Her Bear, Her Saviour

Her Bear, Her Saviour

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Being dumped by text is bad enough, but being chased through the woods by your boyfriend who is intent on murdering you for fun, is a whole other ball game. With her sanity completely not in check, did Gemma dream that a giant black bear saved her, then took her back to his cave to meet his family, who then all shifted into humans?


Being dumped by text is bad enough, but being chased through the woods by your boyfriend who is intent on murdering you for fun, is a whole other ball game. With her sanity completely not in check, did Gemma dream that a giant black bear saved her, then took her back to his cave to meet his family, who then all shifted into humans?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Her Bear, Her Saviour

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Being dumped by text is bad enough, but being chased through the woods by your boyfriend who is intent of murdering you for fun is a whole other ball game. With her sanity completely not in check, did Gemma dream that a giant black bear saved her, then took her back to his cave to meet his family, who then all shifted into humans?

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 04, 2014



Chapter One


Oh god, I’m going to die! Gemma’s inner voice screamed, along with other streams of negative comments. Maybe it was time for some positive thoughts. Yes, like I’m not going to die, I’ll get out of this, I’ll get some therapy to help with the nightmare’s I’m bound to have if I make it out of this. No. Not if, when. In fact maybe I’ll just hire a hypnotist, to cover up the memory of this dreadful week. Then maybe I could get back in the dating scene, find a wonderful loving husband and live happily ever after.

“Gem, Gem. Baby, where are you?” A distant male voice called from behind her followed by the sound of male laughter.

Oh who’s kidding, I’m going to die here. Gemma refrained from whimpering at the thought. Maybe they’d make it quick and painless? Then why do they carry guns, knives and other various hunting gear? Of course it’s not going to be painless.

“God, help me please. I promise I’ll never do anything bad again, I’ll return all the library books I even took and never gave back, I’ll never litter again. I’ll do anything you want. Come on what am I being punished for, huh? Was it because I slept with Bobby Dickens and hour after I met him? Come on that was in college, I’ll stay celibate until marriage. I know that’s what the Christians do. Please don’t let me die like this. Show me a way out.”

The eerie silence of the woods aside from the chirping birds and the light billowing winds rustling the leaves made her realise how completely and utterly alone she was out here, surrounded by her three soon to be murderers. How sad that one of them happened to be her boyfriend. I guess this is his way of ending the relationship then. She’d been dumped by text once and always thought that was the worst way to dump a girl. But she’d happily take that now than this. If being her boyfriend slash killer wasn’t enough to ruin her day his two accompanying goons where his closest friends, men she’d considered her friends for the past eight months.

When a long moment passed it became clear that god was not going to save her, either that or he wasn’t real and she’d just wasted valuable time ranting at the sky and begging for help. Quite frankly as mad as the last option sounded she would prefer the latter to be true, because if truly there was a god and dying a painful death in the middle of the woods, probably never to be found was her fate then she definitely wasn’t making it to heaven–and if heaven and God wasn’t real then neither was hell and the Devil. Somehow dying this way then spending eternity in hell didn’t quite seem fair to her, unless god punished for the little things like outstanding  library books, littering and sex before marriage, if that was the case then no one would made it up to heaven.

“Fine, I’ll save myself.” She muttered defiantly. The urge to stomp her foot in childish rage at the most likely non-existent god was strong but she held back. Dead leaves surrounded her, crisp and cold in the dark damp woods, spring was here and fresh leaves had budded on the trees but despite it being late march and relatively warmish she was cold.

In a way from her hiding spot behind the large oak tree she had an advantage, she would be able to hear when her soon to be murderers approached her, the disadvantage was if she were to make a run for it they’d be on her tail in minutes with the noise it would make. They definitely picked their murder scene well. Enough tree cover to keep the vast area shaded, almost dark as night in some thick tree’s areas, and they’d situated her no doubt smack bang in the middle of the forest, where no matter how many times they fired their guns, or how loud she screamed, nothing but the wildlife would hear.

The sound of a single gunshot, much closer to her than she’d have liked it to be had her jumping in shock and covering her mouth to silence the scream she couldn’t stop from coming out.

