Ashes and Lace

Ashes and Lace

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Cinderella... We all know the tale... I'm sure you havent heard this version. Vampires, blood, body slaves and sex... Ashes to ashes and all... Cinderella gets a dark new make over. Warning: Erotic scenes coming up...


Cinderella... We all know the tale... I'm sure you havent heard this version. Vampires, blood, body slaves and sex... Ashes to ashes and all... Cinderella gets a dark new make over. Warning: Erotic scenes coming up...


Submitted: December 24, 2013

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Submitted: December 24, 2013



What do you see in the mirror?
What does a mirror see in its own reflection?
A never-ending corridor of glass and hidden within is a world of visual echoes where nothing is what it seems yet everything is true and bared.
Opened to the core, nothing hidden and nothing made simple or safe.
A world of horrors and the obscure that we fear to let the world see we covet;
Where blood and flesh weave together to show the seduction and passion beneath;
A place where Dark Desires come to life, without the rose-tinted glasses of innocence that are used to shield the world from the macabre beneath.

Ashes and Lace


Once upon a time…

Death is inevitable… for some. But staying alive is a talent for others. Madam Claudette was one of those who had a knack for survival and her twin daughters hung onto her for dear life. Caroline and Catherine were however not the only ones whose lives hinged on her existence. Unfortunately for Ashira, her life depended on Claudette’s demise.


Fairy tales her father had called them, the stories of ghosts and ghouls, never did he dream that he was wrong. Never did he imagine that when he held his young daughter and told her it was all make believe that he was lying. Never did he fear the darkness or the things that live within it and it was the darkness that tore him from Ashira’s life, only the darkness had a name…

 Claudette Ariago was a dream come true for the lonely duke Aaron Derant. A widow with two beautiful daughters would make a perfect stepmother for Ashira and it took merely weeks for them to wed and for a time life seemed better for Ashira who was entirely enamoured of the new arrivals.

Within the year Claudette took ill and amazed everyone with a swift recovery. So when Aaron too, became ill, most hoped for the same. Unfortunately the Duke faded slowly and passed. Ashira was left alone and she began to realise that her stepmother was different. Claudette however, had convinced everybody else that all was well.

Ashira soon learnt the truth and the realisation was terrifying for she was forced to accept that every nightmare she had feared was a reality too gruesome to comprehend. 

Ashira tried to ignore the glittering eyes of her stepmother and stepsisters, but their gaze would not leave her. “Come here,” Claudette snapped. Ashira could do nothing but obey and with a heart heavy with terror she stood at her stepmother’s side. Claudette grasped her hand and drew her wrist up so sharply that Ashira was forced to her knees. She closed her eyes as pain assaulted her.

When she woke, she was alone and lying on the stone floor. She climbed stiffly to her feet and stumbled to her tiny bedchamber. She fell asleep dreaming of death, either for herself or for the three demons that inhabited her father’s house. Unfortunately death eluded them all.

The house was in an uproar, servants had been hired to clean everything and massive casks of wine had been ordered. A tailor ran through the halls, desperately trying to please the ladies of the house and Ashira enjoyed a short time of peace for with all the chaos, she could hide from them.

The sun set and Ashira began to tremble for she could hear her stepmother’s footsteps climbing the stairs. Claudette threw open the door and tossed something on the foot of her bed. “You will wear that,” she snapped and with a sneer at her surroundings turned on her heel and glided out of the door.

Ashira stared in terror at the garment. It would cover almost nothing and she feared what was planned for her. She undressed and pulled the silken corset on. She laced it with difficulty and donned the mask that Claudette had left. Then she huddled in the corner of her room, her heartbeat thrumming a rapid tattoo against her chest and her teeth chattering with fear.

Caroline flounced into Ashira’s room and gave her a cold smile before settling on the edge of the bed. “So little sister,” she drawled. “How do I look?” Ashira answered the only way she could. “You look beautiful Caroline,” “Thank you,” Caroline gushed. “Do you know what’s happening tonight?” Ashira shook her head. “The Prince is coming to visit and he will be choosing a bride, isn’t that wonderful?” Ashira nodded, “what prince?” she asked with a frown, for surely the prince of the realm would not come to their home. Caroline’s eyes narrowed. “Our prince silly,” she said. “He rules over our kind.”

