Split freaK

Split freaK Split freaK

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


The real Split Freak.


The real Split Freak.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Split freaK

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The real Split Freak.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 19, 2012




“You’re fired!” The boss screamed from behind his desk.

He sat in his fancy leather chair. Jack Double’ sat in the chair on the other side of the desk wearing his blue business suit similar to his boss’s suit. Jack was stunned. He looked over the desk at his now ex boss. Jack then quickly looked over at the daylight peering through the window and looked back at his boss. Jack was angry, but at what?

Jack did not remember doing anything wrong. It was then when Jack laid back and his boss watched his exterior change into something darker. Jack still looking at his boss began to grin violently. Jack moved his hand up from the polite placement on his lap to the collar of his shirt. With one swift motion, Jack flipped his collar and scuffed up the front of his hair so that he looked different.

“Jack, you need to leave now!” Mallow said with a scared trembling voice. His boss Mallow Daniels stood up from his chair and pointed at the double doors behind Jack.

Still grinning Jack rose from his seat with his arms at his sides.

“I’ll leave.” Jack began to say. He made it look to his ex boss as if he was turning to leave, but instead his body twitched and his right arm flew up into the chin of Mallow Daniels. Mallow flew back and crashed into his antique bookcase he had behind his desk. “When I’m ready” Jack finished with an angry grunt! Jacked leaned over the desk and looked at the ego damaged Mallow Daniels. His books were scattered around him and he looked weak. “Now I’m ready.” Jack said as he took the envelope that contained his last paycheck off Mallow’s desk!

Jack slammed the double doors behind him; on the way out and it made the room shake, just enough to have one final book fall and smack Mallow in his already red face.

Jack walked triumphantly through the top floor of the office building. His grin was still present until he reached the elevator. As he walked into the elevator and the metal doors closed behind him Jack seemed to change back into his less angry self of what he just was.

The descent to the parking garage was lonely and scary for Jack. He knew what he had just done in his bosses office was not him. When Jack reached his destination, he left the elevator and peeled off his jacket. He walked to his semi new car and opened the door. Jack tossed his jacket in the back seat of his car. Jack looked at envelope he had grabbed off his bosses desk and opened it to read the piece of paper inside of it. It was a good last paycheck or was it? Jack thought hard. If he still had his job then this paycheck would be amazing. He could still blow this check, and then still get one next week. Now he would be out of money. How would he live?

Jack shook his head trying to rid the thoughts by flinging them out of his head. It did not work but he knew he might as well write a deposit slip and worry about this problem when he got home. Jack reached for his glove box, opened it and immediately after the door of the glove box fell open Jack had grew back the hideous evil smirk. He looked up into his rearview mirror and did the same as he had done before. Popped his collar and scuffed up his hair. Jack then slowly reached in his glove box and pulled out a deposit envelope. He looked at the name of the bank and smiled bigger, almost ear to ear. Next he reached back into his glove box and pulled out his hollow point revolver, this made him smile from temple to temple with nothing but horrific pictures of what he was about to do flashing in his head.


Jack started his car and pulled his shifter into reverse. His anger flooded out in his driving as he almost hit the car directly behind him and severely scratched the car that was on his right, but when he pulled out, he knocked off the mirror that was on the car of his left. Jack merged out onto the street without even looking and drove outrageously almost hitting a car approaching.  Jack was swerving between cars trying to make the fastest trip to the bank as possible.

The bank was packed full of people. People were coming in, people were going out and people were in the drive-thru waiting on the ATM. Jack parked his car casually and concealed his gun in the waistband of his pants. He untucked his button up shirt to conceal his gun even further. Jack got out of his car and stood with his back turned to the door of the car. He pushed the car door closed with his right hand and ended up catching the sleeve of his left arm at the elbow in the door as it shut. A rage engulfed Jack’s brain and he grunted as he ripped the shirt at the shoulder and pulled his arm out of the sleeve still stuck in the car door. Jack then simply tugged at the other sleeve removing it from the shirt as well giving his evil mind set a physical look.

Another smirk spread across Jack’s face as he finally entered the bank. Once inside, Jack looked around only to find one teller and a line that was never ending. A look of confusion trampled across his face. How could he rob the bank with one teller and so many people? Jack thought and then spoke the words that have gotten so many people in trouble.

“Fuck it!” Jack screamed so everyone in the bank could hear. He then drew his gun and fired three quick shots. One into the head of a person carrying a duffel bag, one into the head of a security guard and the last into the head of a woman who had not immediately fell to the ground after the first shot. Crimson liquid fell from their bodies into large pools on the ground. Everyone become sick from the sight. Jack only grinned. He turned and faced the teller with his gun pointed at her. He slowly walked towards the duffel bag without taking his eyes off the teller. He bent down, picked it up, and then slowly walked to the teller.

“Fill it!” Jack demanded! The teller had no choice but to hastily fill the duffel bag. She zipped it shut and handed it back to Jack. He smirked again and began looking over at the teller behind the counter. She was in her mid twenties and looked very well in the golden colored long sleeved blouse she was wearing. Jack then smiled almost politely at the teller. “Wanna show me what’s under that shirt?”

The teller looked at him then looked down at her roundly shaped breasts and covered them with her arms. “You have your money now, so just leave!” the teller screamed. You’re a rude bastard, now go!”

Jack became more enraged than he had been and stormed out the door. Before the door shut, Jack heard a muffled whisper from one of the customers on the floor.

“This is the sixth time this month.” the voice said.

