The Succubus: Sins of the Flesh (1st 5 chapters)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


Dressed in strange clothing and covered in tattoos and piercings, Raven DuBois appears to be just another goth college student rebelling through her unusual, dark style. Darrin Brown, on the other hand is as boring as they come. Before moving to NYC to complete his sociology degree, the Average Joe knew nothing more than church, the four walls of his Detroit home, and his Plain Jane girlfriend, Melody.

Raven is spontaneous…unpredictable…dangerous. She's unlike anyone Darrin has ever met and he's instantly intrigued by her unique style, killer body and seductive ways. But he soon finds there is much more to her than meets the eye.

After getting a taste of what Raven has to offer, Darrin can't get enough. He soon falls deep under her spell and will do anything she asks of him, without questioning. He finds himself a pawn in her wicked game; a game in which he stands to lose more than he ever imagined – including his soul.

Chapter 1


“So lemme get this straight,” a muscled, tanned student blurted out, rising from his seat in his Comparative Mythology class to gain everyone’s attention. “You mean to tell me this demonic woman, Huldra, would run through the forest naked, seducing random men? Sounds like my type of girl!” The class erupted into a boisterous bout of laughter.

From the back of the huge lecture hall Darrin Brown shook his head at the young man’s crude comment, noticing that the name displayed on the back of his Columbia University Lions football jersey read “B. Rick.” Fitting name, Darrin mused, especially considering he’s dumb as a brick. Amused with his witty observation, his chuckle blended in with the rest of his classmates’ laughs.

“Okay, okay…that’s enough!” Professor Hubert demanded, reclaiming control of his class. “Huldra is the most widely known succubus in Norwegian folklore; very similar to Qarinah in Arabian mythology and Mohini of India. Now can anyone tell me the name of the most popular succubus in Christianity? I’ll give you a hint. She was said to be Adam’s first wife.”

Darrin quickly raised his hand, sure that he undoubtedly knew the answer.

“Yes, Mr. Brown?”

“It’s Eve,” he stated with confidence.

“Incorrect,” Professor Hubert said, shooting down his response.

Confused, Darrin replied, “Everyone knows Eve was Adams wife.”

“Actually,” a girl dressed in dark, gothic attire, said from several rows in front of him, “Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Eve was merely created as an afterthought because Lilith was too strong-willed for Adam. Lilith refused to lie down and be submissive, so she was cursed and turned into a succubus as punishment.”

“That can’t be right,” laughed Darrin. “I was brought up in the church and I’ve never once heard that story.”

“Then it appears you’ve been misled,” she fired back at him, never breaking her stony-eyed gaze.

Darrin opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted by Professor Hubert’s speech.

“Actually, what Ms. DuBois said is correct. Lilith was turned into a succubus and began carrying out her revenge by seducing and killing men. And because she never ate the forbidden fruit as Adam and Eve did, she was untainted by the original sin, and thus unable to die. She was said to be immortal and was considered a demon. Afterwards, God created Eve from Adam’s rib, and since she was made from a piece of him instead of from the earth as Adam was, she was more subservient – a perfect woman.”

“A perfect woman?” the oddly dressed young Ms. DuBois interjected, her face twisting into a disapproving scowl. “That’s your idea of a perfect woman?” she scoffed, rolling her eyes at the preposterous claim. “A real woman won’t allow a man to control her, because she knows that men are weak, feeble-minded creatures. Women are naturally more intelligent and capable. Lilith was the perfect woman.”

“Lilith was certainly a headstrong woman. No argument there,” someone stated in response. Raven shot a warning look at the blonde-haired beauty, staring into her icy blue eyes threateningly as she spoke. “But you’ve failed to mention the fact that Lilith was also an evil demon bitch who murdered innocent infants.”

“You better learn to watch your tongue,” Raven hissed at her classmate.

“Yes Aria, no profanity in class, please,” Professor Hubert said. “You’re absolutely right, though; succubi were said to have killed babies and children out of jealousy or spite.”

The professor glanced at his watch and bid his class farewell, prompting Darrin and the other students to close their books and begin filing out of the auditorium. As he exited the building, Darrin noticed the goth girl walking in his direction, giving him the opportunity to get a good look at her for the first time.

