She is an ANGEL

She is an ANGEL

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is a poem describing about what a 20 y/o thinks and how he feels while doing the job.


This is a poem describing about what a 20 y/o thinks and how he feels while doing the job.


Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



The night was dark, and cold as hell,

She stepped in the room and that rang the bell,

Smooth long hairs and eyes twinkling,

Looking at those curves, my eyes weren't blinking.


Slow and steady, she came to the bed,

sat on my side and then her head on my chest,

Purple night gown was what she was wearing,

What may be inside that? It sure wasn't boring...


The fire of youthness burned inside me,

I knew,

I was twenty, she was nineteen,

This was my chance without any fightin',

(or was it?)

I had to prove I was worth it,

One way or the other, she had to feel 'it'.


I played with her hairs

while she played with the rod,

Will she swallow it?

There was the fun,

But for me! No fun, cuz

I had to win her

amd think of the way to make it done.


It was coming, I felt it,

so, I come, near to her mouth,

kissed her and throw her on the bed,

That pretty smile came, with her face a bit red.


The room was quiet,

The TV watching us,

But we didn't mind,

we didn't mind at all

(Everything was dropping now,

I guess everyone knows how!)

Now was the play time,

to play with balls and ballons,

She played with the balls while I played with the ballons

soft and squeezy, 

sucking on them like little kids.


It was 1 '69' o'clock,

The fruit was awesome

but just the beginning.

i wanted to come again, near her, to kiss her,

But controlled my emotions, beacause of the fear.

She remembered the doggie,

Then I knew I couldn't stop,

I just spit it all over.

But it wasn't the end,

I was just becoming sober.


In and out and with the flow,

I went inside her while she was facing the other way,

She was crying in pleasure and pain,

I was happy as well as in vain,

As I had induced that pleasure and pain.


Now, I was tired, when she hoped onto me,

She let me play with her balloons,

and danced by jumping on me

up and down, up and down

like a see-saw.

We were two childs having so fun,

But I knew we were so near to dawn.


Then it was the time,

We needed the knowledge of a missioanry,

She laid down on her back,

while I taught her all,

all about playthings

and playgrounds and all there was.

She held my fingers tightly and

Then I watched her,

An angel smiling and moaning.


I knew now the game was over for me.

I was lucky to have the angel,

She got up so quickly, while I 

was standing up,

Playing with me and my rod, and

I was so bad and so sad

I spit all over her,

But the angel didn't care,

Because she was an angel.


I didn't know what she might be thinking,

I watched her again without blinking.

She came towards me while drinking

Kiseed me slowly and said,

'I am thinking, about tomorrow and what you're bringing!'

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