When Less Can Be More

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Featured Review on this writing by DampKitten

Is there a mans cock that is too small to give a woman pleasure.I say NAY.

Big cocks are popular in mythology because  subconsciously we all think this is true due to years of small talk throughout our school years and then some.

A womans vagina is sensitive to pleasure starting at the outer folds of her vagina.I have no doubt that a good "grope"of her vagina is probably better in many cases than  a thrusting cock trying to reach her  pleasure spot deep inside her vagina.

A man with say a five inch cock must take control of the lovemaking and develop bedroom skills that maximise a vagina's outer folds being a pleasure spot in their own right.Foreplay relying on light groping and shallow fingering  of her vagina is I would imagine be a good start.

When a man feels her wetness he should then strut his stuff so to speak.The five inch cock can be king for an already flooding vagina at its most sensitive outer folds.Of course a willing partner is necessary.

For those lovers who consent to anal pleasures then a womans smaller tighter bumhole would I think have to be a "plus" for the smaller and hopefully smarter cock.

Men with smaller cocks have a bright future if they realise that the "playing field" is just as  important as having a BIG cock.Play to the advantages of having a smaller one.




Submitted: October 19, 2020

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Five inches is about average and not to be considered small. Probably big enough for the average girl or woman.
I'm glad my cock is a couple of inches longer. I have never failed to please any vagina it has ever had the pleasure of entering

Tue, October 20th, 2020 1:58am


Well said Ron.
I Wrote this because I came across a video on the nett by chance the other day.He was a salesman of course who peddled the line that one in every two men who had a small cock were cheated on by their wives or girlfriends.He said he had been one of them.He was selling a technique whereby his he said proven easy daily exercises increased the size of a mans cock quickly to about eight inches or more.According to him a woman has a major pleasure spot at seven and a bit inches inside her vagina on the back wall.
I would say that your lovemaking would easily hit this spot and hence you have pleasured them all.
Thanks for replying.

Tue, October 20th, 2020 3:06am

Dick Wood

It might also come down to the woman herself. Some like big dicks. Others not so big.
Think also foreplay is important for arousal in a woman. Not just dive right in and begin to fuck.
Oral sex is a must in my book. Both giving and receiving. I've had a two ex-girlfriends who told me that their former mates didn't do much oral on them.
I made sure to pleasure them orally as well as through intercourse.
My current girlfriend likes it when I go down on her. We are both middle age, but the the fire still burns.

Wed, October 21st, 2020 1:55pm


Correct about foreplay Dick.
Thanks for replying

Wed, October 21st, 2020 4:45pm

Amy F. Turner

It is true that it takes all kinds. And so it is true that small members can and do grant pleasure. As indicated in the article the size of the prick is not so much important as all the other things. Foreplay, the correct positions for the length and with as well as one important area is to talk to the partner about what she likes when what action, position, etc is done. That can be remarkably erotic to have that conversation while exploring each other to find what works best for each. Positions that may work on some women may not for others. BUT discovering them is more than half the fun.

Sat, October 24th, 2020 3:10pm


True Amy.
Having a willing partner IS everthing.
It takes TWO to enjoy sex.
There was a hit song back in the 70's called "It Takes Two".
It was a man and a woman taking turns with the lyrics.
Not just about having sex but a "relationship" thing.
Thanks for replying Amy.

Sun, October 25th, 2020 1:11am


How did I ever miss this post....well, I've been busy measuring.

I think it's a universal fact that men are more obsessed with the size of their cocks (and everyone else's) than women. Hence, the author of this article is male and the advertisement was presented by a male. That being said, I'd be lying if I told you that size doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter as much as men think.

Amy is on target when she suggests that different people respond differently to different things (and sizes). Generally, foreplay is hugely important for maximum satisfaction. If you're a guy into giving oral, you're way ahead of the game. Lots of guys aren't and their partners are missing out regardless of dick size. Fingers can be amazing too.

If you're not well endowed, there are things you can do to make up for it that might very well put you ahead of someone who strictly relies on their size as an 'alluring' feature. I'd suggest reading on the subject. Believe it or not, there is instructional literature out there to help guys who are vertically challenged below the waist. Most of it focuses on all the other things you can do and, as Amy so astutely pointed out, dialogue during sex can be phenomenally exciting. Few guys carry on sensual conversations when they fuck. For some reason, most guys go into library mode - whispering at the softest tone physically possible if not totally going silent. Let your voice help you. Use your imagination. It can be powerful.

The odd thing about this subject is that girls are more frank talking to each other about it than we are talking to guys. So, I'll let you in on the secret. Yes, we do look at a guy's crotch when he walks in a bar. Yes, we are impressed with a big bulge. Yes, we do fantasize about big, thick, beautiful cocks. But they have to be attached to beautiful guys who understand that sex is more than thrusting...and they aren't stuck up assholes who think they are God's gift.

Fri, November 6th, 2020 4:16am


DK The overriding thing in most sex is the woman wanting to be with THAT man.
My best friend back in the 70's was an alpha male.It broke my heart some of the easy unlikely "fucks" he got.

True story.Me and him every Saturday night used to "roll up" lol!! to our favorite all night pizza restaurant at about 1am after the pub shut at midnight.They must have hated to see us because we nearly always fell asleep at the table whilst our pizza's were being cooked.We both had long greasy hair and he wore the worse pair of "torn jeans" anywhere.

"Phil take a look at this blonde honey"I said to him one time when he was barely awake.She really looked like our local answer to Marilyn Monroe."Lets go and sit with them Richy" he enthused.Her girlfriend was as big a mismatch with her as I was with Phil.

As it turned out Margaret was a crowned beauty queen and had the trophy at home to prove it.Phil fucked her for six months on the sofa at her place after her parents had gone to bed at least twice a week.He knocked her up and she had an abortion.Her dad hated him and refused to let her see him again.She sent him a "Dear John" letter.He admitted to me that at times his cock fucked her asshole......So much for a man presenting himself properly.....it's a myth Meg.

It took me decades thinking back to realise as to why I could rarely get an erection with my first girlfriend Carmel.She was slender and blonde and highly scented and nice to talk to.......Carmel already had a long time boyfriend who she had "fallen out" with.She spasmodically mentioned him and believe it or not had met him at the same "place" that she met me.

"NO FOREPLAY" Meg...ever.
Carmel barely touched my cock or anything else and was a "cold" kisser as well so to speak.I fingered her cunt and caressed her breasts etc.But No cigar..ever.
That bitch "played me".lol!!
She was my first girlfriend and ALWAYS greeted me with a nice smile and enthusiastic "hi baby" when she got in my car.

Out of the blue one night she casually mentioned to me that she had phoned HIM.We were sitting in my car at the carpark at the beach foreshore.
I knew it was an end game and said nothing at all to her.It was my way of saying "fuck you too"!! so to speak.

All the way home she tried to start a fight with me by constantly reminding me that there was a red light coming up at every opportunity.As if I didn't know.We never ever had any alcohol when I took her out anyway.I was a good driver to.

I did phone her after midnight that night when I got home.She picked the phone up immediately.I said to her "I don't want to see you anymore".
She said "you don't understand".....I just hung up the phone.
I am sure that her parents wanted her to be with him.It was obvious.

Thanks for replying Meg.

Sat, November 7th, 2020 2:15am

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