Ashira frowned, “I don’t understand Caroline,” she said. Caroline laughed brightly, “are you truly so simple that you have not guessed?” she leaned closer and smiled broadly. Ashira turned her face away for the fangs in Caroline’s mouth terrified her. “The Prince of the Vampires, you ignorant little fool,” she sneered. “And you are our gift to him, so clean yourself up.” Ashira blanched, her blood running cold in her veins. Caroline laughed delightedly and Ashira looked up to see the door close with a snap.

Claudette stared at the Prince as he entered her home. He stood head and shoulders above all the vampires present and despite his narrow build, she could sense the power in his body and it made her hot with longing. She was no fool though and she knew that she stood no chance with the magnificent man. Caroline and Catherine however would do nicely. She had waited a long time for this day and no one would destroy her plans.

“My lord,” she said sweetly, bowing to the prince. His black hair fell into his eyes and he brushed it away to fix her with a crimson stare. “You have a lovely home Madam Claudette,” he said. His voice was more of a purr then a tone and it set her heart racing. “Thank you my lord, I am sure you are used to far better, but we do what we can.” The prince waved his hand half-heartedly. “It is perfectly fine, now if you agree, we should get on with the festivities, banter has always bored me.” “Of course my lord.”

The prince watched the dancers with little disguised boredom. Eventually he turned to the man beside him. “Is this truly necessary Maxus?” the bear of a man smiled. “Lord Griffon you know as well as I do that you have done this every ten years for the last four centuries,” he said. “You and I also know that you spend one evening placating the horde and you go home… alone.”

Griffon laughed softly, “I see what you’re saying Maxus,” he said. “But I still find this tiresome.” “I agree my lord, but it is necessary.” “I wonder what this one will do,” Griffon said. “The last one was a little gruesome.” Maxus shook his head. “The lady of the house only offered you one of the servants.” “Yes, but did it have to be in multiple pieces?” His eyes narrowed as the servants walked through the doors. “Seems we are to have something of a repeat,” he said. Maxus shook his head, “no my lord, this woman enjoys glamour, I feel we will see far worse before this night is over.”

Griffon groaned when Madam Claudette got to her feet and subtly informed the guests that the servants were expendable and therefore on the menu. He sipped the wine and shook his head. “Maxus, remind me to bring my own drink next time.” Maxus grimaced before swallowing and nodded, “I assure you my lord that I will,” he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Least we endure more of this kind of swill.”

Claudette clapped her hands for silence and smiled benignly at her guests, most of whom had crimson stains on their lips. “My lord, may I introduce my daughters,” she said. Griffon didn’t miss the sly glint in her eyes and he nodded. The two girls entered the room in clouds of silk and lace. He barely supressed the sneer that curled his lips at the sight of them, for both were golden blond with glowing blue eyes and were it not for the vampiric gift they would have been insipid. “Caroline and Catherine is it not?” he asked. “Yes my lord,” they purred in unison.

Maxus caught his eye and Griffon heard his voice in his mind. “Beware lord, they seem more like cats in heat then young woman.” Griffon nodded. “I’d rather take a hundred venomous snakes into my bed than either of these two vipers,” he replied. He managed to keep up the pleasantries for a few more minutes before he waved the girls to the empty seats beside him.

Claudette got to her feet yet again and Griffon felt his head begin to pound. His eyes widened, how annoying must one be to give a vampire a head ache? He wondered. “My lord,” Claudette simpered. “We have a gift for you.” Griffon sat straight in his chair as a young girl entered the room. His eyes blazed, she was human and she was terrified. She was also wearing almost nothing. The simple corset with trailing silk gave her body little cover and her cheeks glowed with embarrassment.

Claudette grabbed her wrists and held them above her head, stretching the poor girl’s body so that all was visible. “My step daughter,” Claudette said proudly. “Her blood has a particularly fine taste my lord.” Griffon noted the bite marks that marred her flesh and his gall rose. Obviously Claudette and her infernal daughters had been feeding from the girl for a long time. Maxus could see his anger and made to dismiss the girl, but Griffon subtly stilled his hand.

“Thank you Madam Claudette, she is a most generous gift and very welcome,” he said. “But I fear the night is over for me, I will take her with me when I leave.” Maxus frowned, usually he could judge his lord’s mind, but for once he was at a loss.

Griffon and his men swept out of the house and to their carriages. He took the girl into his own and as soon as the doors had closed, he pulled off his cloak and covered her with it. “Now that we are free of that cesspool perhaps you can tell me your name?” he purred. She looked up at him in fear and he smiled. “I understand your fear, but it is misplaced.” He gave her a warm smile. “I do not feed on humans,” he said.

