Below Zero

Below Zero Below Zero

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jeff And Gwen Spend a weekend in lake tahoe having no signs of cabin faver.


Jeff And Gwen Spend a weekend in lake tahoe having no signs of cabin faver.


Submitted: January 28, 2012

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Submitted: January 28, 2012



“Oh my God Jeff this is nice,” I said entering the house

“Glad you like it” he said bringing in our bags

“Although this is so not like you” I said helping him

“Like what?” he said scratching his head

“The fact that it’s the first weekend in December and we are in a cabin in Lake Tahoe” I said

“Variety is the spice of life,” he said wrapping his arms around my waist

 “That’s why this weekend it’s just us ok,” He said kissing the top of my head

“Ok” I said closing my eyes lying on his chest

We stood in our embrace for a minutes in silence lost in our own thoughts but it felt good to be somewhere with Jeff and not have the outside world bothering us.

“Oh Baby I’m cold” Squeezing myself into him

“I’ll start a fire,” he said

“What they don’t have any heat in here. Dude I can’t stand a cold house” I said

“No Gwen they have heat. I’m sure this hasn’t been used so just give it some time to warm up” he said starting the fire

“That makes sense. Babe where’s my laptop?” I said looking around the cabin

“I didn’t bring it,” he said

“Why?” I asked

“Cause I wanted just to be us no outside world.” he said

“Jeff, I still have stuff to do,” I said

“Yeah and so do I but guess what it all can wait” he said

“Now I’m going to be bored,” I said

“Gwen” he said getting up from the fireplace

“What” I said

“How can you be bored you have 3 days with me and you’re telling me you’re going to be bored?” he said with a smile

“Whatever ” I said

“What if you had said that to me I wouldn’t say that,” he said

“I was kidding and plus you are oversexed” I said

“I’m oversexed? You been getting that way allot” he said taking me in his arms again

“What do mean when I’m about to get my period dude you know that and plus I’m 40 now and yes I’ve a tendency to be a little bit more horny” I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

“A little” he said kidding then we kissed “So you want to go fool around?”

Then his phone rang “You got to be kidding me” I said breaking away from him

“No its ok it can wait, Gwen relax please” he said looking at the screen then he took our bag into the bedroom

“I will I promise” I said kissing him

“You better” he said

“Do we have a TV?” I asked

“Gwendolyn” he said walking away from me

“Just asking” I said knowing that Jeff and I were going to have a relaxing sexual weekend. It was something we were looking forward to if neither one of us knew what we were going to end up doing and that‘s what was going to make this weekend fun and memorable. We truly had nothing planned other than being with each other for a weekend none interrupted something we hadn‘t had in a while and especially at home. I knew where Jeff was going with us being here and he always meant well with me being immersed in my transition in allot of areas in my life he knew how much work I had put in and how much I had to go. Learning to take care of myself in certain ways were easier than others and rewarding me in other ways took some getting used to but I was doing and that is what mattered.

“Hey you” I said giving him a hug from behind

“Hey” he said putting our bags away still holding onto his one hand

“What?” he said looking at me?

Wrapping my arms around his neck looking into his warm brown eyes “That in this transition period I’m in that it’s making us stronger” I said

Then he let out a small smile brushing his one thumb over my one cheek “nothing wrong with that” he said “Nope” I said giving him a hug “Jeff I love you so much” I said squeezing him

“I love you too,” he said kissing the top of my head “come on let’s get something to eat” We went into the kitchen were Jeff made us some omelets as we watched some TV and called it a night.


Rolling over to see what time it was I woke up to find out it was 815 a time I normally woke up laid on my back deciding what I wanted to do if I did get up without a laptop. With  nature calling I went to the bathroom deciding if I was going to get up or go back to bed which I was afraid if I did I would fall back asleep and be cranky the rest of the day. Heading back to the bedroom got undressed and got under the covers moved over to Jeff’s side of the bed and started to light scratch and kiss his back until he woke up. He slowly started to move still lying on his stomach.

