THE Demons Bride

THE Demons Bride THE Demons Bride

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


To Save her village from dying of hunger and thirst, Ivey agrees to marry a demon, who promises to help the villagers..


To Save her village from dying of hunger and thirst, Ivey agrees to marry a demon, who promises to help the villagers..

Chapter1 (v.1) - THE Demons Bride

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To Save her village from dying of hunger and thirst, Ivey agrees to marry a demon, who promises to help the villagers..<br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 16, 2012



DEMON’s Bride

Chapter One

Ivonné often wondered if it had not been for her brother, whether or not the village people would have already burned her on a stake. It was her after all that they blamed for everything that went wrong in the village. When a goat died, it was her fault. If someone broke a toe nail, it was because she had cursed them. The ongoing drought that plagued the village now, was one it her spells going wrong. So of course when a demon lord claimed the haggardly towering mountains as his own, and stopped the access to the sea and correspondence with the villages outside, it was because she had summoned him. They were all lies of course, but the people were scared and they needed to blame someone for their misfortunes. Ivonné with her brilliant and unnerving violet eyes, her extensive knowledge of plants and herbs and her tendency to talk to animals had made her the most likely candid.

She glanced sideways at Victor now as he walked beside her, his usually lengthy confident strides were adjusted to match her much shorter ones. His skin as tanned from staying to much in the sun much like hers, but he stood a good two heads taller than her, so much, to her ire, she had to tilt her head to look at him. His body was pure corded muscles, result of the hard labor he put himself through. A thin layer of sweat lined his forehead, as he pulled a wooden cart heaped with the crops she had managed to coax to maturity. The crops she was going to offer the villagers, who would take it because their hunger is too great to care about where it came from. They would eat her food even as they spit at her.

Hearing her sad and resigned sigh, Victor turned to look at her. He had brown eyes like everyone else in the village, yet while he villagers gaze was often cold with distaste and suspicion; her brothers’ eyes were warm with worry. “What is it that ails you little sister?” he said in that gruff way of his that people often mistook for anger or distaste. She considered telling him what it was that was ailing her, the way she nearly always felt alone even with him near. The way that her presence made it impossible for him to court any of the females or form bonds of friendship with the males, though it had been made clear that his presence was always welcome in the village. They had had this conversation before many times, with her suggesting she attempt to climb the mountains and cross to the other side almost confident that the demon lord would not bother with a lone human on his territory. She was also optimistic that there were more people similar to her in the other villages and kingdoms. However the conversation would end before it had even begun properly and her brother declaring that her home was here in the valley and then leaving the house, each of them furious that the other had not yet again bended to their wishes.

The day was too beautiful to ruin with arguing, Ivonné decided, so she opted for a safer topic. She gestured towards the cart, Vic was pulling. “I was thinking that perhaps we should have waited for Blix to recover before we made this journey.” She said referring to their horse mare that usually did the pulling and tolling, however he had been injured when one of his hooves had been snared in one the ghastly traps the villagers had set out to capture unsuspecting animals for food. While Ivey did not approve of the method, she understood the there was only so far she could push the starving villagers, and had started to avoid going anywhere near the hunting ground. She wasn’t sure that she would be able to resist the pleading cries of the caught animals if she heard them. It was one of the reasons that she shared her crops with the villagers so that they would not have to capture animals to surfeit their hunger. The other being that she would attract some friends and gratification, which was to no avail.

Her brother scoff brought her back to the present. “Nay, it is never good when a female thinks, drive us good level headed men to our knees, females do.” His grin was mischievous as was the glint in his eyes. Ivey appreciated his constant teasing nature that livened up and made her lonely days more bearable. “Your fear is unfounded, Ivey, my little sister. Your brother remains as strong as a bull in his prime.”

It was true, Ivey thought, as she regarded him. Her brothers’ easy stride that did not falter even with the extra weight that he was pulling. She had also acknowledged long ago that while the belief of the powers she possessed kept the villagers from outright attacking, it was really the fear of what Vic would do to those who did make the mistake to harm her. His strength was well known of in the village. She went to answer his quip with one of her own, but another voice beat her to it.

“It is not surprising that your strength matches that of a bull as your appearance bears a striking resemblance to the one those in farmer Goss’s fence.” Ivey stifled a grin as the only other person who did not hate or resent her joined them. Standing next to Amelia always made her feel like an extremely wide tree trunk next to a delicately blooming orchid. Am had been with Vic since they were born, and had been a constant friend throughout Ivey’s life, all twenty summers of it. She had long grown used to the bickering that often sprouted between her brother and the female who loved each other in earnest and did not realize the other party felt the same. Ivey would have remedied that long ago, but before she could make a move, both had asked for her oath of secrecy when they had realized she knew. What was she to do?

