My Cat Radar

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Featured Review on this writing by Dick Wood

This little bit of craziness is written around two separate true events decades apart.They can only be related by a struggling comic storyteller like myself.I don't think that most readers will even find it funny or worth commenting on.Such is life in the "slow lane"lol!

It must be remembered here that where I am in Melbourne Australia we are enduring the official worlds longest "lockdown" due to the "Virus".I am pleading insanity due to inactivity..Amen.

Way back in the early 1960's a songwriter and a flatmate and lover of the famous Dusty Springfield desperately wanted a Dog for a pet.Norma Tenega was not allowed to have a Dog due to her "living situation".So not to be outdone Norma brought a cat and called it "Dog".True.haha!!.

Norma did actually take her cat called Dog for walks on a leash as if her cat was a dog.She wrote a big "hit" song about her dilemma and called it..."Walkin' my cat named Dog"..Some of the lyrics are as follows and can still be uploaded on Utube.

"me and my cat named Dog,

are walkin' high against the fog,

dog is a good ol' cat,

people don't you put dog down,

I'm walkin' all around the town,

singin' all the people down,


Now getting back to 2020.About four years ago a then stray cat that had obviously been well looked after by his previous owner "came" to our house and stayed.I called him Radar because he had come to the right house by sheer serendipity.We had him microchipped and sterilised.

About three years later we got new neighbours move in next door who have both a dog who they obviously love and a cat who they show no affection to at all.This cat named Bernard "lives" in our back yard and also sleeps on our front mat at night.

There is ONE major problem.The two cats literally hate each other and have declared war.They are both big males and go at each other like two cage fighters.They actually "stalk"each other.

To cut a longer true story short I have formulated a number of strategies to limit the "war".They include thumping our big straw yard broom on the ground in quick succession.A noise thankfully they both are scared of.A large water pistol to squirt them both with.A roll of newspaper to "rustle"in their direction.

For anyone who is for some godforesaken reason still reading this."YES" I have shown our neighbours the blood running down my leg after foolishly getting too close on one occassion.Monica just laughed it off saying. Quote. Do you want me to put some antiseptic on it.Now come on in with me Bernard.Unquote.

Submitted: October 22, 2020

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Dick Wood

Very interesting article. About Norma Tenega, I only came across her song, "Waking My Cat Named Dog" about a month ago on youtube.
Then I read up on it. The story I got was that she was living in Greenwich Village in NYC. The owner of the building didn't want dogs, but had no problems with cats
So, she would walk her cat like a dog in the streets on NYC.
Bob Dylan has recorded the song as well as many others.
She hooked up with Dusty Springfield and moved to London with her. But by the early 70's they were done.
She went California to study EST and taught music and art. Actually saw a 4 minute film about her the other day. It's a teaser for a possible documentary about her life.
She died in December 2019.

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 6:32pm


Thanks for your clarification Dick.
It is a truly remarkable "thing" NT did.She was quite some "character".

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 1:04am

Dick Wood

The other day, I saw a music video of My Cat Named Dog done by the group, They Might Be Giants. Its a cartoon and I thought it was good. Check it out on YouTube.

Sun, October 25th, 2020 8:59pm


I will do that Dick.

Mon, October 26th, 2020 2:34am

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