Jack poked his back in the door and shot one more bullet into the ceiling. Then as casual as possible he looked back at the teller and then looked at the nameplate. It read Jill Miller. Jack repeated it repeatedly in his head so he would remember it. Jack smoothly slid back out the door and headed to his car. He flung the duffel bag over his shoulder and emptied the barrel of his gun. Jack opened his car door right as a patrol car pulled up next to him.

“Get on the ground with your hands behind your head!” the police officer yelled.

Jack got in the car anyway and started it right up listening and smiling as he revved up the engine so the exhaust drowned out the sound of the screaming police officer.

“GET ON THE GROUND WITH YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!” the police officer yelled again.

Jack moved the shifter into drive and pushed the gas to the floor. Jack’s hands gripped the steering wheel and pulled it left. The car turned just missing the police officer. Jack pulled back out onto the streets going well over the speed limit. After only a few moments, a large police chase had begun. Well over a dozen police cars were chasing him down the main street. Jack did not care he was determined to outrun them all.

Jack was unquestionably the better driver. He swerved in and out between cars without a care not missing a beat. The police officers on the other hand were being too cautious to be able to catch up to Jack let alone catch him.

Jack reached for the glove box when he finally made to a stretch of road with only a few cars on it. He pulled out a box of hollow points and proceeded to reload his gun. Jack slid in the last bullet and swung the gun closed with a clockwise motion with one hand. Jack pulled in front of two cars with one on each side of him. He pointed his gun and shot three more times one into the window of the car on his left, one into the driver of the car on his left and the last one into the driver of the car on his right who unfortunately had his window down. This caused the two cars to slow down and drift together, thus making a small wall causing the other cars behind them, including the police cars to pile up into a big firey mess. Jack then had time to vanish from the road and from the thoughts of people for a few short hours.

Jack fled to a small cabin he had in the woods. The cabin was mostly for quick vacations from his business life but was now the perfect hide away considering not many people knew about it so he thought. It taken Jack about an hour or so to arrive to the cabin so he thought he was long gone and they would not find him. Jack sat in a large brown chair in the cabin and slowly unzipped the duffel bag. The zipper unzipped loudly and blended with his deep anxious breaths. As soon as the zipper was at the end of the trail Jack pulled the sides of the bag away from each other, ink sprayed into his face and all over the pile of large bills that were in the bag.

“God damn it!” Jack yelled. “How could I fall for that?” he asked himself. The anger fled from his eyes and his hair fell back down to its original position.

“You did a bad thing, you deserved that!” a voice spoke from his head.

“Who are you and how can you control me like this?” Jack asked the voice in his head.

“My name is Split! I have always been here. However, lately you really have been pissing me off. You are weak so I took control of you! “Split announced with anger.

“That’s not fair it’s my…” a knock at the door cut him off. The hair became scuffed again, Split was in control.

“This is the police. Relinquish any weapons you may have and open the door or we will be forced to kick it down.”

Split settled into a corner of the room with his fully loaded gun ready to fire if needed to do so. The officer repeated himself and proceeded to kick down the door.

Once the door was open, six police officers ran into the cabin in a single file line. It was perfect for what Split had planned. Split stood up, fired one single shot to the first officer’s head, and continued to penetrate right through the heads of all five officers that stood behind him. One perfect hole that Split could see through to the last officer that was turning into the cabin behind them. The first six officers fell like dominoes and the last cop shot a bullet into Split’s direction.

Split shot a round off as well and both bullets flew past each other. The bullets made contact with the targets. The officer got stung in the leg and fell to the ground.  Split dropped his gun after he was hit in the hand. The officer swiftly drug himself across the floor, held his gun to Split and demanded him to put his hands behind his head. Split gave in still smiling at the officer. The officer drug him outside, places him into the back of his patrol car and calls for an ambulance. Another crook caught and cuffed and the officer felt overly pleased with himself little did he know the real chase for this criminal had only begun.


-Some time later-

Split is drug into the courtroom and put into the seat next to his lawyer.

“Please rise for the honorable judge Taylor Rodgers.” the bailiff commanded.

Split’s lawyer stood up and looked over at Split whom was still slouching in his chair. “You need to stand up.” Split’s lawyer said.  

“Ha, he isn’t that honorable.” Split said.

“Mr. Double’ if you abide by the rules the judge might be more lenient to you.” Split’s lawyer said.

“I don’t want his pity. I am a murderer. How merciful would you be?” Split said with sarcasm.

The judge walked into the courtroom and took his seat. “You may be seated.”

Everyone took there seats except for Split. He slouched deeper into his chair. The judge looked at Split with disgust. He already knew what the sentence he was giving. He just wanted to toy with his already split mind. The trial played out as any other would, the defense defending and the prosecution prosecuting. In the end of it all. Split was convicted all six counts of murder and a one count of assault on a police officer. Six life terms he was sentenced. He was never getting out.
Split went berserk; more anger seeped out of him than ever had before. Split stood up and in one monstrous tug to his cuffs, broke the chain that was bounding his wrists together. He then jumped over the table he was sitting at and ran up to the bench.

Split put his face right up to the judge’s face. “I would kill you right here right now, but I’d rather leave you with this warning. When I break out of prison I will hunt you down and destroy you by tearing you limb from limb!”

The judge shuttered with fear and yelled to the bailiff, “Get this cop murder out hear right now! Do your damn job!”  
Split grinned at the sight of the judge’s fear on his face. Seconds later four police officers ran into the courtroom and pulled Split down from the bench the judge was sitting at. He did not fight back. He willingly let himself be dragged into the hallway to be cuffed again.