“Damn, did you see that? I blew that squirrel to pieces.” Peter–her now ex-boyfriend’s voice sounded from about a hundred yards away, shuffling on her feet slowly and quietly in the fallen leaves, Gemma peered around the tree in the direction the voices had sounded from. A light shone from a flash light in the thick brush but she couldn’t make out any bodies. They were getting closer to her and if she didn’t make a run for it now they’d be right on top of her, but if she did run they were closer enough to hear her, she could certainly hear them shuffling around from her position. Indecision flared inside her, and her brain failed her, she was so engrossed in the thought of dying that no ideas of preventing the inevitable sprang forth. Focus, Gemma, we can get out of this alive. The mini pep-talk did little to lower her ever rising heartbeat. The organ was beating so fast and so hard it was pounding in her ears, drowning out the forest sounds around her. Her breathing increased to short little pants. Oh god, no. Not now. Why are you punishing me? She could feel the panic attack coming on, reminding her so well of her childhood that was plagued by them. Slowly a sense of her airwaves closing had her clasping her neck and gasping for a breath she knew was there. Remember your exercises. Don’t panic. You’re fine. Don’t panic, how cliché.

Gemma willed her body to calm it’ self. She was a smart girl, loved problem solving and this was just another problem she would solve. She slowed her breathing down and slowly each time she inhaled she was able to draw in more breath.  In moments her rapid heartbeat calmed to a slow rhythmic beat and the fog that clouded her brain cleared. She needed to distract them. They were heading straight for her but if she could make it seem like she was somewhere else they head off, and she could run in the opposite direction.

Dropping her head Gemma searched the leaf cluttered ground for a stone or a fallen branch, something heavy she could throw. Finding nothing upon first glance a sense of hopelessness started to creep up on her but she squashed it, fearing that if she let it take over she’d give in and wait for them to find her and hope they made it quick. Nothing it seemed lay at her feet in the darkness until her second glance where she noticed a rock almost hidden beneath a pile of damp leaves. Bending to pick it up Gemma was glad it wasn’t heavy. The rock was the size of a tennis ball in her palm and if thrown should hopefully bounce and make enough noise to head them off. The sound of leaves crunching closer and hushed voices had her throwing the stone in blind panic to their left. She hadn’t had any time to plan where she wanted to throw, never much a sporting person she was always picked last in any event and the team that ended up stuck with her always made it clear how un-wanted she was. After many swings of a bat with her butter fingers losing grip, leaving the bat swinging straight for the pitcher, and kicks of a soccer ball that she always ended kicking into her own team’s goal her compassionate teacher let her sit the class out. The only exercise she was good at was running, forced into it when her weight doubled a few years back thanks to one of her many bad break ups.

And it seemed with age her sporting hadn’t improved. She thrown the rock with everything she had but it didn’t land as far away as she would have liked it to. But it did bounce in the leaves and hit a tree loud enough for her to hear, and clearly the men behind her.

“Did you hear that?” Peter called and the sound of them crunching through the leaves stopped.

“Sound like a skittering animal to me. Maybe it was a squirrel.”

“That was too loud to be a squirrel you idiot. She’s panicking and it sounded close, she’s not fit by any means, probably stopped to sit her fat ass down. Come on this way.” The shuffling leaves noise started up again towards the direction she threw the stone. Despite the situation the fat ass comment hurt more than the fact that he wanted to kill her. She worked hard daily to keep her weight down. So she had a little more junk in the trunk then the models you saw in the newspapers, she couldn’t help it if the fat headed straight to her butt first. At least she could fill out a pair of jeans better than those flat assed skeletons that walked down the catwalk now a days.

Manoeuvring around the tree to stay out of their sight Gemma waited until the voices of her kidnappers sounded muffled with distance and with a last fleeting thought of escaping and surviving she took off in a sprint only to get run straight into a tree.

“Shit,” she took a step back and rubbed her sore nose. Great, running into dark woods with watery eyes, someone really hated her up there.

“Going somewhere?” Peter’s voice sounded from in front of her. “Throwing a rock, really? How dumb do you think I am?”

Gemma pushed away from him, knowing now that she had run into him and not a tree.

“Why are you doing this, Peter? Please, just let me go.” She wasn’t above begging no matter how much of a hit her pride was taking.  “I won’t speak of this if you do. I get it, I’m dumped. It’s okay.”