Her eyes opened wide and focused on his face. His breath caught at the sight of them, they were turquoise shot through with green. “Yet you are a vampire?” she asked. Her voice was gentle yet her tone was accusatory. “I cannot deny what I am and I cannot change it, no matter how much I wish I could,” he said. “But myself and those I turn do not feed on humans, we feed on vampires.”

She gave him a small smile, “my name is Ashira,” she said. “And I wish you had come sooner my lord.” “Oh?” “I don’t care what you do with me, kill me for all I care, but I cannot spend another moment watching those demons live in my father’s home.” Griffon nodded and rubbed his chin. “Your description is apt, but I fear Maxus and my own are better.” “How so my lord?” she asked, smiling brightly. “He likened them to cats in heat and I to vipers.” Ashira laughed brightly and Griffon found himself enchanted by the sound. He reached across and brushed a strand of auburn hair from her face. “Fear not,” he whispered, his crimson eyes boring into her. “You will not be harmed.”
Ashira stared in wonder at the sheer size of the castle and Griffon smiled. “I realise it is ungodly large for the few people who live here, but it is home and has been for the last four hundred years,” he said. “My lord,” she said in shock. “Are you truly that old?” he found her enthusiasm charming and the fact that she had remained so innocent throughout her ordeals made her incredibly endearing.

Ashira settled into her new life with relative ease, though she was continuously being chided for doing menial tasks that were the duty of the forty odd vampires who inhabited the castle. Griffon insisted she enjoy herself but she found it exceedingly difficult as she had done nothing but work since her father had passed. She also found herself attracted to Lord Griffon and fighting that urge was almost more than she could bear.

As with all things though, peace could only last so long and Claudette somehow managed to get both her daughters into the castle.

Caroline and Catherine reinstated Ashira as their personal servant and food source. Ashira held her tongue and said nothing as was her way, but without Claudette to curb them, they took too much and Ashira started to show the signs of prolonged vampiric feeding.

Ashira lay in her bed, her face buried in the pillow and her tears flowing freely. She had seen her reflection and she knew now how her father had died. Claudette had fed on him until he had nothing more to give. She sobbed as quietly as she could, mourning her fate and wishing that her death would not be so long coming.

She heard the door to her bedchamber open and her heartbeat quickened. Surely it was Catherine or Caroline come to take their fill yet again. The touch on her cheek was gentle and a deep voice purred in her ear. “What troubles you?” she recognised Griffon’s voice and turned to face him. It had been days since he had last seen her and his eyes glowed red in the shadows. “Who has fed on you?” he growled. His voice was no deep purr, no soft caress; it was cold and hard with fury.

Ashira shook her head and Griffon took her hand. “I swore to you would be safe Ashira,” he said. “And if you do not tell me, then you make me a liar.” Her eyes dropped to the bedcovers and she whispered the truth hurriedly for she could not bear to disappoint him. Griffon seemed to grow larger as his anger mounted, his fury blazed from him as she imagined she could feel its heat.

“I do not want you to fear any longer Ashira,” he whispered and lifted her in his arms. He carried her to his own bedchamber and placed her in his bed. “Go to sleep now, I will watch over you.” She shook her head hurriedly, “no my lord,” she said. “I can’t ask that of you.” Griffon smiled and placed a restraining hand on her shoulder. “Before I was a vampire I was a man Ashira, I have never truly been royalty and I would gladly do this for you,” he said. “Besides, you did not ask it of me, I offered and if you were a vampire, I would order you to do as I say.”

But alas you are not, he added silently. He had never wished the curse on anyone before, but he wished Ashira wasn’t so fragile. He feared to even touch her least he harm her. He shook his head at himself, he was deluded and he knew better than anyone that he had to keep his distance from her. He stroked her cheek and watched her breathing as she slept. He sighed; staying away was easy as a concept, in practice it was near impossible.

Ashira opened her eyes to find the first rays of sun creeping through the window. She turned to find Griffon in the armchair and fast asleep. She scrambled from the bed and ran to draw the drapes. “What are you doing?” he muttered. “My lord, I’m closing the drapes least the sun harm you,” she said. Griffon smiled and came to his feet in one swift motion. “Would you be sad if it burnt me to ashes?” he asked, curiosity getting the better of him. Ashira blushed deeply and nodded. “My lord I would be heartbroken were anything to happen to you,” she whispered. “And why is that?” he asked, pushing though he knew he shouldn’t. Ashira shook her head and hurried for the door. “Where do you think you’re going?” he purred. “To my own chamber lord, you must wish to sleep now the sun has risen,” she said in confusion. Griffon smiled, “you will do nothing of the sort,” he said and took her hand to lead her back to the bed.

