Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress Damsel in Distress

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A city girl’s journey into the rural heartland leads to unbounded pleasure…


A city girl’s journey into the rural heartland leads to unbounded pleasure…


Submitted: August 06, 2015

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Submitted: August 06, 2015



She’d been driving for nine hours, and had spent the last two of those watching the engine temperature gauge rise to alarming heights. She’d borrowed this rust-filled dumpster of a Ford Pinto from her roommate, and although Anya greatly appreciated the gesture, before she’d even left New York she was starting to wish that she’d gone to the expense of getting a rental. Still, she knew hindsight would do her no good out here in rural Virginia, so onwards she ploughed.

She was travelling south to visit her family, but had mistakenly left the freeway many miles and almost an hour ago. She was reaching over to the passenger seat for her map when the hideous sight of steam rising from the engine bay greeted her.

Anya muttered a stream of obscenities as she pulled the car over to the shoulder. She shut off the engine and rested her head against the seat, cursing the hot summer weather that had helped it overheat. After a second spent shaking her head, she climbed out and took in her surroundings.

The narrow stretch of blacktop on which she found herself was the only apparent evidence that this place had ever been set upon by human eyes, as from behind the darkened lenses of her sunglasses, she could see nothing but fields, trees, and green, green grass.

Anya reached back into the car and grabbed her bag, then rustled inside for her cell phone. She switched it on, and was not surprised when she couldn’t get a signal. She threw the phone back into her bag and her bag into the car, and started to wonder just what the hell she was going to do. She decided that if there was an asphalt road it had to lead somewhere, so she took from the car a bottle of water and started walking.

Anya walked for many a mile, so many in fact that her feet were beginning to ache despite the sturdy knee-high boots she was wearing over her jeans. Plus, the afternoon sun was high in the sky, and her loose tank top offered no protection from the merciless pulsing of the sun’s rays. Feeling more downcast than ever, Anya decided to take a break and stopped beneath the cool shade offered by the leafy branches of an American Yellowwood. She sat with her back to the trunk and sipped at her water. As she contemplated recommencing her trek, she heard the whinnying of a horse off in the distance.

Anya jumped up and looked around, pulling her sunglasses off as she did so. At first she couldn’t see anything other than the now familiar landscape. But then, just as she was thinking that the noise had been a delusion brought on by the heat, a figure emerged over the rise of a hill. It was the Stetson she saw first, the unmistakable sight of a brown felt cowboy hat. And as she walked closer and the rider climbed, she saw his face, his body, and his mount.

The horse strode forward with its head shaking slightly, fighting against the reins. It was a jet-black stallion, and the colour of its coat was a stark contrast to the white cotton shirt worn by the cowboy.

The cowboy stopped his horse next to her, and pushed his hat back from his forehead.

He smiled, flicked a thumb over his stubbled chin and said, “You’re either lost out here, or an angel’s been sent down from heaven.”

She was hot enough from the remorseless beating of the sun. However, Anya could still feel her cheeks redden. “That’s very kind of you,” she replied. “But I’m lost, I’m afraid. My car broke down back there.”

The cowboy nodded. “And let me guess. No cell phone signal, right?”


He reached out a hand and offered it to her. “Then we don’t have much choice. Can’t leave a damsel in distress out here in the wilderness.”  

Anya couldn’t deny that the man before her was a handsome devil. Still, she was a little wary. After all, she was alone in the middle of nowhere with this stranger. “Where will you take me?” she asked.

His smiled broadened and he kept his hand outstretched. “Don’t worry. I have a stud farm a little way from here. If you’d walked another five minutes you’d have found it. I’ll take you there, you can use the phone, call a tow truck.”

Anya looked around at the rolling hills, and then turned back to the cowboy and his horse. She smiled again and nodded. “Okay,” she said. “That would be nice.”

“No problem.”

She took the cowboy’s hand and he effortlessly pulled her up onto the back of the horse. But as she straddled the beast, the heat combined with the animal’s placid motion and the manly odour of the cowboy to make Anya a touch light-headed. She found her face but inches from the stranger’s rippling back, and she inhaled whispers of sweat, leather, and smoke.

As Anya touched her hands to his waist, she felt a tension she hadn’t sensed when they’d been talking. But now she thought of it, she noticed that she too was overwrought, and had to acknowledge that this was because of the obvious attraction between them. Because she needed his help and didn’t want to put him off by appearing wanton, she hadn’t wanted to recognise it earlier. But now she was up on his mount, with her hands slowly tracing through his shirt the firm curve of his hips.