“What time is it?” he said still asleep

“815” I said resting my chin on his upper back running my fingernails over the side of his waist, as he was ticklish

“Enough out of you” he said

“Are you sure about that?” I said with a devilish smile

“What did you have in mind?” he said rolling on his back

“Oh I don’t know,” I said getting on top of him lightly brushing my nipples over his chest.

“Oh I think you do,” he said caressing my upper arms

With me still on top of him, I leaned over his face and kissed him as we started our foreplay light kisses and caresses letting our bodies come to a slow arousal. Lowering myself over him we began a slow fluid motion building up to our climax holding onto his shoulders feeling myself peaking tightened myself around him trying to extract the fullness of my orgasm.

“You ok?” he asked

“You” I said laying his chest

“Oh just fine” he said

“I bet,” I said

Then he got up and sat on the edge of the bed “What’s wrong babe” I said

“Nothing just tired” he yawned

I got up pressing my breasts against his back running my fingers up and down his chest “Come back to bed then” I said

“I’m up now,” he said with another yawn getting up

I laid back in bed hearing the shower run wondering what we were going to do today neither one of us skied or did any winter activities other than going out and having a snowball fight, which did sound fun. I let out a yawn and told myself I needed to get out of bed thinking I could at least start the coffee. Getting out of the bed, I walked past the bathroom and heard the water shut off letting out a small smile.

“Hey” he said towel drying his hair

“Hey” I said still standing in the doorway

“You want to get in here?” he asked

“No” I said softly

Then he went back to what he was doing as I stood there and watched him.

“Gwen something wrong?” he asked

“No” I said

Now he was done and was ready to walk out when I stopped him and pressed him into the doorway and leaned up against him.

“Remember when you said I had you for 3 days,” I said softly rubbing my hands over his damp chest kissing the side of his neck

“Yes” he said resting his back on the doorframe wrapping his arms around me

“Well I’ve decided to take you up on your offer right here” I whispered into his ear as I started to fondle him.

“Are you sure you that’s what you want” he said rubbing his hand over my body

“Yes” I said becoming breathless from his touches

Then he wrapped his one arm around my waist as I felt him enter me I held onto his biceps leaning my head against the doorframe. Both of us, trying to keep our bodies limber and aroused were a bit of a challenge but the rush of adrenaline gave us the strength to complete our carnal act of desire. Once we found our collective pace, I started to feel him tight and full inside me letting my insides absorb him against my throbbing bud. I was starting to lose my grip on his biceps as I was starting to climax clinching my legs tighter around him. He wrapped both of his arms around me as I felt him press me hard into him as he grunted along with my cries of how good he was making me feel and felt a warm stream of his pleasure inside my lions.

“Wouldn’t have been easier if we did it on the sink” he said

“Probably” I said still molded to his body

“Now what?” he said

“I hear sex on a dryer can be fun,” I said


Coming into the kitchen I stopped and leaned up against the wall watching Jeff make breakfast how could something so mundane like that get me so turned on. Jeff is a great cook and who doesn’t love a man who can cook but he is so at ease when he does and that‘s what made him so attractive.

“Hey what are doing over there?” he said putting some food on our plates

“Oh nothing” I said walking to the table

“And the last time you said that we ended up doin something” he said putting the pan in the sink.

“Well this time I mean it,” I said giving him a kiss

“So you want to do anything today,” he asked

“Want to have a snowball fight,” I said taking a sip of juice

“No not really” he said

“Build a snowman,” I said

“How about nothing that involves us going outside” he said

“Pussy” I said

“What?” he said

“You’re the one that wanted that picked this place and you want us to get cabin fever we can do that at home,” I said

“You know something babe in the all the years we have been together you’re the one that keeps telling me to relax and know it’s the other way around” he said

“Yeah now it is because I have to change my life in a lot of ways and one of them is keeping me occupied with other things?” I said

“Well then this weekend is going to teach you how to at least once” he said

“Good luck” I said leaning back in the chair finishing my juice

Then his phone rang “Sorry honey got to take this call,” he said getting up from the table

