Just One More Time

Just One More Time

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


After a car accident lands Lily in the hospital she is greeted by a handsome doctor that we all dream of having. His older and knows what he wants and his eyes are focused on wanting Lily.
Will a no strings attached relationship blossom into something more when she's forced right into the middle of his workspace.


After a car accident lands Lily in the hospital she is greeted by a handsome doctor that we all dream of having. His older and knows what he wants and his eyes are focused on wanting Lily.
Will a no strings attached relationship blossom into something more when she's forced right into the middle of his workspace.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Day I Met Him

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 07, 2018





The rain poured heavily on my windshield. My worn down wipers scrapped violently against the glass in a weak attempt to wipe off the water but more poured down to replace it.

The radio filled the car loudly like it did every time I drove home. 

The water on the road swished under my tires and pulled me into potholes the council still had not fixed.

The overhead street lights were a blurry yellow like an abstract sun painting as I passed under them.

I put my foot down on the accelerator as the traffic light turned green ahead. Speeding towards it, I could see the other side in my vision.

One more light and I was home.


A beaming bright white light powered through the side of my car.

Lighting me and my interior up like a stage on opening night at the theatre, Blinding me.

I heard the squeal of wet tires trying to stop and then a loud thud. 

The exact thud that comes with the crunch of the cars metal frame crumpling as it's force shifts you into the side door.

My hands still gripping the steering wheel. Trying to keep me in place as my head smashes against the glass window.

The glass feels solid like cement against my skull and everything goes black.


At this moment I am unconscious and my mind is in limbo. The thin line between being alive and being dead.

My brain sent signals to every nerve ending checking for damage to vital organs.

My heart pumps extra blood around my limp body making sure every vein is intact and is in the process of repairing wounds and nothing is missing vital blood.

My mind has put my thoughts and movements to sleep. Shutting them down.

If I were to die in this moment I would not know any different and my life would have been barely lived.

I was raised in a small town by my parents with three older brothers. I would miss them.

A search for love and a successful job was what drew me to the big city.

My heart has been broken once before. I had a crush on a boy that chose another girl and I didn't want to feel the pain of heartbreak again.

I wanted to feel the longing kiss from a man while his hands held me close. When he touches my body for the first time.

I did not want to die a virgin.


As I'm about to accept my fate I am awoken by another light flashing across my eyes, as their forced open by plastic latex gloves.

I see a blurry face and my body is too tired to open my eyes on my own to see who is touching my face and then my arm.

I feel a sharp prick in my arm and I groan weakly. I want to scream that I am okay but I am not.

My body decides I need more rest, everything turns black again.


"Lilith. Lilith can you hear me?" a strong male’s voice asks and I murmur a small noise in response.

"Lilith I am Doctor Hudson. How are you feeling?" his voice is calm and collected.

"Sore" I said softly my voice sounding hoarse.

"That’s to be expected sorry. Do you know what happened?" he questions softly with a light chuckle as he says sorry.

"My car was hit" I said after some thought about the last thing I saw. I was not sure if he was still there when he did not say anything.

I opened my eyes to see a tall brunette with a clipboard in his hand and he was writing something down.

"Good. Yes, you were in a car accident" He pauses as he continues to fill out the paper attached to the clipboard.

"You had some light abdominal bleeding. Which will cause some bruising and a laceration to the right side of your forehead" He spoke calmly.

"You were brought into Crowswood private hospital unconscious" He continued still looking down reading my chart.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions. Please try to answer them honestly okay Lilith?" He asked lightly.

"Lily" I corrected and he looked up from the clipboard. His eyes focused on me for a moment and then he looked down again.

"Well Lily. Are you in any pain?" He asked putting the clipboard down on the end of my bed. He checked the IV bag that was attached to the pole beside my bed.

"No I am fine" I said softly trying to sit up but I did not have the strength and pain shot from my ribs. I tried to ignore it knowing id be in pain if I had abdominal bleeding.

"Have you taken any drugs or had any alcohol in the last twenty-four hours?" he asked calmly. A routine question.

"No" I said shaking my head slowly.

"Can you tell me your date of birth?" He asked lightly.

"The eighth of October. Nineteen ninety-eight" I said slowly. Trying to force my aching head to remember.

"I'm going to check your pupil’s. Stay still" he said leaning closer and shone a little light into my eyes.


My eyes focused on his face. His blue eyes glistened like sun rays dancing through oceans deep water. 

The small crease between his eyebrows as he focused. The shape of his soft lips.

His high cheekbones and the light five o'clock shadow that was beginning to grow across his jawline.

"Looks good. I will check your pulse and then I will leave you alone for a while" he smiled a sweet smile and then picked up the arm strap from the machine beside him.

"Sorry if my hands are a little cold" The doctor told me as he lifted the sleeve of my shirt and slipped the compression band on. Pressing the button and I watched as the band inflate, pinching my arm inside.

"Looks good" He said after it beeped and took it off my arm.

"Do you have any questions, Lily?" He asked and I realized this whole time I’ve said six things.

"I do not think so" I sighed lightly.

"Okay well just push that red button beside you if you need someone and a doctor will come" he smiled warmly.

"Thank you" I smiled back and he picked up his clipboard and after filling out more information. He slipped it into the metal pocket on the end of my bed and walked away.


I closed my eyes listening to the slow beeping of the monitor in the next bed over. 

A thin blue curtain between us and I let out a shaky breath trying to dull the pain beginning to radiate from my side.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

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