However once he was recuffed, he repeated exactly as he did in the courtroom. Split broke free from the cuffs, and then punched the officer that had cuffed him only to be recuffed again by the remaining officers. Split just howled with laughter the entire walk back to the jail cell.

At lunchtime, Split sat alone at a back corner table in the chow hall. His tray had spaghetti, fruit cup, two pieces of lightly buttered bread and milk. Split ate slowly thinking of his revenge on the judge that just put him away for the rest of his life. During mid thought, a voice broke his concentration.

“Hey newbie I heard you’re gonna be with us for a while.” an inmate said while walking up to Split’s table.

“Yeah… so what is your point?” Split said while looking down at his food tray.

“Well you’re gonna be my bitch, so gimme your bread.”

Split looked up at the bright-eyed muscular inmate that just had demanded part of his property. “Bitch, huh” Split asked in a tone of voice that did not seem to be intimidated one little bit.

Two more inmates walked up behind the inmate that had just walked up to Split.

“You better do what he says.” The other inmate said as he walked up behind Split.

“And if I don’t?” Split asked as he began grinning from ear to ear, as he had done before in situations like this one.

The two inmates looked at each other with a head nod and walked around the table. Each one took Split by the arm and held him down.

“Are you guys his bitch too?” Split said with a smirk on his face.

This made the inmates more furious, so the first inmate took the bread off Split’s tray and stuffed it into splits mouth. The three inmates began to laugh. Split was not amused. The laughing finally ceased as the inmate picked up the rest of Split’s tray. Split stayed still as he waited calmly and patiently for the inmate to make his last and only mistake that he soon would regret. The inmate took the remains of the tray and he swung it as hard as he could smashing it into Split’s face. Milk covered noodles dripped down Split’s red face. The inmates laughed harder and louder causing the rest of the room to look over at Split causing them to laugh as well.

Split smirked and then began laughing harder and louder than the inmates. The room grew silent. The three inmates around Split were surprised. Nobody had ever laughed at them. Split finished his obnoxious laugh and slowly stood up. Milk ran down the front of his striped shirt and the sauce from the spaghetti had stained it as well. A second of intense nothingness passed and as it ended Split clinched his fist and swung his arm, slamming his fist into the face of the inmate on his left. The inmate fell. The other inmate next to Split grabbed both of his arms by the wrists in one hand and had his other arm wrapped around splits neck. The first inmate ran back around the table and attempted to triple team him, but was caught off guard when splits foot slammed into his face. The first inmate fell and split broke the grip of the second.

The second inmate was stunned. Split took the chance to grab him by the back of his head and by his chin. Split snapped his neck right in half exposing his bones and spinal cord. The first inmate that was knocked down on the floor got back up and began to swing at Split from behind trying to catch him off guard. Split took a hit to the back of the head. Furious as he was, he spun around letting his arm swing freely.  The inmate arched his back to swing again, but Split was ready and swung his loose arm around with a fist, hit him into the side of the inmates face. The knuckle of his middle finger precisely hit the inmate’s temple causing his instant death. The last inmate finally stood up. His face was red and the veins in his forehead were bulging out. Split still smirking waited the inmate to take his last swing before death. The two stood facing each other, both growing angrier and angrier the longer they stood there. The inmate took the first move and charged Split raising his fist forcing it hard through the air. Split dodged ever punch the inmate threw at him. The inmate grew clumsier and clumsier as his rage kept growing. Split waited for the right moment and bent down grabbing his tray that was already lying on the floor. He swung it right up cracking him right into the chin, and then swung from the side into the inmate’s cheek and then one last swing into the nose causing the inmate to stumble right into the wall. Split dropped the tray and then bent down to pick up the spoon off the floor. Split aimed and threw the spoon right at the inmate hitting him right into the forehead leaving a look of shock glued on the inmates face as a line of blood dripped down from the hole in his head down to his striped uniform. It left a stain that resembled the one on Split’s shirt. Split howled with laughter.

Hardened criminals would feel remorse for this kind of action, but split did not. He just laughed. The guards ran in and surrounded Split. Two guards grabbed him as one guard put cuffs on him. Split went willingly with the guards and was thrown into the hole.

While in the hole, Split just paced back and forth laughing at the events that had just taken place. Suddenly he stopped; he heard footsteps in his head.

“Jack!” he yelled aloud. “You’re not welcomed in my head.”

“It’s my head Split!” Jack’s voice echoed through Split’s head.

Split ran to the stainless steel toilet in his cell and saw a reflection of Jack. “It’s mine now, so stay away you little pipsqueak!” Split yelled into the reflection.

“Oh yeah, you think you’re somebody?” Jack asked.

Split’s hand clinched and swung hitting Jack’s reflection in the face injuring his own fist. “How unlike you Jack to treat me that way!”  Split exclaimed. Give me my body back!” Split yelled as he ripped the toilet from the wall. Water poured out of the pipes leaving a huge puddle on the floor.

“It’s my body!” Split said yelling at the reflection now lingering in the puddle. The mind shifted and started to take control of the body. “It’s mine!” Jack announced.

Another shift and Split took control again. The mind shifts went on and on and back and forth using the body to punch whatever entity shown through. The inner strength was straining for both parties. Finally, the body dropped to its knees. The hands grabbed its own head with veins bulging from the forehead and sweat dripped from everywhere. From the back, skin started stretching. Another figure began to form. The skin was tearing and healing itself within seconds of each other. Finally, another body split completely apart from the first. They stood up and were the same. They faced each other and looked into the eyes of what should have been a reflection. Anger burned in them both. One bent on harming Jack and the other angry at Split for taking over his mind.

