind legs were longer than the front. She stood on her back legs and turned her eyes to them. Gone was the light blue sheen, they stared at Dawn, silver and cold, the black slit pupils dilating as Willow sniffed the air. With a snarl she leapt at the bars. Dawn screamed and took off running to her bedchamber, where she wished she had stayed.

Miandra tapped the king’s shoulder and pointed to Willow’s arm where a glint of gold could be seen. “She cannot break it my lord,” she said. “What is it?” “Dawn’s hair sire,” she answered. “We could use it to restrain her.” The king nodded, “will you stay with her?” he asked. “I must see to Dawn.” Miandra nodded and the king disappeared, his shoulders sagging under the weight of his sadness. “Willow,” Miandra said. “If you can hear me, I am sorry for what has happened to you and I want you to know that were there anything I could do, I would.” The wolf glared at her and turned away. It settled down in the far corner and curling up closed its eyes.


Dawn lay with her head hidden in her pillows and the king could hear her pain-wracked sobs. He settled himself next to her and stroked her long golden hair. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner darling,” he said. “But some part of me was hoping the curse would pass her by.” “Is there anything I can do?” she asked lifting her head. “Yes there is,” he said.


Willow watched the world through the window of her tower and sighed, two years she had been there and for two years the world had forgotten about her, all but Dawn. She looked out onto the forest and a glint of gold caught her eye. She smiled brightly and ran to the door. Moments later Dawn burst through with a smile and a basket filled with food. Every day she came and left before the sun set.

“Willow you won’t believe what happened to me today,” she said happily. Willow grinned, always ready for Dawn and her enthusiasm. “What?” “I met a prince sister,” she said. “And a handsome one at that.” “Tell me everything,” Willow said sitting on the bed. “He saw me moving through the forest and called to me,” she said. “He didn’t follow you here?” Willow asked hurriedly and Dawn shook her head. “No, but he did beg me to meet him tomorrow,” “what did you say?” Willow asked. “I said no of course.” “Why?” Willow asked, shocked. “I can’t spend the day with him and come see you,” she said. Willow shook her head, “Dawn you can’t throw your whole life away for me, go tomorrow for I’m sure he will wait for you anyway.” “Are you certain?” “Yes.”

Willow felt Dawn’s absence strongly but she contented herself with the thought that Dawn was having some fun and sat at the window. She began to sing and her voice filled the air as clear as the sound of the river.

Deep in the woods Dawn stopped and smiled for she could hear her sister’s song. “What is that?” the prince asked at her side. Dawn smiled shyly. “That’s the spirit of the forest my lord,” she said.


Dawn spent the following day telling Willow about Prince Erin. She alternated between talk of him and talk of the coming ceremony where she would be formally named the heir to the kingdom. “And when I am queen, you will come home,” she said. Willow shook her head, “don’t be silly Dawn, that can never happen.” Dawn smiled, “yes it can, you will be at my side and when you transform you shall have a special place close to me so that you are no longer alone.” Willow lay back on the bed and sighed. “It’s a nice dream Dawn, but that is all it is.” “Perhaps, but it is something to strive for.”


On the day of the ceremony Dawn itched to be with Willow and Willow sat at the window, her song carrying across the forest. “Hello?” Willow jumped in shock and looked out over the sill. “Who are you?” she asked the man at the foot of the tower. “I am Prince Erin, who are you?” he asked. “Are you the spirit of the forest? For surely no human could sing so beautifully.”

“I am no one, please leave sir least you bring trouble to me,” she said. The prince would not be deterred and when she looked, Willow saw him entering the tower. She crouched in the corner and watched in terror as he hacked at the wooden door with his sword.

The prince was amazingly handsome, but Willow saw something in his eyes that terrified her. “If you are no one, then no one will mind if I take my enjoyment from you.”

Willow screamed and tried to run, but he captured her wrists and forced her against the wall. She began to weep bitterly as he stripped her of her clothes. Her body shivered as he roughly grabbed her breasts. “Please don’t,” she whispered. The prince laughed. “Silence no one and it will be over soon.”

Willow shrieked in agony as he thrust himself into her body. Her face was wet with tears, but he ignored them and quickened his strokes. Once he had had his fill he wiped himself with the remains of her torn dress and gave her a cold smile. “Good day to you, no one.”

Willow fell to the floor and screamed, she screamed until she was horse and then she lay against the cold stone and wept bitterly, calling silently for her sister.


Dawn felt a chill run up her spine and excused herself from greeting the many nobles that stood before her. Pleading illness, she disappeared to her bedchamber. From there she snuck out of the castle and commandeered the fasted horse in the stables.