“No problem” I said cleaning up the kitchen


When I was done standing in the kitchen wondering what to do next went to see where Jeff was heading into the living area hearing his voice I knew he was talking business. While he walked around the room I sat on the couch and started to thumb threw some magazines that were on the coffee table. Reading and just hearing Jeff’s voice kept my attention somewhat divided tried to keep my boredom level down. Finishing the magazine, I put it back down on the table with a yawn looking out the large window Jeff was standing by noticing his round tush in his gray sweat pants. With his back to me, I got up and quietly walked up to and squeezed his backside with him turning his head to look at me then he went back to his conversation. I leaned my head on his back and wrapped my arms around his waist with my eyes closed listening to his voice. Letting my hand slowly wander down the front of his pants found him flaccid but not for long. I opened my hand slowly ran my hand down the length of him back and forth letting him grow firm. Hearing his breathing become quicker and his voice started to fluxuate I let my fingertips rub the tip of him from side to side and up and down. His breathing quicker, voice higher and now he was giving one word answers as I was no longer bored as felt him become stiff and hard.

“Ok talk to you later” he said hunching over

“Gwendolyn you have stop doing that,” he said going to the bathroom


“Are you mad at me?” I asked walking towards him

“No I’m not mad at you,” he said tying his shoes

“Just makin sure,” I said

“Where do you come up with that shit?” he asked

“Magazines” I said

“Yeah that sounds like you,” he said getting up from the couch

“Where are you going?” I asked him

“The store want to go?” he asked

“Sure got nothing else to do,” I said

“Gwen will you stop it” he said

“What it’s either watch TV or sleep so,” I said putting on my coat

“Or have your way with me” he said

“That’s a given with you” I said heading out the door


We took our time at store considering Jeff did not know what he wanted to make for dinner and since he put me on desert detail, I did not know what I wanted to make just put stuff in the basket.

“So you got any ideas,” he said opening the trunk

“No you?” I asked

“No” he said

“Well we should since we bought all this,” I said

“I know just can’t come with anything at the moment” he said closing the trunk

“Well if you need me to give you hand,” I said with a smile

“No thanks” he said getting into the car

He put the key in the ignition and took my one hand

“I love you,” he said giving me a kiss

“I love you too,” I said

“God your hands are cold,” he said

“Well I know how I can warm them up” I said

“Yeah over fire” he said


“So what do you have in store for me?” I said putting the last of the groceries away.

“Beef stew and cornbread” he said

“Sounds yummy,” I said giving him a hug

“You ok?” he asked kissing the top of my head still in his embrace

“Just tired” I said

“Why don’t you take a nap?” he said

“Want me to help you,” I said

“It’ ok I’ll keep the mess to a minimum plus there is a dishwasher,” he said

“Use it wisely,” I said letting go of his hand

“Remember desert,” he yelled

“I know,” I said with a yawn

I headed to the bedroom finding a blanket and turned on the TV noticing some light snowflakes falling outside.

“Hey it’s snowing” I yelled

“Is it?” he yelled back

When I found a channel to leave on put my arms under the blanket and closed my eyes.


“Gwen” Jeff said lightly leaning over me getting into bed

“What time is it?” I asked

“245” he said pulling the blanket over him

“Are you done?” I asked still unmoved

“Yep” he said with yawn curling up next to me

“When are we going to eat?” I asked

“About 5” he said about to drift off

When I finally woke up to the light of the TV in the darkened bedroom along with the smell of the stew looked over to see what time it was.

“Babe its 445” I said

“It should be ready,” he said with his eyes close

“Ok I’ll turn it off” I said getting out of bed

When I came into the kitchen turned off the stove, put the cornbread, and was ready to set the table when Jeff had beaten me to it. Candles and white roses seems he was making this weekend quite special and I was not arguing.

“Babe time to eat,” I yelled getting everything ready

“Nah ahh you’re having wine tonight” he said taking the can of pop out of my hand

“Is it red?” I asked sitting down

“No white” he said pulling the bottle out of the fridge

I started to serve the both of us when he came to the table and started to open the bottle of wine.

“What?” he asked putting the corkscrew into the bottle?

