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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My McQuarie Pocket Dictionary has been a kind book on this occassion.It states that a Gigolo is a younger man supported by a wealthy older woman for companionship.

Think again mpd.

In reality, I think anyway, a gigolo is a man of any adult age and well crafted in the bedroom,who fucks sexually permissive women for money.A Gigolo is in fact a male prostitute for predominately wealthy older women.

I should imagine that a somewhat typical liaison would go something like this.

Sandra has invited Becky to afternoon tea, because she has heard on the grapevine that Becky,who is in her 57th year, has been laid by a professional man, other than her husband Joseph.

Becky arrives by cab and walks down the long manicured path, to the doorway of Sandra's eight bedroom house.She doesn't have to ring the doorbell, as Sandra is already there waiting for her.Sandra smiles sweetly and kisses Becky, once on each cheek.

After about ten minutes of "fake" small talk at Sandra's kitchen table, with the usual tea and pumpkin scones,Sandra who had gone to school with Becky,politely "popped" the question.

"Becky I assume that it's true that you have paid good money for another man's cock,as Joseph has lost interest.How do you plead,my lovely friend".Sandra made sure that she had a "smile" in her voice.

Becky had rehearsed her answer long before she got to Sandra's upmarket home."Sandra my long time friend, his working name was Michael and he was 29 years of age.He let me measure his cock before he slipped it up my wet cunt.Eight inches plus a bit more."

Sandra was eager to learn more.

"My good friend Becky,did Michael ask for money before or after he had porked you.Was he open to having anal.Was he a great kisser.May I ask how much he charged you."

Becky spoke slowly with a tint of excitement in her voice.

"Sandra,Michael was a latin lover and fucked me with purpose.He had a unique approach to how much he charged a client.It was a flat $200 if I did not orgasm.He said this was for wasting his time.I orgasmed twice so he only took $150.He slipped his long wet tongue about three inches into my willing mouth.His thick lips had lip gloss on them.He had his long boney  finger right up my bumhole at all times.I am sure that he will fuck your asshole if you want him to.Make sure though that you fake an orgasm if you have to.Only cash payment of course."

Becky could see that Sandra was a needy woman, whose husband had run off with a younger woman two years previously.


Two days later a cab pulled up outside Sandra's home.A tall young good looking well dressed South American man, got out and took the walk down the long manicured path.

Submitted: June 06, 2021

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Hey, that's really good, Mr. Essence. Well written.
I have to admit to you that I once saw a short video of this majorly muscled guy with a Schwarzenegger accent (it wasn't Arnold) screwing this older lady who looked to be at least mid forties. He had one of her legs pinned in the air by the ankle just hammering away at a steady pace, no sweating or gasping...totally comfortable with his pace. She was squealing bloody murder, gyrating back and forth in total ecstasy. I had the feeling her husband was filming. Anyway, the reason I said he had an accent was the only thing he said was "Enjoy...Enjoy...Enjoy" over and over and over! I'm thinking, damn...this is like dessert at an Austrian pub.

Mon, June 7th, 2021 2:07am


I'm glad that you enjoyed it Megan.
Many years ago here there were solid rumors and some press coverage about a supposed "Bayside Bedroom Rapist" who was never "dobbed in" to the cops.
It appeared that the ladies were actually enjoying it all too much.
Maybe he was a Gigolo with a "twist".lol!!!!

What don't I know about desserts at Austrian pubs DK

Sun, June 6th, 2021 11:16pm


The Bayside Rapist? Maybe you should write a story about that...historic fiction. Do some research.
I've never been to Austria, so I don't know anything about their desserts either. I think Arnold was from there, but maybe not. This guy had his accent.

Hey, did you know that some billionaire in your country built a replica of the Titanic? It was supposed to duplicate the original voyage to NY in 2019 but I'm not sure anything happened or if the ship is even finished. I believe the Chinese were actually supposed to build it.

Tue, June 8th, 2021 1:13am


Megan,from what I can find out about China's ship building prowess,it probably sunk twenty yards from it's launch!!!

Tue, June 8th, 2021 3:00am

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