The massive stallion flew through the forest and soon stood at the base of the tower. Dawn looked up, for surely Willow had heard the hoof beats. She did not come to the window and Dawn threw herself from the saddle. She ran up the stairs, slipping more than one and came upon the shattered door.

Dawn fell to her knees and pulled her sister to her chest. Willow told her what had happened in broken sobs and Dawn’s eyes blazed with fury. “This is all my fault Willow,” she said. “If I had not gone to him then he would not have come here.” Willow shook her head and hugged her sister. “It’s not your fault,” she said and looked out the window. “Dawn, you must leave, the sun is setting.” Dawn shook her head, “I have left you alone for too long sister and it shall not happen again.” “Then for the love of the gods chain me.”

Dawn finally agreed and reached for the thick golden ropes at the foot of the bed. She stroked them thoughtfully and tied them around Willow’s wrists. They had been made the night of her first transformation from the thick plait that Dawn had cut from her head. “Are you happy now?” she asked.

Willow shook her head, “I would rather you leave, I might hurt you.” “You would never hurt me Willow, no matter what and I plan to prove that once and for all.”

Dawn watched her sister’s transformation with interest. She seemed to be in less pain and it was much swifter than before. The massive wolf fixed her with its silver-eyed stare and Dawn smiled. “Good evening sister,” she said. The wolf came closer and sniffed the air. She growled low and Dawn smiled wickedly. “You can smell him here can’t you?” she asked. “The one that hurt you?” Willow howled sharply and Dawn stepped closer. She crouched beside her and held out her hand. “You won’t hurt me will you sister?” Willow nuzzled her hand and Dawn chuckled. “I knew it!”

Willow watched her with weary eyes while Dawn untied her shackles. Dawn tied one around her throat and held the other end. She pulled her cloak up to shield her face and smiled at Willow. “Let us go courting dear sister,” she said.


Prince Erin smiled at the sight of Dawn. “What brings you here so late my lady?” he asked. “I seek company,” she said sweetly, “shall we go for a walk?” Dawn was the perfect princess through their meeting and before she left she whispered in his ear and the prince smiled. The servants bowed as she left. They did not see her turn her horse’s head and ride into the forest.

The prince grinned when he found her, “you said you had something to show me?” he said. Dawn nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, I wanted you to meet my sister,” she said. “But she tells me you have already met.” The prince frowned, “I don’t recall…” “She lives in the tower in the forest,” she said cutting him off.

The prince paled, “I didn’t know,” he stammered. “And that gave you the right to do what you did?” “I,” he muttered. “What is she doing living in the tower anyway?” Dawn smiled, “you see my sister has a secret,” she said. “One my father does not wish anyone to know.” She snapped her fingers and a deep growl filled the air. Dawn smiled as silver eyes glowed in the darkness. “Perhaps it is time you two met on equal ground,” she said. Willow shot from the shadows, a mass of fur and flashing fangs.

Dawn stood on her toes to better see the carnage and she widened her eyes innocently. “Did I say equal?” she purred. “My mistake.”


Willow woke to find Dawn beside her, both of them covered in blood and for a moment she thought that she had harmed her sister, but Dawn opened her eyes and gave her a gentle smile. “Morning sister,” she said sweetly. “Did I get lose last night?” Willow asked in shock. Dawn shook her head, “try and remember.” “I can’t.” Dawn shrugged, “more’s the pity, as it turns out you can see reason when transformed sister and last night you and I took a little trip.” “What did we do Dawn?” “We got revenge.” Willow looked down at the blood and an image or Erin’s face torn to ribbons filled her. She hugged Dawn hard and they smiled at one another for a new age was about to begin.


The king held his face in his hands and groaned. Reports of an animal attack on a young prince were forcing him to do something he had avoided for two years.

He rode up to the tower and to his shock found Willow and Dawn walking through the forest. “What have you done!” he bellowed, grabbing Dawn by the hair. She glared at him defiantly. “I did what had to be done, I protected my sister,” she snarled. “The daughter you confined to the shadows!”


Dawn moved through the shadows and into the room of the guard. He opened his mouth to say something, but she silenced him with her lips. She pulled off her robe and his eyes widened at the sight of her large breasts. She pulled open his breeches and grinned at his hardness. Dawn drew a deep breath and straddled his hips. She kissed his neck and smiled, he was beautiful, not her type but he would serve her purpose well. She took him into her body and he cried out in pleasure. Dawn rode his body hard until she felt him shudder beneath her. She leaned forward and nipped his chest with her teeth. So absorbed was he in his climax that he didn’t notice the blood.