His rumbling laugh did little to ease her. “You are nothing like I thought you were. You almost saved yourself the night we met, you know?” His voice was closer, his hot breath fanning her face. His long tapered fingers she’d once enjoyed caressing her skin ran up and down her bare arms. “You looked so weak and helpless, like you do know. Then when I spoke to you, touched you,” his hands ran down her back to grip her ass, re-enacting the way he had on their first meeting. Her response in the nightclub had been a swift slap round the face for him and her palm itched to do it again.

“I thought you were cute, I was going to slip a pill into your drink and have my way with you.” A hand travelled along her left hip down between the V of her thighs and clutched her between the legs over her jeans. The slap she so longingly wanted to give him turned into a punch and from the audible crack of something breaking and his muffled cry of pain she guessed she’d hit him square in the nose. Seeing her chance to get away Gemma attempted to move away from him but forgot about his other hand that was now fisted and clutching her t-shirt.

“Maybe I was wrong about you.” He body was pulled flush against his and one of his arms snaked around her waist to hold her in a tight grip. “I sent the dumbasses off in the other direction. Let’s have some run before we continue the chase.” Gemma struggled against the arm, even scratched at it, but he was too strong. He just encased her arms within his grip so she was immobile apart from her legs, which he took care of when his free hand came to the rim of her trousers and started to unbutton them.

“No, Peter. Stop.” She wriggled to no avail.

“That’s not what you said a few nights ago when you were screaming my name as I fucked you from behind, it’s your favourite position remember.” It wasn’t, he liked her to scream when she came and since whenever they did have sex she rarely ever did make it to orgasm she had to fake it, she’d been told on many occasion she was the worst liar because her eyes gave it away, thus the reason for having sex from behind.

“If you scream, you’ll only draw the guys back in our direction. No one is going to help you, Gemma. If you draw them back they’ll only want a turn with you.”

“No, please.” The words came out on a sob as the situation dawned on her. She’d had it set in her mind that she would escape the horrible situation she was in. Now she knew for sure she was dead, but she’d be raped first.

“It’s okay, baby.” Her jeans were pushed over her hips down to her knees. “I’ll make you feel good.” His fingers ran along her bare thighs making her stomach churn. “Stop crying.” His voice was harsh and clipped. The sound of his belt buckle being loosened had her crying louder and her body shaking. She was slumped over his arms, her muscles numb, and her energy levels low from the aftermath of an adrenaline rush.

“Oh yes, I’m so hard for you.” Peter sighed before he dropped his head to give her neck a wet kiss. When the feel of his length rubbed against the lace her pantie covered bottom she couldn’t help but heave, and on an empty stomach nothing but burning phlegm made its way passed her lips and dribbled down her chin to fall onto the arm holding her in place. The mouth against her neck stopped it’s slobbery sucking and pulled away.

“You disgusting bitch!” His arm encasing her loosened and his free hand that had been fondling her body pushed against her back making her fall to the ground. “You puked on me!” He raged. Her eyes had started to adjust to the darkness so she could see his dark form as it came at her. She didn’t however see his arms swing. She only knew it did when a slap knocked her head to the side. The force of it had her ears ringing.

“I was going to make your last time something good. Now I don’t care.” Her panties were tugged hard until they ripped clean from her body and her jeans that were already halfway down her legs were pulled off over her shoes.

“No, Stop.” She fought against him as he wrestled with her legs to pry them open and place his body between them. A scream escaped from her lips in complete terror.

“Men like to get women so wet they slip in and out, but it’s so much more pleasurable when you’re tight and dry. I’ll no doubt come in minutes.” His body stilled above her and a hand clasped over her mouth followed by a hush. She ceased her screaming when the sound of an animal roaring in the distance broke through the silence. Birds fluttered in trees at the terrifying sound.

“There are no mountain lions in this part of the country, there’s never been anything but deer in these woods, hunters cleaned everything out.” His hand slipped from her mouth.

“Maybe it’s a bigfoot.” She sniffled, wondering if it actually could be. The way her luck was going it probably was.

“Oh shut up. I hated those stupid programmes you made me watch. There is no such thing as aliens, mermaids or your precious Bigfoot. Now–” The roar sounded again followed by shouts and gun shots.

“Shit.” Peter stood, pulling his trousers up with him and fastening them. Just as he did his goons came running through a dense brush of trees, wailing their arms in the air, screaming in terror.

“Bobby, Derren, what the hell, where are you going?” Peter called after them, they’d run off to the left. Their screams and Peter’s shouting was cut off by another roar, followed by the snapping of twig as a huge black bear barrelled through the trees in which the boys had fled.