“I do not fear the sun Ashira,” he said. “And neither do the vampires that I turn.” Her mouth formed an ‘o’ of surprise and the look on her gentle face was too much for him to resist. Griffon leaned down and kissed her deeply. He pulled away with a growl. “Forgive me Ashira,” he said. “I should not have done that.”

“Then why did you my lord?” she asked. “I cannot say for it will lead down a dangerous road Ashira.” “Why my lord?” “Must you know everything?” “Yes my lord,” she said stubbornly. “If I cannot have what I want then I take it and I do not want to tempt myself with having or taking what should not be mine, that is the danger of which I speak Ashira,” he said. Ashira frowned and her eyes narrowed. “And what is it you want my lord?” Griffon realised that there was no stopping her and probably no diverting her either. “Have you not guessed Ashira?” “My lord I see so much that I never hazard guesses, it is safer to know for sure.” Griffon covered his eyes with a large hand and sighed. “You are impossible, do you know that?” Ashira smiled wickedly but his fingers hid it from his view. “It is you Ashira,” he said. “I want you!”

Ashira took a step towards him and stood on her toes to place a gentle kiss on his lips. Griffon felt his heartbeat quicken at the heat of her lips. “Ashira?” he growled. “My lord I have a confession to make,” she said. “Yes?” he asked raggedly. “You are not the only one who longs for things they shouldn’t.” “And what do you long for Ashira?” he asked. “You.”

Griffon reached out for her but pulled his hand away as if he had been burnt. “I cannot do this Ashira,” he said. Her eyes filled with tears at his rejection and she turned away. “Good day my lord, please forgive my impertinence.” Griffon slammed his fist into the wall with a snarl. The heavy stone crumbled beneath his fingers. “That is why I can’t Ashira,” he said, his tone pleading. “I want to, more than anything, but I could hurt you.” Ashira smiled brightly and grasped his hand. “I would rather take that chance my lord than have the pain of leaving you now, even for a moment.” “You are very brave Ashira.” She shrugged, “some might say stupid my lord.” “No, that is one thing you are not,” he whispered and captured her lips.

Griffon watched as Ashira’s clothing slid from her body. Her skin was white and marred by bite marks. He vowed to punish those responsible and then pushed it from his mind. Her body was thin and he ached for her, knowing it was so from the violent feeding of the vampire sisters. He ran his fingers over her shoulder and kissed her neck. She shuddered in his arms and he pulled away. “Why do you stop my lord?” “I thought I had frightened you,” he said simply. She smiled, “you cannot frighten me Griffon,” she said. He smiled for her words rang with sincerity.

He held her carefully, treating her as if she were made of glass. Her lips found his shoulder and moved to his chest and he hissed in pleasure. Griffon pulled her against his chest and held her with a large hand on her hip, keeping her back to him and he put his other arm around her in order to slide his fingers into her body. The heat of her body made his eyes glow in the darkness and his breathing falter.

Griffon’s fingers explored her body while his tongue ran across the skin of her shoulder and neck. Ashira could feel the muscles of his chest and stomach against her back and she longed to trace them with her fingertips. Griffon lifted her onto the bed and sank down between her thighs, his tongue delving where his fingers had already been. Ashira stroked the back of his neck while she moaned in pleasure.

The sound of it and the passion flooding her were enough to shatter even Griffon’s ironclad resistance and he leaned over her, careful to keep his weight off of her. He gently eased himself into her body and she cried out his name. His eyes blazed even brighter at the sight of her. Slits of turquoise glittered beneath her lashes and her face was flushed a delicate pink. The heat of her entire body radiated from her and he quickened his strokes.

So great was her desire that she climaxed almost instantly. Griffon bit his lip until he drew blood while she bucked beneath him, her body throbbing around the length of him. His mouth filled with blood trying to keep his composure, but it was futile as she screamed his name and her nails scoured his back. He shuddered above her and his face became a mask of ecstasy as she held him while his body expelled itself.

Ashira stood in the shadows while Caroline and Catherine entered Griffon’s library. Maxus stood beside her, his hand protectively on her shoulder. The grizzled warrior was enamoured of her and had expressed his gratitude for her kindness to Griffon. She had waved it away saying it was his kindness that ought to be praised.