“Nothing” I said with a wide smile

“Gwen I’m opening a bottle of wine and that turns you on” he said

“And other things you do with your hands” I said locking my fingers with his

“Well at least I know I’m not losing my touch,” he said kissing my hand

“Never” I said

“Well how is it?” Jeff asked buttering his cornbread

“It’s good,” I said

“What do you think?” I asked

“Not bad” he said

“Babe I like the wine” I said

“Yeah it is good,” he said taking a sip

“Oh my god babe that was good,” I said leaning back my chair full

“Are you full?” he asked finishing his wine

“Yeah” I said

“Have desert later then” he said

“Sure” I said still undecided what I was going to make

Then both of us started to clear the table “I’ll do the dishes,” I said

“Are you sure?” he asked

“Yeah you cooked today thanks,” I said wrapped my arms around his neck

“No problem” he said giving me a kiss

Once I had unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and straighten up a bit I went to go see what Jeff was up to.

“Where were you?” I asked seeing him come in without a coat

“It’s still snowing out there,” he said

“And...” I said

“And they have a Jacuzzi out there” he said

“And...” I continued

“And I turned it on come on let’s go in” he said heading into the bedroom

“And what have both of us catch our deaths out there” I said following him

“Gwen it’s heated” he said taking off his shirt going into the bathroom

I stood there trying to come up with more reasons not to then he walked out of the bathroom in just a towel and tossed me one.

“Plus I’ll be naked” he said walking out of the room

“Oh joy,” I said


“Come on Gwen” Jeff said already in the Jacuzzi with his eyes closed

I stood in the doorway in my towel t thinking how I was going to get from here to there with the cold getting the better of me.

“Couldn’t we have taken a bath?” I said

Jeff with his eyes still closed “Gwen live a little” he said

I thought for a second Jeff was making this weekend memorable, fun and things we ordinarily did not do at home and was raining on his parade.

“Here goes nothing,” I said stepping onto the cold sidewalk running to the Jacuzzi

I first sat down on the edge sticking my feet in letting at least one part of my body warm up then when I was ready for the rest quickly took off the towel and slid in.

“Stay underneath the water and drink this” he said handing me a brandy snifter

“Thanks” I said taking a sip

“Just close your eyes and relax,” he said

“Ok” I said taking a big sip of brandy

I got underneath the water, closed my eyes with the flickering candles and soft music, and let my mind go on its own for a few minutes then I started to laugh.

“Close your eyes and relax and try not to laugh,” he said

“Sorry” I said trying to take another sip of brandy but kept laughing

“What’s so funny?” he said opening his eyes taking a sip of his wine

“I’m just thinking dirty,” I said

“Yeah how dirty” he said

“Well it’s not really dirty just sexy as hell,” I said

“What me opening a can of beer” he said

“No” I said lifting my one foot up out of the water and resting it on his chest “You doing some type of skin shoot lying on a black counter with soft lighting laying on your stomach on a white sheet and showing ass” I said

“That’s the last time I let you have wine with dinner,” he said

“What that’s pretty dam sexy,” I said

“Yeah and not that I would ever do it” he said

“I know plus you know what else ” I said

 “What I’m afraid to ask,” he said

“That I would love to do a Playboy shoot,” I said with a confident smile

“But...” he said

“But” I said moving myself up to him. “You wouldn’t want the world to see me in the buff” I said

“No although it’s a nice visual of you Gwen” he said leaning his forehead to mine

“Jeff I’m cold,” I said molding myself to him

“Yeah it’s getting chilly out here ready to go in,” he asked

“Yes” I said still clinging to him

“But first I need to get you wet” he said wrapping his arms around my waist has he pulled us underneath the water

“What the hell did you do that for?” I said brushing my hair back

“Oh what is it you always say about me expect the unexpected?” he said wrapping his towel around himself.

“Yeah but you don’t have to be a dick about it” I said splashing him

“Now see I was going to hand your towel but now...” he said walking away

“Jeffery you wouldn’t dare,” I said moving closer to him

“Expect the unexpected,” he said throwing my towel over his shoulder walking into the house.