With her dark make-up and long, bright red hair, she certainly wasn’t your conventional girl next door. She donned black leather pants with seemingly useless zippers all over them, a red and black lace brocade corset, and fishnet arm warmers that allowed her sleeve tattoos to remain visible from beneath the tight netting. Her platform knee boots added an extra six inches to her mere 5’4” stature, and dozens of heavy gunmetal chains dangled from her wrists and neck, jingling as she made her way closer to Darrin. But despite her odd manner of dress, he could not ignore her obvious beauty. Her brown skin was smooth and radiant, and her heart-shaped lips, full and succulent. They were painted a deep red – the shade of dried blood – and her bottom lip bore a small silver hoop piercing that connected to her nose ring by a thin chain, while her left eyebrow was adorned with a single stainless steel barbell. Along with the layers of chains, a lone jewel hung around her neck. To the average observer, it appeared to be just a pretty stone – onyx or a black sapphire perhaps. But to Raven, the amulet was much more. She sucked on a cigarette, staining its tip with the dark cherry gloss from her lips.

“Hey, Jesus freak,” she said, peering into his deep brown eyes through the lenses of his thick spectacles. “Sorry to burst your bubble about the Eve thing.” She took a drag from her cigarette, allowing the smoke to waft slowly from her nostrils, curling into ribbons in the air before vanishing into the atmosphere.

“Um…uh…yeah, it’s okay,” Darrin bumbled nervously, his eyes quickly dropping to ground to avoid making eye contact with her. “That’s what I’m here for – to learn new things.”

He shyly raised his eyes from the floor, but the gaze intended for her flawless-complexioned face instead fell upon the perky D-cup breasts being squeezed up and out of her tight corset. He quickly dropped his eyes back to the ground.

“Yeah, well…see ya’ around,” she said before turning on her heels and strutting off.

Darrin watched his mysterious classmate cross Amsterdam Avenue and disappear into a thick crowd of bustling New York pedestrians before continuing on to his next class.



Chapter 2

Darrin’s following class, Political Science, was one that he looked forward to attending every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, not so much due to the subject matter, but because it was the only class that he and his girlfriend, Melody, had together. He spotted the light of his life sitting at a desk near the windows and was preparing to take the open seat next to her when a push from behind sent him flying forward, causing him to trip over a desk leg and fall face flat onto the floor. His glasses landed in front of him and he scrambled to pick them up, thankful that they were not broken.

 “Sorry, loser. This seat’s taken,” said the tanned jock from his previous class as he slid into the chair next to Melody.

“Leave him alone, Brandon!” Melody yelled in her boyfriend’s defense. “All these open seats in here and you have to steal his?”

“It’s okay, Mel,” Darrin said, diffusing the situation. Not one to engage in confrontation, he sulked away to find himself another seat.

Though Darrin had grown up in the roughest part of Detroit, one would’ve never known by looking at him. For as long as he could remember, his daily attire consisted of a collared shirt tucked into his high-water khakis or jeans that he’d iron a sharp crease into, just as his mother had taught him. Paired with brown loafers and his signature wire-framed bifocals, he was anything but cool. He lived an extremely sheltered life. His single mother loved him with all her heart and was very overprotective of her only child. From elementary through high school, Darrin was to go directly to the after-school program at their Baptist church as soon as school let out. Sports were out of the question as they were too dangerous, and playing outside in the street was unheard of. Darrin would often watch NFL games on TV and root for his home team, the Lions, then sit in his window and watch the neighborhood boys outside playing tackle football in the middle of the street. He longed to join them; he was sure he could play skillfully and impress them with his speed and strength if given the chance. But the only time Darrin was allowed outside was to go to school or to church.

Church wasn’t all too bad though, thanks to Melody. Darrin and his slim, long-legged sweetheart had become friends 15 years ago when her family moved into the house across the street and began attending his church. In many ways Melody’s life was somewhat similar to Darrin’s. She, too, was raised by strict, religious parents and spent much of her time in the church, but she had not been nearly as sheltered as Darrin. She’d always thought Darrin was handsome and she liked that he was quiet and shy like her. In middle school, they had been each other’s first kiss and first love. They both knew they would one day take each other’s virginity, but not until they were married, of course.

