Have China done it again

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: VanillaEssence

A couple of centuries ago China took on the might of the British Empire and had a devastating opium trade forced onto them at "gunpoint" so to speak.It ruined China for a century or more.

Since the 1970's China have forged by blood sweat and tears a mighty economy and a fearsome military.

When all they had to do was "wait" and let it all happen for them their NOW leader has unofficially declared a "cold war" on the western bloc.To me this is a bad "trait" in Chinese lack of diplomacy that I Think will cost them again.

The brazen militarisation of the South China Sea,cyber attacks on a large scale and the Covit scam that they will not "come clean" on will bring them down I Think anyway over the next decade or two.

In affect China I Think have alienated themselves from the rest of the world.Just as the Spanish Flu epidemic finally went so will Covit probably by the end of 2021.

The post civit era will bit by bit seeThe Juggernaut of China dismantled through new blocs of trading nations that will absolutely exclude China.

A desperate China mighty as they are cannot take on the rest of the world in the long run and win.The combined military power of the western bloc is just as awesome as China's.Starting a hot war is futile because I Think that they have no friends.

When their current leader finally dies of old age a new Chinese leadership can "start again".I am sure that then they will head off in the right direction this time.By the end of the 21st century I am sure that China will be number one.It has cost them about 50 years because of "piss"poor decision making by their NOW leader.


Submitted: April 07, 2021

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Dick Wood

It's not the Chinese people, but the CCP. Millions of Chinese have died under CCP rule. Mao's industrial policies of the 50's left millions to die of famine.
Cultural Revolution in the late 60's led to more death.
Tiananmen Square in'89 led to deaths and mass incarceration.
The building of cities and dams led to mass evacuation of the population without any say or compensation from the CCP.
Urghi Muslims living in concentration camps in western China.
Repression of rights in Hong Kong, Macao and in China itself.
Military treats to Taiwan. Building of artificial islands in the SC sea, which are falling apart. The cement underneath these islands are turning to the consistency of pudding.
The CCP is almost if not a bigger threat to the world that ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

Thu, April 8th, 2021 7:00pm


Their rebuild of many decades obviously needs a massive mid-course correction.As you quite correctly have said Dick China is destroying itself from within.
The world can send a massive NO to attending the winter olympics in China in 2022.
They will of course retaliate with massive cyber attacks and even threats of war.
They just dont realise how vulnerable they are.

I saw on the news here yesterday that their major attempt at trade restrictions on Australian "goods" has been all to no avail.India in particular has taken up the slack and the NOW China has become just a fucking pestilence here.

The Feds here have just enacted new laws to "tear up" any previous "money deals" that some lesser government authorities here have entered into with China.

Thanks for replying Dick.

Thu, April 8th, 2021 6:09pm

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