The new body scuffed its hair and smirked. “I am now the ultimate being.” Split yelled.
“Split!” Jack said. “Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Oh Jack.” Split said.

He then laughed and flung his fist into Jack’s face. Jack fell back slightly, but used the momentum getting back up in his punch into Splits face. Split hit the stone wall and a light layer of dust fell from it. Jack continued his assault by running up and slamming his fist into Split’s gut. Split grunted and lifted his hands in the air holding them together then slamming them down on Jack’s head. Jack fell clutching his head. Split pounced on top of him and slammed fist after fist into Jack’s face. Right, left, right, left, right, right and left. Blood poured from Jack’s nose and mouth. Split lifted his fist and proceeded to slam it down. Jack caught his fis, and with his free hand hit split right in his mouth. Drops of blood dripped onto Jack’s face.

Split stood up and grinned. He grabbed Jack by the collar and flung him against the stone wall. This time a brick fell from it. Split tried to punch at Jack, but when he did, he missed and his fist went through the brick wall that was already fragile from when Jack was thrown into it. Split tried again, he missed again and his other fist went through the wall. With both hands stuck this time, Split was defenseless. Jack lifted his hand and punched Split multiple times in the face, left, right, left, right, left, left and then a right. More blood poured from Splits face. Split managed to get his hands loose and stumbled back toward the cell door. Jack stood against the wall. Both Jack and Split were angry, bloody and ready to rid the world of each other. Split took off towards Jack. Split raised his arm and closed his hand making the hardest fist that he possibly could. His arm extended heading at Jack’s face. Right before his fist could make contact; Jack lifted his leg and kicked. Split’s fist and Jack’s legs made contact. They both went flying in opposite directions. Jack went through the wall and over the razor wire fence rendering him “FREE AS A BIRD”. Split on the other hand was not as lucky. He went through the cell door and slammed right into a group of guards.  Split cautiously picked himself up from the ruble and took off towards his freedom. He was met by tazzors and zapped until he could not move. Split was taken to a new cell where he was locked in and laid down to recover. No mercy for the convict Split.


 Jill Miller left her home the morning after Jack’s escape. A normal day was in progress, so she thought. She drove her car and parked about a block away from her bank. Jill walked the rest of the way as she normally does; except the only difference was that today she turned the corner and stumbled upon Jack’s wanted poster. She could not help but cringe and smile at the large bold words, CAPTURED. She was excited but scared at the same time. This person was crazy but devilishly hansome at the same time. Jill thought about the person who robbed her and wore a smile the whole daylong.

Jack had been running all night and had finally made it back into town. He wore only the bottoms of his jail uniform, although it was obvious where he came from. He looked at houses hoping they would have some fresh clothes hanging out on the clothesline. Jack stumbled heavily through the ally ways only thinking but nothing except Jill Miller. He had to find her, explain to her what had happened and maybe she would not think he was crazy. He really needed her help.

Continuing to stumble, Jack finally found some clothes on a clothesline in a small ally way between two houses. He ripped down a pair of blue slacks and tried them on. “These are a perfect fit.” Jack whispered. He went on to grab a dress shirt and blue blazer. The outfit was remarkable, similar day-to-day business suit he used to wear to the office. Jack looked up at the blue sky, white clouds and the golden sunshine. Jack sighed and kicked a loose rock down the ally way. His thoughts were soon interrupted by an elderly woman who at the same time was very large. She held a rolling pin and was screaming about the stolen clothes Jack had. Jack ran down the ally way from her and hastly into another ally. Luckily, down the current ally Jack had been strolling through, he came across a pair of dark sunglasses. They had held together well and fit his face perfectly. The perfect disquise, no one would be able to tell who he was. Jack soon walked out of the ally and into a phone booth. He tore through the phone book looking for Miller.

He found the page and a happy grin covered his face. There was only one Jill. Leaving the phone booth turned out to be a mistake. He folded the thin phonebook paper and stuffed it into his pocket. Just then, a flash of red and blue lights made his skin crawl. He didn't hesitate and ran back through the allies turning and placing obsticles whenever he could. The footsteps behind him beat with his heart, but soon died off.

Another stroke of luck, Jack was right in front of the bank his evil counter part had robbed. With only a street deviding him from Jill, he decided to lay low for a while and wait for her to emerge from the now heavily guarded pig-harboring bank.

Jill got off late considering it was a bank. It was rounding eight o’clock when Jill finally got off work. She began walking to her car, when Jack decided to follow her. She slowly walked passed the poster and smiled. This had to be a good sign.Jack decided to be completely forward with Jill. She sat down in her car and yawned. The car door was open and she had both legs still outside. Jack waited in the shadows where she could not see him. Jill lay down in the car with her feet outside. Jack walked up to the car and peered down at her slim tan legs. A smirk stretched across his face identical to the one Split had on his face the day of the robbery. It was clear, both him and Split had the same taste in woman. Jack tapped her leg with his foot and gave an innocent “Excuse me.”

Jill sat up in shock and screamed at the sight of him. Jack slapped his hand over her mouth. “Quite.” he whispered. “I’m not here to hurt you”.

Jill calmed herself, slyly took her cell phone and dialed 9-1-1 and held her thumb over the send key. Oblivious to the cell phone, Jack moved his hand away from Jill’s mouth. She sat up keeping the cell hidden. SMACK! Jill’s hand flew up and slapped Jack right in the face. “That’s for being a pervert!” Jill exclaimed.