As she did so, Anya felt a stirring deep within her feminine caldera, and as her hands floated around to his powerfully muscled abdomen, she felt herself begin to moisten. Anya feared that if he made a move for her, she would not be able to resist.

The cowboy tapped the heels of his boots against the horse and gave the reins a delicate snap. The animal began to walk, and as it did so, the movement sent through Anya’s widened legs the tiniest darts of pleasure. The crotch of her jeans was tight against her, and as she gently kneaded her fingers against the cowboy’s stomach, she couldn’t help but exploit the motion of the horse and grind herself against her jeans.

For the longest time they didn’t say a word to one another, although if the cowboy had spoken, Anya would not have heard. She was lost, submerged in the realm of the senses, her hands caressing the cowboy, her face buried in his back, inhaling his scent, her hips rocking with the motion. The only thing of which she was aware was the tingling of her clitoris, and the moistening of her fissure.

And all too soon it stopped.

The movement ceased and she felt the cowboy turn. She jumped as he did so, suddenly realising what she’d been doing. She felt her eyes widen and was glad that she was still wearing her sunglasses, for she was sure that embarrassment would be etched into her features.

The cowboy jumped down from the horse. He offered to help her climb down, but Anya didn’t move. “Hey, don’t worry,” he said, again with that smile. “These things happen when the mercury rises.” 

Anya didn’t know if that made her feel better or worse. Still, the comment broke the tension, so she removed her sunglasses and clipped them to her shirt, then threw a leg over the horse and allowed herself to slip into his arms. For the first time she was aware of how petite she was next to this rugged gent. Standing on the tips of her toes, Anya’s eyes were only just level with his shoulder. But that was soon to be the last thing on her mind. The cowboy had placed his hands upon her hips, and there they remained.  

Anya stood looking up into his eyes. He met her gaze, and just a hint of a smile played across her lips as his hands moved from the waistband of her jeans, and slowly slipped under her shirt. She could feel his rough, calloused palms gently engage with her tender flesh.

“The phone’s in the house over there,” he said, tilting his head toward the farmhouse. “You can call a tow truck if you like.”

“I’m not sure I want to.”

“Do it anyway. We’ll have plenty of time before it gets here.”

The cowboy removed his hands, and for the briefest of moments Anya felt bereft as she craved his touch. She watched him head toward the stable, and marvelled at his laconic walk. She shook her head and wondered what was happening to her.

After taking the time to call the tow truck and splash some water on her face, Anya headed back outside. The cowboy was standing by the stable, leaning against the door, his Stetson pushed back on his head and his thumbs looped through his belt. 

Anya watched him, but he didn’t move. He just stood smiling at her, his eyes squinting slightly against the bright afternoon sun. Despite her smarts and intellect, Anya wasn’t sure if she found that lascivious smile arousing or alarming, for it had a malign quality that suggested things could slide in either direction. However, he was the same brutishly handsome, sun-burnished cowboy that had made her wet just a few minutes earlier. So when he unhooked his thumbs from his belt and walked into the stable, she decided to follow.

Anya was unsure of what to expect. She made her way across the dusty yard, but with each step she wondered what he would do when she stepped into the stable.

Anya paused by the doorway. It was much darker inside than out, and she was forced to allow her eyes to adjust. When they had done so, Anya caught sight of him down at the far end of the straw-covered floor, past several stalls that lined each wall. The scent of horses was strong in here, although the stalls were deserted. Anya guessed that the animals were out grazing in the fields.

She stepped inside, and the straw beneath her boots muffled the sound of her footfall. As she moved closer, Anya could see that the cowboy was talking to someone.

Immediately she became cautious and slowed, although for reasons she could not explain, she carried on moving forward. But then a girl stepped from the end stall, and Anya felt her unease dissipate. The presence of another woman made her feel easier, and it also helped that she was beautiful, and perhaps the cutest thing she had ever seen.

Her hair was raven black and she wore it in pigtails. She was dressed in skin tight beige jodhpurs with knee high boots, not unlike those Anya herself was wearing, except the girl’s were covered by leather half chaps. She also wore a red and black plaid shirt, and she had curves in all the right places. Anya continued to approach, and as she did so the cowboy propped himself against the stall. The girl’s face broke into huge a grin. She stepped toward Anya and laid her fingers on her arm.