Despite the terrifying situation Gemma took a second to marvel in the animal’s beauty, it’s large powerful body capable of killing. Its shiny fur coat she could only imagine would be soft and smooth to the touch. She’s visited many zoos and seen bears in their large cages, but there was something so magnificent about seeing an animal in its natural habitat. Gemma had contributed many a pay check to various animal charities who promised the right of freedom to any animal and the protection of endangered ones. She couldn’t help herself. She’d grown up in a large house with little to no one to talk to, her parents who dedicated their lives to events and business meeting rarely had time for each other let alone her. She’s spend a lot of time alone until one day she’s met scruffy–A stray dog she’d rescued off the streets outside of her home. She’s enticed him with a mini sausage trail leading up into her house and up into her pink, princess inspired bedroom. Upon first glance the dog wasn’t exactly easy on the eyes, covered in a thick layer of dirt and god knows what else, he hadn’t exactly smelt to appealing either, but it was his eyes that drew her in. She saw a deep sadness in them that mirrored her. He was so lonely and so was she.  Just like that he was her best friend until she was sixteen when he died of old age. After scruffy, Gemma had always known she’d wanted to work with animals, not that she needed to work. Her trust fund would set her up for life, only she and her parents knew of that fact though.

Revelling in the giant animals’ beauty Gemma missed the fact that it’s head had swivelled in her direction, it’s eyes seemed to spot her even though she was coated in darkness.

“Oh shit,” Peter exclaimed behind her. “It can’t see us, right?”

His answer came when the black beast inhaled and displayed it’s impressive set of lungs. Then it started to charge them.

“Oh god,” Gemma sprang to her feet, the shout behind her followed by the crunching of leaves let her know that Peter was running and she couldn’t blame him. She wasn’t far behind. Unfortunately the huffing and growling bear was following closely behind her and gaining speed.

She’d studied animals long enough to know that the bear was protecting it’s territory, and if female was warding them away from her cubs that may reside nearby. She just hoped the cause of it’s charge wasn’t hunger.

Running as fast as she could, mustering up any leftover juice to push her limbs to the max to out run the animals, though her inner voice was more worried about the fact that she was following peter’s little whimpers.

This was her chance to escape. The woods around her were still dark but ahead light shone. When she reached the lighter woods she’d make her escape attempt. Lord knows where the two idiots were. Hopefully shitting themselves somewhere and crying in a bush, if she was just running from Peter she might have a chance. That is if she outran the three hundred plus bear hot on her heels.

Shouldn’t it have run out of steam by now? Gemma almost leapt for joy when she crossed from the ‘dark side’ over to the light. Peter ahead of her carried on straight so she veered off to the left. She pushed through a hedge of bushes then screamed as the ground beneath her feet disappeared. Her eyes clamped shut for the expected fall. Instead she choked when her t-shirt pulled tight against her throat leaving her literally hanging over the edge of a cliff. Reaching up Gemma managed to get a couple of finger between her skin and the hem of her t-shirt. Hot breath fanned against the back of her head, it was so strong that her hair flew around and into her face.

On a whimper, Gemma slowly turned her head and tilted it up and gasped when she realised that the bead had her shirt clasped in it’s mouth, holding her suspended over the cliff, and then to surprise started backing up slowly pulling her with it.

When her feet touched the ground again a safe distance away from the cliff edge, the bear’s mouth opened and released her shirt. On shaky legs Gemma fell to the ground. The earth beneath her bare legs and palms was unforgiving. Small rocks pricked into her skin.

Gemma started open mouthed as the bear approached her. It’s muzzle low, the image was startling. The bear looked like it wasn’t trying to scare her. It’s black eyes studied her from head to toe in an assessing way. When it’s fore paws reached her knees the animal lead down beside he, and moved only it’s head. The bear’s wet nose traced her legs, taking special care to sniff over the bruises that marred her upper legs. It’s muzzle brushed against the edge of her shirt that covered her bare cleft.

“Hey,” Gemma gripped the edge of the shirt with her hands and pulled it tight against her thighs. “I’ve had enough of being violated today.” The animal growled in response bearing it’s impressively large teeth. Gemma didn’t understand this behaviour. It almost looked the bear was checking over her for injuries.