Jack clutched his face. “I’m sorry.” Was all he could muster, but he did not know if he was apologizing for a few seconds ago or for the comment he made at the bank. When his hand left his face, it revealed a large red mark.

“Oh jeez, I didn‘t mean it.” I didn’t realize I hit you that hard.” Jill said regretfully.

“It’s fine.” Jack said with reassurance.  

“Are you sure?”  Jill asked.

“Yeah I am sure.” Jack said.  

“Do you need a ride somewhere?” Jill hit the end button on her cell.

“Yeah, but I need to talk to you too.” Jack said with a bummed look on his face.

“Hop in.” Jill said with a lively tone in her voice.

Jack settled into the passenger seat and Jill pulled out onto the road.

“So, what’s on your mind?” Jill asked.

“Well…” Jack sighed. This is going to be hard for you to believe, but I am not the person you think I am.

“Who are you then?” Jill said with confusion.

“I am physically and mentally two different people.” Jack tried to explain.

“Beside’s from the hair style and you being so nice, you don’t seem to have changed much.”

“But I have literly split from my other personality.”

“What did you say?” Jill said while looking at the man sitting in her car. “One person can’t magically become two people.”

“You’re right. They can not. I did.” Jack exclaimed.

“Anyway, how’d you get out so fast? I thought they keep bank robbers in jail forever?”

“We got into a fight with each other and I ended up busting through the wall. He wasn’t so fortunate.”

“Oh, so now you and your twin have super powers?” Jill said with sarcasm.

“I don’t think it’s that simple, but essentially yes.” Jack said.

Jill pulled the car over and stopped. “It’s one thing to rob a girl, but come back and make up things… you need to leave. Get out of my car now.”

“It’s not a lie. I’m telling you…” Jack yelled.

Jill quickly interrupted. “I said get out of my car.” Jill said lifting her hand pointing outside.

“It’s the honest truth. I know it’s hard to believe but…”

Jill cut off Jack again. “OUT” Jill screamed.

Jack had no choice but to leave. Jack popped open the car door and got out. “Check the jails website, I’m still an inmate.”
Jill hit the gas speeding off. The door slammed shut with the force of the excelleration. Jack began walking while watching the red glare of Jill’s tail lights fade into the night. Jack fumbled in his pocket for a thin piece of paper he had put in there earlier.


While at home, Jill had changed from her work clothes and made some dinner. She sat on her couch watching a rerun of her favorite television sitcom while chatting with some friends on her laptop. Jill was discussing her encounter with Jack to her friend Wendy. Her friend kept taunting “Jill is in love with a maniac.” Jill just kept typing back sad faces. Jill was trying to explain that he is not a looney just a bad liar.

Wendy typed back the question “Did you check on the internet? It is a public record.”

“No.” Jill typed. Jill opens up a new tab and checks the website.

“Well.” Her friend typed.

“I’m looking.” Jill typed back.

She had found that Jack Double’ serving six life terms for killing five officers of the law. Jack also got charged with injuring one officer. The mug shot looked like the camera had too much to drink.

“Well!” Wendy asked again.

“I have to go.” Jill typed back immediately.

Jill shut down her computer and took a long drink of wine she had poured to go along with her dinner. After chugging the glass of wine down, she took a deep breath. There was a thunderous knock at the door. Jill jumped not expecting the knock so soon. She sat down the glass and stood up. Jill walked to the door while she was tying up her robe. She looked through the peephole on the door and there stood Jack as expected. Jill opened the door and looked at Jack. “I’m sorry.” Jill said. Jack just stood there looking back at Jill. Jill stepped out onto the porch and fell into Jack’s arm. She looked up at him and they both smiled.


Back at the jail while the other inmates were sleeping, Split was pacing in his small cell plotting his revenge on the judge, Jack and everyone involved. The door of the cell slid open. Split stopped pacing and leaped into his bed quickly pretending to be asleep. The guard walked into the room shining his flashlight into every nook and cranny. Split tossed and turned in his sleep making a light muffled grunt to make his performance more believable. Lying on his side now, Split left one eye slightly opened watching the guard’s every move. The guard left and the door began to shut. Split jumped from his bed and caught the metal door holding it open. The door was set to close automatically. Causing it to stop early, a small alarm went off. The alarm was not in the cellblock; it is in the dome of a nerd’s wet dream or the control center for all of the doors of a specific block. Split knew how the control room worked and took advantage. He had a plan to ensure his escape along with every other criminal on the block. It is not that he wanted the others to escape, but realized that it would make his attemped a lot easier and his recapture that much harder.

He waited for the guards to run through the pod’s door before he fully opened his cell door. Split ran out into the pod and into the swarm of guards that had gathered at the door. After a few punches and pushes, he got all the guards on the ground and left the pod into the opening where the control dome was. He pulled the door shut to the pod and preceded to the dome. Again, he punched and kicked the guards that were there and hit the button marked as emergency. This was an auto release button for all the cell doors in case of fire, flood or natural disaster that would call for getting all the inmates out as quickly as possible. Split left the dome, went up to each pod, and smashed right through the doors.

A few inmates took the liberty to relieve the unconscious guards of there guns, weapons and hurried to gather around the block’s door. Split continued his masculine display and began punching as hard as he could through the door. The first punch put a large dent into the metal door. The second broke right through. Finally, he used the hole as a grip to slide the door open just as he did to all the other doors. Next was going to be the hard part.