“Just remember payback is a bitch,” I said going into the bathroom

“I know now we are even from this morning,” he said drying his hair

“Oh so that’s what that was ok now we are even,” I said coming out of the bathroom

“Until next time” he said a smile

“Yep till next time” I said

“So what’s for desert?” he asked

“Me to know and you to find out” I said

“You still don’t know what to make,” he said

“No but I have an idea” I said heading into the kitchen

Although I still did not know what to make I was cold and the only thing that warms me up was hot chocolate and I saw some in the cabinet. When I pulled out the container seeing a recipe I was saved.

“Jeff your desert is ready,” I yelled walking into the living room where Jeff had built a fire.

“Thanks” he said taking the cup from me

Taking his hand we walked to the couch “You look cute”, I said noticing him in white long underwear and a matching red top

“You don’t bad yourself,” he said checking out my backside in my new sweat pants

“Thanks” I said

“So what is this?” he said about to take a sip

“Hold on” I said shaking the can of whip cream “Mocha hot chocolate”, I said putting some in his cup

“It’s good,” he said

“Did you bring my slippers?” I asked

“I forgot,” he said

“Was that intentional or unintentional?” I asked

“Un” he said taking a sip

“Figured” I said taking a sip with my feet resting on his upper thigh for warmth

Now we were both quite enjoying the moment as I was trying to get warm.

Leaning back on the couch “So now what” Jeff said shooting some of the whip cream into his mouth.

“I don’t know are there any board games or deck of cards,” I said

Jeff shot me a look “What?” I said

He sat up and put some of the cream on his finger for me to lick off “Well I was thinking of something more creative” he said

“Like what” I said putting my cup on the table leaning on the side of the couch 

“Like...” he said unbuttoning my shirt pushing it off my shoulders so my breasts were greeted by the cool air as he shot some of the whip cream onto my nipples and lightly licked them.

“That’s not creative that’s kinky,” I said feeling my nipples become erect

“Want me to put it somewhere else,” he said stilling holding the can looking at me

“No” I said taking the can from him seeing if there was any left

“My turn” I said pushing him back

“You better not put that down my pants,” he said

“Just short of” I said lifting his shirt and drawing circles around his belly button

When I was done, I came back up to him “Got some on your nose” he said taking it off with his finger for me to lick.

“Now that was creative,” I said

“Double or nothing on the kinky” he said

I shook the can it was empty “Got any chocolate syrup” he said kissing me

I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing his warm body to mine enjoying our deep kisses, which started to become a little bit faster paced. With finishing the hot chocolate, the warmth of the fire and Jeff’s body heat I was little bit more then warm and aroused as I moved my lips down his throat running my fingers inside the opening of his shirt. Jeff’s hands on my waist lowering his spread fingers onto my butt pushing me up against his growing member. It was on instinct we moved further into our passionate hunger removing our clothing. I leaned back on the couch letting him pull my top off as he leaned over me my head against the couch with my eyes closed he licked the undersides of my breasts without touching my nipples. I put my hands on top of his thinking he would move them upward onto my nipples but instead he rested his hands on the underside of my waist feeling the tips of his thumbs on my tummy as he planted kisses downwards on my body as it ached for more stimulation and it was needed between my legs. Wanting him to fully pleasure me, I let him take his time absorbing his touches as I grew more moist feeling his hands inside my inner thighs then. 

“OH” I moaned feeling his folded tongue hit my throbbing bud

I tried to sit up but he steadily kept a swift motion inside me which was making me ache I tried to keep my legs parted for him to for him to complete me. Opening my eyes I looking downward I saw my nipples erect the rise and fall of my stomach and his head of hair between my legs making my loins feel good as he slowly started to make me tingle. I put my feet on his shoulders closing my legs around his head and pulled his hair.

“Ahh right there” I cried feeling his tongue go deeper inside me rubbing me with full licks

I stayed still as a came with heightened sensations against my bud “Baby it feels so good” I moaned now I felt his fingers rub up against trying to maintain my climax.