“Hi there,” she said. The girl was filled with friendliness and joy, and it was as if the smile on her face had transferred straight to her honeyed voice. “I'm Soya. My boss here tells me your car broke down, that you needed some help.”

“That’s right,” replied Anya, all too aware of the gentle caress of the girl’s slender fingers. “I just called a tow truck, he’ll be about an hour.”

“An hour? What are we going to do until he gets here?” The girl spoke with such exaggerated innocence that she sounded like the dirtiest creature in the world. “Would you like to take a tour of the stud?” Soya asked, with her large, brown, almond-shaped eyes going wide with mock virtue. “Or we could entertain you right here.”

Soya came so close that Anya could feel her warm breath play upon her lips. Anya closed her eyes and took a breath, preparing herself for what was to come. As her upper eyelashes entwined with the lower, Soya’s hand etched over her shirt to her left breast. Anya’s face slackened and her body relaxed as she gave herself. The fingers reached her nipple, and the gentle touch through the thin fabric immediately caused her tender nub to stiffen.

Anya tilted back her head as her nipple began to quiver and she felt her pussy tingle. The intensity doubled when the girl’s other hand joined in, and pampered Anya’s other breast with similar sensuousness.

Anya was trapped inside a web of bliss, and so much so that she willingly followed when Soya led her to a bench against the rear wall. The girl reached down, and with nimble fingers she unfastened Anya’s jeans and slipped them down to reveal a pair of red lace panties.

Anya kicked off her boots and jeans as Soya pulled her to the bench. They sat next to one another, and soon their legs became entangled as they started to kiss. As their soft lips met, the girl darted out her tongue and pushed it into Anya’s warm mouth. As Anya accepted her, Soya began caressing her thigh, something that Anya mimicked by allowing her fingers to play upon the girl’s firm flesh.

As this was happening, Anya noticed that the cowboy was standing off to the side. He was watching them, massaging himself through his jeans.

Soya ran a hand over Anya's chest and side of her neck as they continued to kiss. At the same time, Anya could not resist slipping her hand between Soya's thighs and cosseted her pussy through her jodhpurs. She was surprised to feel humidity building between the girl’s legs, although she could not deny that her own slit was percolating. Anya closed her eyes and listened to the moist cacophony of their kisses echoing around the stable.

Suddenly the girl pulled away and instructed Anya to stand. She did as ordered. Soya moved her hands up Anya’s body and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing Anya’s perfectly petite and delicate breasts. Now naked but for her lacy red panties, Anya dropped to her knees and helped the girl slip out of her jodhpurs, and thus revealed her black underwear.

Anya wanted her so much that she dipped toward her and kissed the girl’s pussy through the material. Anya could feel Soya’s dampness against her lips, so she slipped out her tongue to taste the sweetness. She carried herself over the girl's swollen clit, and elicited from her sighs of delight.

As this was happening Soya opened her shirt, button by button, revealing breasts unfettered by a bra. Anya saw the large, pink, puffy nipples of the girl harden as she turned to face the cowboy. He was still exploring the contour of his erection through his jeans. And by turning, Soya presented her bottom to Anya, so Anya reached out and coddled it with both hands.

Soya then made to remove her panties, causing Anya to glide her own fingers into the waistband and help her pull them down. As they slipped past her thighs and to her knees, the girl dropped down to the bench. Anya moved the panties down her calves, over her feet. As soon as they were removed, Soya opened her legs. Anya found herself staring at an exquisitely pink pussy. The girl’s labia were small, thus giving Anya a perfect view of her clit beneath its hood.

Anya did not hold back. She reached forward and kissed her, gently at first, pressing her mouth to the girl’s outer lips, then to her clit, before starting about her with her tongue. She ran the tip between the delicate folds, and then pushed inside.

Soya reached out and ran her fingers through Anya's short hair, and pulled her face tight against her cunt. As Anya’s tongue flicked across her swollen bud, the girl started to slowly grind against it.

Just as Anya was losing herself in the fragrant taste, she sensed movement off to her side. The cowboy was approaching, and as he walked, his huge erection was straining visibly in his jeans. She tried to watch, but lost sight as he moved behind her. And then she felt his rough hands upon her, one on each of her tender buttocks.

He started running a hand all over her, up her back, over her shoulder blades and neck. The other hand remained on her bottom, gently fondling her, which caused Anya’s pussy to drip. She could feel her dew trickling down her inner thighs, and that was even before the cowboy drew back his hand and brought it down to land a firm spank upon her.

