Attending the Party: A Lavish Sensation Spa

Attending the Party: A Lavish Sensation Spa

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When madam Ava and her hubby, Stuart attend his cousin, Guy’s engagement party they get sidetracked.


When madam Ava and her hubby, Stuart attend his cousin, Guy’s engagement party they get sidetracked.


Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011




Ava awoke to a sudden weight on her stomach. She opened her eyes and saw her favorite dog, Cocoa lying her.

“Hey, Cocoa,” she said with a smile. Cocoa was the family’s only female dog, she had originally belonged to Ava’s stepdaughter, Amelia. But Amelia left for college and Ava pampered Cocoa and gave her the finest things in the doggy world.

Ava pushed back the sheet covering her and got out of bed. She had been working twelve-plus hours and had been napping in the afternoon lately. Tonight she and Stuart were attending an engagement party and Ava was excited to see her cousin-in-law, Guy and his future wife. Guy was one of the first members of Stuart’s family to accept her as his wife.

 She walked into her closet and begun to search for something to wear on her “family-woman” side. Ava’s closet was divided by what she wore as a mother and a wife and what she wore as a madam of Luxurious, her two lives were completely separate.

Ava looked out into the bedroom when she heard the door open.

“Good evening, my love,” Stuart greeted in French.

“Good evening to you, my very sexy husband,” Ava answered in Italian. As part of Ava’s introduction into Stuart’s Ivy League world she had learned all of the seven languages he spoke.

Stuart was dressing in a well-fitting black suit and a black silk dress shirt. Ava smiled to herself, she was lucky her husband was not only rich but sexy as hell.

Stuart sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Ava slipped into one of her newest party dress.

“Like what you see?”

“Yep,” he said as he slid closer to the edge of the bed. “You know I think we should make a  statement by arriving late.”

 He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Ava slid out of Stuart’s grasp.

“No, you naughty boy, your mind is always on getting into my pants. It’s a very unattractive trait,” Ava said teasing  him. His insatiably in bed was one of the reason she loved Stuart.  She never had to worry about other women, Stuart was her without a doubt.

Ava sat on her bedside chair and begun to rubbed lotion across her chest.

“Oh my God, Ava, now you are just being a cruel tease,” Stuart said as his eyes followed her hands. He stood up and walked toward the door.

“Stuart, where are you going, we have to leave in a hour.”

“I’m going to …do stuff.”

Ava smiled as she imagine what stuff he had to do.


"How well do you know Ginny?" Ava leaned against the brass handrail in the elevator; it felt cool on her bare back. She wore a bias-cut, silk chartreuse dress and her favorite diamond stud earrings.

"Guy says she’s a nice girl, but I've never met Ginny.“

"How long—“Ava 's eyes widened as Stuart took two steps to close the space between them the moment the elevator doors closed on the parking garage.

"There can't be a yard of material in that dress."


She clasped her hand around his wrist in warning, glancing at the flashing numbers above the door.

"Behave yourself."

"You started this, darling. With that sexy striptease you did while changing ,“Stuart said huskily, surveying her from very close up. His hand went to the back of her neck. "What happens if I undo this little button right here?"

Undoing the halter neck would get him a pair of naked breasts against his chest. Which was exactly his intention. Ava 's fingers tightened around his wrist. He grinned wickedly, hesitated, then removed the threat of his hand.

"You're creasing me," she admonished, grateful the party was in the penthouse, seventy-two stories up, and they were alone in the elevator. She wasn't sure she would have stopped him.

"Silk doesn't crease," he assured her, nuzzling her neck. Her short, sassy skirt rustled over net petticoats. Jessie trembled as he pressed her gently against the elevator wall, her breasts flattened against the hard plane of his chest.

"We have about forty seconds before this elevator door opens. I'm just making the most of them," he murmured, a breath away torn her mouth.

"I wish we'd stayed home." Ava fluttered her long eyelashes. "Why'd we have to come to this dumb old party anyway?“

Stuart grinned. "For a smart blonde, you certainly act ditzy at times."

"Hey," she said crossly, leaning into him. "I was flirting. And I am not a ditzy blonde."