Darrin and Melody were thrilled upon learning they were both accepted to Columbia University’s School of Social Work and would not have to be away from each other. Darrin’s mom pleaded with him not to leave; she begged him to stay home and attend Wayne State University in Detroit, selfishly asking him to forego an Ivy League education, but there was no way Darrin was going to continue to live as a prisoner confined to his mother’s house. He was a grown man now and he had waited his whole life for the day he’d finally be able to step out into the world.

But not much had changed since Darrin and Melody’s arrival in New York City. When he wasn’t in class, he spent most of his time in his dormitory studying. Sometimes he’d sit in the library or the food court to people watch, but when he was not with Melody, he was by himself. Still painfully shy and a social outcast, Darrin didn’t know how to make friends and he knew no one wanted to be friends with someone like him anyway. Darrin’s roommate did his best to stay clear of him. And even Melody had been quite busy as of late. Unlike him, she had many friends, and although she wasn’t big on partying, she stayed involved with numerous activities including the Horticulture Club, the Choral Arts Society, the Science Club, and volunteering at a nearby soup kitchen.

Melody abandoned her seat for the empty desk next to Darrin. He smiled as she approached him and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Hey, you,” she said, her light brown eyes twinkling as she flashed her pearly whites. “How’s your day going?”

“Same ol’, same ol’,” he shrugged. “I miss you, Mel. You’re always so busy these days. You think we could hang out tonight? Watch a movie or something?”

“Awww, I can’t tonight, Darrin.” She twirled a lock of her shoulder-length sandy brown hair around her slender index finger. “My roommate’s in a play and she’ll be absolutely crushed if I’m not there.”

“Well maybe—”

“It’s sold out,” she cut him off, as if reading his mind, “and she only had one extra ticket for me.”

“Okay then,” he sighed, feeling defeated. “Maybe tomorrow.”



Chapter 3

Two days later, Darrin sat alone in the cafeteria picking over the remainder of his tuna sandwich and watching the other students coast effortlessly through the day. He looked at his digital calculator watch, noticing he still had another half hour remaining until the start of Comparative Mythology class. He was startled from his trance when someone suddenly pulled out the metal chair across from him and plopped down in the seat. It was the weird gothic girl from his class.

“What’s up, Jesus freak?” she asked, staring him directly in the face as she obnoxiously chewed and smacked on her pink bubblegum.

Darrin looked around nervously and swallowed hard. “Hello.”

“Chill out, man,” she said, stopping to blow and pop a huge bubble. “I don’t bite…well, sometimes I do, but you look a little too bland for my taste. What’s your name, anyway?”


“I’m Raven,” she said, sticking out her hand for him to shake. He inspected her fingerless maroon lace gloves and long, pointy black-lacquered fingernails apprehensively before shaking her hand.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” he hesitantly began, “why do you dress like that?”

“I was about to ask you the same damn thing!” Raven chuckled in response.

“Well…I…I,” he stuttered, looking down at his faded green polo shirt and tan khakis, not finding anything the least bit unusual about his attire.

“I get it,” said Raven. “You got your own style. I got my own, too. I refuse to be one of these sheep, walking around here following the fucking herd. Instead, I’m a wolf, scaring the shit out of them!” Raven raised her head to the ceiling and let out a loud, high-pitched howl, drawing several inquisitive glances.

Among the gawkers was Aria. Standing several feet from their table, she shook her head in disgust while giving Raven the evil eye.

“Fuck you lookin’ at, bitch?” Raven spat at her, returning the hateful glare.

“Who me? I’m looking at nothing, because that’s exactly what you are.” Aria moved a loose strand of her thin, straight hair behind her ear, blending it in with the rest of her platinum blonde bob, folded her arms across her chest, and continued focusing her frigid gaze on Raven.

“What’s with you two?” Darrin whispered to Raven.

“This bleach blonde bitch over here likes to act like she has an eye problem. But unless she wants more problems, I think it’s in her best interest to FUCK OFF.” Raven never took her eyes off Aria as she spoke; she didn’t even blink.

“Now Raven,” Aria smiled, “you and I both know your bark is much worse than your bite.”

