Manor House

Manor House Manor House

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


what happens on an day trip to a manor house


what happens on an day trip to a manor house


Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



The manor house was quiet, she walked through the gardens taking her time, not wanting to rush the experience as there were families in the labyrinth with children, wanting to be on her own she took small steps, taking minutes rather than seconds to look at the various statues and descriptions beneath them.

She saw him sitting on the bench on his own; he was hunched over a sketch pad with a look of concentration as he continued to draw whatever had captured his imagination.  He had jet black hair which fell over his eyes as he worked, wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt he could certainly pass for a model with those looks.

As if realising someone was looking at him, he looked up and saw her staring, he smiled winked and continued with his sketching.  Leaving him behind she moved along the trail of the labyrinth wondering who the mysterious guy was and why he was sketching that particular statue

The air was calm and serene; it was a warm summer’s day in May, making her glad she had decided to go with the skirt, sandals and loose buttoned top.  She noticed there was no commotion; no chatter of kids or their parents, all she could hear was her own breathing as she took in the fresh air.

She stopped at the next statue; this one was of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality.  She felt a pair of hands on her waist, as someone placed their lips on my neck. Breaking free she turns around to look at the person; it was him; the guy who had minutes earlier been sat on the bench sketching away.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ looking at her he simply says ‘don’t tell you didn’t want me to do that to you’ with a look of horror she replies ‘don’t you think you’re being a bit presumptuous’

Laughing at the statement, he looks at her and whispers ‘you can always say no’, taking her hand, he spins her around so she is back looking at the statue of Aphrodite.  She can feel the hotness of his breath of her neck as his hands move to the front of her blouse

Unbuttoning her blouse the air feels cold against her exposed skin, his mouth on her neck, his teeth raking the soft skin of her neck as she stiffens against him, her breathing deepening as his kissing moves down her neck. 

He stops and moves around her so they end facing each other, she can almost feel the heat from his body as his eyes wander over her body and stay transfixed to her breasts.  He moves in closer, cupping her face as they tilt their heads together and kiss, the scent of him is almost intoxicating causing a small shudder to pass through her.

They kiss for what seems forever, her chest pressing against his.  She feels his hands touching her, moving down her body, feeling her cheek, breasts, stomach, as their tongues meet again.  She pulls away from him, as she tries to recapture her breath.  He continues to move his hand over her body back up to her breasts, pulling the blouse aside and letting it fall to the ground. 

He looks at her eyes again and then lets his eyes scan all of her, her breasts large briefly covered by white lace, her dark hard nipples clearly erect and visible through the lace, her shoulders long and curved arms, her legs shapely through the tight fitted skirt

His eyes grow wide as his gaze rests up on her breasts; moving closer to her he gently cups her breast freeing it from the lace that does nothing to hide her excitement.  He squeezes her nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger; the pleasure she feels can be read on her face but only for a moment. Her nipple erect from his torture, as he puts his mouth upon it.  It feels so nice with his tongue flicking her nipple, as he licks all around the large areola and finally, taking it into his mouth, he sucks on her breast, sucking hard and clamping his teeth onto the erect nipple.  Her breathing hardening with every second of teasing

He teases her breast as his hands unclip her bra letting it fall to the ground to join her blouse as he frees her completely from her restraints.  She feels his hand teasing and pinching her other nipple whilst his mouth continues to tease her.  Wondering how long this torture will last as her knees start to unbuckle beneath from her. 

Pulling away he whispers ‘my turn’ as he moves her hand to his jeans.  She glances down as he lowers the zipper and slides his jeans down to the ground, as he steps out of them; she moves her hands over his boxer shorts, rubbing his cock.  Her hand slides into his boxers, finding her way down to his cock.  Wrapping her fingers over his hard shaft, she runs her fingers up and down.  She gestures for him to remove his boxers. He pushes them down over her hand down to the ground giving her hand the space she needs to take complete control of his cock.

He can feel it get bigger as her hands start to work faster on his shaft.  She pulls his shaft up and down, her fingers running over the tip of the penis, kneading the tip, the sensation sending vibrations through his body.  The tip starts to moisten as she kneels in front of him.

Taking the tip of his penis, she runs her tongue over it, looking up she sees he has his eyes closed, and the look of pleasure clearly visible on his face. Knowing he’s enjoying it, she continues to run her tongue down his shaft down to his testicles, which she has cupped and moved her hand around them, moving her tongue up and down his shaft back to the tip.  She moves her hands so it encompasses his shaft in her fingers, running her hand up and down whilst her tongue concentrates on his tip.