"You were asking for trouble."

She smiled seductively. "Have I come to the right place for it?"

Stuart made a sound deep in his throat as he lowered his head. Ava tilted her chin, offering her mouth.

He brushed his open mouth against hers, then stroked her lips with his tongue.

She had a vague thought that she was playing with fire, but his mouth was so seductively sweet all thought of propriety fled. He exuded pheromones like a musky cologne and her body chemistry always responded.

Ava slid her hands under his coat to stroke his back. He kissed her more deeply, tilting her head back so he could slant his mouth and intensify the kiss. She whimpered helplessly.



He lifted his lips from hers a fraction of an inch, his breath warm on her face. "One more taste before the doors open."

"Living dangerously, Mr. Edwards?" She could feel how much he wanted her. His need was in the depth

of his kiss, in the press of his body against hers, in the urgency of his hands. The rigid length of his arousal

pressed hard against her.

When the elevator jarred to a stop and the doors slid open, Stuart straightened the halter straps, used

his thumb to remove her smudged lipstick from her mouth and then his own.

A dozen laughing, talking people got into the elevator on the next floor of the garage. They were clearly

going to the same party. The fragrance of expensive cosmetics and perfume filled the small space. Ava

moved closer to Stuart and he pressed her back into the corner, a wicked gleam in his pale eyes.

"Hold the elevator!" a voice yelled.

Stuart slid his hand up Ava's thigh until it was under her skirt. Eyes opened wide she shot him a startled look.

He gave her a sexy smile and kept on going.

Ava grabbed his wrist and tried to pull his hand away.

"Thanks," the guy said, ushering three more people into the already crowded car.

What do you think you're doing? Ava's eyes demanded as his fingers slid inside the elastic leg of her panties. He gave her an innocent look back. He stroked a finger in the crease between leg and mound. Her knees went weak.

 "Stop it!" she mouthed.

Everyone in the elevator was laughing and talking and watching the numbers above the door. Stuart was the only one turned her way. Still… His finger slid inside her.

Ava’s knees went weak. His foot came between hers, and gently spread her feet apart. Ava licked her lower lip, then squeezed her eyes closed as he inserted a finger deep between her slick folds. Oh. My. God. Her petticoats rustled around his arm.

All it needed was one person to turn around… one person to look…

A second finger joined the first. She bit her tongue to prevent the moan from escaping, and leaned back into the corner. His thumb brushed her clit. Ava shuddered.



“Brush harder,” she mouthed to him.

She felt the coils tighten. His fingers were deep inside her, and her muscles tightened and spasmed around them as he played her clitoris like a master. Her body throbbed, her nipples clearly, visibly aroused behind a thin layer of silk.

She was beyond ready to come. How could so many people just be standing there, oblivious to what he was doing to her?

His fingers slid in and out. Faster. Faster. Faster.

Ava came in a dizzying rush. Her back thumped against the wall, and she pressed her hand over her mouth so she didn't shriek with pleasure.

Everyone around them continued chatting and laughing.

Ava’s muscles tightened as Stuart removed his hand. She flashed a glance at the numbers over the door. Seventieth floor.

His hand was back. No way. In a few seconds that door was going to open and everyone would spill out. She was not going to get caught with Stuart's hand up her skirts and down her panties.

Something cool rolled passed her clit… and again something. She felt a weight deep inside and her muscles automatically tightened in response. She met Stuart 's eyes.

"What… ?" she mouthed.

He smiled.

The door clinked , then slid open.

Everyone poured out, leaving Stuart and Ava behind.

Stuart had his handkerchief in one hand. He offered her his other hand. Ava took it and stepped forward. Oh, my God.

“What the hell did you put inside me,” she asked through gritted teeth as pleasure flowed from her core throughout the body.

“There are called benwa balls, there were a sexual device used in Greece thousands of years ago. These particular benwa balls were hand carved over a thousand years ago. They're made from white jade found in Myanmar ,Burma, they're said to have magical powers. They had better work because they run about seventy thousand dollars per pair, I got them for you. They will be a real asset to your business, but they had to be tested. And who would be a better test subject than you.”

