Say Hello To My Little Friend

Say Hello To My Little Friend Say Hello To My Little Friend

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Gwen brings a another party into her and Jeff's bedroom leaving one member to hit the floor.


Gwen brings a another party into her and Jeff's bedroom leaving one member to hit the floor.


Submitted: January 28, 2012

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Submitted: January 28, 2012



“Hey” Jeff said taking a sip of his coffee

“Hey” I said back coming into the house

“Where did you go?” he asked

“Out” I said coming up to give him a kiss

“Oh want some coffee?” he offered

“Nope got some already” I said

“Ok so where did you go I don’t remember you telling me you had shit to today?” he said

“Just out” I said hesitantly

“Gwen you had to have gone somewhere for you don’t go out this late on a Saturday.” he said

 “I did the do something for myself once a day thing” I said walking into the living room

“Which was? “He said following me

“Just went and looked around I said got some fresh air” I said feeling guilty

“If you just wanted to do that I’d would have went with ya” He said coming up from behind me giving me a hug and a kiss on the back of the neck.

“I know babe just needed some alone time” I said resting the back of my head on his chest laying my arms over his.

“Are you sure nothing is bothering you? He asked

“No” I said turning and giving him a quick kiss on the lips heading into the bedroom.

As I started to fold and put away the laundry thinking this was going to be harder than I thought no pun intended. How would any woman who was married as long as I have been to Jeff and say now the second guessing I was at the forefront of my thinking maybe it was a bad idea but then Jeff had always been and most importantly always supported me exploring my sexuality. Although I had gotten better at knowing there wasn’t anything Jeff wouldn’t try if I wanted it or suggest but this one involved the size of his ego and that’s the one thing I’d never want to do his hurt him in that way and that‘s what I was struggling with the most at the moment telling him Jeff I love you but I want something else to bring me to completion.

“Gwen” Jeff Said softly in the doorway

Not hearing him was going about putting the clothes away and was startled

“Oh Jesus” I said

“What didn’t you hear me?” he said

“Apparently not” trying to get my heart out of my throat

“I know you told me nothing was up but there is Gwen I can feel it. If something is bothering you please tell me” he said taking my hand

Lord if that man didn’t know me all too well  I could have kept him at bay until I was ready to tell him or justify in it such way I would have never brought it up to him but somehow he was giving me the chance meaning no more stalling this was the time to tell him. “No time like the present” I said under my breath

Putting the last of the clothes away I took a deep breath went and took his hand and had him sit on the bed. I straddled him wrapping my arms around his neck as he put his arms around my waist I gave him “I love you” I said thinking I needed to reassure him which was more for my own self.

“I love you to” he said softly

“Baby, there is nothing more in this world than I love then us making love” as I started to kiss his neck moving over to his throat

“Ah ha Gwen were you going with this?” he said

Now I had moved over to the other side of his face kissing his cheek moving over to his ear I mumbled something.

“What?” he said stopping me almost forcing me to look at him?

Still uneasy kept my head down and mumbled it again

“Gwen look at me” he said getting a little agitated

Still on his lap I leaned over to get my purse and opened it pulled out the item and handed it to him.

“Did you pay cash for it” he said

“Oh my God Jeff” I said sliding off his lap ready to leave the room

“Gwen” he said pulling me back onto his lap giving me a tight hug

“Is that it you got a vibrator” he said almost hearing him start to laugh

“You’re not offended” I said with my face still buried in his chest

“Why would I be offended?” he said kissing the side of my cheek

“That any for any man including you for their wives to bring in a vibrator into the mix might cause some resentment” I said

“You know if I didn’t love you so much I’d kill you” he said cradling me

“What’s that supposed to me?” I asked

“The fact that sometimes you think way too much about our sex life” he said

“Jeff I’m only thinking about how you’d feel...” then he stopped me

“That’s the problem you think way too much about me and not go with what you feel. Gwen I have to give you credit on this one you did think about your feelings on this one and two you had enough trust in me to know that I’m pretty much open to you might want to try.” he said

“So you’re not offended or hurt” I said wanting to fully make sure he wasn’t it

“Gwen you want to use a vibrator big deal it’s not the worst thing in the world you could have asked me to do” he said

“Jeff I’m so sorry I made this such a big deal” I said hugging him

“It’s ok” he said leaning down to kiss me

“I love you” I said putting my one hand on his cheek

“I love you too.” he said 

“Jeffery” I said slapping him

“Gwen” Jeff called sitting down our dinner

“Where are you” I said entering the kitchen

“In the front room” he said lighting some candles

“What’s with this” I said leaning in the doorframe

“Nothing” he said opening a bottle of wine

“If I didn’t know better Jeffery I think you were trying to seduce me” I said walking into the living room with just the fire and candlelight

“Cheers” Jeff said hanging me a glass

“Cheers” I said taking a sip

Jeff leaned over and gave me a kiss taking my hand to the coffee table where we sat on opposite ends.

