The Conference

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

Four well established, very important men are experimenting with a date rape drug that they are trying to perfect, this story has a lot of forced, sadistic, sexual scenes and is not for everyone.

This is more of an ongoing fortunate/unfortunate turn of events than a story, I don't know that it will ever have a solid ending and the plot is all across the board. This is merely my imagination at play and a lot of what if's thrown in. If I ever do find a solid plot/story in here I may break it out into it's own story some day. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. I don't post as often as my other works but I do update once or twice a year.

Table of Contents

Extinguished Gentleman

It was a typical day in the conference room, the four well dressed, well distinguished gentlemen all around the age of fifty five conduct... Read Chapter

The warm up.

Eric bound her hands behind her back as Troy removed a stand from under the table. The stand appeared to be legs holding up the table unt... Read Chapter

The Contraption

The four men took a break, releasing her from her bounded position. She tried to stand but fell to the floor with legs that felt like jel... Read Chapter

Relief comes tomorrow.

She listened as the ice clinked against his glass. A drop of water startled her chest and then a new shock washed through her as a cold p... Read Chapter

Bite Me.

Amy woke confused, she was laying on a pallet on the floor and she could hear men talking. Words were fuzzy in her mind. Things seemed ou... Read Chapter

The Cabin

When the shower was free he released Amy and carried her to the shower. His erect penis still visible. He showered with her. Cleaning all... Read Chapter

Sleep Well

He set the paddle down and continued to spread the oil over her skin, over the cheeks of her ass to the hole. He slid a finger inside her... Read Chapter


When his alarm went off four hours later Justin dutifully woke to apply Amy's next dose. He was horny again as he watched her body. She d... Read Chapter

A Game

“It's time to play a little game.” He untied her and sat her on the edge of the bed. He strapped the device hooked to the wires stuck... Read Chapter

Coming down

The four men recreated as much of the abuse from the previous day to see if their test subject would recall anything that might have happ... Read Chapter

The college student

Justin carried the sleeping red head into the house and set her on the couch. He shook hands with Malcolm. “When she wakes up she won't... Read Chapter

The Fighter

Justin was second with the young girl. He slid into the tight pussy and groaned. It was tighter than he expected. He didn't want to stop.... Read Chapter

Testing the wife

Now that they were certain their drug worked they initiated a plan to produce and sell. As well as trying it for themselves. Justin c... Read Chapter

What happens in Vegas.....

The guys tried a new approach with drug as they all four ventured out for a night in Vegas. They each brought a date back to the suite. E... Read Chapter

Eric confesses

After Justin convinced the partners, they did indeed find their next virgin to be male. At twenty he was under the drinking age by s... Read Chapter

The shift

A few weeks later Justin lay in bed next to his wife when she startled him with a new question “I want to try the ass thing.” “... Read Chapter

Juniors Turn

Justin presented this new venture to the guys. They all agreed. Junior was told what to do. Three drinks. A beer for him and one for ... Read Chapter

Juniors Story

Justin sat at his desk working through contracts his legal department had conjured up for their upcoming renewal with several supply comp... Read Chapter


Eric eyed the text on his phone, it was three o'clock and as expected Evelyn, Justin's wife, sent a quick pic of her breast with h... Read Chapter

Troy's Wife

Troy and Kevin were contemplating what they could do with their own wives after what Eric and Justin had been able to pull off. Troy ... Read Chapter

Juniors demise

Junior sat in the back of a black limo and waited, he was nervous as hell knowing he was setting up his own people but fuck them, they ha... Read Chapter

A party of eight

Well, it seems I've been thinking about this story a lot lately, I know its not my regular writing material and its not my easiest subject to focus on so it takes me a while to get what I want posted.
For those of you that have been waiting I apologize for taking so long, I do have plans to finish this but I don't have any goals as to when that might happen. Hope another chapter will keep you happy for a little bit.
Thanks for reading. Read Chapter

The party continues

The spare room of the house they were renting wasn't as equipped as their conference room but they'd brought plenty to play with. Walter'... Read Chapter

No where to go

This chapter is a work in progress, might have some errors because I'm in a hurry to post and get to work. Hope it's worth it. Read Chapter

Eric's control gets deeper

Evelyn stood at the door step beside her husband, he smiled down at her nervous features and wondered what was on her mind. He had no tim... Read Chapter