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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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This is a story about older men who pay to fuck classy prostitutes in a lavish scenario and who feel that they are "out of their depth".



A client enters the courtyard of the aesthetic premises and rings the bell.A well dressed and sexy but mostly businesslike usually 30 something woman takes a quick but intense look at him.She opens the locked door and greets him politely.

"Anyone in particular you want today Sir" she always asks.If the client has been there before but has not made a booking the the desk lady will always act as if the girl requested is available if she is rostered on as working that day.

On many occassions after a quick check the lady politely sais "This lady is already with a client Sir however we have other ladies for you to choose from".

The ladies dressed in sexy and provocative clothing one by one enter the small interview room with only the client present and "do their sales pitch thing".

The "yes" girl comes with the client to the desk as as he is paying for his "time with her" and she quickly disappears and returns to take him with her to the luxury bedroom suite complete with ensuite.

She smiles and shows him the shower complete with mouthwash and soap."I will be back in five minutes Sir" she quietly sais.

It is usually more than ten minutes and his lady returns in sexy underderware.She is well groomed and "glammed up".

It has probably been the best part of thirty minutes since he arrived until he is finally with his "hot" usually twenty something lady.

Our  clientis often fifty plus and married and has taken the little blue viagra pill at some stage before he arrived at the brothel."Timing" is everything with how long it takes for the "pill" to "kick in".

The sex is not spontaneous and after all the polite formalities he finds himself "in first gear" on the silky sheets with a hot woman he has nothing in common with and reliant entirely on her skills with foreplay to arouse him.

Unlike a "call girl" who rents a room at a motel for the afternoon his working girl is being time managed at the reception desk and the dreaded buzzer to end the session is always 'an elephant in the room".Like a casino the timeless setting in the suite induces erotic calmness but not a sense of time.

Our client on this occassion IS Richy and his beautiful beau has mounted him and is getting him as hard as she can with her hand and then she slides the rubber condom onto his cock.His cock is not all that hard.The viagra has not worked it's magic yet.

Richy knows from past experience that he often has to wake his disinterested wife Annette up at night  when the little blue pill reacts immediately with his hand.It is somewhere around two hours but not a precise science.

Richy is a victim of circumstances.A wife of many decades who responds with disinterest at "the right time" and a young sexy willing hottie who often due to circumstances has "acted" too early after formalities that have taken the "lust" out of the equation in the first place.

Just like a slow controlled burn in the forest The eroticism and professionism of the plush brothel produces more smoke than fire on many occassions.



Submitted: January 05, 2021

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lol!!! This IS a "slow burn".
I realise that brothels are illegal in North!..
Right true story Wrong Zip Code.

Sun, January 17th, 2021 10:27pm


Happy to say i don't need the little blue pill, yet.
Sad to say I can't afford the classy ladies
A very good read

Mon, January 25th, 2021 3:17am


Classy ladies are the ultimate for younger men who have substantial financial means and a switched on cock when it's needed.
Of course some older men are stiff and ready to go at a moment's notice too.
Viagra for a man at a brothel is "a roll of the dice".
Thanks for replying Ron.

Mon, January 25th, 2021 7:49am

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