Victor turned is grin towards Am, a grin that usually left the other females weak in the knees and vacant in the head, but Am held her ground defiantly, her delicate features schooled into an expression of faint distain. Victor on his part wasn’t worried, as he briefly though back to the afternoon when he had finally gathered enough courage to steal a kiss from her. She had responded with a fervor that had surprised him, but had revealed much to his satisfaction, her true feelings for him. It had been a perfect moment…until she had scurried away like a frightened little rabbit and had refused to see him for seven sundowns. His grin broadened as he noticed a faint blush stain her fair cheeks, as she no doubt remembered the kiss as well.

“Must all your compliments of me be two-sided, Lia?” He deliberately used the name he had called her as they had kissed. Her dark gaze shot daggers at him. Ivey shifted sensing a new kind of tension emitting from them, and she as in the middle of them. Surreptitiously she slowed her pace down, hoping the two would not notice, without any luck. Am grasped her hand forcefully kept her in-between them like she were wielding a shield.

“It was not a compliment!” Am hissed to him but then controlled her voice. “Well fine, referring to a bull as yourself becomes you Victor, seeing as the bull’s prime years fade away fast, along with most of their strength and….prowess.” she smirked satisfied with herself. But then she noted the glint in Victor’s eyes that never heralded anything good. Casually he managed to move the females around so that now Amelia was the one walking in the middle of the three.

There was a husky timbre in his voice that caused Amelia’s knees to wobble dangerously, as he leaned closer to her and whispered, “If you had not ran away from me like a rabbit from a wolf, I would have been able to demonstrate my extensive prowess to you without a qualm, Lia.” The shortened form of her name was not anything important, but when the man striding next to her said it, it muddled her brain up. She felt the heat coming of her as she blushed at the implications behind his words even as she decided that to ignore the man would be better for her. Turning to Ivey who like always said very little, and at the moment looked a little uncomfortable as she trudged along with them.

“Ivey,” she smiled at the younger female, “Forgive me for not asking earlier, how are you mia.” She used the Dellian term for sister.

“Why is it that you never greet me with such warmth Lia?” The teasing voice was accompanied by a brief warm sweeping hand on her back; she forced herself to ignore him. Ivey glanced up at her, and despite the years they had spent together, the magnificent beauty of her eyes always momentarily gave a pause, just so she could admire their beauty. The village people were idiots, Amelia knew, because if they had taken the chance to get to know her instead of shunning her they would see that Ivey was a gentle soul, one that often reminded her often of the little children that ran loose on the streets…when they weren’t suffering the pangs of hunger that is.

“I’m in a little pain.” The younger woman admitted softly and Amelia felt the alertness that coursed through Victor. Whatever else he may be, Amelia thought, she could not fault the man for taking care of his sister. Suddenly, Ivey grinned at her, her head tilted as Amelia was slightly taller than her. “Your nails digging into my flesh are a little uncomfortable Am. Does my brother affect you so much?” she said innocently while her eyes laughed. Amelia immediately let go the arm she had forgotten she had been clutching. She glared at Ivey while Victor gave a satisfied chuckled.

“Why are you siding with this mule” She asked with a mock scowl, “This-this insufferable male?”

“She is my sister, her loyalty lay with me.” The male in question stated reasonably, arrogantly.

This time the scowl was not so much of a lie. “She is a female” Amelia emphasized and pointed an accusing finger at Victor, who tried to grab her hand but she evaded quickly. “The mule was making a mockery of females not so long ago. He may as well have said we were the mules.” She gestured in exasperation while Victor chuckled in that self-assured way of his, which only ignited her irritation. Lost in their bickering they didn’t notice the way a male and female had thrown dirty look they had thrown to Ivey and hurried in the opposite direction. They didn’t notice the broken expression on her face and how her steps slowed slowly until she fell far back behind that her escape would not be noticed by her arguing companions.

When they did notice they both felt horrible, but they knew that that would not find her now unless she wished to be found. Both felt the slow burning anger at the village people for shunning her when all Ivey ever did was try to make their life’s easier. They proceeded now in silence and entered the village square where all the others lived and Ivey hardly ever ventured.

Ivonné knew that Victor and Am would feel terrible that she had left and in turn that made her feel terrible. But she had felt the spikes of jealously at the easy love her only two companions shared and it had been very obvious something had happened between them at long last. Her brother had been too smug and she knew the look he had worn when he had looked at Am. A hunter smelling prey and he would not give up until he had conquered his prize. She was happy for them, she really was, but now she feared that they would forget her, when they were engrossed in the magic of each other’s company.