Dawn smiled at him and took his hand. “What is your name?” she asked. “Kyren my lady.” “What if I told you there was another princess, lovelier than me who needed to be rescued, what would you say?” “My lady?” Dawn sat beside him and told him Willow’s tale. At the end of it, his eyes were filled with pity and fury for her fate. “I will help you my lady.” “Thank you Kyren,” she said. “And perhaps you will love her as I hope you will.”


Dawn led Kyren to the tower and with his help they tore open the door. Willow stared in shock at them. “Hello sister,” Dawn said. “This is Kyren; he’s here to help us.” Willow’s eyes fixed on the man and her heartbeat quickened. His face was pale at the sight of her and he felt himself harden instantly for she was the loveliest thing he had ever seen.

He untied her and oblivious to all else kissed her deeply. Dawn smiled and backed out of the room.

Willow felt no fear at Kyren’s touch and he stroked her skin and hair with gentle fingers, his lips covering her body. He took her breast into his mouth and she sighed in pleasure. Kyren carried her to the bed and leaned over her. She felt the hardness of him through his breeches and gasped as he untied them to free himself. Willow took him in her hand and stroked him with long fingers while he groaned above her. His fingers slid into her body and toyed with her until her body seemed to light up. The orgasm rocked her to her core.

She reached for him and led him into her body. Kyren gasped at the heat of her, his eyes wide and filled with lust. Willow cried out his name and dug her nails into his shoulders as he throbbed within her.

Kyren leaned back and frowned. Their love-making had covered the sounds from the base of the tower. But now he could hear Dawn screaming hysterically. He ran down the stairs to find the door bricked closed. Willow watched out the window as her father turned away, his shoulders sagging and his head bent low. Two men pulled Dawn away as she screamed madly for her sister.


Dawn glared at her father as he shut the door to her bedchamber. She heard the locking bar slide into place and she shrieked in anger. “You think this will stop me father!” she bellowed. “But you’re wrong!”


Willow huddled in the corner of the room waiting for her transformation in terror for she knew she would kill Kyren. She had shackled herself to the wall and warned him to stay away from her. The sound of breaking stone drifted up from the bowls of the tower and she climbed to her feet. The door way seemed like the gates of hell and she waited for the next ordeal to walk through it. Miandra entered the room and smiled at her.

“Hello dear child,” she said. “Miandra?” the woman smiled. “Who is this?” Kyren asked. “This is Miandra, my childhood nurse maid.” Miandra laughed. “I am no nurse maid child; I am a witch and your protector.” “Sorry?” “Your mother knew that her daughters would be cursed as she was and she asked for my help, I could not refuse, so I took the place of the midwife shortly after your birth and did what I could, but I could not protect you alone. Dawn has helped me to do that and now you are both free.”

 The sun set and Willow watched as Kyren began to transform. Miandra smiled, “do you like him?” she said. “Dawn made him for you.” Willow frowned, she could feel the curse building and she shuddered. “Dawn, I don’t understand, she is not cursed.” “Oh, quite the opposite I’m afraid,” Miandra said. “You may transform against your will, but Dawn, oh no, she is the animal.”


The wooden doors shattered with a force unlike anything anyone had ever seen and the guards ran in terror as the princess swept from the room. Her blue eyes were burning red and yellow and her teeth were fangs behind her perfect lips. She swept through the castle like a plague and all in her path were left in pieces.

The king drew his sword, Willow must have escaped and he would do what he should have done at her birth, he would kill her. He rounded the corner and saw Dawn’s golden hair. His eyes widened for her small hand was coated in blood. She turned to him and he cried out. Her other hand held a human heart and she was eating it with relish.

He scrambled backwards and fell to the floor. Dawn stood over him and licked her fingertips. She raised her hand and drove it through his body. “You locked away the wrong daughter father,” she snarled. “and I will no longer allow her to be the princess in the shadows while you parade me around to the court. She growled deeply and ripped his heart from his chest.


Two sisters meet beneath the light of the moon, one looks to be a beast while the other knows she is.

They crouch under the trees and the golden haired beauty wraps her arms around the neck of the wolf.

Beside them an old witch smiles and a massive black wolf howls.

 The moon’s light shimmers on the battlements of a crumbling castle and the light of the fire glitters in the eyes of the sisters who both silently vow never to be imprisoned again and to protect one another.

No matter the cost and with that promise…
A Happily Ever After…

The End


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