Split and the rest of the inmates began a scattered run through all the hallways, most of them following Split incase of any other doors. Those who followed made the right choice. Split entered a hallway with two doors dividing them from the front of the jail. This time he ran as fast as he could toward the first door. These doors had rather large windows in them. At full speed, Split jumped right through the window and landed on his hands. With the momentum from his first jump, pushed off with his hands and kicked through the second window. He landed on his feet this time. The inmates were standing speechless. It is one thing to bust through the metal doors, but to go through glass without any cuts is completely UN believable. Split stood facing the inmates through the doors, then kicked the door in front of him. The force from the kick took the door right off the hinges and it flew across and crashed through the other door. The inmates still stood shocked while Split continued his escape.

Finally, the exit was in sight and split ran until he turned the corner. The guards were smarter than Split gave them credit for. They all stood there with shotguns and pistols pointed at Split. Split’s hideous laugh crept from his mouth. He knew he should have done it the easy way. He could have just busted through the super large window in the pod and then busted through the fence. With a man of his stature chose to have fun. It was this moment that made the hard way worth it. The inmates finally caught up with a few guns in front of the pack. Split held his hand out to the inmates indicating to give him the guns. The rest of the inmates hid behind the wall. Split pointed his guns at the rest of the remaining guards pointing guns at him.

“Who’s scared now?” Split asked. The guards all took gulps. “Now I and my friends are going to walk out of here. If anyone moves you know what will happen.”  

Split walked closer to the door waving all the inmates behind him. The guard closest to the door followed Split with the gun not letting him out of the gun’s line of sight.

“Really, what do you think you’re doing?”  Split asked the guard. He walked up to the guard. “Got a smoke?” Split pushed the nose of the pistol into the guard’s stomach. The guard dropped his gun and started to fumble into his pockets desperately trying to pull out the pack of cigarettes. Split took one and let the guard light it. He inhaled and blew smoke out of his nose. The smoke covered the guards face. BOOM! Split’s gun went off and the guard fell to the ground covered in blood. “Now, don’t move a muscle!” Split barked. The final door was opened and the inmates could feel the breeze blowing in their faces. Split marched out the door first being followed by the inmates. He stopped again holding out his hand simulating a stop sign. The inmates listened and stayed put right where they stood. Split shut the door on them slamming it so hard it jammed into the wall so the other inmates could not open it.

“What’s the deal?” One of the inmates asked.

“Oh, you don’t get to leave. You were all my decoys and you don’t get to live!” Split walked out and around for a minute before finding a giant gas cilo on the outside of the building. The smirk grew across his face. Split began walking away from the jail, but just before he got out of sight, he shot two shots ocross the yard making sure he hit the cilo. The place lit up like the Fourth of July. Smoke and fire concealed the entire building and the screams only made Split grin his grin.

-Later the next morning at Jill’s house-

Jack and Jill woke up tangled up together. It was akward at first, both being in the business profession and all. They were not use to waking up with someone they considered a stranger. After a few seconds, the two accepted what had just happened.

“You want breakfast? Jill asked.

“Not really. Do you work today?” Jack asked.

“No, not today I’m not.” Jill answered. “I just have to pick up my paycheck.”

“Okay, cool.” Jack said with little excitement.
“What are you doing today?” Jill asked.
Right then the news broke through. The television’s volume was down so it made it hard to hear. The box at the bottom of the screen spoke for it. Jail attacked. Below that was a body count.  

“Turn this up!” Jack said. Jill grabbed the clicker and did so.

“Many bodies were not recovered from the fire yet. Many remain chared or unrecognizable. Among some of the missing are Ryan Spurgeon, Zach Thompson, Dustin Lambert, Jack Double’ Winston Gains and Shane Brinegar to name a few.” The news anchor said. “Any other names can be found on our website. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.”

“Oh my god!” Jill shrieked, covering her mouth with her hand. “What do we do now?”

“We wait. Let him come to us, and then we will take him out.” Jack said. Jack paused thinking over what he had just said.

“No, we can’t wait! He will hurt others! We need to go!” Jack exclaimed.

“Okay, but first.” Jill said removing a painting from her wall. The painting covered a wall safe. Jill spun the combination lock and opened the door to uncover a switch. The switch moved a big patch of drywall to uncover a secret door on the adjacent wall. The door had another combination lock that finally opened a secret room full of guns, ammunition, swords and other types of artillery.

“DAMN!” Was all Jack could muster. Where did all of this come from?”

“Well… after college I did a few jobs for some people. These are like suvineres.”

“JOBS?” Jack shouted. He walked into the room and picked up a rifle that was hung on the wall. “What kind of job calls for an AK?”
“It was some CIA slash killer for hire stuff!” Jill exclaimed.
“Strangly I’m more attracted to you but at the same time, you scare me.”
Jill just smiled.

“So how many people did you kill?” Jack asked?”

“Isn’t that kinda personal?” Jill asked.

“It’s no worse then asking how many people you slept with!” Jack said.

“Thirty-two.” Jill said.

Jack looked uneasy.

“Slept with or killed?” Jack asked.

Jill just walked into the room and began gathering guns and putting them into bags.

