A Dirty Holey War

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The sign at the entrance to the ladies dormitory said it all






The forty 20 something ladies sometimes laughingly had group discussions after 11pm.At other times it became verbal warfare.All the ladies were quite competitive.

Those who loved their candles lovingly wiped them clean with a "lint" cloth to produce some static electricity for next time.The candles were then put in the bottom draw and out of sight.This was in case unanounced visitors came in during the day.

This particular evening the conversation somehow centered on whether either the mouth or the cunt or the asshole gave a man's cock more pleasure.

As there were no men to ask each lady who wanted to, spoke out just loud enough not to attract the attention of their superiors.


Sara said excitedly Quote. My boyfriend just loves fucking my mouth because it is always wet.Unquote.

Liza sarcastically replied Quote Oh! my boyfriend slips his man meat up my well lubricated asshole because it is naturally tight.

Moustafa just laughed THAT laugh and panted Quote.My man just insists on fucking my cunt because he gets a "kick" out of me pissing on his "just used" cock as he is pulling it out of my piss fountain.


As one would expect most of the ladies went out into the world when their time was up wiser for the experience at boarding school.



Submitted: May 04, 2021

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The entrance to sexual orgasmic bliss has 3 doors. Which one is your favourite one?

Thu, May 6th, 2021 3:37am


lol!! SWx.
There is a mass exodus from SILK.
The only door that counts now is that the last one out please close it.
Thanks for replying.

Thu, May 6th, 2021 7:41am


Somehow I missed this conference in my freshman dorm, Vanilla. What I remember discussing is how we wished guys at our school had an official course on how to preform effective foreplay.

Sat, May 15th, 2021 3:02am


Meg that would not be a good move for the "candlemakers".lol!!!
Jobs before sex,I say.

Sat, May 15th, 2021 8:47am

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