Her feet kicked up dusty dirt in the air, and she took in her surroundings. Her heart fell. The land looked perched for water. The ground had hardened so that a farmer tools could not penetrate it and nor could a seed cling to it and grow. The trees were few and were mere skeletons, lowly imitations of the magnificent beauties they could be. And of course there were the Demon Lords Mountains in the backdrop, ominous dark silhouettes that ringed around the village. The village people would not have been this starved if they were able to trade with the other villages that existed on the other side, but on one wanted to risk the wrath of the demon if they tried to cross his territory. It wasn’t as though the village hadn’t already suffered enough, she thought angrily, “But atleast he keeps the monsters out.”

Still, a little selfishly, she wished the demon would leave, that the rain would come and relieve the earth; she even wished that she had had the abilities everyone seemed to think she possessed. Then she would be able to help everyone.

“I wish for a lot of things.” She said to the empty air around her. “But my wishes are never heeded nor granted.” Even she was taken aback at the defeated bitterness that laced her words heavily. She would not give in to self-pity she decided even though the temptation heavily weighed on her. She came upon her destination with a sense of relief for her attention was now required for the daunting task of climbing jutting rocks that hid the entrance to her secret haven. No one she knew ventured so close to the Demon Lords Mountains, so she was certain that her hideout was yet to be discovered. The rocks acted as a sort of maze that led to an opening where a small pond and a single tree stood beside it. She had not told anyone about this place, not even her brother and Amelia. She couldn’t help but feel possessive of the place, the one place no one knew about, where she could shed all her worries and just be. She quelled her guilt by remembering that the villagers would only turn this place around and blame her for something ridiculous, like the demon had gifted the place to her for her faithful services. Not that they would come this near the Demon Lords Mountains anyway.

The glade didn’t look as though it were perched for water, it looked healthy and fresh. The tree stood and proud and old oak tree that cast an enormous shadow on the ground. On one of its branches sat a Falcon preening its feathers. It gave a cry of welcome when it saw Ivonné.

“Hello, Fal. Every day I come thinking you will have left.” She said, but was glad he had not flown away. He had been the first animal to fall victim to the villagers’ horrible traps, and she had recused it and nursed it here in her place. But that had been many moons ago, plenty of time for him to have left. Again no one knew about him, Am would have told her that she needed to learn to walk away from animals; Victor would have just gotten angry with her. Thankfully the falcon had not followed her home yet.

He gave a cry as though replying to her. “I know,” She settled underneath the tree and leaned against the trunk with a sigh of pleasure. “I would never leave this place were it not for Vic and Am. It shan’t be long now before they wed now.”

The falcon flew down and settled near her, but still there was a distance between them. She did not try to touch him, instead stretched out her hand in his direction, a while later he hoped up it and gave it a gentle peck with it cool beak before jumping away again to his former distance.

“For you I suppose that equates to a hug right?” A cry met her question with him bobbing his head, and she grinned. “Thank you.”

She opened a small pouch at her waist and drew out some brittle nuts she kept for Fal and tossed the handful to him. She watched the sunlight play of his golden feathers she knew were soft to touch as she watched him peck away at the treat. Something inside her twisted as her mind conjured up the image of the way she had found him, his glorious feathers mattered in blood and wings twisted in an unnatural angel. She was immensely glad that he was healed. He was large, she thought drowsily, the warm day lulling her to sleep. He had been large when she had found him; large enough that she had first it was an eagle. Now it was normal. She knew that it should worry her but in a land where demons were lords and monsters existed; birds being able to change their sizes did not seem so farfetched. That was the last thought she had before sleep took her.

In the mountains, the Demon lord felt someone enter his glade. A quick wave of his hand, over a crystal bowls filled with seers’ liquid, revealed a female asleep against the oak tree, with the falcon she had saved next to her as though sitting guard. The tension in his shoulders, he had no idea had collected at the thought of an intruder, left and he settled back in the silly throne his sister had insisted he must have. Had it been anyone else but the female he would have made it clear that no one was allowed in the glade. It was another gift from his sister. But the female…this female, he tolerated. He had seen in his seers’ bowl the way the villagers shunned her. He could not understand why. She looked ordinary to him. A small circular face and dark her. He could not understand why. She looked ordinary to him. A small circular face and dark waist length hair she wore in a messy braid. There were leaves stuck in it. She was a little scruffy but still her innocent beauty shone through. He could not see anything about her that demanded the sort of disgust she faced every day. Nonetheless, the loneliness he had seen on her face was something he could relate too and she got much pleasure from the glade. So he had let her be, feeling a strange sort of kinship with her. He sat in his elegant throne, watching the female sleep until he was interrupted by one of his servants.

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