Darkest Temptation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Something new I'm trying, be honest what you think. Bout a girl who ends up with a vampire

Table of Contents

Darkest Temptation

Something new I'm trying, be honest what you think. Bout a girl who ends up with a vampire Read Chapter

Sneaking Out

He followed close behind her, without her knowing, she felt as if she was being followed but didnt know by who. At 2am she was walking do... Read Chapter

The Questioning

After school one day, after a 3 months of knowing him, he met up with her she had quite a few questions for him. “What is it you wa... Read Chapter


“Bite me” she said saying that made her and him both laugh but with one hand around her waist and the other around her breast he move... Read Chapter

The Stay

**A/N SHORT CHAPTER PLEASE GIVE OPINIONS SO I CAN IMPROVE MY WRITINGS**   “Yea….well that’s gonna take some getting us... Read Chapter


**A/N: Sorry so short started getting a mental block** RECAP She ran to school that morning but when she got there, everyone’s ... Read Chapter

Her weekend away

**A/N: Jessie's POV**   They just had to send him, knowing I cant stand him. I hope Jason wasnt outside when I ... Read Chapter

Not a moment to late

**A/N: Jason's POV   It pained me feeling her cry. What the fuck was happening to her? I need to find her to know she’s ok... Read Chapter


**A/N: Sorry so short**   It didnt take long for Sunday to get here, she made it home before he was to leave. Her father let... Read Chapter

The wait

**A/N: Jessie's POV** Ugh….my fucking chest hurts bad. As I looked down, I seen 2 different bite marks on each of my breast! Fuckin... Read Chapter

His Return

I come back after 3 damn weeks and a mutt is with her. Not sure if I should flip on him or her. As I walk up to her house I see them talk... Read Chapter