Anya snapped her head around, only to be greeted once more by the cowboy's grin. He lent down to the reddened patch on her buttock and kissed it softly and repeatedly, and the succulence of his kiss offset the sting of his hand.

Anya lowered herself again to the pussy of the girl, and as Anya wrought pleasure from her, Soya reached up to her own firm breasts and began to massage them, cup them, and roll her nipples between her fingers.

Although all her efforts were concentrated on the girl, Anya was very much aware of the cowboy behind her, and she gasped when his fingers worked their way beneath her panties. She was about to help pull them off, but the cowboy was more urgent. He simply tugged them to one side, and exposed Anya's pussy and tender rosebud.

Anya kept working at Soya's clit, but she knew her efforts were waning as she awaited the cowboy's next move. Sensing this, Soya pulled Anya's head down into her crotch… and then Anya felt the stubbled jaw of the cowboy work its way between her buttocks. The coarseness of his face against her most tender parts made her shiver, just as his soft warm tongue hastened between her pussy lips. She groaned, but the sound was muffled as her mouth was still hard against the girl.

The cowboy momentarily pulled back. In the instant before his warm saliva spattered against her cunt, Anya heard him spit. Emboldened, the cowboy placed his hand between Anya's legs and pushed his thumb against her clit. Again, Anya wanted to cry out with joy, but the girl's hungry pussy demanded more of her, and Soya was not about to let her up.

The cowboy's thumb continued to dance against her, causing Anya to pulsate and push back against it. His stubbled face then dived into her once more, only this time his tongue did not make its way to her pussy; she felt the tip against her sensitive rosebud. His tongue was urgent and wet and warm as he rimmed her, and Anya could hear his deep guttural moans as he savoured her essence.

But almost as soon as he’d started he stopped. He placed a hand on each of her hips and pulled her back, away from the girl. Anya was now sitting between the cowboy and Soya, and for the first time she saw that the cowboy was naked except for his Stetson. She had no idea when he had removed his clothes, and was more interested in the sight of his erect member.

At that moment, Anya wanted his cock more than anything in the world. She bobbed toward it as the cowboy held it upright. Needing no further invitation, Anya dappled the bulbous head with small kisses, and then smothered it with the flat of her tongue. She closed her mouth around the head, and could already taste his syrupy precum. With her lips fastened around him, she rolled her tongue all over. The cowboy leaned back against the wall, and as she took him, Anya could feel him stiffen even more.

Anya then felt hands on her legs, and considered it the most natural thing in the world for Soya to spread them open. The girl used her fingers to part Anya’s greasy labia. She started to devour her, repaying Anya for the favour she had just provided.

Soya set to the task with a reckless abandon, wildly tipping at Anya before using the firm flat of her tongue against her. Anya shivered, and her whimpers were this time muffled by the cock in her mouth. But they also merged with the moans of the cowboy, as he started to buck his hips and slowly thrust into her mouth.

Anya could now feel the girl preparing her hole, lining up her fingers to penetrate her. Soya spat on her, and the saliva quickly merged with her own copious juices.

Anya felt the pressure of the girl’s fingertips, but this was only momentary, as she was so wet and so ready that the fingers slipped inside without effort. Anya’s body stiffened as the fingers delved into her. She arched her back, and briefly allowed the cock to slip from her mouth. It rested for a few seconds against her cheek as Soya began to fuck her, until the cowboy took hold of his cock and pushed it back to her eager mouth.

Anya was impatient for the sensations at each end of her body, and so much so that she struggled to concentrate on either. One moment she would be manipulating the shaft of the cowboy’s penis as she worked the head with her mouth; but then a jolt of pleasure would hit her as her pussy and clit demanded she pay attention. 

And then: “More, little lady. I want more,” said the cowboy.

Anya released his cock and stood. At the same time Soya rose from between her legs. The cowboy took Anya’s hand and turned her around, then pushed her back down to the bench. She was now on her hands and knees, her posterior high in the air, with her glistening velvet ready to receive the cowboy.

He took his cock, still slippery from her mouth, and lined it up with Anya’s quim. The cowboy slowly pushed himself into her, and because he was so big, Anya gasped with contentment and a hint of pain. But the cowboy found a slow, steady rhythm and Anya relaxed, and started to rock against him and meet his thrusts. All the while, Soya had sat back down and was on the bench before Anya, slowly strumming at her own neden with three fingers.