“Uh, thank you for saving my life.” Gemma blurted out then berated herself mentally for talking to an animal as if it could understand her. “You should have let me fall,” she continued, not caring how mad she sounded. “They are only going to kill me anyway.” Her mental stability worried her. Today had pushed her sanity to the limit.

A rustling of leaves to her right had the bear on high alert, it’s ears pricked then it stood on pour paws before her, taking a protective stance.

“There it is, shit. It’s got, Gemma.” Derren laughed. No doubt at the thought of her being pulled apart by the beastly creature.

“Fucking shoot the bastard,” Bobby told him.

“No,” Gemma screamed as Derren raised his hunting rifle and pointed it in their direction everything seemed to move in slow motion as she watched Derren pull the trigger. The bullet fired at a speed she couldn’t see, the blast powerful enough to send Derren stumbling back a few steps. A grunt of pain escaped his lips from the pain that the gun inflicted on his shoulder. Gemma had barley stood herself up when the bear who had saved her life gave a cry of pain then collapsed onto the ground in a heap before her.

“No,” Gemma screamed again, throwing her body over the bear’s to inspect the damage. She couldn’t help the anguished cry she gave when she saw the wound. The bullet had torn through the bears shoulder area, through strong muscle and tissue. There was no way the way could have survived, she knew if she cleaned the wound she’d see a gaping hole the size of a tennis ball.

“You murderers,” Gemma turned her furious gaze onto Bobby and Derren who were now walking towards her. Smug looks were plastered onto their ugly faces.

“Oh Gemma, sweetheart,” Derren puckered his bottom lip like a sad child. “It’s just an animal.”

“You’re the animals. You are murderers.”

“We’ve been murderers for years now. Did you really think you were to be our first? No baby, Peter scouts the lonely girls at the bar, finds out their background so we know they won’t be missed, and then we bring them out here, to hunt them just like we have you. It’s liberating. We’ve buried many of women like you out here.” He laughed as Gemma heaved at the thought, all those poor girls who suffered.

“You are all going to pay for what you have done.” She stated matter of factly. “Prison is too good a play for people like you.”

“Whose going to make us pay, Gem Gem. You?” He snickered and advanced closer. “I’m going to blow your head off right here. Then chuck the rest of you over the cliff.” He drew his hand gun from the leather holster wrapped about his hips. “I’ll see you in the afterlife, bitch.” The gun locked. She squeezed her eyes shut and he pointed it at her face. There was no use, she had no energy left. No fight left in her.

Both men gave a laugh before a shout and cry drew her eyes open. The bear whose fur she had gripped in her fingers in preparation for her death stirred beneath her then jumped up, the force threw her down to the floor. The bear pounced on top of Derren and she watched in shocked fascination his head disappeared inside of the creature’s mouth. She refrained from gagging at the sickening sound of snapping bones when Derren’s head detached from his body. Reminding herself that these men deserved everything the bear gave them. Once the magnificent animal had spat Derrens head it’s huge jaws it then proceeded to charge Bobby who was screaming in terror, watching the bear advance. He was so shocked he didn’t even raise his rifle in attempt to stop it. He went down screaming and crying before suffering the same fate as his friend.

The bear moved away from the bodies and huffed. From where she stood now on shaking legs Gemma could see the way it’s fur was bristled in anger much like a cat and the way it’s body shoo. It slowly turned to face her. Visibly limping on it’s left leg. Gemma practically ran to the animal then wrapped her arms around it’s huge neck, the soft fur tickled her skin. She sobbed into it’s pelt.

“You saved me again,” she wailed. “Oh god,” she pulled back. “I need to get you out of here, you’ll die if I don’t clean the–” She inspected the injured shoulder in shock. Wasn’t t the hole smaller? She could have sworn the damage was worse when she’d first examined it.

The bear started to walk ahead.

“Hey,” she called as it passed her. “You’re hurt, I need to help you, oh god, I’m talking to a bear. I’m screwed. I’m never going to get out of these woods,” A nose nudged into her stomach. The bear was in front of her now. It huffed then turned to walk back in the direction it had been heading. Gemma followed, feeling like a crazy person. The bear could be taking her home to eat.

“You’re a boy.” Gemma bent in half a little to inspect his sex. “A very big boy,” she stood a little embarrassed. “What would you call an adult bear?” She muttered to herself. The bear stopped beside her. He turned his large head to face her and if she didn’t know any better she’d say he was raising an eyebrow at her, that is if he had an eyebrow.

