The Conference

The Conference The Conference

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Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Chapter1 (v.1) - Extinguished Gentleman

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 08, 2017



It was a typical day in the conference room, the four well dressed, well distinguished gentlemen all around the age of fifty five conducted business as usual. As the red head younger girl sat at one end of the table, relaxed against the chair and out of place with the rest of the room. The table wide and long enough for six people, with six leather high backed chairs that spoke of the privilege one must have to be in such a chair circled the table.

Aside from the red head the four gentlemen well known to each other were the four co-owners of the particular business they had successfully ran, each with his own expertise and investment in the company. All four men had known each other since college and had grown a bond that only men who had performed various acts of mischief and even criminal activities together could form. They each knew what the other had done and they each held their bond by trust and secret in business as well as other activities.

Each man was married to an equally beautiful wife. They had all attended each others wedding and congratulated each other on their beautiful wives, which were treated with the utmost respect, love and admiration that you would expect a wife to be treated.

All four men also had another side, a secret hobby they shared between the four of them.

Their wives were trophies to hide behind and partial partners for reason of publicity. A well thought out meticulously planned social life that kept up appearances for the sake of their company. The company that practically ran itself and left ample free time for their hobby.

The red head.

No. She wasn't the hobby itself, she was a piece of the puzzle, a toy, part of the hobby.

Another conquest.

As the last item was discussed the men sat quietly as a group with idle small talk and last minute thoughts tossed around the table as if they didn't have any other thoughts on their mind.

As business concluded among the four men they watched Troy, sitting at the head of the table, he wasn't the head of the group, they all maintained equal status in the group, an unspoken rule that prevented anyone from dispersing from the group. At this particular moment though, Troy had the controls that caused the chair the red head occupied to vibrate.

Justin was the first to stand, ready for a drink he grabbed the whiskey and four glasses, filling them and passing them around. This single act was a signal they were ready to shift gears, ready to move on to the next task. The conquest. The red head.

The atmosphere of the room shifted.

The red head noticed as the men all took turns eyeing her. No one wanted to rush, time was not an issue as no one was allowed to interrupt their meetings, not even their wives.

"What's her name?" Justin asked. He always liked to know.

"Amy." Troy answered.

"Amy." Justin repeated.

The red head looked up at the mention of her name. She wasn't scared or worried. This wasn't the first time she was asked to entertain four men at once although she had to admit she found the conference room a bit odd. Her master was loaning her out. A business deal he stated. She was their's for the week.

What she realized after she had been escorted through the small door at the back of the room that had disappeared after being shut, a hidden door, was that her master had given her a laced drink. Laced with what she wasn't sure but she knew she didn't feel normal, she also didn't care. She sighed as the feeling became more relaxed and her body seemed to mold to the soft leather chair. A part of her brain started to worry about the situation, why had he altered her course. She never refused her master before, what had him sure she needed it this time. The moment was gone as she slid even further into the soft seat.

She listened as the men talked but she didn't understand what they were saying. Her hands felt light, her head spun. She looked up when she heard her name but the men were blurry. She smiled and giggled as her chair started to vibrate. She looked down at her hands. She giggled again. The vibration grew stronger.

Troy turned the knob that started the cushion under the red head, slow at first then faster. Justin finished his drink and was the first to approach the red head. He stood behind her chair and ran a finger across her face, down her neck, under the opening of her dress to caress a full bra less globe. He pinched her nipple and smiled as she pushed her chest forward for his review.

"Good girl." He stated as he unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress and exposed her breast. He caressed each nipple with one hand and brought his fingers to her face with the other. Tracing her lips and pushing his fingers past her teeth and across her tongue. She looked up at him as she sucked his finger. He used the wet finger to moisten her nipples. They stiffened to attention.

"I think it's safe to say it's working." Justin remarked as Amy moaned her pleasure. The drug they had given her would heighten her sexual pleasure and make her immobile at the same time. Almost like an upper mixed with muscle relaxer mixed with ecstasy, a date rape drug that wouldn't allow her to pass out. She would be alert and functioning, wanting and pleading, and even begging for release.

This was the fourth woman they were testing. Although the women were hard to find they were always willing. Usually paid prostitutes. This one was a little less willing as she was found by Evan at a bar through a guy who spoke of his sex slave.

Eric bought her for the week.

The four men wanted to be one hundred percent sure the women had no memory after the incident before they tested it on a completely unwilling subject.

"Stand up for me Amy." Justin stated.

Amy put her hands on the table and tried to stand but her legs didn't listen as they gave out from under her.

Justin moved her chair and grabbed her waist catching her before she fell. He kept her up as he turned her around and laid her across the table with her legs dangling off.

She tried to talk. To apologize for not standing.

"It's okay Amy. Just lay still."

Amy smiled happy to lay down as the room spun.

"How do you feel?" Justin asked.

She slurred. "Really good."

The four men laughed.

She felt the fingers as they slowly unbuttoned her floral print dress. It was knee length and didn't take long. He ran his hands over her naked skin. There was no bra or panties on this woman. His fingers slid over the exposed, clean shaven crest between her thighs and he tugged on the loops pierced through her labia skin. The only place on her body that was pierced.

He ran a finger across the wet slit and slid it inside her. She moaned.

"She's so ready." Justin remarked.

He pulled his wet finger out of her and brought it to her nipples again making them wet.

He reached down and slipped off her shoes as two of the men helped to stand her up.

"Let's try the new bar." One man stated. 

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