Victoria #14

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rescued. The End.

Victoria No# 14

Tony rang for his servant who entered the room with a scotch in hand. “Just what I need,” he said to Steven. 

“I need you to get my phone from the end table and open the message I received earlier,” he told his faithful friend and personal assistant of 20 years.

Steven handed Tony the scotch and pressed the unlock code on his cell phone opening the message that contained several photos of the missing dancer and the agent that had been running on the local news, as well as Tony’s wife’s sister and husband.  Steven let out a small gasp when he seen the photos and realized they was being sent by two of Tony’s heavy hitters.

“Sir,” Steven said with a concern in his voice that caused Tony to turn to look at Steven.

Steven held the pictures up for Tony to see. “Shit,” he exclaimed and carried his wife over to the couch gently laying her down. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it around him taking the phone from Steven. “Thank you my friend,” he told him. 

Tony dials the return number and Torias answered the phone. “Hiya boss, we’z got a present for you.” 

“Torias, you stupid ass, don’t hurt that girl.  Do you know who the people are you took her from,” he asked Torias between clinched teeth.

“Just some big stupid bald guy and the agent man,” Torias replied completely unaware of Tony’s pissed off tone of voice.

“Grant it’s the boss,” Tony hears Torias say to loudly over the receiver.

Grant takes the phone from Torias and tells him to get the stripper inside before someone sees them.

“Evening, boss,” Tony hears Grant stable baritone voice say.

“Listen, to me Grant or you two are going to end up dead, do you know who you took that girl from?” Tony asks in a flat tone.

“Just some big bald guy and the agent,” Grant tells him.

“Do you know who G-Will is Grant,” Tony asks.

Grant swallows several times, of course he knows who G-Will is the man took out half the mob before Tony caught him several years back. He thought that Tony had taken care of Will. Grant swallowed several more time before answering. “No,” Sir I guess I don’t know who he is…I mean I know who he is but I ain’t never seen him.”

“Well you have now,” Tony says in his booming voice that has made weaker men cry. 

“Don’t do anything and tell that dumb ass Torias to not hurt that girl or he will have a force to reckon with beyond anything he can imagine.  You all need to get yourselves to the airport I will be there in a few hours bring the girl and for the love of all that is holy she better be in tip top condition,” Tony said through clinched teeth.

Grant turned to look at the unconscious stripper laying on the bed her dress flipped up and huge bruises up and down her arms. He walked over fixed her dress and looked over at Torias who was surfing through the channels on the half broken television in the hotel room. Grant mumbled to himself, “I am too old for this shit.”


Val sat in the restaurant and watched as Greg and William ran out the back door toward the SUV, she knew what had happened her head was spinning as to what to do.  She had her phone in her hand when it rang.  She slowly raised it to her ear, “Hello,” she said with a small shake in her voice.

“Thank god you answered Val. This is Tony,” he said in a rush.  “Listen I don’t know how you and Will end up tingled up in my problems all the time but that blonde girl you have been running all over town with is a witness that could cause me a lot of problems,” Tony said in one solid breath.

“That girl is not some stupid whore Tony, she is Will’s best friend’s girlfriend. You know William will walk through hell for a friend and I can promise this is no different, can’t you call your men off and we can all set down and reason this out,” Val asked Tony in a voice made jerky with tears.

“I am on my way their Val, please stop crying you know Fat Tony always makes your world right, we will work this out just tell your boys to not hurt my boys,” Tony said.


Within a matter of hours Tony, Val, Victoria, William and Greg where all setting in Val’s living room talking.

Victoria swallowed hard and said, “So it’s like a reverse protection program then, me and Greg will get new identities so that the government can’t find us and in turn we get protection from you and all I have to do is forget what I am not really sure I saw anyways?”

“That is correct,” Tony said as he headed for the door. “Tomorrow Grant will stop over with your new identities and I will set you up with a home, jobs and as far as the rest of the world knows you will be found dead in a burned out car in the desert. Greg I am sorry you will have to give up everything even your savings account but I will see to it that you are well compensated.”

Tony left and Victoria leaned back against William and smiled up at him.  He planted a small kiss on her forehead and glanced across the room at Greg who was setting on the end of the couch with Val’s feet in his lap absently rubbing between her toes. William smiled to himself Val was in heaven she loved to have her feet rubbed. William began to absently run the tips of his fingers up and down Victoria’s arms and she snuggled closer to him pushing herself up onto his lap and leaning back she looked up into his magnificent green eyes. They were cloudy with desire she knew that look all too well but she was not afraid or even wanting to escape from him.  She wanted to feel his touch, she knew she loved but as he told her before there is love and there is lust do not confuse the two.

Victoria glanced over at Greg who had his hand pushed up the bottom of Val’s shorts and her head was leaned back enjoying the magic his fingers brought. That was all the encouragement she needed as she brought her arms up pulling Wills mouth down to hers.  She kissed him her tiny warm mouth allowing his tongue to explore her. Victoria turned straddling William and pulled his shirt off discarding it carelessly on to the floor. She slowly ran her finger tips up the ripples of corded muscle on his abdomen. In one solid motion Will stood carrying Victoria with him to the bedroom. Victoria quickly looked around at the soft shades of blue in the bedroom. Before William tugged her dress off over her head leaving her completely nude. She heard a soft growl before William pushed her down onto the bed and buried his tongue deep inside her. Victoria let out a small cry of pleasure as his tongue began to make slow circles around her hard clit.  Her with his hard cock buried in her pussy she was slowly riding him. Her beautiful smooth face crinkled in pleasure as she slides up and down his fat shaft. William may have been longer then Greg but Greg made up for it in width. William kissed a line slowly up Victoria’s slender from stopping to suck each nipple in his mouth and slowly nudging her legs apart. William wiggled the tip of his cock into her tight swollen pussy.  Victoria gasp as she felt Val run her tongue over her clit as Will slide deeper into her. Victoria moaned in pleasure when she felt the familiar tug of Greg’s mouth or her nipple. Vitoria hole body shook as an orgasm started to build she felt the sides of her pussy tighten on William and the pressure of Val’s tongue increase on her clit. Within moments she was crying out in pleasure and pushing harder and harder on Williams’s shaft. Moments later she crawled over onto Greg’s lap and curled up. He stroked her hair as they both started to doze off in complete contentment.

A few weeks later the persons formally known as Greg and Victoria where moving into a nice suburb somewhere in the north east.  They had new identities and Greg had a great job at a game software company. Victoria was enrolled in classes at a nice local college. Greg answered to the name Matt and had brown hair that hung down over the collar of the t-shirt he wore to work. The longer style hair softened his features and made him look younger. Victoria answers to the name Amelia, she wore her hair in a long bob and has it dyed a beautiful auburn red.

The end 

Submitted: June 12, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Valeska Nacht. All rights reserved.

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