Split had just reached his destination by the afternoon, the home of the judge that had sentenced him. Split did have a few creative ways to say hello and he did make sure the judge was out of the house before he entered. The back door was unlocked and that was perfectly fine for Split. Dumbass judge he thought. First he changed into a suit that was a few sizes to big. He left the jacket and then he tore off the sleeves of a white button down. While he was doing this the judge’s dog crept into the room. A sweet animal he thought. It licked Split’s hand and waited for a cheerful pat on the head. Instead Split had another idea. He saw a shot gun and grabbed it. In the closet Split found some rope and in another room he found a large dog cage. His smirk was there again, ear to ear just as always.

After a while or so; the front door opened to a dark home. It was night fall now and no lights were left on. Split waited behind the door as the judge carried in a bag of dog food. As the door shut, Split slowly walked behind the judge while he walks to the kitchen to put away the dog food. Split grabbed a frying pan and whacked the judge right on the head. Split then drug the limp body into the room and put him inside the cage. Split locked the cage with three locks that he had found in the garage. After about an hour the judge finally woke up. Split had blocked off the windows in the room and took out all the clocks along with everything else. The room was left with a wooden rocking chair in the corner and a cage in the middle. A minute after the judge had woken, Split entered the room. He carried a tray to the cage and put it in. He cut the rope and quickly closed the door locking it back.

“What is this?” the judge asked.

“This is jail!” Split answered.

The judge seemed confused. “Who are you?”

“Oh you know me. I’m going to break out and kill you. I’m supposed to be in prision for life for robbing a bank.” The judge’s face became white with horror and he shook with fear. Split left the room. The judge looked at the tray after removing a rope. It had runny uncooked eggs, soggy cereal in water, two bacon flavored dog treats and a glass full of yellow liquid. Under the treats was a little note, It read: Just like jail.
After an hour Split came back into the room. He had a pistol in his hand. The tray was untouched.

“Why didn’t you eat?” Split asked.

“Because that shit is disgusting!” Said the judge.

Split took the gun and stuck it to the judge’s head. “Eat or die!” Split exclaimed. The judge didn’t move a muscle. “Oh come on, just one little bite of each and I’ll let you live.” The judge still didn’t budge a muscle. “I’ll kill your dog!” The judge sighed and cringed at the sound of the words. Finally he took a spoon full of the cereal and stuck it in his mouth. Next he did the eggs and so on with the rest of the meal. The judge gagged but continued to chew. “Good boy, now hand me the glass!” The judge lifted the glass of yellow liquid through the cage. Split took the glass and dumped it all over the head of the judge. Split opened the door to the room and the light shined on the body of the dead dog. “Idiot!” Split shouted. The judge closed his eyes, then said a quick prayer and gave Split the middle finger. Split pulled the trigger of an aimed pistol. No more judge.


 Jack and Jill left the house with four bags in total. Jack headed to Jill’s car but she headed toward the garage.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked.

“We‘re not taking my car.” Jill said as she slid open the garage door. Jack grew a puzzled look. Inside were two objects hidden by car covers.

“What are those?” Jack asked.

“These” Jill said grabbing the covers, one ineach hand. “Are my babies!” She ripped off both covers and there stood two brand new Hayabusha cycles. One was lime green and white, the other was dark blue and white. Jack walked over to the bikes placing his two bags inside the storage compartments of the dark blue one, and then he walked over to jill with a large smile on his face.

“Nice bikes.” Jack laughed.

“I roll in style, the best of the best and nothing less.” Jill replied now laughing a little as well.

“You know I’m really glad you gave me a second chance” Jack said.

“You know I am too.” Jill kissed Jack staying connected for just a few seconds before breaking apart and climbing on their bikes.

“Ready to catch a crook?” Jill asked.

“As much as I’ll ever be.” Jack answerd. The two started the engines, both roared like thunder. Jill speed off soon fallowed by Jack both racing to try and keep in front of each other.

Split had begun rummaging through the Judge’s garage. He found wire cutters, a screwdriver, and a few other essential tools. After collecting them he walked to the parked red sports car at the end of the driveway. Split went to work under the steering wheel and a few seconds later the engine started. Split climbed into the driver’s seat and began flipping through radio stations looking for “appropriate” music to drive to the office building with. He found his station blared it as loud as it could go and headed off.

The drive was smooth, no cops, no Jack, nobody had pissed him off. In fact he was almost enjoying himself so much he didn’t want to commit anymore crimes.

“Almost isn’t good enough.” He decided outloud, and then he began laughing in the wickedest of laughs he could muster.

Split parked in the same spot that Jack used to when they still worked there. It was only a few feet to the elevator, better for the escape. Split sat listening to the rest of the song as well as loading his pistol. The gun was loaded and the song ended, split headed for the elevator. while in the elevator split stuck his gun in his waistband and hit the button to take it to the top floor. Everyone was working in silence, split walked through the office completely unnoticed and right into the boss’s office.

“Mallow!” He sang, laughing a little. The boss looked up. Shocked to see the the ex employee he began to stutter nervously.

“J-Ja-Jack.” He said. “Why are yo-you here?”

“Because you owe me something.”

“We pa-paid you! Yo-you need to le-leave.”

“No we need to leave.” Split grabbed the boss by the wrists and snatched the tape off his desk, then wrapped up his wrists and and put tape over his mouth. Next Split positioned Mallow in front of him as if Mallow were a human sheild, and pulled his pistol from his waistband.