The spectators continued to watch the confrontation unfold. The exchange between the two women was much more entertaining than whatever was playing on the flat screen televisions mounted throughout the cafeteria. Annoyed by their nosiness, Raven decided to give them the show they wanted.

“BOO!” she yelled at the curious onlookers, slamming both hands on the table, startling them and causing them to quickly turn away and continue on about their business. The force made the wobbly table rock, and her red skull and crossbones pen rolled off the table and onto the floor.

“Could you get that for me, Darrin?” she cooed, batting her long black lashes.

Aria simply shook her head again and walked toward the door. Poor Darrin, she thought to herself as she exited the food court. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

Darrin poked his head under the table and spotted the pen resting between Raven’s paten-leather platform boots. Squatting down to all fours, he crawled over to retrieve it. As he inched closer to Raven, she spread her legs wide and Darrin experienced the burning temptation to look at what was between them. He quickly retrieved the pen, being careful to keep his eyes glued to the floor as he slowly backed away. But against his will, his gaze diverted back to her outrageous boots. One, two, three, four, his heartbeat quickened as he counted the metal buckles lined up the front of one boot. With a mind of their own, his eyes continued creeping up her leg to her torn fishnet thigh-high stockings, and he was unable to stop them from wandering all the way up to her crotch.

Darrin’s eyes bulged in their sockets once he realized Raven wasn’t wearing any panties. Her plump, shaven pussy sat completely exposed beneath the frilly layers of her black tutu, and a sparkling silver ring decorated her pierced clitoris. Darrin had never seen a woman’s vagina up close before – only those in an issue of Playboy his roommate had showed him – but he couldn’t help but notice that unlike the ones belonging to the magazine girls, Raven’s was unbelievably wet, glistening with her own creamy secretion. He took a deep breath, attempting to regain his composure before coming up from under the table.

Without warning, Raven threw one of her legs around him, hooking his neck in the bend of her knee and pulling his face deep into the warm wetness between her thighs. Shocked, Darrin attempted to pull back, but his struggles to break free proved useless once she wrapped her other leg around him and began to squeeze tighter. Raven thrust her twat forward, rolling her hips and gyrating raunchily onto his face. His heart raced as the dangling ring was smashed against his nose. He breathed heavily, taking in her scent; it was an ambrosial mixture of melon and vanilla that caused Darrin’s mouth to salivate. His lips were forced into her dripping wetness, getting a thorough coating of her honey-flavored juices. Raven’s clit stiffened and her love hole contracted. Her juices oozed onto his lips as she continued to hump away at his face, using it as her own personal fuck toy.

Darrin couldn’t believe what she was doing to him. His head jerked up and slammed into the table above. Still, his resistance was no match as Raven gripped the edge of the table and clenched her leg muscles tighter to keep him firmly locked in place while she continued to grind her love box onto his face.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, enjoying the sensation without the slightest bit of regard for his desire to be released. Raven’s legs tensed as she rolled harder. “Mmmmmmm!” She bit down on her bottom lip, attempting to contain her moans of ecstasy as she gushed onto his face. Darrin was relieved when, at last, her taut leg muscles began to relax.

Finally she released him from the compromising leg lock, allowing him to come up for air. His head popped up form beneath the table and he struggled to catch his balance, almost falling out of his chair. Darrin threw the pen onto the table and began adjusting his crooked glasses. Raven grabbed her pen and strutted off, laughing uncontrollably, and leaving Darrin dumbfounded at the table with a milky goatee and the hardest erection he’d ever had.



Chapter 4

Darrin could not deny his attraction to Raven. Despite all the dark make-up, intensely bright hair, and her strange manner of dressing, she was a gorgeous and alluring woman. The polar opposite of all that Darrin embodied, she was everything he wasn’t: bold, sexy, defiant, and dangerous. Darrin knew she was trouble from the moment he laid eyes on her. But he’d never seen anyone like her before and that alone had him intrigued and curious to know more about her.

