Kidnapped Cross Dresser

Kidnapped Cross Dresser

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This story contains extreme sexual content. A delivery driver who loves to cross dress is kidnapped by a Dominant Transsexual one Saturday morning while delivering a large television to her house. Little did he know how much that day would change his life.


This story contains extreme sexual content.
A delivery driver who loves to cross dress is kidnapped by a Dominant Transsexual one Saturday morning while delivering a large television to her house. Little did he know how much that day would change his life.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Kidnapped Cross Dresser

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A delivery driver who loves to cross dress is kidnapped by a Dominant Transsexual one Saturday morning while delivering a large television to her house. Little did he know how much that day would change his life.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 02, 2012



Chapter One

It was 7:15am on Saturday morning and I had to work today. I don't normally work on a weekend unless there is an urgent delivery to be made and today it was. I had a call last night from a lady who wanted me to collect and deliver a large TV as it was needed for a function on Saturday night. It was one of the large electrical stores on a local retail park where I would collect the TV from. Not a big deal and it shouldn't take too long because according too the address I was given by the customer, the TV was only being delivered about 8 miles away from the store albeit to a very up market area. I knew exactly where it was as I had delivered items to the same location before. The house I was going to is set in a very large walled cul-de-sac with only 5 or 6 houses and gates at the entrance. The prices of these houses I believe start at about a 750 thousand pounds. I thought to myself ooh! maybe a nice little tip here if I manage to get it into the house without damaging it.

This was going to be a quick delivery and being a Cross Dresser who just loves dressing in female clothes I seized the opportunity to dress. Today I decided to wear some sexy underwear under my jeans and shirt. After searching the wardrobe and chest of drawers I found what I was looking for and put on a black basque, black fishnet stockings and lacy black panties that I only just fit in.

Depending on what I am doing whether it's at work or going out socially I normally always wear stockings and suspenders. Anyway I put on my shirt and work jeans over the top of my sexy underwear and checked myself in the mirror making sure nothing was showing through. Everything looked good and I was ready. After a bite to eat, nothing special, two slices of toast and marmalade followed by a cup of coffee. By the time I had finished it was almost 8:30am and my pick up was about 9am. I left the house locking the door behing me walked out to the truck and got in, started her up and drove to the store. Being fairly early on a Saturday morning the journey didn't take too long as there was no traffic to hold me up and I arrived a couple of minutes after 9am just as the store was opening. I parked up as close to the front entrance as possible, got out the truck, walked in and up to the sales desk. I let one of the sales assistants know who I was and that I was picking up a television for a customer.

After sorting out all the paperwork, getting the TV loaded and strapped down on the truck I set off for my short journey and hopefully a quick and uneventful delivery, then it was back home to wash and polish my car which has been standing doing nothing for over a fortnight. After about twenty minutes of driving I arrived at the very upmarket location. I approached the gates and wound down the truck window and pressed the number 1 button on the control box in front and to the side of the gates and waited for them to open. A few seconds later the gates swung open and I drove though. The delivery address was house number 1 which was right on the corner, a very big modern house with a single and a double garage to the side, and being on the corner there was a fair amount of land around it, fabulous. I pulled up on the driveway at the side of the house, jumped out of the truck and wandered up the pathway, rang the bell and waited. It wasn't long before the door opened and I was greeted by a tall female and my jaw just dropped. She was very good looking with perfect makeup even though it was only about 9:30 am. She had long shoulder length Auburn hair and was wearing a short white dress with the top buttons undone revealing a lot of cleavage, she wasn't small breasted by any means. After picking my jaw back up off of the floor and popping my eyes back in their sockets I said.

"Good morning Ma'am, I have a delivery for you"

"Ah!, you must be Mike with my new TV. I have been expecting you? I will open the garage door for you. Can you please lay it flat on the big bench by the wall on the left please ?"

"Yes Ma'am not a problem" I replied

"Would you like a cup of Coffee?"

"Yes please, 2 sugars and a tiny shot of milk, thank you"

I went back to the truck and opened the back door, jumped up on the back and took the straps off of the TV. I lifted the box onto a stack barrow moved it to the tail lift and lowered it. Once on the path I shut the door, raised the lift and locked the truck and gently pushed the barrow along the driveway to the now open garage. Once inside I eased the box of the barrow and bending over I struggled to lift the large box onto the bench where the customer had asked me to put it. Eventually I managed to lift the huge TV up onto the bench. As I turned around the lady opened a side door in the garage from inside the house, she pressed a button on the wall and the garage door closed behind me.

"Coffee is ready, come into the living room and sit down"

I followed her into the house from the garage and into the living room which was very impressive indeed, very big, beautiful wooden floor, tastefully decorated and a lot of very expensive furniture.

"Sit down for a few minutes and drink your coffee"

"Thank you Ma'am" I replied

That was it, the next thing I knew I was coming round on the floor and it was pitch black, I couldn't see a darn thing. I presumed my coffee must have been spiked, but after a few minutes I got my head together and realised I had some sort of mask on my head. It was very tight with no eye or nose holes, but I could feel a ring with my tongue, possibly steel where my mouth and lips were. My wrists and ankles were tied behind my back in a hogtied position. I tried to struggle out of my bonds, but to no avail. I also got the feeling my jeans and shirt had been removed as well. Oh shit! I thought to myself this is going to be a huge embarrassment being tied up on the floor just wearing sexy female underwear. I then heard the clicking of heels on the wooden floor coming towards me. She must of noticed that I was struggling to free myself as she said.

