The Find Of The Literary Century

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Adam just loved prospecting in long closed mine shafts.

He was an ego driven man and was always on the lookout for some "glory" to "shove it up" his sneering,not nice,friends.If one could call them that.They were the best that a "dopey" guy like Adam could manage, due to his obvious shitfaced mindset.

Adam, in the 25 years ,or so, he had been persisting in, what seemed a futile endeavor, was soon to be "saved" from a life of ridicule and regret.

It was March 2022.

It was hot and dusty and the clock had just struck high noon.

Adam,with his faithful dog "johannasburg" by his side,had just uncapped his "umpteenth" old derelict mine shaft.He had just got to the stage where he could not really bother exploring it.His method was simple, he would shine a powerful torch light down the old mine shaft.He would then drop a perfectly round iron ball down the shaft.He would then "time" how many seconds it took until he heard or saw it hit "rock bottom.

Sometimes Adam needed a mechanical sensitive "listening device" to depth some shafts, which were really hundreds of feet deep.Adam then did the math.All objects in a vacuum fall at the same rate of 32 feet per second squared.In a mineshaft this would be close enough.An error range of plus or minus 2%.

In laymans terms this equated to the following-

32 feet in the first second

another 64 feet in the second second

another 128 feet in the third second

another 256 feet in the fourth second

another 512 feet in the fifth second

This was due a universal acceleration.Newtonian physics.

and so on until ,"The eagle had landed" moment.


On this Eureka moment,Just two seconds had gone by.

"mmm" muttered Adam under his breath."Just about 96 feet short" he mused.THEN Adam's world was changed forever.

"About time search and rescue found me", came the strong voice from down the shaft.Luckily I had ample supplies and a portable cooker and a water maker with me, when I fell down this bloody shaft.I can tell you that there is no gold around these parts anywhere."

Adam was flabergasted."who are you" he asked in a sober voice tone.

"My name is Laura" came the enthusiastic reply.

"I was having a fabulous time writing on an internet site called BooksieSilk.Then I took one too many risks looking for that golden shiny metal.I have been existing down here for quite a few years now.They must wonder where I have gotten too."

Adam was all ears now.

"I am a Silk fan myself" he quipped.

"I just loved that classic of yours called Mud Pies."

There was a short silence then Laura quipped.

"Just get me outa here stupid and let me get back to my computer keyboard.I have some lost time to make up for.I really miss all of my lovely fans.Good to know you are one of em"


It came to pass that Adam became a changed man,with a new set of high profile friends.His rescue of the seemingly lost Laura had become a "watershed" in his life.

THEN Adams cheap and loud alarm clock went "banana's" and he awoke to the 7am news on the radio.





Submitted: June 13, 2021

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