After their encounter in the food court, Darrin could not stop thinking about Raven. He attempted to block out the lustful images distracting him from his studies and preventing him from paying attention in class, but all throughout the day he’d find his mind wandering back to several days ago when his face was enclosed between the lovely, wet warmth of her spread legs. Each time he envisioned her beautiful genitalia, her intoxicating scent wafted into the air. He licked his lips and could taste the delectable remnants of her sweet essence. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her again, and each time, he grew an instant erection and experienced much guilt as a result. He thought of Melody and recited the verse of Matthew 5:28 over and over again to himself: I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. But Raven’s non-stop groping and flirtation only made matters worse. Whenever she saw him, she was sure to taunt him with a quick flash of her goods or a firm grab to his crotch.

The next time he saw her was in the class in which he first became familiar with her – Comparative Mythology. He noticed her enter the room as he was taking his usual seat in the back row. He did his best to keep his gaze focused straight ahead and not look her way but she pranced right over to the row in which he was seated and headed directly toward him. He rose from his seat, allowing her ample space to pass him, but as she slid down the row she suddenly stopped, bending over right in front of him.

“Oops! Looks like my shoe came unbuckled,” she sang in mock-innocence. “Let me fix it real quick.” As she bent down pretending to fiddle with her shoe, she made sure to press her perfectly round rump right onto Darrin’s package. Backed up against the folded seat as far as he could go, Darrin swallowed hard before glancing around to see if anyone noticed the sexual assault taking place. None of the few students in the room seemed to be paying them any mind as Raven pressed herself harder back onto Darrin, swaying her curvy hips methodically. His pipe rose to the occasion, straining against his already too-tight jeans. Satisfied with his bulging hard-on, Raven let up, taking a seat beside him.

As Professor Hubert got set up in the front of the class to begin his lecture, Raven seductively ran her tongue along Darrin’s neck, licking him from his collar bone to his earlobe, which she playfully nibbled, sucked, and flicked with her tongue ring. Darrin sat stiff as a board, nervously maintaining his forward stare.

When the professor turned to the class and began to speak, Raven whispered into Darrin’s ear, “Pet my kitty.” But Darrin refused to move. Raven began pulling on his hand and after a brief struggle he forfeited the game of tug of war and unstiffened his arm. Raven guided his hand beneath the shredded fabric of her charcoal gray skirt and helped his index and middle fingers find their way into her moisture. The smooth wetness of her pussy walls prompted his dick to harden even more.  He wiped the sleeve of his free arm across his forehead to dry the beads of sweat that had formed as he mentally tried his best to relax and calm his jitters. As if working a puppet, Raven moved Darrin’s wrist back and forth, using his fingers to pleasure herself. Moments later, Darrin felt a spurt of fluid onto his fingers and hand as she quietly climaxed. Once she released his hand he pulled it away, examining the warm, creamy glaze dripping down his wrist.

“Go on, Darrin,” she urged, “Taste it.” Darrin ignored her. He was pretending to be into what Professor Hubert was saying when Raven again prompted, “Taste it,” this time lifting his hand up to his mouth. Darrin slowly parted his lips, swiping his tongue across a sticky fingertip before inserting it into his mouth. His taste buds tingled as they were reacquainted with Raven’s honey-like flavor and his mouth instantly salivated for more of her delicious nectar. Darrin was unable to stop himself from sucking all of the sweet coating from both of his fingers. It was completely involuntary; somehow his body had managed to act without his brain’s permission. He found himself licking the dripping juice from his hand and wrist, lapping up every drop like a starving cat would fresh spilled milk. When he finally noticed what he was doing, he froze and lowered his head in embarrassment.

With her hand under his chin, Raven lifted his head until they were eye-to-eye. She offered up one of her seductive smiles while easing her hand into his jeans to his still-erect member. Gripping it firmly, she began stroking up and down with skill. She was surprised at his size; he was long and thick for his stature – much bigger than she imagined. She worked the entire length of his shaft vigorously, devilishly smirking at every shudder that vibrated through his body. She enjoyed making him squirm. She felt a few drops of moisture escape the tip of his cock and used them as lubricant, increasing her speed and applying additional pressure to the swelling head of his thick penis. Darrin gripped the arm of the chair to stabilize himself as his body tensed up and he spasmed uncontrollably, unintentionally exploding inside of his pants.

“Shit!” he exclaimed, jumping up and startling the quiet of the class. Professor Hubert halted his lecture and all the students spun around, curious about the sudden profane outburst. Darrin was just as surprised by his exclamation as everyone else, and even more stunned that a four-letter word had escaped his lips.

