Traficked: Ali fixed

Traficked: Ali fixed

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica





Chapter1 (v.1) - Traficked: Ali fixed

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2011



Ali sat in the hotel room.

Where were her parents?

And what had her mom meant when she told her

“To do as she was told” while they were gone?

They were only supposed to be picking up dinner!

And it was not like she needed a baby sitter!

She was 13 for goodness sakes!

She was tired of waiting:

She would just take a shower and go to bed, she decided. 

She went into the bathroom, and got undressed.

She stepped into the shower, and turned the water on hot.

She washed herself all over.

She then turned the water off, and got out of the shower.

But when she went to get dressed her cloths weren’t were she had remembered putting them.

All well, I must have been daydreaming she thought.

She wrapped the towel around her, and exited the bathroom.

She walked over to her drawer, and looked for some PJ’s and underclothes.

But to her surprise all of her drawers were empty!

“Looking for something?” she heard from behind her.

She whirled around to see a shirtless young man in the middle of the room holding her suitcase!

She tightened the towel around her naked body

“How did you get in here? Get out!” she half asked half ordered the man.  

The man smiled

“Why, I came for my toy.” He answered.

This took her aback why would this man want a toy?

“There is nothing here of yours” she snapped

“Get out!” she told him

 “And put down my suitcase” she repeated.

The man smiled

“Of course” he complied, and set her suit case down.

“Thank you! Now get out! Or I’ll call the police” she yelled at him.

He smiled again, then reached for something in his back pocket, and pulled out a gun!

“I think it’s time I take charge here” he said with a grin.

Ali gasped and stepped back.

“Now, let the towel go!” the man ordered.

She gasped.

“No! I would never! I couldn’t” she stammered

“You will!” the man yelled he pointed the gun at her and cocked it.

She froze

“Drop it now!” he ordered.

She shook her head and started to sniffle, and then she started to cry.

“Please! Please, don’t make me! Just go please!” she begged him.

He pointed the gun at her

“Take it off” he repeated.

She reluctantly let the towel go, and then tried to cover herself with her hands and hair, at the same time as backing away from him.

“Stop, step closer to me” the man ordered.

She didn’t move,

“Move! Now!” he told her.

Her eyes wide, she took a step closer, her eyes never leaving the gun.

“Closer!” he repeated.

She stepped closer.

He reached his arm out and grabbed her arm dragging her close to him.

She struggled, but he was strong.

He dragged her over to the bed and threw her on top of it.

She backed away from the edge sobbing

“Please! Please don’t hurt me!” she begged him.

“Shut up!” he snapped.

He reached for another bag that Ali hadn’t noticed before.

He kept the gun pointed at her and his eyes never left her young body.

She was still sobbing and trying to cover her naked body, and she kept her eyes on the gun.

The man’s hand came out of the bag with something that Ali forever afterward wished she had never seen:


Purple rope.

At first the color confused her, but she realized that the color didn’t matter, either way those ropes were meant for her!

She gasped in fright.

She now was staring at the rope that was meant for her.

He got up on the bed with the rope and sat on her legs.

She struggled, shaking her head

“Please, don’t please; please don’t use those on me please!”

That’s when she realized: SHE was his toy: his sexual toy.

This man is going to rape me: and there’s nothing I can do about it

She mentally whispered.

She struggled even more.

He ignored her.

He grabbed one off her wrists.

She tried to stop him.

 But he tied the rope around one wrist then grabbed her other wrist.

 And no matter how much she struggled he managed to tie both of her hands above her head to her bed post.

This left her completely without coverage.

A young, naked virgin: in front of a sexy, criminal of a young man.

Not a pretty sight.

She was completely out of control of her body.

She was sobbing, her body was shaking.

She didn’t even know that was coming out of her mouth anymore.

All she knew was that she was begging him, begging him to spare her.


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