The Dying Days Of Silk

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: VanillaEssence

Featured Review on this writing by BooksieGuy


There is now, it seems to me anyway, a "feel" on Silk of an impending voyage to the end of the literary road.

Gone are the talented literary hookers who not too long ago strutted their hot novels and short stories, and also sexed up poems.Both male and female literary "wanna be's" bared their literary "all" to  cunt and cockhungry readers.

If Silk were a real place of bricks and mortar then "pay by the hour" old style motels would have have been doing brisk business everywhere.


It was just after to the "end of days awareness" all round this reading and writing site. Folks who had once read each others literary works and secretly "orgasmed" about the image of the writer, now found each other amid a lucid dream of a bricks and mortar Silk.

Man on man,girl on girl,man on girl.They frenetically fucked and sucked  in the now run down public streets."Oh!! so this is you.WOW" was a common dialogue.

To mention a few.There was a gorgeous hot lady with "to kill for" fuckable and suckable large breasts and nipples.She had at last found her literary idol amongst the crumbling depressing landcsape.Another lady.

This young "hottie" had a hot booty and manicured pubic hair.Tucked nicely between these emminently fuckable pubics was a dripping wet cunt.

The two Silk chicks drank the girlie cum and warm salty piss from each others throbbing cunts.They then tasted each others lipsticked thick lips and slipped their moist long tongues down each others throats.It was their last "hoorah"

Another man was "dicking off" a Silk literary icon.This super sexy woman had written the stuff of "wet dreams".With her exstatic permission he had found a way to fuck her in the arsehole after fucking her cunt and tits."Piss all over my face hot stud" she demanded after their wild public fucking spree had climaxed for both of them."No tomorrow" sex.

The two men just started talking to each other and to their mutual satisfaction realised that they had "talked dirty" to each other on Silks private messenging four times.

It took only a few minutes for them to start "groping" each other.After some public heavy petting the smaller man slipped his hard erection gently inside of his former pen mates rather large asshole.His whole seven inches was gobbled up by the other mans long brown anal tunnel.

The two men took turns "dicking"each other off, until on each occassion a stream of thick hot semen, was thrust deep into their respective assholes.Their hectic end of days fucking included fondling each others hairy ballsacks to help induce an orgasm.



Decadence had now all but destroyed the bricks and the mortar Silk.After the public sex scenario's they all "snapped out" of their lucid dream world.To a man and a woman,they went their separate ways back to their real lives.







Submitted: May 06, 2021

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I think all the covid-19 self isolation and the chance for any sexual contact with those outside their own households has affected the minds of those writers and readers minds. They are still here and will return once the pandemic has finished.
Self isolation has killed their imaginary and physical sex drives due to a lack of voyeuristic and physical social contact with others. I HOPE I am wrong on that.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 5:04am


Swx I was reading some "blogs" a few weeks ago and BooksieGuy made some comments to the affect that "Silk was not profitable and would have to have paid membership and /or advertisements to continue".

BG admitted what most already new and that was Booksie who run the BS site had let the maintenance on the Silk site "slip".It appeared that he made these remarks in response to a "blog" by Trixie.

Amy told me that she was considering removing a lot of her past works because she felt that Silk may "crash" altogether .I looked at her portfolio the other day and it seemed that many of her early much loved works may have already been removed by Amy.

Looking at the recent "posts" I think that the man from Ohio might get the job of turning off the lights and locking up.I think that he may be prepared to go down with the ship.

Thanks for replying SWx.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 1:12am

Dick Wood

I'm going to wait a see a little longer. I'm on Booksie, where my writing aren't erotic or pornographic. But if I have to find another site for my erotica, guess I will have to. Just want to thank Booksiesilk and its writers and readers for allowing me to join them.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 11:59pm


Amy tells me that Booksie is now full of advertisements for sexual stuff.
I Think that ever since SpyGuy left silk, other silk writers have followed him.
This site at silk has been going "downhill" for about two years now,I Think anyway.
I Think that OhioGuy will be the "last man standing" at silk.He can turn the lights off.

Damp Kitten or Megan which is her real name may be helpful to you in finding another good site to write erotica on.She is "hot on the trail" NOW!

Thanks for replying Dick.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 6:10pm


“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” :).

Fri, July 16th, 2021 7:49pm

sweet lemon

Now I see you were right BG

Sat, June 11th, 2022 4:26am

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