“Uh, sorry,” Darrin uttered, frantically gathering his belongings and using his jacket to block onlookers’ vision of the large wet spot on the front of his jeans. Raven tried her hardest to stifle her laugh as she watched Darrin scurry out of the auditorium.



Chapter 5

Despite feeling continued guilt over his lustful visions and acts, and trying his absolute hardest to dismiss any lecherous thoughts of Raven, Darrin continued to be plagued by his dirty daydreams. They remained a great distraction with sexual fantasies of her invading his thoughts day and night. Their sneaky public fiascos replayed in his head over and over and he reveled in their memory. Darrin began to find it necessary to masturbate several times a day while picturing Raven’s nude, tattooed body lying in his bed. After all, he had eventually concluded, the real sin would be to walk around with all that pent-up sexual frustration inside of him; he simply had to release the pressure.

One night, while Darrin was alone in his dorm room doing homework, there was a knock at the door. Assuming it was someone looking for his roommate, he yelled through the door that John wasn’t in at the moment. Seconds later, the knocking continued, so Darrin reluctantly pulled himself away from his assignment to answer the door. He swung it open and his jaw dropped in astonishment when Raven pushed him forcefully back inside the room.

Without speaking, she threw open her black velvet trench coat, revealing her incredible, curvaceous body. Allowing the coat to slide to the floor, she slowly and seductively walked toward him. Darrin could not believe his eyes as the woman of his daily fantasies and wet dreams stood before him, exposed. Aside from her red, six-inch stiletto pumps, sheer, black crotch-less stockings, and the black jewel amulet she always wore around her neck, she was naked as the day she was born. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of her. Beneath the layers of dark, peculiar clothing, Raven had been hiding the body of a goddess. At the center of her voluptuous breasts sat small, pierced chocolate nipples and her derrière was plump and round. Her hips boasted womanly curves accentuated by the thin waist she’d been cinching for years and had successfully trained down to a tiny 20-inch circumference. Aside from the tattoos covering both of her arms in their entirety, the only other ink gracing her body included a black rose on her right thigh and a raven within a flaming pentagram over her left breast with the words “vita aeterna” below it.

“W-w-what’s that mean?” Darrin asked, pointing at the Latin phrase, his voice cracking as he trembled with apprehension.

“Eternal life,” Raven replied, as she pushed him again, twice as hard as the first time. He stumbled backward and fell onto the bed. Raven immediately straddled him and began removing his clothing, piece by piece. The silver-toned crucifix hanging on the wall above Darrin’s bed glimmered in the light streaming through the cracked blinds, catching her eye. Her beautiful face contorted into a disapproving scowl. After pulling his shirt over his head she tossed it at the cross, knocking it upside down – a position more to her liking. She smiled contently before averting her attention back to Darrin and the task of undressing the nervous virgin boy. Once she had successfully stripped him completely naked, she lowered her hips onto him and began sliding her wet slit all over his hardened shaft.

“Raven, I—”

“Shhhh.” She placed a finger at his trembling lips, silencing him at once. “Just relax, Darrin. I know what I’m doing. I’ve been fucking long before you were even a sperm in your daddy’s nut sack.”

“Huh?” he asked, confused.

“I’m 220 years old, sweetie. I just look damn good for my age.” Darrin could no longer hear what Raven was saying as her slick pussy lips continued to glide all over his erect penis, driving him wild. Finally, after toying with him for a while, she let the throbbing tip slip into her tight opening. She maintained control as she fucked the head without allowing him to fully penetrate her. Instead, she teased him for several more minutes, working the tip of his dick in and out, and winding her hips in small circles but still refusing to let the bulk of his member enter her orifice. Darrin was already on the verge of climaxing as Raven’s cream dripped down his thick love pole to his testicles and had him eagerly anticipating the sensation of being deep inside of her. Her labia puckered as her vagina spasmed, hungrily tugging at his dick and drawing it in. At last, she gave in, sitting all the way down on his hard, waiting pipe. Darrin involuntarily let out a long, loud moan of pleasure at the delightful feeling of her narrow walls cradling his entire manhood. She grinded and rotated her hips in a rhythmic motion and to her surprise it wasn’t long before she reached her peak.

