Darkest Temptation

Darkest Temptation

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Something new I'm trying, be honest what you think. Bout a girl who ends up with a vampire



Something new I'm trying, be honest what you think. Bout a girl who ends up with a vampire

Chapter1 (v.1) - Darkest Temptation

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Something new I'm trying, be honest what you think. Bout a girl who ends up with a vampire

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 07, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 07, 2015



In a world controlled by corrupt politicians and cops, its no wonder things have been hid from so many. Welcome to modern day America. The House and Senate is full of not only corrupt politicians but creatures you would just read about in books, the man sitting in the White House, Jed Washington, the new President of the United States, the year 2026. Yea most dont like this world or what its like, try being born into it. The world as we knew it is long gone, no more honest normal people. We live in a world with werewolves, vampires, witches and other creatures who go bump in the night or you think you only find in a story on your kindle. No these creatures are much too real and for awhile no one was allow out at certain hours and it wasnt safe for anyone. Humans hunted these creatures and these creatures hunted humans. The president Jed Washington, was a vampire hybrid the product of his father a full blooded vampire mating with his mother, a human. He isnt the only one in history. President Washington made it clear that the hunting and killing of all species (humans, werewolves, vampires and so on) had to end. The laws from the past would slowly fade however, every human raised their children to not leave the house during the witching hours from 1:45 am to 3:45 am, the old timers believed that is when the creatures of the night are out. That isnt entirly true, vampires dont shimmer in the sun, they dont turn to ashes either, rather they get sunburns and bad and no their fangs wasnt always showing. Werewolves looked normal as well as zombies….yes zombies, not like the walking dead either, they did have a brain and think like us. Its hard to tell who is who, you never know who is who unless they show themselves to you. In the year 1750, a vampire prophet named Alexander was the “main guy” if you would, he warned the lotus clan that in the near future a young girl will be born, she would be of 100% pure blood. She would be the one to birth a new species like no other. She would birth a child that would be part human and vampire but more powerful than the hybrids, he couldnt say who she’d be mated to but that person would know when she was born and know the moment he met her. That year, a new vampire was born, newborn vampires are dangerous. They feed off anyone or anything that is warm blooded. In 2010, a human couple in Maryland gave birth to a female child, she was different than the others and they knew it. She had fair white skin, blonde hair and hazel eyes. He watched her and knew it could be here, she had a scent like no other human. Each human had an aroma about them, by that scent they could tell so much. Vampires could link into a human’s thought process and tell what they think and communicate with them.

Present Day 2026: Jessie ran down the stairs of her parents home. John and Norma lived in Cumberland, MD a small town, they owned the local bar, Jessie was a 16 year old senior in high school, Fort Allegany to be exact. She was aware of the world and what lived in it, she often wondered why her parents never let her stay anywhere unless they knew exactly where she was and who she was with. Growing up for Jessie was hard, her sisters would bring home hybrids and those hybrids only wanted close to Jessie, every creature could sense her aroma, it was really appealing to werewolves and vampires, the two creatures that fought for years trying to find the pure one but as it seemed as if no one could find her.

“Jessica come on you’re going to be late for school” her mother yelled she hurried down the stairs and out the door. As she was leaving a large moving truck pulled up in front of the house across the street from them on Elm Street. Her parents watched as they occupants of the truck prepared to exit the truck.

“Rain, we’ll find her here for him” Lucas said looking at his wife.

“She cant be far, he knows she’s near.” Rain said looking out the window.

“You know I’m here and I can hear you” Jason said sitting up in the back of the truck, “She is near, as if she just walked right past” as they exited the truck they met the Lavin’s.

“Hello, my name is Norma this is my husband John Lavin.”

“Hi, I’m Rain, this is my husband Lucas and our son Jason” she said, good think Jason looked 18 since 256 years ago he was turned to a vampire by Lucas just to save his life. He was working on a farm when he was attacked by a rogue vampire, Lucas was on the team sent to hunt the rogue vamp down and to kill him, they killed that vamp but at the cost of a young man.

“How old are you Jason?” John asked.

“18 sir” he said he was tall, handsome, his hair was black, spiked with gel, he was muscular, 6’ 2” had a tribal tattoo on his right bicep, a new addition apparently, it was fresh. He had a tattoo on each forearm, one looked tribal the other was some kind of word.

“I see, so you done graduated”

“Yes sir, last year” he said as Lucas took his motor cycle off the truck.

“Nice bike” said a young boy, bout 13.


“Kawasaki ninja zx-14 right?” he said

“yea” Jason said

“Totally awesome, I’m LJ”

“Jason….so you know your bikes I see”

“LJ knows anything that has wheels and a motor.” Norma said “Well love to talk more but we have to take him to school since he didnt get up on time with his sister.” They left Jason looked at his parents.

“They seem nice” Rain said

“They have a daughter I havent seen” said Jason, “Thats all I’m worried bout.”

“Of course son here is always later this evening.”


Around 3:45 that afternoon she came down the sidewalk with her nieces and brother as Jason was working on his bike. Suddenly his heart started racing as his cock started to twitch, he looked up and seen her. He couldnt be 100% certain but he was sure he found her. Her nieces looked at her then looked the guy across the street.

“Damn Aunt Jessie….who’s your friend” Kate asked

“I’m not sure….he is new in town….” Jessie said she couldnt take her eyes off him. She walked into the house as she went to her room, she seen him go into his house.


“Yea Jason?”

“Something strange happen outside”

“How so?”

“This” Jason said putting to the tent that formed in his jeans Lucus looked.

“Rain….come in here we have something….”

“What is it Lucus….Dear lord Jason!”

“Not my damn fault, I seen the girl next door….I felt my heart rate rise and my cock twitch I looked to see her and this happen”

“Could it be her?” Rain asked Lucas

“He’ll have to get closer to her to know more.” Lucas said, “Son I know you can do that”

That evening Jessie showered using her white citrus body wash as Jason sat on the roof outside his window at 1am he seen her climb out her bedroom window into the large tree outside her room and jump to the ground. He decided to follow her. She knew she shouldnt be out during these hours, she just wanted to see why no one liked letting them out.


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