Then I felt him slide up the length of my body and rested his hands on the back of the couch as he hovered over me with a low deep whisper “Are you ready for me” he said

Letting my fingernails glide up the sides of his body “Always” I said with a loving smile

As my eyes looked downward seeing, he was hard and stiff, thinking to myself do I have a choice and the way he looked, I wanted him. Laying myself back on the couch so he could get on top of me “Whatever you want baby,” I said putting my one hand on his cheek

“Are you sure you want that” he said with a smile

“Yes” I said

He ran his hands over my legs crossed them and lifted them onto his chest as he placed himself inside me and started to thrust with firm strokes. I kept still letting him feel the sensations and expansions of being deep inside me as he started to feel himself reach his climax. Keeping his upper body off me resting his hands on the side of the couch he started to move faster until I felt him release inside me. 

“Feel good baby” I said pulling him down on top of me kissing him

“Yeah but I’m not done” he said rubbing his one hand over my body

“Now what did you have in mind” I said arching my back as he licked my nipples

“Me to know and you to find out” he said lifting me up

“Sounds like fun” I said kissing the side of his neck

He sat up crossing his legs putting mine around his waist as I took all of him inside me he was somewhat firm feeling his head up against my clitoris that was starting to pulsate with him inside me.

“Now what” I said wrapping my arms around his neck

“We let nature take its course,” he said rubbing his hands along my sides and breasts

“Ok” I said leaning over to take his lips into mine

Once again our foreplay was loving and sensual and most importantly fun we never took such an act for granted Jeff and I loved each other so much it was who we were always one when we made love. Once we had reached the plateau in our desire and feeling him growing stiff inside me he gently put his hands on my hips as I started to swivel my hips letting him move freely inside me as I tried to make a tight fit for him to feel a strong orgasm when he came. I held his gaze as we climaxed together letting out a little laugh.

“What?” he said

“I wonder if we should have this couch dry cleaned.” I said


“What’s this?” Jeff said sitting up

“Breakfast in bed” I said putting the tray over him

“Oh see what the occasion is,” he said

“None since yesterday was your day to cook so today is mine” I said

“Sounds fair enough,” he said taking a sip of his juice

“Nothing exciting scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast” I said

“Looks good,” he said

We started to eat just talking like we were at home.

“Thanks babe” Jeff said taking the tray and putting it on the table

“You’re welcome” I said stretching out on the bed

“Hey you” Jeff said leaning over me

“Hey” I said pulling him to me kissing him

“So now what?” he asked lying next to me resting his head in his hand

“Well we could take a shower since we didn’t last night,” I said playing with his chest hairs.

“We couldn’t do much of anything last night after...,” he said taking my hand

“Yep it was quite an evening,” I said

“So you want to re live it,” he said

“No let’s do something different since tonight is our last night,” I said

“Ok” he said

Pressing my body against his whispering in his ear “So why don’t we hop in the shower and see where that leads” I said

“Back here” he said nuzzling his face on the side of my neck

“What is it you said to me last night Jeff live a little?” I said kissing his shoulder

Then he started to laugh, “You’re telling me to live a little,” he said

“Come on you can wash my back” I said pulling him up


I smiled with moan feeling my body pressed against the tile feeling the warm waterfall over me holding Jeff’s one hand with a smile as he planted kisses on my back.

“I like how you wash my back” I said

“I can wash other parts of you,” he said wrapping his arms around me

“I know,” I said taking his hands and placing them on my breasts

“I love you baby” he said kissing the side of my cheek

“I love you too,” I said turning to kiss him

Feeling his hands go around my waist I wrapped my legs around him as he pressed me against the tile the warm water cascading over our bodies as we made love.


“Just so you know you got desert tonight,” I said sitting on the bed flipping through the channels.

“Can it involve whipping cream?” he said getting dressed

“Whatever floats your boat” I said

“How about a fruit salad” he said taking the breakfast tray out

“As long as I get to pop your cherry” I said


Both of us knowing today was going to be our last full day alone together agreed to spend the day in bed fully clothed and cuddling watching TV. When it has to be midafternoon decided we should start dinner and enjoy our last few hours together. When I was done, preparing dinner Jeff went into the kitchen to make desert then we took a catnap with it snowing outside.