The sisters flounced around the room, thinking that Lord Griffon had finally made up his mind and chosen one of them. They hadn’t even the sense to notice his fury, which was mounting with their every movement. He snapped his fingers and they settled down like misbehaved children.

“How come you to be in my house?” he asked. “Our mother’s maker lives here,” Caroline said. Griffon nodded sharply and his fingers formed a temple beneath his chin. “Fine, now perhaps you can explain to me why you came into my house and damaged my property,” he snapped. “Excuse me?” Catherine snarled. “We have damaged nothing.” Griffon made a motion with his hand and Ashira stepped forward.

“That?” Catherine snapped. “She is nothing but food my lord.” Griffon began to smile and Maxus shivered slightly. Ashira turned to hide her face for if Maxus was disturbed then it wouldn’t be pleasant and she didn’t want to see Griffon that way.

“Let me tell you a little known secret girls,” he said. “The original vampires didn’t feed on humans, so to me she isn’t food.” “You’re an original?” Caroline gasped. Catherine’s eyes narrowed, her mind was working fast. “What do you feed on?” she whispered.

“Vampires.” The one word sparked anarchy in the small library. Caroline screamed and ran for the door but Maxus cut her off and sank his fangs into her neck. Ashira had sworn not to watch but she couldn’t draw her eyes away and her heart soared as Caroline’s body turned to dust.

She had also feared to see Griffon as a blood drinker, but the truth was nothing like she had thought. His face took on a sharper cast and his eyes seemed to burn while his fangs were bared at Catherine. To her surprise it didn’t frighten her, quite the opposite, she found him even more magnificent and despite herself her thighs became slick with longing.

Catherine, always the smart twin screamed at her sister’s demise and launched herself across the room, not at Griffon or Maxus, but at Ashira. She held her by the throat and snarled like an angry cat.

“One more step and I’ll rip her throat out,” she spat. Griffon stopped instantly, Maxus followed suit, but Ashira wasn’t about to let Catherine escape her fate, even if she had to die to do it. She looked at Maxus and gave him a pleading stare for she knew Griffon would stop her, whereas Maxus might understand her need to see Catherine dead at all costs.

Earlier in the evening Ashira had snuck a small dagger up the sleeve of her gown and with a deep breath she plunged it into Catherine’s leg. Catherine screamed and Maxus shot forward. Catherine saw her death in his eyes and ever the spiteful one decided to take Ashira with her. Her fangs tore through Ashira’s throat moments before Maxus sank his into Catherine’s neck.

The news flooded the vampiric world, the prince had finally chosen a bride and he would wed her at the Masquerade ball to be held on the eve of Samhain. Madam Claudette held the invitation to her chest and wept with relief, finally she would move up in the world for she had no doubt that one of her daughters had been chosen.

The castle held a veritable cornucopia of vampires on the night and all waited with bated breath for the stroke of midnight. The clock chimed twelve and the prince entered the hall. His suit was red velvet, embroidered with fine silver roses and a silver mask covered his face.

On his arm was his bride-to-be, her hair was held in place by a tightly-weaved silver veil and her dress and mask were of black silk. While her shoes seemed silver, though they shone like glass. The prince towered over her, but his crimson eyes never strayed far from her face. He was truly in love. Claudette frowned, wondering if her daughters were not taller than the prince’s bride. The woman walked with a grace that few could master and her head held high even under the eyes of so many.

They were married and the guests lined up to give their congratulations. Eventually Claudette reached the front. She bowed low and the bride smiled at her. The smile was cold and calculated. “Madam Claudette,” she said. “We are so glad you could make it.” The prince smiled. “Unfortunately your daughters could not,” he said. “They were otherwise engaged.”

Claudette stared hard at the prince’s bride and her face paled when she stared into her eyes. They were brilliant turquoise, shot through with bright green and they blazed with hatred. “Ashira, how?” she whispered. “And what have you done with my daughters?” Ashira smiled and leaned forward. “After Catherine nearly killed me, Griffin turned me,” she whispered. “And as for Catherine and Caroline, I expect they are halfway around the world by now.” She smiled up at Griffin and he bent to kiss her. “I must find them,” Claudette muttered. Ashira laughed coldly. “That will be hard,” she said. “For they were carried on the wind stepmother.”

Who knows what lies beneath the façade?
The princess of masks removed hers to reveal a queen. While the queen of cruelty found that hers could not hide the insanity and evil beneath. Her death came by way of the queen’s hand and with it came a,
A Happily Ever After…

The End


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