why do some things just happen naturally and others are the product of individual innovation

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Take for example agriculture and the police force and army and food markets,alcohol and social "get togethers".These are pursuits that just appeared as part of the human condition.There is not a name or names of any particular person or group of persons,  of having been responsible for these seemingly natural happenings.This has been the case for about 160,000 years since "modern humans" began their reign at the top of the "heap".


On the other hand lets look at some facts from history and add a little bit of satire.lol!! Lets consider the motor car, atomic bombs,ladies bra's,the electric light globe,aeroplanes,mathematics, computers, camera's, television and radio sets and also  cinema's and the laws of relativity and popular music eras.All of these inventive pursuits can have famous names attached to them.

The absolutes of human habitation are like rain falling and plant life then flourishing.What happens after that is I Think anyway, like rolling some dice that are left to being  allowed to stop where they may.

Everyday life is enormously flexible at the end of the day so to speak. Henry Ford,James Dean,Elvis,Sam Phillips, The Beatles,Brian Epstein,The Wright Brothers,Amy F Turner,Meg,Iffy,Ron,Spyguy,Judy Garland,Thomas Edison,Swan,Bill Gates and Steven Jobs,Isacc Newton, Marconi and also the japanese inventor who made television a reality. Also add Eastman and or Kodak whoever it was that marketed the first Brownie Box Camera.What if none of these inventive persons had  for one reason or another not happened along.I Think that a similar but somewhat different everyday life would still have found a way to happen.Albeit much more slowly and inferior and without any real fanfare.


After all is said and done the fabulous inventions and way of life and never to be repeated sex drugs and rock'n'roll music that many of us grew up with, only replaced other more "old hat" but also effective ways of doing things.The magic would not have happened the way that it did but the absolute of women having babies would still have happened.The human species would still have reproduced which is the bottom line.


The term parallel universes is common today and refers to just how "flukey" our human reality is at any given time.Take for example if an entire horse racing carnival had to be rescheduled to the next day for some reason.I do not for a moment believe that the result of each race in the resheduled carnival would have been exactly the same as if it had been run the previous day.In fact I Think that "history" would be as a matter of course, re-written for this "meet".Then again  nobody would know this for obvious reasons.

What if in another parallel universe the allies had invaded Poland with a massive air campaign, using hundreds of thousands of "ready to go" Rambo type elite paratroopers in 1939.This I Think would have both been possible and prevented the second world war.Germany had the biggest warships and also a huge state of the arts army, but having a massive surprise invasion from the air in a matter of a day or so on their own doorstep, I Think would have "snookered" them."D" Day with a huge armarda of warships off the coast of France had exactly that affect towards the end of the war about six years or so later.



Submitted: October 31, 2020

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Dick Wood

Think of life as a path. And on that path, you come to a fork in the road. Do you go left? Or do you go right? Does which path you choose alter what the final result of a life choice you make? Or does it matter?

Sun, November 1st, 2020 9:48pm


It is not so much about the fork in the road but the people you meet depending on which road you take.As an example Australia here back in the 1950's started to take in large amounts of mainly Italian immigrants to boost our small population of Anglo Saxon's.Many of these Italians married Australian women or men as the case may be.This was a whole new life for all of them.The cultural differences were enormous.Life goes on but it is different from the life they all would have had if immigration had not happened.Same horse but different jockey so to speak.
Thanks for replying Dick.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 1:28am


I guess the old saying "Shit happens" could apply to this. If something is going to happen it will sooner or later no matter what path we choose to walk in our life. It doesn't matter who makes it happen or when, only that it did.
It makes one wonder what the next innovation or idea that will change our lifes will be. Computers evolves from a simple calculator that could only do simple math calculations in a very short amount of time. Likewise space exploration came about from the Wright brothers first flight brief in Ohio.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 3:09am


True Ron.

I Think we all carry around an unseen genetic code with us.
This either locks or unlocks other peoples behaviour to us.

Thanks for replying Ron

Tue, November 3rd, 2020 3:39am