A Boy From The Sea

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I start a new life with a handicapped boy whom I adopted after finding him, abandoned, on the beach. His beauty and the peace of mind he gives me is so rewarding I never mind taking care of him. But one day, I find him having sex with my helper.

Table of Contents

Dumped Beauty

I am a middle aged woman living in comfort thanks to my generous ex-girlfriend. But days seem monotonous and empty. One day, I happen to come across a site where a boy has been abondoned on a beach near my house. From my instinct to protect the weak, I adopt him and begin a new life. I get busy looking after him but also discover my love for young male attractions. Read Chapter

Ejaculation Support

James, the sick boy I adopted cannot ejaculate by himself. I call an ejaculation service company. A male staff comes contrary to my expectation. I learn how to rub and suck a penis as effectively as possible. Read Chapter

White erection on my hand

By early spring, James’s health settled down more. Clothing, bathing, and feeding got daily routines but supporting his ejaculation felt always new. It went smooth usually but it took very long sometimes.
Read Chapter

James has a sex with my helper.

I remember it was around strawberry season that James started to better react to stimulus from his surroundings. He seemed to have retrie... Read Chapter

James, Max and I

On the night after I found my helper having sex with James, I brought him to my bed and said, “I decided we should sleep in my bed toge... Read Chapter