It didn’t take long for the cowboy to increase his pace, and as he did so, Anya found herself alight. She wanted him, needed him, and craved to cum with him inside her. She wanted to feel his cock twitch as she squeezed him with orgasmic contractions. As she felt it build, she almost came there and then, for the cowboy was also now rimming her tender, tight rosebud with his thumb.

“Yes,” Anya muttered. “Please, yes.”

The cowboy gave a grunt as he increased the speed of his lunges. Then, as he pushed deeper than ever, he also infiltrated her anus. Anya didn’t know if she could take it, but despite the size and the coarseness of his hands, he was gentle with her, and soon she was pushing back with her dilated anus and taking his thumb, allowing herself to swallow it.

The cowboy then withdrew both his thumb and his cock, leaving Anya gaping. This time the girl helped her up, and positioned her on her back with her legs spread. The cowboy knelt on the bench between her legs, and Soya laced her fingers through Anya’s. The cowboy was ready again, and Anya stared in amazement at how hard he was and at how his strained erection rippled and jerked in eagerness to be back inside her.

As she felt the weight of the cowboy against her once more, Soya straddled her face and immediately started to grind her pussy against Anya’s mouth. This time Anya was ready for him, and so he immediately ploughed deep into her cunt, and moved with fast, urgent plunges. Anya felt her breathing increase to towering levels, so much so that she was struggling for breath. Her heart pounded so hard that Anya feared it would burst through her chest if she didn’t soon release her orgasm.

As the cowboy pushed his cock harder and deeper and faster, Anya felt nerve endings throughout her body ignite and glow; every muscle in her genitals, pelvis, buttocks, and thighs was rigid with tension. They were so hard and taut that they ached.  

Soya was similarly primed for release. Anya’s face was slick with her drizzle, and through this moisture she could feel the girl’s cunt contracting as she too gasped for breath…

…and then the barn was filled with a cacophony of yelps and moans, cries and whimpers. Anya felt her vagina and anus simultaneously contract, and then there came an involuntary release, as all at once in a series of intensely pleasurable waves, her orgasm took her and carried her away.

Anya’s entire body was rippling, and the contractions proved too much for the cowboy. As her orgasm squeezed at his thick cock, he grunted and threw back his head. His body too went taught, and the sculpted muscles of his abdomen went fantastically rigid.

In the very second before release, the cowboy withdrew from her pussy and quickly moved himself to her mouth. Despite being lost in the series of little earthquakes that rocked her slender form, Anya was aware enough to open her mouth and receive the cowboy’s gift. Avariciously, she sucked upon him. He began to twitch, and he let loose his stream of precious fluid.

The cowboy filled her, and he couldn’t help but thrust into her mouth a little, as his body was also wracked by spontaneous paroxysms of ecstasy. Anya wanted him, wanted his cum, wanted to swallow it all, but there was just too much. It trickled from her mouth, over her lips, and down her chin.

Both Soya and the cowboy collapsed on the bench beside Anya, and vanished into their own galaxies of contentment. Anya’s petite frame was being shaken by a series of orgasmic aftershocks, over which she had no control. She wanted the pleasure to continue forever, but now that the sex appeared to be over, her thoughts were turning to why she had come to this place. She couldn’t help but giggle when she thought of her roommate’s little car sitting abandoned by the side of the road. Anya ran a finger down her chest and over her stomach as she savoured the afterglow. And then the moment was shattered as a loud air horn fractured the silence.

“Shit!” she shouted, as she flew off the bench and scrabbled around for her clothes.

The tow truck had arrived. An hour had passed already, and here she was, naked with these two strangers, reeking of sex and debauchery. Anya quickly threw on her shirt, panties, and jeans, and pulled her boots over her feet. She made for the door, but stopped and turned around. The cowboy and the girl were still on the bench.

“Thanks for the help,” she said.

“Anytime,” replied the cowboy. He tipped his Stetson toward her and bade her farewell. 

Anya ran out into the harsh glare of the afternoon sun, and as she did so, she ran her tongue over her lips. All she could taste was the cowboy’s cum and Soya’s brume. Anya flushed with embarrassment as the tow truck driver approached. She quickly reached into the horse trough next to her, cupped her hands, and splashed water on her face.

“Sure is a hot day,” said the driver as he walked up to her.

Anya smiled, both at him and to herself. “You have no idea.”

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