The Silver Lining

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: VanillaEssence

The war eras' managed to turn out their share of fabulous songs.

They were songs of hope and of a future that would be bright.

Covit is now devastating the whole world and we are all on "the front line".We are all fighting a new kind of "trench warfare" that prior to New Years Eve 2019, belonged only to our brave generations that got here before us.

Wave after wave of an unseen terror that is "stalking us all" will, I think anyway,condition all nations to renounce war,in all it's forms in the future.It has brought us all closer together.

Of course,pandemics have devastated the world many times in the past,including the recent past.However Covit has destroyed  the fabric of the way all peoples' of the world have been living.It has become a "gamechanger" for the entire world.

By the time it is all over,the new normal,will be a more peaceful place for all.A new generation of leaders who have all suffered together, will link hands and determine to work together. They are all on the same side now and talk regularly.

This is the "silver lining".The "circuit breaker"that I think will save the world from the once inevitable third world war.

It is no secret that the scientifically advanced countries,have "dabbled" in  a "germ warfare" capability,perhaps now advanced.

Now having experienced the horrors of Covit,it is unlikely that any future government would want any part of it.After all is said and done "seeing is believing".

Perhaps from about 2025,moving forward,we will see another 1950's kind of era.Like the welcome glare of the sun after a major storm,productivity and a sense of fun will prevail.Even Elvis might decide to make a comeback.wink!




Submitted: May 29, 2021

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As long as there is religion the human race will never stop having wars. Look at any war in recorded history and you will find religion to bee the root cause of it in some way shape or form.
Religion is the evil unseen virus that will start WW3. If there is to be harmony and peace on earth among all of the different races religion must be eliminated or changed to one that is acceptable to everyone.
It is Covid not Covit

Sat, May 29th, 2021 4:02am


True enough Ron.
It will be interesting for historians in 50 years time.
I can only hope that "the breathing space" Covid has given a hostile world is enough.
Thanks for replying.

Sat, May 29th, 2021 4:21am

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