“What are we having tonight” I said

“Stir Fry” he said

“Oh sounds good” I said sensing something was wrong with me

“Talk to me” I said blowing on some food on my fork

“Nothing’s wrong” he said taking a sip of his wine

Granted I know how to read the man’s face but for him to be this quite after our conversation was making me wonder where he was with all this but then again it could have been my paranoia so I went to back to eating not wanting to spoil Jeff’s meal. So we continued to eat in silence. Taking a sip of my wine noticing something at the end of the table “Oh God Jeff”

Jeff not missing a beat “Say hello to my little friend” in a Cuban accent he said continuing to eat.

I almost choked on my wine after hearing that at least he was having a sense of humor about it I enjoyed the rest of my meal but now was overcome with laugher in what Jeff said bringing him to start laughing. Jeff took my one hand and kissed it

“So should we give it some Viagra” Jeff laughed leaning against the sink

Putting down the dish towel after I dried my hands “Let me get the pizza menu out then call it a cab while we are at it” I said wrapping my arms around his neck

“Something like that” he said

“Thanks for being understanding today” I said looking at him

“You’re welcome” he said pulling me to him

“Going to take shower want to join me” I said pulling him with me

“Nah I’ll keep it company don’t want to make if feel stood up” he said

“Oh God we are bad” I said


“Oh my God Jeff” I said entering the bedroom seeing Jeff laying on his back measuring the vibrator.

“What I want to know what I’m against” he said

“Babe one big difference is you get bigger that won’t” I said tossing a pack of batteries next to him.

Jeff put on his reading glasses started to read the directions when I noticed him looking for something.

“What?” I said lighting some candles

“Ah Gwen I don’t know to say this but I think you forgot to buy something else” he said Trying to think what it was and not being embarrassed to ask him but couldn’t pull it off.

“What?” I said

“Ah normally you put something on it before you use it” he said scratching his head

“Oh I got it on umm I thought that I could do naturally” I said

“We can try it” he said

“Ok” I said sitting on his lap

“So how do you want to do this” he said

“Umm with the lights off” I said 

“Gwen that defeats the purpose of you using one of these one of us has to know what’s going to turn you on” he said

My look said it all

“Oh so which one is it you not looking to see what I’m doin to you, me looking at your or you looking at Me.” he said

“All three” I said

“Gwen are you scared I’m not going to hurt you” he said wrapping his arms around me

“I know babe just” I said trying to find the words

“Just relax ok” he said giving me a kiss which turned into him nibbling my ear

“Ok” I said straddling both sides of him giving him a kiss lifting up his shirt over his head

We started having some foreplay just kissing and caressing each other as I undressed the rest of him letting my body slowly be aroused to where it needed to be.

“Ready” Jeff said sucking my lower lip

“Yeah” I said

I got off my lap and lay on my back with Jeff at the foot of the bed resting himself on his one elbow.

“You want to play with it first” he offered

“No” I said parting my legs for him

“Ah baby you want to take off your nightgown” he said

“No” I said lifting the fabric high enough to give him room

Jeff took my one hand and squeezing it knowing what he meant by it as I heard a faint buzz in the room now. Jeff now saw some apprehension in my body so without saying anything slowly ran the vibrator over my inner thighs first letting me build up my arousal. Being lulled by the sound and feeling of my toy became relaxed and focused on how my body was ready for some stimulation between my legs.

“Don’t worry I know where you live” Jeff said softly kissing my bare tummy

“Meaning” I said opening my eyes

“I know what makes you feel good” he said looking at me dead in the face

“Jeff  please do it slow” I whined

“I will” he said giving me a kiss slipping the vibrator inside me

I gasped at the feeling the hardness of the plastic inside me but relaxed once Jeff started to move it slowly over my insides watching my pleasure build wanting more stimulation I wanted to rub my breasts but couldn’t bring myself to do it I was losing strength in the sensations Jeff was bringing to my loins.

“Feel good” he asked wanting to know what else he could do to make me feel good

“Yep” I said feeling the vibrations over the most sensitive part of my body building to my orgasm

“Jeff” was all I could moan feeling my insides start to tingle

Jeff knew I was starting to go over the edge pressed the tip of the vibrator over my tip and rubbed it a little bit faster over me just like he would if he was inside me. Finding enough strength to clench my legs tight enough to feel the intensity of my release moaning as I came feeling my insides pulsate.

“You ok?” Jeff said coming up the length of my body seeing me trying to catch my breath

“Yeah Jeff that felt really good” I said guilty that I could feel that way from a vibrator

“Well that’s what it’s supposed to do” he said lifting my nighty over my head

“So you’re not hurt by me telling you that” I said running my hands over the front of his chest.

“Gwen I’ll be honest with you watching you like that got me turned on” he said

“Now I don’t feel so guilty now after hearing that and feeling a certain part of you anatomy up against me” I said

“I’m happy if you’re happy” he said with smile

“Now it’s your turn” I said lifting my head up to kiss him

Parting my legs for Jeff to enter me erect we began our rhythm quickly moving our bodies as fast as we could building up to our climax feeling both of us go over the edge at the Jeff time both of us heard the vibrator hit the floor we both started to laugh.


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