The benwa balls shifted and slid inside her. She stumbled, holding on to Stuart 's hand for dear life. Her vaginal muscles clamped down hard. She shot him a narrow-eyed look.

"I'm operating these things without a license, and without instructions," she said between her teeth. "I'm going to get you for this, Edward."

They followed the noise to the open doors of the penthouse. He smiled, tucking his damp hankie back in his pocket. "All you need to know is muscle control. You can do it."

"Easy for you to say," Ava groused. "You're not the one walking like a duck."

"I am walking with a limp, however. I want you right now so very much, it painful."

The unexpected flash of a camera captured Ava and she started to laugh. "Oh, this is great, the paparazzi are here."

Stuart raised his eyebrow in question.

 "What if these damn things fall out and roll across the floor?"

"They won't." Stuart squeezed her hand against his body. "Everyone's going to see that picture and want to have you."

“Asshole," she grumbled under her breath as a nice little aftershock traveled up her spine and she pressed their clasped hands against her aching breast.

He smiled. "Thank me later."

The balls did a slow shimmy. Ava tightened her vaginal muscles. Oh, brother. Wasn't this going to be an interesting evening?

  Ava turned and scanned the room and saw several of her clients, who of course didn’t recognize her. She saw Stuart’s aunt, Sylvia flirting with a waiter across the room. Ava smiled, she loved Sylvia, the woman had single-handedly raised her son, Guy and she was not afraid to show her sexuality, she took younger and younger lovers as the years past.

Ava turned back to him. Raising her voice above the noise, she stepped closer to Stuart as people surged around them. The balls danced around a bit, then settled when she stood still. Good. Stay that way.

 “Who is that arguing with Guy?“

“His fiancée,” Stuart said as he pulled Ava by her hips against his body.

"The blonde in the blue dress?" Ava observed the newly engaged pair as they gestured angrily, oblivious to their guests. In the clamor, it was impossible to hear what they were saying, she just observe how they were saying it. "That's a photograph I'd put in the dictionary under divorce."

“Oh come on, they are just having a lover’s tiff." Stuart's hand lingered on her hip.

  His hand begun to stroke her thigh in a slow path.

Ava turned in his arms looking up at him.

“Come on, Ava, lets drink some of their, no doubt, excellent champagne, greet the family, and then we can go home. How does that sound?"

  Every part of his suggestion sounded promising to Ava. “I'd rather have you in me than these million-year-old balls."

Stuart smirked. "Me, too.“


It took them thirty minutes to greet his family and to attained a bottle of the expensive wine.

“Now that we have done that, lets go home,” Ava said as she grabbed the lapels of Stuart’s jacket and rubbed her body against his.

Stuart kneeled down until he was on his knees going down on Ava. His hands slid up and down her thighs and then they cup her ass.  Ava closed her eyes and leaned against the wall of the elevator .

Stuart slid his hands up her dress, into her panties. He stuck two fingers in Ava’s wetness, he pulled the benwa balls out and wrapped them in his handkerchief before sliding his hand back up Ava's dress. He pushed them in and out to the same rhythm as his tongue stroking her clit.

He's sucked her clit right into his mouth. Ava grabbed onto his head, his hair, and started to grind the softest part of her clit against him. Ava started shaking all over as the feeling of ecstasy took over Ava’s body. Stuart pushed her against the wall, then up in the air.  He dove his face deep into her pussy and she felt his tongue probing deep inside of her pussy. It went deeper and deeper until she felt her body quaking with intense pleasure. Somehow Stuart managed to get on to feet and composed himself when the doors opened.

 Stuart tucked Ava’s hand into his arm and escorted her out their chauffeured limo.

  When the door closed, Ava strapped Stuart and drew his hand down to feel her wet panties.

  “You started this. Now you have to finish it."

"Is that a dare?,“ he asked with a sexy smile.


Ava started to unbutton his shirt and started to kiss her way down his chest. She ran her fingernail lightly down his now open shirt, and he shuddered. He smelled of soap and the wine they'd been sipping.