“Ohhh, fuck!” she screamed out as she ejaculated, sending her nectar raining down onto his cock and balls. With her orgasm out of the way, Raven began bouncing up and down wildly on top of Darrin, her D-cup breasts jumping freely with each jerk. Smacking sounds resounded through the small room as their bodies forcefully met over and over again, causing the combination of sweat and sexual juices to splash about. Darrin’s hands remained at his sides, gripping the sheets for stability as Raven bucked like a rodeo bronco. She grabbed his hands, placing them on her chest mounds before positioning herself up on her feet in a squatting position. Raven continued to ride him rough and hard, showing no mercy to his virginity. Darrin was lost in ecstasy and appeared possessed as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. She clenched her muscles tightly around his girth and Darrin could no longer take it. He squeezed her breasts as if holding on for dear life and exploded deep inside her. Raven did not stop. She continued fucking him relentlessly, refusing to let up, even when he begged and pleaded. Darrin’s convulsions gradually diminished as his sensitive penis slowly recuperated. Raven’s pussy remained tight, and still saturated with her and Darrin’s cream, his rod never had a chance to soften all the way. Once it had returned to its fully bricked state, Raven let him free – but only for a moment. Positioning herself on all fours and poking her juicy ass in the air, Raven looked back at Darrin impatiently.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Come fuck my ass.”

“Y-y-you want me to—”

“Did I stutter? I said come fuck me in my fucking ass!” Her voice had raised several notches and Darrin knew she would not take “no” for an answer.

He swallowed hard. He had never imagined himself doing something so sinful and taboo. Although her voice was stern and demanding, she looked back and winked at him playfully, tossing her shiny, long red hair over her shoulder. Raven wiggled her voluptuous backside and Darrin watched her cheeks jiggle in unison. They looked so irresistible. Her pussy and asshole peeked at him, the only parts of her lower half exposed from beneath her sexy lace pantyhose. Darrin laughed and felt himself beginning to loosen up a bit. God, she is so sexy, he thought to himself as he got into position behind her. He knew there was no turning back. The fearless sex kitten had him hooked with her naughty, no-holds-barred style and nasty bedroom behavior – and she knew it. She was sure he’d be wrapped around her finger just as she intended. Having sex with Raven felt like Heaven so he just had to experience all she had to offer, even if it meant him going to Hell.

Darrin slowly began inserting his pole into her anal opening. Although it was still wet with the drippings of his previous eruption, his thickness made for an even tighter fit than he imagined. He hesitated, wondering if she might have been in any pain.

“Don’t be scared,” Raven said. “Give it to me hard. I want it all and I like it rough!”

He carefully inched in deeper, not wanting to disappoint her.

“Did you hear what I said? I said I want it ALL!”

Darrin increased his pace, pushing himself all the way inside until his balls were slapping against her ass.

“Ooooh yeah, like that…but harder,” she instructed.

He grabbed her hips and pulled them back toward him as he thrust harder.

“Faster!” Raven yelled. “Give it a good pounding!”

Finally Darrin gripped her cheeks and spread them apart, digging deep and giving her his all.

“Yessss, that’s it. Fuck me goooood, Darrin. Give me all of that big dick!”

Whap! His hand came down onto her backside, startling her. He’d even surprised himself.

“Again,” she demanded, strumming her clit like a professional banjo player.


“Harder, Darrin.”



As he delivered a world-class spanking, Raven furiously rubbed at her pretty pink pearl, bringing her closer to her destination.

“Oooooh, shit!” she screamed as she came, squirting a shower of her juices onto his bed sheets below.

Darrin was right behind her with a toe-curling orgasm of his own. He released his second load all over her plump, round backside, leaving them both satisfied and drained.

Raven sat up in the bed and lit a cigarette, not bothering to ask permission first. She leaned back against the wall, and Darrin watched her take a drag from the cancer stick and slowly exhale the smoke from her lungs. Even with her hair messy from their romp and indulging in a disgusting habit like smoking, he thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

Raven found herself surprisingly pleased by Darrin’s performance. Not bad at all, she thought to herself. She gave him a mental round of applause, but he’d have to do a lot more than that for her if he wanted a real one.


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Submitted: January 01, 2014

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