Split pushed Mallow through the double doors of the office and back out to the main part of the top floor. Split shot the secretary that had seen and was beginning to panic. Everyone scattered, most headed for the stairs but a few people ran for the elevator. Split pushed Mallow closer to the elevator after a small ding was heard and the doors opened. Split shot a few more bullets toward the elevator causing the people to run to the stairs. Only one man stayed in the elevator. Split shot another bullet as the man raised his arm to hit the down button. The bullet ripped through his head killing him instantly. It left a giant hole in his brain and blood all over the floor. The body began to fall, its arm still up and the index finger pressed against the down button. Gravity pulled the body down the weight pressed the finger into the botton causing the doors to close but not before the body fell to the ground, with its neck in the way of the shutting doors. The doors pushed up against the neck and decided it was closed enough to descend. The shear weight of the elevator ripped the body from the neck leaving a horrific, dead, gruesome, severed, blood stained head on the floor of the office. Split took the stairs.

Jack and Jill rode past the office building; they heard screams and saw police cars. Both agreed Split had to be involved. After parking the bikes Jack reached into one of his bags and pulled out a gun for Jill and a gun for him then they headed to the entrance of the office. Jack decided to take the elevator up while Jill took the stairs.

Jill and Split met in the middle of the stairs. Split saw Jill before she noticed him and he walked into the office on that floor hiding himself and Mallow in one of the cubicles. Jill heard the door shut and immediately switched the safty of her MP-15 off. She enterd the office of the floor slowly making as little noise as possible. Split stayed low, holding his hand over Mallow’s already taped mouth.

“You make one sound and I won’t hesitate to waste this whole clip on you.” Split whispered.

Jack made it up the elevator, the doors opened to reveal the head that was missing from the body that rode with Jack. No one alive was visible on the top floor. Jack flicked his safty off and promptly moved to the stairwell.

Jill continued to inch closer and closer to Split. She passed his hiding place. Split let go of Mallow and stood up, appearing right behind Jill. He raised his leg making his foot parallel to Jill’s back, and then Split grunted as he pushed his foot forward. Jill took the shot and stumbled to the floor. Split stood over her with his pistol pointed at her head.

“So where’s Jacky?” Split asked. Jill stayed silent. “Oh ca-mon darling, I miss my weaker counterpart. I need to give him a sucker punch… You know for old times.”

Jack appeared at the doorway of that floor. He slowly creeped toward them being as quiet as he could. He took aim with his gun and pulled the trigger. It seemed slow. Jack’s bullet seemed to breathe as he did. It got closer and closer to the target. Split turned: his sixth since triggered and with the momentum of the turn he used his pistol to ricochet the bullet. After bouncing off the the gun, the targetless bullet flew towards the cubicle Split hid in. The carboard walls of the cubicle proved to be inferior to the steal. After cutting through the carboard the bullet tore through the neck of Mallow Daniels. His body slid leaving a bloody trail on the thin cubicle wall.

“Oh the irony!” Split howled. He pointed the gun at Jack and took a shot. With no hesitation from Jack, he dropped his gun and took off toward Split. They were only about ten feet apart and only a few feet from the wall on the side. Jack jumped and planted one foot on the wall retracting his fist. Jack then pushed off the wall and blasted his fist into Split’s face. Split feet skidded across the floor until his body slammed against the wall. Along the way Split dropped his gun leaving both unarmed and angry. Jill picked herself up off the floor and scooted to position herself next to Jack. Split solemnly walked toward Jack. He got close enough to take a punch aiming for his face. Jack ducked lowering down to one knee and grappled Split’s waist. While pushing himself up off the ground Jack lifted Split up off the floor and slammed him down on his back. Split punched again and this time it connected and knocked Jack back. Split stood up and tried to stomp on Jack, but Jack rolled out of the way just in time. Jack swung his leg around and tripped Split and he fell right on his face. Both stood up at the same time taking deep breaths. They stared at each other waiting for the perfect moment. Split let his arm hang loosely. He swung his arm not applying force just letting the weight of his arm slightly hit Jack.
Jack took the hit and stayed still. Split swung again and landed an uppercut right to the bottom of Jack's jaw. Still no movement from Jack. Split looked puzzled. Split arched his arm back again and as he was close to connecting a folding chair nudged his side. Split fell to the ground and stared at Jill while she stood over him with a gun pointed right at him.

“Look familiar?” Jill asked.Split luckily had landed right next to his gun, he grabbed it and aimed it at Jill. Jack came up behind Jill pointing his gun at Split who was now pointing his gun at Jack.

”You lose Split!” Jack said.

“Do I?” Split asked sarcastically. Split stood up slowly. The guns remained pointed at him.

“Make the wrong move and we kill you!” Jill said.

Split pretended to ponder what she had just said. “So what you are saying is the right move is the move that doesn’t lead to my death?” Split asked.

“Don’t do it!” Jack warned. Split moved as fast as he could. He grabbed Jill’s gun and spun around her until he was in the cliché hostage position. Split put the gun to her head and wrapped his arm around her neck. Jil gulped and rolled her eyes. Jack dropped his guns and moved closer to them.

“That’s better.” Split said. He let loose of Jill. “Here baby hold this!” He said holding his gun out to Jill. She nervously grabbed it from him. Split walked up to Jack and they stood about a foot apart in the center of the room. Jack made his first move. He swung a hard right making contact to Split’s face. Split did the same. They both clutched their cheeks and took a deep breath. Split flashed a cocky smile. Jack began swinging as fast and as hard as he could. Split laughed as he dodged each attempt. He grabbed Jack’s arm and spun under him, using his arm like a lever to thrust Jack up, over, and down. Split picked up Jack’s body and slammed him into a few cubicle walls. Next Split slammed him into the copy machine, lifting the top up and pushing jack’s face onto the glass. Split hit the button and

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