His moans spurring her on she runs her tongue over and over his tip, lapping up his wetness as it oozes from him.  Her tongue lashing out, dipping in over his slit, letting his pre cum enter her mouth as her hand works faster, just as he’s about to cum she takes him into her mouth completely.  She pushes him further and further into her mouth as deep as he can go building into the ultimate climax.  She can feel his juices running down her throat as she lets him withdraw himself from her mouth.

‘You taste salty’ she says to him as he lowers himself to her.  ‘I think its time I have a taste’ she hears him say as he gently pushes her backwards so she is lying there against the grass. She feels his hands on her legs as he hitches up her skirt revealing her inch by inch, her knees followed by her thighs are all being exposed to his gaze, he continues to ride up her skirt whilst moving her legs apart as he nestles himself between her. 

She gasps as she feels his finger enter her moist clit, feeling their way deep inside her, she closes her eyes as her body feels him pushing his fingers in and out running them over her lips; mixing with the sweet juices she’s releasing from within.  Her hips are grinding against him as his fingers rub her.

She can feel her juices seeping from her as his fingers move around her.  His tongue brings a gasp to her lips as he runs it over her clit. He pushes his tongue deeper into her, lapping her juices; his teeth grinding against her hard clit. With every movement she can feel herself getting even wetter.  Her legs tighten round his shoulders forcing him tight against her as her orgasm wells up within her. She’s tenses as she feels her juices almost flowing out of her as he drinks every drop that flows from her.

It is as if time has stood still as she feels his mouth against her pussy, her orgasm filling her with such a passion, her hips thrusting against him, his head held tightly against her by her legs, feeling as though it would never end as she feels her climax running through her whilst he continues to drink from her as she slowly relaxes from her high.

With her back resting on the ground she slowly releases him from her grasp, she can hear his breath as hoarse as her, their breath simultaneously timed, she knows from the look in his eyes things aren’t over yet.  Moving her legs further apart he positions himself firmly between her, his penis teasing her as he slowly runs it over her clit, shivering from the touch and it inside her she runs her hand down his body and motions for him to place it inside her. 

He smiles and shakes his head ‘not yet my dear, the pleasure and the fun is in the tease’ as he alternates between pushing it in and out of her a centimetre at a time, running the tip of his penis along her clit up and down, his mouth placing kisses along her stomach moving up towards her chest and her ample breasts. 

Her breathing deepening with his every caress, her eyes closed as his mouth closes around her erect nipple, flicking and sucking as the feeling of ecstasy runs through her body, she wants him inside her, needs him inside her.

Instinctively its as if he can read her mind as he stops his torture of her and finally pushes himself into her, her moans echoing the sound coming from his own body, in unison and untied in their ultimate goal.  She slowly moves her hips matching him thrust for thrust, as she feels him entering her deeper and deeper, her legs widening up to accept him as fully as she can. It is not long before he is thrusting into her, exploding up inside her as he falls onto her weak from their ordeal, letting their juices combine as they run out of her onto the ground.

He slowly pushes himself up from her and looks at her, her eyes still closed whilst her face has the most ecstatic look on her. Realising he is staring at her she slowly opens her eyes as her face widens into a smile and says ‘well that certainly wasn’t how I was expecting to spend my afternoon’

Breaking into a grin he smiles back at her ‘I guess you weren’t expecting an audience either’. With a horrified look on her face she quickly scans around her and notices no one. ‘There’s no one there, are you trying to scare me?’ she replies, he looks up and points to the camera hooked into the labyrinth and says ‘smile you’re on TV’

With a look of complete horror she pushes him off her, grabs her clothes and runs behind the statue away from the camera so she can get dressed.  Feeling completely humiliated she stays behind the statue whilst gathering her thoughts, wondering how she’s going to get out of this. 

Knowing he’s outstayed his welcome, he pushes himself off the ground and grabs his clothing to get dressed, he goes around the statue and finds her sitting on the ground, rocking back and forth with her face in her hands.

‘Don’t worry about the camera, no one checks this side of the labyrinth’ he says to reassure her. She looks up at him ‘I guess this is how you get your kicks, going around randomly having sex with girls you’ve never met before and filming them on cam, I hope you’re happy’

She pushes herself off the ground and runs past him, past the statue whilst the wind carries his last words to her ‘you were the only one’

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