“Jeff time to eat” I said coming into the bedroom with two plates

“Thanks honey” he said taking his plate and glass of wine

“Comfort food turkey stuffing casserole with mashed potatoes” I said

“Where’s my glass of chocolate milk” he said

“Do you want me to make you one” I said about to get up

“No it’s ok” he said with a smile squeezing my hand

We started to eat when Jeff noticed something “Gwen this is beef gravy” he said

“I know when I was a kid this gravy was comfort gravy” I said

“Oh nothing wrong with that” he said

“Dishwasher is empty” I said handing my plate to Jeff

“Ok desert when I come back” he said

I got under the covers and looked to see if there was a movie, we could watch later.

“Here be careful the plate my still be hot” he said

“Ok” I said taking the plate and a forkful of what looked like a chocolate brownie

“Surprise” he said when I saw the warm chocolate liquid flow out of it

“Brownie pudding” I said

“Perfect comfort desert” I said

“So anything good on TV tonight?” he said

“I think there is a movie on tonight we can watch” I said

“I’ll make popcorn later” he said

“Baby that would be fun” I said

Jeff was done was his desert first and put his plate down on the nightstand leaned over and kissed me “Happy?” he asked

“Very much so” I said feeding him

“So am I” he said

I put my plate down and leaned my face next to his “I love you” I said

“I love you too” he said pulling me close to him as we kissed and held each other the rest of the night.


“So what’s the name of the movie?” he asked handing me the bowl of popcorn

“Spellbound” I said

It was a few minutes before the movie started and it was starting to get hard for me to keep a straight face. The bowl was in the middle of us with me resting against the headboard with Jeff resting on his elbow. I started to snicker a couple of times with Jeff turning his head wondering what was so funny. It was a few minutes longer into the movie when he said to me “Gwen you know this is a porno” he said looking at the TV

Then I lost it and started to laugh “Geeze when did you think I was going to figure it out”

“I don’t know once they started fuckin” I said still laughing

“Well you snickerin over there and not telling me” he said laying on me

“You still want to watch it” I said still laughing

“No” he said trying to find the remote

“Are you sure they are fuckin now” I said

“Gwen” he said reaching around me

“What” I said

“Where is the remote?” he said

“It’s somewhere,” I said

Now he looked on both our nightstands and over the rest of the bed.

“If you have it give it to me please,” he said

“What makes you think I have it?” I said

“You’re the one that had it last to put this on,” he said

“Oh yeah I forgot” I said with a laugh

Now he was hovering over me trying to tickle me as I started to writhe my body against his.

“Girl you want to end up doin it for real” he said

“If you want” I said

“I want too,” he said lowering his lips to mine

Now we were done playing and picked off where we left off the entire weekend enjoying the wonderful sex life we had and it was about to get better. Both of us naked laying on top of the covers as I straddled him Pinning his hands above his head only using my  breasts giving his chest a rub down letting our arousals come slowly as I lightly grazed my loins against his.

“Are you done?” he asked with a smile

“Maybe” I said licking his fingers then putting them on my nipples

Looking at each other I laid on his stomach as he brushed his fingers over my nipples our bodies and breathing in sync. Leaning over him I kissed him when he started to run his fingertips all over my body I moaned how much I loved it. My lips made a trail over his chest and stomach while my hands caressed his sides. Feeling his hands glide over the back of my upper thighs as he entered me firm.  While riding him I lifted my hips as saw so himself moving in and out of me as we held hands as we started to faster feeling him move harder and faster inside me waiting to be taken over the edge.

“Jeff” I moaned feeling my insides exploding nerve and liquid warmth

Our bodies still joined I leaned back resting on his legs letting my body come to a rest.