“Sorry,” she muttered, feeling rude. “I couldn’t help but notice, I’m a veterinarian surgeon, you know. You a look like a very healthy bear. A very large healthy specimen.” She laughed, feeling the start of insanity creep into her mind. She’d really had the mother of all days, now she was talking to a bear about his penis? Lord she needed to be in a mental facility

They came to a halt in front of a stack of incredibly large boulders. The bear gave her a look before he started to climb. Heaving a sigh Gemma followed after him.

“You shouldn’t be climbing with that shoulder. “She commented. The boulders were smooth and damp o she slipped a lot. Most of the times she would scream and grip a hold of his fur to keep steady, causing him to growl of cry.

“Sorry,” she would yell before rubbing the pained area and flattening the pulled hairs. Three boulders up, they came to a dark opening hidden from view by another boulder blocking it. The whole was just about large enough for the bear to slip through. When he nudged her in the direction Gemma panicked.

“Oh no, I don’t do tight spaces, and I most certainly don’t do dark caves. Hey.” He nudged against her back harder, leading her to the entrance.

“No,” she protested, crossing her arms defiantly over her chest. “I’m staying out here. I need to find my way out of the woods, aaghh” She shrieked when a flash of lightening cracked through the sky and a rumble of thunder followed. This time when he nudged her she obeyed. Behind her she could hear the start of a thunder storm rolling in.

“It’s so dark, and I suffer from claustrophobia. I will be fine in the storm. I’ll wait under the trees for the worst of it to die down.” She ram bled more to herself then the bear. “Yeah I think I should turn back around now, Humph–” the air was knocked out of her lungs by the unforgiving wall of the cave. The bear behind her gave a string of huffs, was he laughing at her?

“That wasn’t funny,” she rubbed her sore nose. She navigated her way around the cave by using her hands until ahead of her an amber glow lit up the cave. The air started to warm as she neared. The cave veered off to the right a few metres ahead. She hesitated when she heard sounds coming from around the corner. The bear behind her back encouraged her with his muzzle so she took a few steps and peered around the corner. What she saw had her turning back, a blush staining her cheeks.

“No, we can’t go in there.” She whispered but he wasn’t having it. Pushing her hard enough to make her stumble back she ended up sprawled on the cave floor beside two mating bears. They both turned their gazes to her and then to the bear entering the cave behind her.  Something seemed to pass between them and the pair pulled away from each other on a growl. Her saviour bear roared and from another entrance appeared two brown bears and a small cub. The small cub charged Gemma and growled pretty pathetically. How could anything so small and cute be intimidating? Before her the cub started to wriggle and misshape, it’s fur started to disappear until sitting on the floor before her sat a very naked and very human young boy.

“Oh my,” Gemma struggled to her feet and glanced at the five bears including her hero as they too started to change. So this was it, this was what it was like to be insane, in reality she was probably still in the woods curled up under a tree while her mind placed her in a cave with shape shifting humans who could turn into bears. From the shock she barely registered their features.

“You go out to stretch your legs and come back with a human. Did she do that to your shoulder?” A middle aged woman in her early forties stepped closer to Gemma in a threatening way.

“No mother. They were here. The ones who left a trail of female bodies last year, she was their next intended victim. I heard everything they said. I killed two. The other one is still out there.”

“Oh.” The woman slightly smiled at Gemma. “I guess you’ve had a rough day then, huh?”

Gemma felt something snap in her brain, definitely her sanity and she couldn’t stop her mouth from moving and the fast paced words that escaped.

“Oh my god, you’re half bear. You’re like werewolves only not wolves. So does that make you were-bears then?” Hysterical laughter bubbled up from inside her. “That sounded like care bears, I once had a care bear but I lost it.”

“Sweetie,” the woman–her saviour’s mother gripped her arms. “Your incessant rambling is too much to handle. We just woke up from hibernation.”

“Oh of course, it’s what, March? You’ve been down in this cave for the winter. I passed a ravine while I was running; there are probably fish down there for you to eat. Oh no.” She gasped and put a hand to her mouth. “What if there are were-fish, how would you know? Oh god I eat fish all the time.” A panic attack started to overwhelm her. Something hard collided with her cheek and all the faces around her disappeared as darkness claimed her.

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