"Oh good! your back with us again Mike"

"So. It looks like I have captured a Transvestite delivery driver doesn't it ? Now that's not something you see everyday ?"

"No. I don't suppose you do Ma'am"

"I must say though, that's a very sexy lacy outfit your wearing. Black basque, stockings and panties. This is going to be very interesting"

Mumbling through the mask and in an angry sort of voice I just said.

 "Why have you done this ? Why have you tied me up ?"

"Well, it will all become clear to you shortly" Came her reply

I then heard her walk away again saying nothing. What the bloody hell was going on I thought to myself? Why would a very sexy looking female like her want to kidnap me for ? I am just an everyday delivery driver minding my own business. I haven't pissed off or ripped off anyone. I don't have oodles of money, not that she would need it anyway. The house alone told me she was pretty damn wealthy. I just couldn't figure this situation out at all, it didn't make any sense. I stopped trying to struggle out of my bonds as there was no way they were going to loosen, so I laid still and tried to come up with a solution as to why I had been kidnapped, drugged and tied up, but it was no good there was no reasonable explanation I could think of. I then heard Mistress come back into the room.

"OK Mike, or should I call you" (she paused) "Samantha ?"

Oh Crap! How the hell did she know Samantha was the name I used when I my cross dress ?

"Why would you want to call me Samantha Ma'am"

"Well, do you remember posting an advert on the internet in a Dom/sub Forum which had the heading 'TV/CD wants to meet a Dominant Mistress'?

"Yes Ma'am I do. I remember I had 1 reply from a Mistress Stella and we sent 1 or 2 messages to each other but nothing ever came of it"

"Oh! yes it did Samantha. I am Mistress Stella, but there was no way you could have put 2 and 2 together with my name because I had a friend call you last night and arrange to have the TV picked up and delivered for me."

"You don't seriously think I would kidnap someone without know exactly who they are first do you ?"

"No I don't suppose you would Ma'am"

"I know everything about you from your profile on the forum. I have also seen all the pictures you have posted there too and I must admit some of them are a bit naughty. So basically I knew I had the right person when you knocked on the door this morning"

"But, why kidnap me Ma'am, it would have been far easier to arrange a meeting through the forum surely?"

"Yes, It would have been, but it was much more exciting for me to kidnap you" She said.

"Anyway, there are few more things you need to know about me"

"As you were initially looking to meet a Dominant Mistress I am going to remove your mask and redo your bonds so you can get up, then I will give you the opportunity of considering one of two options."

"Yes Ma'am" I replied"

I heard Mistress get up, she undid the ties releasing my wrists from my ankles, I then felt a zip on the back of the mask being released which she then eased over my head. She came round in front of me and helped me onto my knees.

"Kneel up straight and look at me Samantha ?"

Mistress started to undo the rest of the buttons on the front of her very short dress and then removed it and place it neatly on the arm of a large and beautiful leather armchair. She was now standing in front of me with her legs slightly apart just wearing a very sexy sheer white lace bra, white holdup stockings and a pair of white lace panties. My goodness she had a fabulous shapely body, long sexy legs and big buxom breasts with large dark nipples which were very prominent under her bra.

"As you can see Samantha I have a great body which I take good care of and I like it to be worshipped, but there is one very important thing that you didn't know about me"

Still kneeling straight up in front of Mistress with my eyes glued to her body she slid her hands in both sides of her panties and slowly pushed them down to her thighs revealing something that I really wasn't expecting to see. She has a fairly big, smooth shaven uncut cock. The person I thought was a great looking female turns out to be a great looking Transsexual. All I could say to her was.

"Woh! I had no idea at all Ma'am. You didn't mention that you were a pre-op Transexual on your profile page in the forum, or did I miss it somewhere ?"

"It doesn't matter either way does it. You know now ?" She replied.

"Well Samantha as I said, these are the two options I have for you"

"Option 1 - I will remove the ties then you can get dressed and leave. You can then go on your merry way continuing your search for a Mistress. Stay working as a delivery driver dressing up on your own out in your truck or at home and wanking into your lace panties fantasising about being with a Mistress. Or ....."

"Option 2 -  You can give up being a day to day delivery driver, stay here and realise the fantasy you have been searching for and serve me and my friends as a submissive cross dresser but, If you accept option 2 there will be rules you will have to adhere too at all times"

"Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am" I replied

"OK. I will give you some thinking time before you decide on what option to choose. I have things needing to be done as we are having a big party here tonight, so I am going to lock you in my cage for a while until my partner Mistress Debbie arrives here in about half an hour"

Mistress then told me to get up and follow her. I did as she asked, she walked and I hobbled over to the corner of the very large wooden floored living room where I saw the large steel cage that was awaiting me, I also noticed there were chains hanging from different parts of it. Once inside the cage Mistress undid my wrists from behind my back and re-tied them in front of me. She then told me to raise my arms which were then attached to a clasp hanging from the top bars. The mask was put back on my head and zipped up again.

"Is the mask really necessary?" I asked.

"Yes it is, now be quiet or I will gag you as well". She replied

To be Continued ...............

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