Drug Mule.

Drug Mule. Drug Mule.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Submitted: October 10, 2020

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Submitted: October 10, 2020



This event has only happened to male drug mules in western societies.

It may also have happened to female drug mules in countries not aligned with western values.


Cassie was scared but controlled as she waited in the long line at the customs counter at this middle eastern airport.She had done this four times before and knew the ropes so to speak.

Discreet appropriate attire and no make-up was the key to remaining under the radar for rhe drug police.No sniffer dogs also made the chances of smuggling the $A 1,000,000 haul a near certainty.Cassie would pick up $A10,000 for her part in the drug smuggling operation.

The drugs were tightly strapped to her rib cage.Her loose fitting attire easily hid them.What Cassie did not know was that the rules of frisking for drugs had recently changed.Facial recognition cameras inconspicuously spaced around the area were targeting repeat travellers over the past twelve months.

Cassie's turn came and she casually walked up to the counter.A small barely audible beep alerted the female official behind the counter."Could you please go to the interview room 9 just over there thank you madam."She coldly said.

Cassie kept calm and did not argue and the smiling face of the young well presented man who took her into the room was comforting.He quietly shut the door behind them.

"This is the third time you have entered this country in the past nine months madam.I am authorised to order a strip search on you by another female officer.I will be watching from behind the "one way" glass over there.My name is Aski and if you are a drug mule then I will escort you to your holding cell.You will stay there until a magistrate hears your case in three days time."

It came to pass that Cassie and Aski became first friends then lovers as Cassie drew on all of her appeal options.This process took seven years.Cassie and Aski had hot sweaty sex almost every day in her cell.Even though she had five cell mates they took turns "looking the other way".

Come the fateful day and Aski informed Cassie that just before sunrise the next day herself and three of her cellmates would be taken away and shot.Aski had done this twice before but this time he was genuinely saddened.He whispered "Cassie I have traded three months of my priviledges to be with you one last time in a private room in the executive suite here in the Jail." Cassie was crying and fell into Aski's open arms."Yes my darlin." she sighed.

The sex between the two was electric and Cassie who had once worked as an escort took Aski to another level.At one stage Aski was crying with delight when Cassie milked his prostrate with her long stiff lubricated middle finger.Cassie slid it up Aski's anal opening very slowly and pressed on his gland just enough to excite the gland into a flood of ejaculate.His eight inch cock stood to attention as he cum.

Cassie's request was that Aski fuck her asshole until she screamed with delight.Their final act together was Aski slipping Cassie's long muscular legs over his shoulders and pumping her tight hole until he was in a frenzy."This my love is my gift to you hot sexy lovely woman."Aski squirted long and hard until Cassie let out a cry of exctasy.

The four of the doomed inmates consisting of Cassie and three men were awoken at 5 am and showered and consumed a gourmet breakfast of their individual choosing.The prison superintendant came down at the last moment and genuinely wished each one of them a safe trip to the next life.

The short trip by a mini bus to a medium size clearing in the forest was deathly quiet and then a short ceremony where all present hugged each other.A red heart shaped target was delicately placed just above each inmate's beating heart.They were each then loosely tied into a ten foot high cross.The officials stood to the side with heads bowed.The MC then nodded to the eight man firing squad.They took careful aim.Cassie hummed her favourite Nancy Sinatra  tune to herself with her eyes closed.


I was five and he was six

we rode on horses made of sticks

He wore black and I wore white

He would always win the fight

Bang Bang

He shot me down

Bang Bang I hit the ground

Bang Bang

That awful sound

Bang Bang

My baby shot me down


Bang Bang!



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