 "Make love with me. Now,“ Ava muttered as she ran her tongue over his nipple.

The top button of his trousers came undone at her touch, and she slipped her hand inside. There, she encountered crisp hair and hard flesh. He dragged his mouth across hers in a brief searing kiss and then held her wrist firmly away from him.

"There's nothing I want more right now than to make love to you fast and hard, but let's make it last." Stuart drew her hand up his chest and kissed her palm, and she curled her fingers against his cheek. It felt rough—he needed a shave. Her skin tingled as the tip of his sharp teeth skimmed over the pad of her thumb.

He reached over and picked up the phone beside him on the seat. As he instructed the driver, Saul to keep driving until he called again, he slowly undid the halter top of her dress, allowing it to fell down to her waist. His breath felt warm on her bare skin. He put the phone gently back in the cradle.

 Ava lifted her lower body allowing Stuart to methodically removed her dress and panties in one clever move. Ava kicked them aside, her hands going to his trousers while he shrugged out of his coat.


"Let me do it, darling." He pushed his pants down to his knees and pulled his shirt over his head, then sat and pulled her onto his lap.

“Saul can't hear us, can he?,“ Ava asked as Stuart begun to kiss her ear.

“Of course not,” he said as his mouth found the sensitive spot beneath her ear.

Ava wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he guided her hips down. The leather seat felt cold on the outside of her calves, his thighs hot. Her back arched as he filled her liquid heat. His hands held her still.

"Don't move," he whispered against her mouth then nibbled at her lower lip

"Oh, God." Ava closed her eyes. The sensation of him filling her was exquisite. She felt the roughness of his hand move up her side, lingering on the indent of her waist before climbing to her breast. He caught her nipple between his fingers, manipulating the hard bud until she moaned. Instinctively, insistently, she wanted to press down.

His left hand held her hips still as he continued teasing her hard buds.

"This is torture," she complained, panting now, body on fire. She blindly found his mouth, sliding her tongue inside only to shudder deliciously at the dark, familiar flavor of him.


She used her own hands to tease and torment him. His nipples were just as hard as hers, his skin just as slick, as he drew out the agony for both of them.

Ava tasted the salty skin on his shoulder, nipping him with her teeth until she felt him leap inside her.

She trembled and pressed down, her body desperate to start the rhythm that would bring them both release.

His hand firmly on her hip frustrated and aroused her. She used her hands to drive him wild, feeling his low growl of excitement in her own bones and tissue. Blood rushed in blazing trails through her body and electrified her skin.

Stuart shifted his hips slightly, lifting her enough to lave her breasts with the hot, dark promise of his mouth. She clung to his shoulders, digging her short nails into his skin, wild with wanting, frantic for release.

  “I love you,” Ava said as she pressed down against the punishing grip of his hand on her hips.

He muffled her shout against his chest as he plunged inside her with enough force to convulse her body, the sensation was so piercingly exquisite, she wrap her arm tightly around his neck. Every muscle, every nerve in her body participated. She arched her back, grinding in counterpoint as she felt the sweet waves of release building.

Stuart's face was sheened with sweat, his eyes glazed and unfocused. Ava could feel her internal muscles pulling him deeper. She watched through her own sweat and satisfaction as his jaw grew rigid and the tendons in his neck stood out in relief.

The climax they shared seemed to go on forever. Their bodies locked in mortal combat until they collapsed, satiated. Ava leaned weakly against him, her arms leaden, her body limp. Sweat cooled on her burning skin.

Small tremors shook her as sharp aftershocks clenched muscles and nerve endings already pushed beyond endurance.

One moment she was awake. The next she wasn't. Her hand lay curled against his chest, and her breathing was deep and still uneven. Stuart watched her with love and happiness in his heart. He ran a light finger down her bare arm, her skin feeling like satin. She didn't move. He'd still been inside her when she'd fallen asleep as easily as turning off a light switch.

Ava didn’t even twitched as he laid her across the seat so he could dress. Stuart wrapped his coat around her naked body and carried her from the limo up to their bedroom when they arrived at their home.

He tucked her into their bed before settling in beside her, curving the front of his body to the back of her.




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