“Hey you” he said lifting out locked fingers pulling me to his chest

“Hey” I said nestling against him as he put his arms around me as I laid on his chest

We had laid there for a few moments our bodies one in the afterglow as I was about to drift off I felt Jeff start to rub my back nibbling on my shoulder. I started to shiver feeling his breath on my cooling skin

“Done?” he asked

“Maybe” I said sucking on his shoulder

“No you’re done,” he said

“Are you asking me or telling me?” I said

“I’m telling you,” He said rolling me onto my back

“Oh since you put it that way” I said putting my ankles over his shoulders

We began to move feeling him expand inside me hitting my g-spot building the growing sensations inside me. Once our rhythm became steady and fluid looking into his eyes I lowered his lips to mine and kissed him tenderly. He started to moves faster as he started to moan with both of us reaching our peaks when he was about to release I pinched his nipples almost losing his erection.

“Are you done?” I asked him

Finding his balance quickly thrusted hard inside me until he came to completion.

“Now I am,” he said laying his body over mine with a smile

Wrapping my arms around his neck “I love you”, I said

“I love you too,” he said lowering his lips to mine

We were lost in our kiss we heard a grunting sound and it wasn’t us both of us turning our attention to the tv saw a couple about to blowing their own load and the screen faded to black it was the end of the movie as both of us started to laugh.


Opening my eyes feeling awake looking at the clock it was 650 I lightly rubbed my hand over Jeff’s back with smile this was a wonderful weekend. Although we would only have enough time to pack and eat, I wanted to leave today with a lasting impression of the weekend. Stepping outside in just my robe being greeted a strong gust of wind as I walked over to the Jacuzzi dipping my finger in the water it was ice cold Jeff turned off the heater. Not that I was entertaining the idea of getting in the water but at least now any of my ideas involving getting in were gone. Sitting on the edge of the jazzy coming up with some poses thinking there were all-more penthouse poses then playboy was about to go back in then a wide smile came over my face. Coming back into the house with Jeff still asleep pulled the sheet back just enough, grabbed his cell phone, and left it on the pillow next to him.


“So are we starting round two,” he said coming into the kitchen

“What?” I said putting our plates on the table

“Using me as pin up material,” he said taking me in his arms

“Oh that” I said

“I have an idea and have you do it and see which one is better,” he said

“Fat chance” I said

“But you do have a nice ass” he said with a smile

“And that’s where this conversation ends” I said giving him a kiss

“What are thinking about” Jeff said taking a sip of his coffee

“How we have to leave today,” I said

“All good things must come to an end,” he said

“I know but does it have to end today,” I said taking his hand

“I’m afraid so babe I don’t want to go back either but...” he said

“But we must thanks honey with both needed this and I won’t forget this weekend ever and I hope we can do it more often” I said

He lifted my hand and kissed it “Neither will I and we will I promise,” he said


After we had cleaned up and packed it was time to leave our little winter love nest with some alone time and hot sex to melt the snow that was falling. Before Jeff started the car he took my hand “I have a taste for hot coca and whipped cream,” he said

“With a nipple rub in the Jacuzzi” I said without missing a beat

“Yeah something like that” he said with a smile

“Then what are we waiting for let‘s go back in” I said

“Have to wait till we get home already turned in the keys and our time is up” he said

“Yeah it’s a weekend we won’t forget,” I said wrapping my arms around his neck

“Nope” he said kissing me


We got home late in the afternoon and continued our bonding in our own bed with Jeff making us soup and sandwiches for dinner.

“Where you going” I said watching Jeff get out of bed

“Someone has to do the laundry,” he said

“Oh thanks babe,” I said

Once I knew he was downstairs grabbed my phone and quietly made my way downstairs.

“Now what” Jeff said grabbing his phone

I stood on the other side of the wall peaking around the corner watching him looking at the picture he was about to look at. Title Snow Angel once it downloaded Jeff was privy to a picture of me laying in the snow like an angel naked with snow placed on certain areas of my body as the sun was rising.

“You like it?” I asked coming into the laundry room

“I love it and I love you,” he said picking me putting me on top of the dryer in just his shirt giving me a kiss

“I love you too like my old man and do the unexpected,” I said

“Like havin sex on a dryer” he said kissing me as his hands started to take off my shirt 

“Yeah something like that” I said putting my hands inside his sweatpants pushing them down.



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